Top 5 Arrma Granite 4×4 3S BLX Likes & Dislikes

Top 5 Arrma Granite 4×4 3S BLX Likes & Dislikes

okay guys time for another top five and
today top 5 likes and dislikes are about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX there’s
a lot to like about this car but I’ve also had a few issues with it as I
pushed the performance envelope of the thing now before I drill down into the
top five likes and dislikes that I’ve got about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX I tend to do this with all the cars I get in at some point it’s not
just me having a pop at arrma over these certain points having a pop at traxxas
having a pop at axial etc it’s like things some of them yeah are niggling
problems on there, some of them are really good things others are just like things
you should be aware of maybe for making your purchasing decision or there’s
something that might be not really good about the car but there’s an easy
modification to sort out and make it really good after that
so I hope you see where I’m coming from guys on there anyway these are my top five but
I’m sure you will have your say in the comments section below the video guys on
things that you might think should have been in the top five or that I’ve
overlooked on the car which is an absolutely cracking little buy for
the money anyway let me get that camera down and talk you through my Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX top five likes and dislikes okay guys well point number one
when it comes to likes and dislikes about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX
isn’t these parts I’m holding in my hands or the tire but I’m going to
come on to those in a minute it is the body I love the orange and black
color combination it absolutely pops out at you but just like
the previous brushed armor granite I had before, the body suffers terribly at the
back here guys it just wears through when it’s wheeling and skidding
along the ground the back of the car eventually just writes the whole body
off eventually on there I know quite a few other people have had the same problem
on there I did suggest about putting like a piece of sacrificial plastic much
the same way that the arrma infraction has the two rubbing strips on the roof
why don’t arrma sell the granite bodies with a rubbing strip on the back there
that would stop this from happening but they might not do that because then
they might not sell more new bodies to the likes of you and I on there
so well I like the colors of the body guys, that really isn’t good in
the long run I know a lot of other people have had the same issue with it
so that’s point number one there guys and staying around at the back of the
car guys the wheelie bar on the arrma granite and on the senton is really not
up to the job now this is one for anybody familiar
with the ultra rival traxxas out there God forbid Ritchie! and I did a
conversion of the video on this if anybody wants to see how this is done
this is a traxxas rustler wheelie bar on the back of here guys
mounted on there it’s got a little bit of flex in it you will notice so when it
leans back or more to the point when it takes a hard landing like that! it
bounces and bends in, whereas the one that comes with the granite is
completely rigid and you go down like that bang! and the bracket
snaps underneath the car and you end up buying a new wheelie bar This has now
been on the car for what probably six months plus on there guys a few people
to start with said it’ll never last Ritchie
it won’t work etc etc the thing is absolutely fine guys six months further
on guys the things absolutely fine but I will put a link to that wheelie bar mod
on there guys as that is something I think could be improved the original wheelie bar
just didn’t flex at all and so in particular any bad landings or end
on down and the thing was the kiss of death on there that’s a simple thing to
my mind that arrma could rectify on there to put q wheelie bar on with a bit of
flex or you think about it and do a mod like I did. Just remember guys if you like what you see today don’t forget to subscribe. Okay guys
point number three in my likes and dislikes about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX has to be the drive shafts they’re plastic just like the ones on
the traxxas rustler 4×4 however these ones sadly the pins on them
keep pulling loose under the torque of the mount on here and it was driving me crazy I
was getting through like two or three a week in some cases you could push the
pins back together and kind of rebuild the thing but then next time out the thing
would go apart I have cured the problem with the
fitment of the hot racing drive shafts both front and rear
on that they’re absolutely superb bulletproof even when I was running this car on 4S power they would handle the 4s power
where certainly the stock ones were struggling with the 3s power downside to these guys
they’re about 70 bucks oh no not for the four! about 70 bucks a pair guys, so you’re
looking at about half the cost of the car on top of it in order to do that
conversion which I’ll realize everybody is not going to be able to afford and it
was er and I kind of bit the bullet on buying them and fitting them myself so while they
solved the problem of the driveshaft breaking they do so at a price there guys, and I did initially try some cheaper drive shafts from another manufacturer
that shall remain nameless but they were breaking even on 3s again supposedly uprated drive shafts but I’m not going to wash the laundry in public
on that one there guys but suffice for us to say the Hot Racing ones
definitely work particularly with these proline Badlands MX 28 which brings me
on to point number four the tires so point number four in my top five likes
and dislikes about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX is the tires the stock tires are
absolutely fantastic very very predictable guys indeed you can just go
crazy they seem to wear very well I mean that there’s not (a lot of wear), these I’ve had a very
hard lifeyet there’s still loads of wear in them I changed to the MX
28’s purely because they’ve got more rotational mass and if the thing
were say doing a single back flip with the MX28’s on you’ll get a
double back flip done in the same space and height etc so it’s purely a personal
preference on there but the stock tires absolutely fantastic you can’t fault
them enough even at 50 miles an hour top speed of this car they’re ballooning but
they’re not ballooning unmanageably so that if you feel like you’re
driving on a knife edge you can comfortably drive it on full throttle
and at fifty miles an hour on these and still be able to turn brake etc
and stop safely on the tire so yeah we highly rate those. Okay guys when it came to point number five on my top five of things to like and dislike
about the Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX there were quite a few things to choose from
but I did just want to keep this to the 5 points so that brings me to the last
one which is the power plant because the 3SBLX
set up in here is an absolute firecracker guys you’ve got huge torque,
huge punch wherever in the range low down high up the the things got more
acceleration than it really should have given the fact that it just runs on
3s on here it certainly seems to have a lot more torque than the traxxas velineon vxl system does in the same type of vehicle on here. Well some of
the traxxas ones you can maybe gear to go at a higher speed I think this has it
beaten in terms of that mid-range and low down torque and grunt in there so if
you’re not worried necessarily about going 60-65 miles an hour in there if 50
is enough for you then I would say this is definitely a car that should be on
your short list The electrics give great battery time with
a 3S pack in there you can be running flat out for a solid 20 minutes
before the thing even begins to tail off little touch points outside of the top
five there guys, the shocks guys, somebody at arrma definitely needs to look into
shocks. Shen RC did a great series of articles on these, how to stop shocks
leaking because they leaked on the brushed car and
they still leak on the brushless car but anyway guys wanted to keep it to
those top five today but if you’ve got any more comments on things like the
shocks then have your say in the comments section below the video. Well I hoped you
liked my Arrma Granite 4×4 3s BLX top five likes and dislikes guys you may
well have your own opinion on some of these points or other points on the
car that you think I should have addressed if you do have your say in the
comments section below this video! well thumbs up if you like this video
guys post any comments you might have in the commenta section below the video and
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  1. First lel
    The body teering at the back is because the body keeps smashing against the shock tower of the back of the car. Maybe adding a bit of foam inside could help and make the rear last longer

  2. And the hot racing driveshafts i heard a lot of bad things about them on the forums picture of them shreded to pieces and about the stock driveshafts maybe your slipper clutch is too tight because i have the 4s kraton and i have still not poped a driveshaft

  3. This thing is a monster but sure enough, that TRX mod wheelie is smart thinking and a good one.
    Never any troubles to drive shafts on my Granite or BRCC.
    I do run the old school extensions and PL Badlands 17mm / 2.8 and have been doing me very well. The brcc tires were poor but the Granite's tires are quite nice for a while. Even swapped on the Redcat MT10E tires at first cause both 14mm. They were fun too.
    I also love the BLX systems. Good job to Arrma for making good electrics part of their models. Dependable and if ever an issue, they are quick to solve.
    Love that we can get a clear body for either at $30 to paint up. In my opinion, wrecking a bash body is still an option cause we can get a new lid cheap and customize if we want. Best when it's the second shell because we can take our time and reinforce inside etc if we want.
    3s 4×4 trucks? Arrma is my go to.

  4. RPM should make a piece of plastic designed to fit the rear if Arrma won't. Traxxas puts one on the Xmaxx. I'm wondering how many of the stronger 4s parts will fit into the 3s vehicles. All of them?

  5. Having two Rustler 4x4s, I completely understand, and agree with, the "durability" of the rear bumper/wheelie-bar. While I've removed the wheelie-bar section on both Rustys, because I'm only running 2S batteries, the bumper has proven itself to be EXTREMELY durable.

  6. I got a Kraton 4s with a 6s Blx setup in it and I haven't had a problem with the drive shafts, I've had the rustler vxl and arrma shafts are way better but then again individual trucks can have there own issues, my only issue is with the differentials being plastic and truck on 6s I go thru quite a few, I mainly drive the 6s Kraton less problems, can't wait for the that Mojave tho……

  7. On the forums a bunch of guys have snapped the ends of those HR shafts on bad landings… you really need to grease them so they don't rust up!

  8. Ihad the same problem on my stampede ripping the body through the pins on the rear and did the same thing and made a brace for the back! Problem solved! Awesome video brother!😎👽👍👍

  9. I was going to buy the granite blx next month but your video has kind of put me off lol. The drive shafts should not be breaking that easy, my traxxas models the drive shafts last years. Hmm what to do..

  10. Well I don’t know what you’re doing with yours, but I’ve been giving mine big air time at the skate part a 1000 times and haven’t broken a shaft, not even the wheelie bar! My top five dislikes would be, 1 the latest radio gear is very slow to react to inputs. 2. The servo is underpowered. 3. The shocks all leak. 4. The pivot balls wear out quite quickly. 5. The bearings should be better quality so that they last longer. All that said, it’s the best I’ve owned in 30 years of RC. Ultra tough and super easy to work on when required, and for the price, it’s unbelievable!

  11. Love my Granite also. How do you stop the shocks from leaking? I would love to know. I ordered some Hot Racing shock bodies cause I don't know what else to do. I also put a 20kg servo in and she steers great. Just had to replace a drive shaft from a bad crash too.

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