Top 5 Budget Tires Under $1000

Top 5 Budget Tires Under $1000

(drumbeat and yell) – Hey guys what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we’re gonna
be talking to you about something a little bit different. So now the most common
question we get asked is what are some good tires
that I can put on my wheels without breaking the bank? And usually a lot of people
get in all sorts of fights and arguments in the comments
so we tried to make a video to help you with this. So this is our top five
budget tires for under $1000. Now of course it’s very
difficult to get a price range when there are so many
different sizes of tires and there’s a bunch of
different options out there. There’s wheels that you can
get or tires you can get at $80 a tire and there’s tires you
can get at almost $500 a tire. So we of course tried to keep
it relatively in the same range between a 245 to a 265. Anywhere from a 30 to 40 side wall and we tried to keep it
to an 18 inch diameter because that is just the
most common of what we see you guys run. And of top of that, we’re
gonna try and keep it to tires that do have a little
bit of structural integrity and some reliability
and some good reviews. We’re not just gonna
pickup those FPA thousands that are $80 a tire. Unfortunately I just can’t do it. And instead we’re gonna talk
to you about some good tires that won’t actually break the bank. So we’re gonna start off with number five. So number 5 is a NOKIAN
ZLINE All Season tire. And with a tread wear of around 500 and a double A for traction and a pretty good life
expectancy in warm weather, the NOKIAN is a good decent tire. On top of that it’s something
that’s gonna last a long time. So NOKIAN is an all season tire. Just means that it’s gonna
do well in pretty much every single season as long as you’re not going
to the extremes of anything. NOKIAN is right around
that $480 to $500 range depending on the amount of tire
that you’re looking to get. But on top of that NOKIAN
does have some relatively good reviews especially
considering the price point that you’re at. So if you’re looking to pick
something up that’s going to do well in the overall
all season and something that’s actually going to last
quite a while in terms of overall tread wear especially in the winter and summer months. The ZLINE is definitely something
that you should pick up. Number four is the COOPER ZEON RS3. And the COOPER ZEON is a
pretty interesting tire. You can pick one up from
more on the $670 range for a set of four shipped to your door. And they just have a
lot of technical stuff that makes this tire just a
little bit more interesting. So the COOPER has a 3D micro-gauge siping to maintain its shape during acceleration, braking and cornering. It has silica compound which
is built around handling inclement weather including mud and snow. And if that’s not enough,
it also has a 50,000 mile wear protection on top of it and a 25,000 mile staggered
wear protection on it just because they know that the tires are gonna last a long time. So the COOPER RS is definitely
something that’s gonna be a good tire if you’re
looking for something that’s a little bit more sporty, a little bit more towards the
summer style sort of tread and pattern and for overall purpose instead of the all season. It’s definitely still going to be able to handle more inclement weather but definitely something
for something that you’re gonna have maybe in the summer time on your summer set of wheels. But for around $670, the
COOPERs are definitely a solid choice if you’re looking to
pick something up that’s going to have decent traction all year round. Number three is the NANKANG AS-1. Now I know you’re probably thinking originally is what is
NANKANG doing on this video? Well NANKANG actually is
a pretty prominent brand especially in current market for a competitive affordable tire. The NANKANG AS-1 is also
an extremely popular tire that we’ve seen in our gallery
and people have picked up, especially within the nine to 12 months. The AS-1 is an all season tire and on top of that they
specialize in just maintaining the integrity of the
tire as long as possible. The AS-1 features a really
outer rib edge strength that a lot of other tires
don’t have for the price. Which actually makes them
pretty phenomenal for stretching and just making sure that
your side wall isn’t going to actually bend or de bead. It’s a very popular wheel
especially with Stanced cars and other sort of vehicles
that put a little bit more pressure on the outer
edge of the tire rather than the inside. And it ultimately is a pretty decent tire. It’s very capable of handling wet weather and inclement weather
for those inevitable days where you’re going to a car
show where it’s probably going to rain right after. The NANKANG AS-1 is something
that’s going to float right around $600 to $500
depending on the overall size. So number two is the NEXEN NFERA SU1. We looked at a 245/35R18
which had a rough price point of around $580. Now the NEXEN NFERA is
one that’s specifically known for those vehicles
that want to stretch out the sidewall of the tire. We know a couple people
here in the shop actually run NEFRA’s and we know a
bunch of people on our gallery run them as well especially when it comes
to the wider set ups. And when it comes to this list of five this is actually the
first one that’s listed as an ultra high performance summer tire so this isn’t something that’s meant for an all season tire or anything like that. This is a summer tire. Now NEXEN NFERA, it comes
in a lot of different ranges and sizes but the most
important thing is that the SU1 does come in very little
for a side wall ratio if you’re looking for something
that’s not going to have that beefy or meaty look. Especially if you’re looking
for something where your going a size down or two sizes down in terms of getting a stretch
look or maybe you’re trying to do tuck or fender the
lip or something like that. Or maybe you’re just looking
for something that’s going to have more of a performance
aspect, look to it or you’re actually looking to get a little bit more traction. The NFERA does that without
necessarily breaking the bank. And on top of that even though
they don’t last too long in the grand scheme of things
because it is a summer tire, it’s definitely one that has
a good bang for your buck if you’re looking to only
use it in the summer. So last but not least,
we’re on to number one. And number one is the NITTO NEO GEN. We looked at a 245/40 which ran just a little bit under $700. And the reason that the NITTO
takes the number one spot in our list is just because
of the brand reliability that it has over other
competitive tire brands. The NITTO NEO GEN is an
asymmetrical tread design on top of that it also features
a bunch of different tech to help keep it on the road
in terms of an all season high performance tire. So you’re gonna see that
the NITTO NEO GEN actually has a softer compound in the middle in terms of high speed control, traction and when the tire
actually gets warmed up to just keep you on the ground. On top of that the corner
in terms of the tread block actually are a little bit more
rigid to maintain the overall integrity and lifeline of the NEO GEN. And all though it is a
little bit more expensive at around $700 for just the tires, the NITTO NEO GEN’s do
last quite a long time. They’re very good in terms of overall all season capabilities. They do well within terms
of minimizing road noise and on top of that NITTO tires
do a generally very good job of doing what they say they’re gonna do. And that’s why NITTO NEO GEN
took our number one spot. So those are our top five budget tires. If you guys are interested in
taking a look at any of them, you can actually just look below. We’ve got a link to all of them below. On top of that if you
guys are on the fence about buying wheels and
you’re watching this video to look for tires that
you’re gonna pair with it, I definitely recommend checking
out because what we do is we take wheels, and then we take tires and because we put them
together and we price match them you actually get a pretty good deal. So not trying to sales pitch at at all but it’s definitely
something worth looking into if you’re on the fence about
buying wheels and tires. And on top of that we have
over 30,000 wheels, tires, suspension and air lift. So that is out top five budget tires. If you guys are interested
in picking anything up or you have any questions,
comments or concerns let us know below. Of course we’re tying to
hit 50,000 subscribers so be sure to hit that subscribe button. But I’m Alex for Fitment Industries. We’ll see you later. Peace. (rock music)

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  1. WoW!…No Hankook Tires?…. I run the "S1 Noble 2" Hankooks they are awesome All-Season w/ 500 treadwear they are pretty cheap too!…

  2. Crazy, I actually run Nitto Neo Gen 205/40r16 on my 16×8.5 up front and Nexen NFera 215/40r16 on 16×9.5 in the rear, nice stretch. I have -6 degrees of camber in the rear so the tires get cord wear after 6 months of dailying

  3. I just got a rim and tire package..18×8.5 tsw sebrings and wrapped em with the Barum Bravuris. What is your opinion on this tire brand?

  4. Top 5 tires to go straight in a corner. Save money where you want but not on tires, pick a train of pirellis or michelins to have some grip. You guys want to run those chinese tires on cars with 300 bhp, bruh.. it spins in third..

  5. Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2s? 255/35/18 is about $600 and 245/40/17 is in the 400s. Good tread life, grip is decent, has good reviews, and the water traction is decent. Great to daily drive on and if you want to take a few harder turns they grip enough to have some fun.

  6. Just spend the money for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and call it a day… do you really wanna compromise on the only thing that actually makes contact with the pavement??

  7. I just don't get the stance gays. Does it make it go faster? No? Then it's pointless and stupid. Maybe I'm just old.

  8. After this last winter, I decided that uhp summer tires actually work really well in the winter. Ok, so a little slippy in the snow, but I have them on both of my cars all year now and I'm not going back.

  9. Kind of hard to do a top 5 tires because everyone has different driving styles and different reasons to get certain tires. Like for me, I put on some Falken RT615K+ because I'm doing track and auto-x but still want a street tire that's not too harsh for driving around it, or daily if you want to use that term. Then I'll have a dedicated set of winter tires soon for just daily. I simply don't touch all seasons anymore and haven't bought a single all season for over 6 years.

  10. Quick question, I have 20×9.5 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear. What size spacers do I need to go from 20×9.5 up to 20×10 in the front ?

  11. Sorry guys. Besides the Nittos. I feel that this was a huge miss. Also where are you pricing these? Walmart and DiscountTire both have that size Nitto for 137 each.

  12. I’ve had two brands I swear by one is mile star about 55-65 dollars a tire where I buy them and they work awesome for someone who’s looking for budget tires.
    And the other brand that I swear by is duro dp3000 preforma about 65-70 a tire it was the first cheap tire that was sticky and had some grip to it but the one downfall to them is they wear very quickly I had them on my car for around 6-8 months before I needed a new set I know it’s not the best if your not looking to change them around that often but if you’ve got two sets of rims and want a daily set of tires then a semi grippy tire then I say try them both never hurts. I used them on my bmw e36 328i. My sizes are 225/40r18
    And 225/45r17 u use the 17 for daily and the 18 for show/ some performance events like drag race and so on

  13. I need a budget all season that is going to be really good in the snow and not wear a bunch during the summer. I'm not worried about summer performance but I don't want to run winter tires year round. Any suggestions? My car is fwd if that makes any difference

  14. Nankang are some the worst tires I have ever tried. I recommend people try the Petlas VeloxSport PT741. Great price and great grip, handling, and durability

  15. Got my BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp Tires Set for $235 lol but they are smaller at 195/55/R15. Although, I love these tires! They are grippy! And perfect for just daily driving a car that only has 125Hp lmao

  16. Are tyre really expensive in the USA or somthing? Can get a set of 255/50/18 AD08Rs for less that £800 in the UK.

  17. Feels strange seeing the 15"/16" (i.e. hybrids) market left out of these companies. Pretty much have to buy LRR's from Michelin or Bridgestone.

  18. How did you consider four sets of tires under $1,000 budget? For my E91's 17 inch wheels, I could get the Continental's ExtremeContact Sport, a premium UHP tire, for well under $1,000 with tire installs and other fees included.

  19. I'm running a 225/45R17 Nitto Neo Gen and I'm in love with them. 1 month in and I have zero complaints. Awesome tire

  20. What do you guys think about the general altimax tires? I ran them for a while and I like them a lot. I'd like to know your thoughts.

  21. I run Firehawk Indy 500 ultrahighperformance in the summer and vredestein quatrac 5 as my All season tire. Both set would cost you about 1200 bucks now that's budget performance setup.

  22. my milestar sport 932 tires have been doing uber in dc for 1.5 years and have 30k miles on them and are still going strong. they only cost 49.99 per tire.

  23. Wait is that subby, wrapped or platidipped? I assume wrapped with a flat color, because I know Fi doesnt like plastidip…

  24. What you got against Falken/Ohtsu ??? I know you know they are the same brand and FP line IS the Ziex line with a different stamp. So I'm just curious what you have against literally the best high performance all season tire on the market…

  25. I drive an 2007 DTS and I'm gonna put on 20x9s and cut the springs (no coilovers or lowering springs made, too poor for bags) I'm looking for a 245/35/R20 that will last a good long time. I only punch the car in straight lines and do not need anything with lots of grip, I just need cheap tires that will last a while. I was looking at Lexani tires and was wondering if this would be a good tire for my application.

  26. Hatin' on Ohtsu but giving Nankang love? Oh, that's right, were talking shitment, not fitment. Back in the real world, those FPs are stellar commuters. Stretched tires are gross. Hella functional > hella flush.

  27. "Not going to the extremes with anything". Lul. I drive a slammed car through a foot of snow on shitty chinese "all seasons".
    People at work: "Bro why don't you get stuck with it that low? How do you drive that in the winter?"
    Me: "Just send it".

    Someday one of those tires is going to go pop and I can justify buying some pilot sports or something.

  28. Had Nitto Neo Gen's on my Focus a few years ago. They simply don't drive straight. Thought it was alignment, even rims, for longest time, until I install ContiPureContact's and car suddenly drove straight as an arrow.

  29. I want to get new wheels and tires for my stock FRS, what’s the best Wheel size and tires for it? Where I won’t rub?

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