Top 5 Wheels UNDER $1000

Top 5 Wheels UNDER $1000

– Hey guys, what’s going on?
(mellow hip hop music) It’s Alex from Fitment Industries, and today, we’re going to
be talking to you about one of the most hotly related comments that we’ve had in the sections below, which is budget wheels. So, I know you guys are
probably already wondering what wheels we’re going to talk about, and we tried to go from Euro to domestic, to everything in between, so
we can try and keep it fair. Now, we want you guys to remember that this is a video
talking about budget wheels, so we’re keeping this at $1,000 or below. So starting off with number
five is the 3SDM 0.04. Now, this is a European-style wheel. You’re going to see this very common on Volkswagen and Audi, specifically, and it comes in five by 100,
and five by 120 bolt pattern. You can pick up an 18 by eight and a half for a little under a $1,000, right now, which is an awesome price point, considering the fact
that this is a very nice, simple, clean, directional cast wheel. Plus, in the fact that it’s from 3SDM, so the finish is very
nice; it’s very clean, and it has hidden lugs, so you’re going to get a
nice, flushed, clean look, coming from a price point of 1,000 bucks, definitely can’t complain. Next up is the ESR RF1. Now, I know when you
hear ESR, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, fake wheels. We
just don’t do fake wheels.” I get it, but the RF1 is a new
wheel that ESR came out with. In fact, ESR is coming
out with a whole new line of original wheels, just from ESR, so they’re trying to
break off from that past, and go into the future,
starting off with the RF1. RF stands for rotary forged, meaning it’s a lightweight wheel. It’s going to work great with a lot of sport-oriented vehicles. Comes in a ton of custom
bolt patterns and offsets. Plus, it looks pretty good. RF1, you can pick up
for a little under $900. It is a double spoke-style wheel. It has big brake clearance,
which is very nice, and on top of the whole thing, it’s ESR, so you’re going to get a
structural life-time warranty, and I believe it’s one-year
paint protection warranty, if you buy the wheels from
ESR from Fitment Industries, you’re going to have that warranty in case anything were to
happen to your wheels. I know what happens when I
end up accidentally mounting or dismounting wheels
sometimes, things happen, and sometimes the road just
takes a chunk of my wheel off. Can’t call it. But ESR actually does have a
structural life-time warranty, which is great if you’re
just using the wheels and something manages to happen to them, you can actually send in a claim, and they’ll take care of it
for you, same thing with paint, so can’t go wrong, under $900, for a really nice-looking,
sport-oriented wheel. Number three is the
Rotiform LAS-R or laser. Now, this is an extremely popular wheel that came out, I want to
say a year or two ago, but definitely in 2017,
it got extremely popular; I think it’s not slowing down in 2018, but you can get an LAS-R
for a really good price. 18 by eight and a half, I think is going to run
you a little under $800. So, definitely can’t complain with that. Rotiform is an extremely
popular brand right now. On top of the fact, they come
in a 1,000,000 bolt patterns. So, if you have a car
that’s got five logs, more than likely a Rotiform
is going to fit your car. On top of that is a retro design. Retro designs are coming back, and it’s multi-spoke, so it’s going to fill up
your wheel well very nice if you don’t have big sporty
brakes to fill the wheel wells, which is very common on a
lot of entry-level vehicles. If you’re looking for something that’s going to give a
nice, retro, Euro-styling, Rotiform LAS-R, definitely the way to go. And number two is the Konig Dekagram. Now, Konig is coming back
with a bunch of new designs. If you guys haven’t seen yet, Konig actually has some
pretty cool stuff out there. The Dekagram is definitely
one that I think is a really good-looking wheel. A lot of people like the
Ultraforms or the Hypergram. I’m a fan of the Dekagram. The reason I say that is just because it is a less common design. It is a multi-spoke, thin-spoked
wheel that is flow-formed, which is very similar to rotary forged, where they take the barrel
and they smooth it out using rollers at a high rate of speed, makes it less heavy and much easier to use if using it for sport-oriented purposes. Konig has a bunch of cool designs, Dekagram probably my favorite, and on top of the whole thing, it definitely has a
wedge-sport-style look, so it has thin spokes, which is really a nice difference, because there’s a lot of retro
designs coming out recently. Konig coming out with something
that’s a bit more Japanese, but in their own way, definitely cool-looking
wheel, I appreciate a lot. I think it’s around $850 that you can pick up an
18 by eight and a half, so definitely good price
for a great-looking wheel. You guys have made it
this far to number one. I applause … Wait what? I applaud you. Number one is going to be
one you either love or hate, depending, but the number
one wheel that we would probably see under $1,000,
if you’re on a budget, XXR 559. So why the 559? Well, it’s very simple. It’s a double five-spoke. It has an extremely
clean, overall aesthetic. It is an extremely affordable wheel. You can pick one up for
I believe around $600. On top of the fact, they do
have some nice color options. XXR has expanded into more colors. They also have expanded
into single-drill options versus the double-drilled
options that they usually have. On top of that, it has a bunch
of different bolt patterns, which is pretty common for XXR, good looks, great colors,
and it’s affordable. If you’re looking and
you’re watching this video, and you’re getting mad that these wheels may be not what you expected or you’re expecting some
multi-piece work used wheels, no! This is budget wheels
brand new for under $1,000. So that is everything you need to know about the five budget wheels
that we have for under $1,000. Now remember, those are new wheels, so it’s not used wheels; we’re not taking a look
into multi-piece wheels, but if you guys would
like us to cover something like that drop a comment. We read every single
comment on our videos, so we want to know what you
would like to see from us next. If you’re interested in those wheels, we will actually drop a link below to every single one of
them we have available. On top of that, just check out our store. Over 30,000 wheels, I’m Alex for Fitment Industries, and we’ll see you later, peace!

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