Top 5 Essential BMX Bike Upgrades

Top 5 Essential BMX Bike Upgrades

Hey everyone and welcome back to another tuesday tip where in this video Im going to be covering the top 5 potential and potentially essential upgrades to your BMX bike So to start out, the criteria that I used to make this list is based upon what would fail first on a BMX bike from average use of someone trying to learn to ride bmx and with that being said the first thing on the list is single wall rims and unsealed hubs. These are the first things that I would say you would want to replace on your bmx bike, if they are present. Now of course there’s an entire range of complete bikes that you can purchase new and if you’re buying used, thats a completely different ball game. But no matter what, if you’re bike has single wall rims or unsealed hubs these are the fist things you’re going to want to replace because single wall rims will bend super fast and they will need work faster than anything else on your bike and the amount of frustration they can cause just goes up over time so I would recommend getting double walled rims and sealed hubs and another thing about this list that I will say from the very beginning is that if you’re going to replace something on your bike dont do it half way and buy good parts. Don’t buy the budget options because in all reality the budget options are already pretty close to what you already have and its not going to be worth the money that it takes to upgrade unless you don’t have it and absolutely cannot afford to buy anything other than the budget parts So when it comes to wheels, this is somewhere where you don’t want to skip out on buying something that’s good from the beginning because a good set of hubs and good rims can last you a long time and I’ll tell you right now, my hubs on my bike are over 6 years old and they’re going strong with the original bearings in the front hub, and the original driver even in the rear hub. Number 2 on the list is non chromoly forks This is one that is honestly almost at the same level as single walled rims and unsealed hubs Just because the effects of breaking your forks can be catastrophic And they can seriously injure you if you’re not lucky and no matter where they came from, non chromoly forks on a freestyle bmx bike are going to be more susceptible to bending and breaking than any chromoly forks that you can find and this is another place that I recommend not skipping out on cost because paying a little bit more gets you a lifetime warranty if you buy the right forks and that lifetime warranty is worth it, every single time and on a side note, I completely understand that the first two items on this list are extremely expensive. Sometimes even costing more than your entire bike did. And there is a reason for that. A complete bike is always a great place to start for a beginner but once you get to a certain skill level and to a point where you’re trying certain things on your bike, you’re just going to need these parts in order to keep yourself safe while you’re riding. and with that being said that brings us to part number 3 on the list and that is non chromoly handlebars This is a little bit less expensive than forks and its just the next thing on the list that could fail. Its a little bit less likely that you’re bars are going to bend before your forks or your wheels will. That’s why its number 3 on the list. This is also a perfect opportunity to start learning about the geometry of your bike, because buying new parts opens up a whole new world of geometry. that you might’ve never knew existed before. So when it comes to handlebars, I have a video about their geometry and why what the different aspects of their geometry mean and the effects that they have on riding. So if you wanna check that video out after you finish watching this one, I’ll leave a link in the description below as well as an info card in the corner of the screen. And that brings us to item number 4 on the list which is a frame that has any part of it that is not chromoly. You might’ve noticed a trend here that the past few items on the list are all recommendations to replace parts that are non chromoly parts because, like I’ve said repeatedly in this video, at a certain time in riding, you’re just going to need chromoly parts to ensure your safety and a frame is not as big of a deal as forks and handlebars and single walled rims and unsealed hubs just because a frame can take a little bit more abuse and at this point in riding, you’re probably not going to be doing anything that would be more likely to break your frame than it would be to break these other parts that we’ve talked about. So like I said, if you have any part of your frame what so ever that isn’t chromoly that means that it’s not at the same level as an aftermarket chromoly frame. and its going to be something that you’re going to want to take a look into replacing. This is another one that extremely expensive, I know. Another aspect of this is that you can buy used parts. You can buy a used after market frame which could in the long run be better off than having any part of your frame be high tensile steel. If you can afford it though, I would recommend going for something new with a lifetime warranty on it. So that you don’t have to worry if anything ever does happen. And that brings us to the last thing on our list Part number 5, which is a cast stem. A cast stem is simply a different method of manufacturing that lowers the cost tremendously, allowing it to be put on a complete bike to reduce the cost of the bike in total But it also sacrifices some strength in comparison to an aftermarkey cnc’d stem. The difference between cast and cnc’d stems are pretty simple. A cast stem made by pouring molten aluminum into a mold that is already in the shape of a stem Whereas a cnc’d stem. The stem shape is cut from a solid block of aluminum. These are usually stronger and in turn, more expensive than cast stems. Which is why you find them(cast stems) on complete bikes, which is why they’re on this list as something you want to replace because just like your forks, depending upon the situation is probably just as bad or worse than whatever you’re imagining breaking a stem would be like. And now that we’ve reached the end of the list You might be thinking, dude you just listed every single major part on my bike. So there is an important thing that we need to point out here, that there is a reason complete bikes exist and aftermarket custom bikes exist. Complete bikes are meant for someone that is just starting out and learning the basics and maybe just a little kid who is riding a bike around in circles. And once you reach a certain skill level in riding, a complete bike is just not going to stand up to the abuse that you’re going to throw at it. At least not for the long term. You might be able to get away with it for a little while, but its just not going to stand up to the same kind of abuse that a bike made up of after market parts can. And that’s why I’m making this video to give you guys this list so you’ll know what is most important to replace on your bike in the order that it is most important to be replaced based on what you have on your bike And of course, like I said in the beginning this is all dependent upon the bike that you already have. If you bought a custom aftermarket bike that just happened to be used, you might not have to replace anything and you might’ve watched this video saying Got it, Got it, Got it, Got it And you won’t have to worry about anything, but if you’ve been riding a complete bike that you got from a bike shop for a few years now, chances are there’s at least a few things on this list that you’ve already experienced problems with and you might’ve already had to replace. If not, these are the things that you want to take a look at want to consider replacing before something happens to them. So with that being said that’s going to wrap up this video on the top 5 potentiall and potentially essential upgrades to your bmx bike. Don’t let this list discourage you as far as cost goes This is something that everyone who learns to ride bmx and sticks with it goes through We all have to upgrade our parts as we learn, but some of us choose not to do this or simply just get unlucky and break parts and learn the hard way. So take this advice seriously, save your money buy good quality parts with warranties on them so you can ensure your longevity and safety in riding BMX. There are a couple other inconsequential parts that you might replace on your bike before the things on this list. Including low pressure tires or 3 piece pinch bolt cranks. But these are things that will usually last you quite a while and even people who are at a higher skill level can get away with using and not breaking before some of the other parts on this list might break and with that, I wanna thank you guys for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video, let me know in the comments down below. Let me know what you guys have on your bikes and if you have any questions, I will answer them in the comments below. If you’re new here, hit the subscribe button down there as well. I make tips and tricks videos just like this one every tuesday with BMX news videos on fridays and other types of riding videos and streams throughout the week Thank you again for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow. Good bye

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  1. This is why buy a higher end complete bikes that are $700 and up. I checked how much for a custom bike for me it cost $1,500

  2. Agreed on all points. This is the reason why I'm building up a new bike. My current bike, which is a complete, feels cheap and I have a gut feeling if I were to push it as hard as I used to, something will give in. Like Brant said, completes are great for new riders and young people but the bikes almost has a limit in longevity with the owner's progress. Even back in the late 90's I recall my friend and I, we both had entry level race bikes and the high tensile steel couldn't handle the abuse we were giving in the trails. I've built custom bikes after and its true, I never had to worry about the strength of parts, and some even transferring through multiple builds.

  3. I have a complete bike and the only stock parts are the stem the frame and the cranks

  4. very informative but your monotone approach is making me want to gouge your eyes out to force a different pitch out of your voice box. other than that, good info. thanks

  5. Hey Brant! I need your input. I’m looking to spend under $350. Framed Defendant offers 💯 chromoly, doubled walled rims, sealed front, rear and mid. specs sound good but I’m Really not sure about buying Framed Bikes? What do you think?

  6. got it, got it, got it, got it, got it but i have a new frame bu i hate the color so im waiting untill i can paint it a diffrent collor

  7. You look like 30 year dad dressing as a edgy teenager, like that Steve Buscemi scene in 30 Rock
    "How do you do fellow kids?"

  8. i have a sunday blueprint and my rear hub is like weirdly loose after learning 180's… the wheel is all normal its tight, but somehow the whole driver has movement and it makes a very weird sound when doing a drop test

  9. idk dude there are some great budget options for hubs and rims if you know where to look. back when i had my first custom, the alex 7000 series feather lights were a good budget option and even came on a bunch of higher tier completes and prebuilt wheels. better chrome the odyssey rims. similar strength and cheaper. that said you kinda really gotta know what to look for or have a really legit shop though.

    some of the more budget oriented front and rear complete wheel sets that come with a sprocket to convert a bike to micro drive are also decent.

  10. Yeah I had to replace my pinch cranks pretty quick because they would not stay tight and it became a safety issue.

  11. Remember.. If you are a beginner you are not going to break anything.. Buy a good helmet and gloves. You are more at risk hurting yourself than breaking a bike

  12. What Freestyle BMX frame will hold up the best to abuse ridden by adults, slamming the bike with weight?

  13. I like your videos a lot. Please keep them coming! Very professional, informative, and keeps the attention of your viewers.

  14. What are the best bars, the 2p or the 4p?, because I have really wide 2p ones and I’m trying to find out which bars are better

  15. Anyone looking for cheap chromoly forks Snafu/hyper make a line of forks called pickle forks there like $40

  16. I'll start off by saying that i like your videos, they keep me motivated to try to ride some more. So my question is: if i already have a complete which does all the bad things you mention in the video. Like single wall rims, hi-ten everything, and so on. Is it really worth upgrading it at that point or is it better to get a more expensive complete that is full cromo, sealed hubs and double wall rims? Like i can basically no tricks other than bunnyhop on top of curbs. And by a better complete i was thinking of a tall order one, mostly since they seem like nice guys. Again awesome channel.

  17. I bought a 2012 wtp versus in 2019 for £40 that's been sat is some kids garage for most of the time. I just put some chain tensioners on it and road it. It's a standard bike but came with everything you mentioned in terms of component specs. I'm just a bit confused when you said only custom bikes are good if your not just starting out (I am by the way, just not a little kid). Keep up the good work!

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