Top 5 Wheel & Tire Packages

Top 5 Wheel & Tire Packages

– Seems really well. How far down could you see? Test one two. What’s a good way to start this off dude? Um… So whether you’re brand
new to the car scene or just looking for your first
set of wheels and tires for your car or have gone
and bought wheels and tires in the past but haven’t been necessarily too happy with them, the question comes out being like, where
do I start, where do I begin? Like what wheels are
good, what wheels are bad, like, where do I start? Well today we’re going
to go over the five top wheel entire packages sold
at You know like our website where we sell wheels, tires suspensions,
so if you need anything at the end of the video, head on over to
and we can hook you up. So, starting off with
the list, number five, we have the Cosmis Racing
XT-tool 6rs with some fichelly strada two tires. So having the Cosmis XT-tool 6rs on the top five list of Fitment Industries comes as a surprise and
that is solely because Cosmis offers some pretty awesome wheels. Now the tool 6Rs come
with some pretty insane widths and some pretty low offsets for a cast wheel. You got a
really concave face for a pretty decent price. You
get an up to 11 wide, 18-inch wheel. Even up to a 22-inch wheel. The tool 6Rs starting off
this list is really no surprise and that is solely because Cosmis is known for offering
decently wide wheels with low off sets for a
pretty reasonable price. SO cast wheels being this
wide, we don’t see that too often, and the
XT-tool 6R offers a pretty concave looking face which
a lot of people do enjoy. And with that you get a lot
of different color options. You get like hyper bronze,
gold, you got black, red, red with polished look,
black with polished look, you got like thirty different colors all insanely well done. They look great. They’re back there. Like all those. They’re probably blurry but the color wise, they look really good. So with the XT-Tool 6Rs
being offered in sizes ranging from 16 to a 22-inch diameter, there’s without a doubt no reason why they shouldn’t be on the top five list. And of course starting on the
lower sizes you’re looking at around $652 to get into a set of Cosmis XT-Tool 6rs. SO moving on to number 4
we have the JNC005 as in Federal SS 595. That is a lot of fives. So the JNC005 features a busy smoke design that has a bit of an
old school look to it. So with a deep face that
can range anywhere from 2 to 4 inches and the rivets
that go around the face simulates and older
school multi-piece look with the JNC005. Now again most of these
wheels that we’re going to talk about, they are
pretty popular because The fact that they come
in the most popular sizes and that does play a key role. So you’re looking at sizes
from seventeens, eighteens, and twenties offered in a
variety of widths multiple bolt patterns to fit any
kind of power out there. And they also come in quite a few finishes as well. You can find them with black with gold rivets, gold with
machine lip, hyper black, hyper black with machine
lip, silver with machine lip, or even white with a machine lip. So the JNC005s are offered
at a pretty, reasonable, affordable entry level price points. So at around $565 you can find yourself in a set of these wheels. So coming in third on the
list with no surprise, is the MK RPF1 paired with
submitto MT555 G2 tires. Now RPF1 really doesn’t
need any introduction and is one of the most
iconic after-market wheels on the market as of right now. The RPF1 offers a simple
aggressive styling with the addition of it being
a light-weight wheel. So the twin 5 spoke design of the wheel. Twin 5 spoke- Twin 5 spoke design actually plays a pretty
good role in the performance of the wheel as well, as the twin spokes help disperse distress on
the wheel during curves, hard breaking, and aggressive driving. It offers special features around the bolt circles which increases
the rigidity of the wheel and keeps it cooler during hard breaking and aggressive driving. And they are also offered
in four different colors. SO you have silver, gold, black, and SPC which is a special order color that is available form MK. Now again, sticking with the trend, what makes a wheel so good and why they are so popular, the
MK RPF1 has been around for so long, and they
offer the wheels in plenty of sizes ranging all the
way from even fourteens for like vinyadas, and
everything like that, all the way up to 18-inch diameters. So now the RPF1 is more of
a intermediate price point wheel but you can still get into a set for $771 at the lower size
of the wheels they offer. So coming out on the
number two spot on the list are the Aodhan DS02 with some
hand cooked Ventace V12s. Now this comes as no
surprise, because again, like the RPF1 we see
that split spoke design, and that becomes a very
popular design as we go up this list into the top
selling wheels on our website. It is a very trendy looking
design, it is a design that a lot of people
like to have on their car and it just looks good. So what the DSO2 would offer
is a split 5 spoke design with a deeper lip, you can
get a pretty deep looking wheel on your car for
not a terrible price. So starting at about $699 you
can get yourself into a set in either 18 or 19 inch
wheels with the DS02 line. So then coming in at number
one of the most popular wheel and tire pack sold
at is the ESR SR08s and
some Nankang NS25 tires. SO again like I said before
we see that split 5 spoke design come back, however
this time with out the deep lip. Now this
wheel features the spokes coming to the lip instead
of having the deeper lip. So it doesn’t have the same style but again it still offers
that split 5 spoke design. And starting off at around $679 for a set. They come in all the popular finishes. You got your bronze,
your gold, your black, your white, your whatever
you want they have it. If they don’t have it you
can just power coat it but they probably have it. So the SR08 come in all the popular sizes, the seventeens, the
eighteens, the nineteens, with all the common bolt patterns. THere’s no reason that they
shouldn’t be the number one selling wheel on our website. So, there you have it. Those are the top five
wheel and tire packages sold at
Now we will go ahead and link all these wheels
and all these tires down in the description below so you can go ahead and check them out for yourself, see if they’ll fit your car and maybe while you’re over there just pick up a set because you fall in love with them. But I’m Josh from Fitment Industries, don’t forget to subscribe and
we’ll see you later. Peace. [Pop Music]

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