Top 15 Sinkholes Caught on Tape

Top 15 Sinkholes Caught on Tape

15. If you’re a car aficionado, this next video
is going to be fairly painful to watch. This natural disaster occurred in February
of 2014 at the National Corvette [“Core-vet”] Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky [“Ken-tuck-kee”]. Eight beautiful Corvettes are gleaming in
the showroom when suddenly the entire floor starts to buckle. It’s five-thirty-eight in the morning, and
no one is around to do anything about it, although it doesn’t seem like there is much
that can be done. Mother Nature appears to have made up her
mind, and today she wants some vintage Corvettes. Small holes start to form in the floor and
dust chokes the room. One by one, all eight cars fall down a newly-created
sinkhole that’s 30 feet deep, 40 feet long and 60 feet wide. The designer vehicles are upside down in a
heap of twisted metal in less than one minute. The museum was understandably closed for the
rest of the day as they tried to sort things out. Fortunately, 5 of the 8 cars were able to
be fully repaired. Unfortunately, the cost of repairs was well
over 1 million dollars, and that’s not including damage to the showroom floor. Rather than scrap the last three cars, however,
Corvette decided to proudly keep them on display for all to see. After all, one man’s wreck is another man’s
treasure. As for the sinkhole itself, it was likely
just an act of nature. Bowling Green is historically known for its
vast networks of naturally-formed underground caverns, as the Corvette company is now painfully
aware of. 14. It’s about half-past midnight at a busy
intersection in Guizhou [“Gwuy-chow”] Province, China when a bus with brightly-colored
flowers painted on the side silently approaches its next stop. Everything appears to be running exactly according
to schedule – that is, until the bus hangs a sharp left, at which point thing become
disastrously delayed. ,
The bus’s front wheels suddenly become snagged – it seems as though a small hole has opened
up directly ahead. A pedestrian hears the bus abruptly stop;
he turns around just in time to see the hole greatly widen and swallow the vehicle. Now only back end of the bus is barely visible
above the road’s surface. The entire ordeal happened in less than a
second, and it looks as though no one could have survived. Fortunately, there were only three people
inside of the bus at the time – an unconscious driver, and two stunned passengers. The driver absorbed the full force of the
impact and has serious head injuries, but the passengers are only mildly wounded. They huddle together in the vertical vehicle
until an emergency team can rescue them. It’s a long wait as medical workers try
to extract the victims from the natural disaster. Even though there isn’t much time to waste,
the team makes sure to move as cautiously and deliberately as possible. After all, just one false move could open
the hole up even wider and spell the end for everyone, including them. By the end of it all, it takes another 40
minutes to rescue the passengers, and the bus itself is not extracted from the sinkhole
for another 4 hours. 13. A man and a woman are getting off of a bus
in South Korea, shopping bags in hand. They take less than ten steps into the station
before the clean tile under their feet gives way and sends them plummeting below. A random sinkhole has struck again. It’s a vicious 10-foot fall that takes them
both to the hospital for minor injuries. Rescue workers had to use a crane and a safety
harness to pull the injured couple free. Try as they may, investigators have never
successfully determined what caused the sinkhole to form. 12. This footage, captured by surveillance cameras
outside of a noodle shop, shows five Chinese citizens patiently waiting for their bus to
arrive. Little did they know that their ride would
be delayed, but not for typical reasons. The five strangers shuffle about as multiple
people pass them by. Then, without warning, the pavement beneath
them suddenly crumbles under their combined weight, and they are crushed beneath a mixture
of dirt and tiles. A large bus sign falls on top of the pile
for added measure. Everyone is injured except for one woman with
exceptionally quick reflexes. As the sinkhole swallows her alive, she grabs
onto an exposed pipe at the last minute and prevents herself from falling in. She briefly looks down at the carnage before
her in disbelief before climbing back out. A concerned crowd gathers around the rim of
the hole so they can better survey the carnage. After a bit of deliberation, they tentatively
reach in and begin freeing the victims one by one. According to news reports, the victims suffered
injuries to their limbs, but nothing life-threatening. The exact cause of the sinkhole was never
determined. 11. Two 11-year-old brothers named Louis and Makai
[“Mack-ky”] are roughhousing one evening in a McDonalds parking lot in Rosedale, Maryland
when they make a curious discovery. The very ground they are standing on is light
and bouncy, almost like a trampoline. The two boys are happily jumping up and down
when a vicious sinkhole eats them both. Louis and Makai feel like they are falling
down a narrow tunnel forever. They bounce off the walls like laundry down
a chute until finally they make a hard landing at the bottom. Both of them are now hurt and terribly scared,
but they know that they have to try and get out if they want to see light again. Makai bravely grabs the firmest patch of soil
he can and begins to try and hoist himself up. He doesn’t weigh very much, and it looks
like the wall is actually going to hold as he steadily climbs towards the top. He is a good distance up when the dirt suddenly
gives way and throws him all the way back down. He lands on his head. The poor child now has a huge gash on the
back of his head that will later require three staples to close at the hospital, but for
now, escaping is all that matters. Adrenaline courses through him as Makai makes
another desperate attempt to climb out. This time he tackles the 30-foot hole with
twice as much gusto and manages to break free. He promises his brother that he will get help
and promptly disappears from sight. Makai’s family is watching television in
their living room when the injured child comes running inside, crying, covered in dirt and
blood. He explains what happened as they listen in
disbelief. They’ve never heard of something like this
before. Could the ground really just literally open
up on him? Meanwhile, back at the McDonald’s parking
lot, a random stranger discovers Louis when he hears muffled coming from a hole. He assures the kid that everything will be
okay and runs off to call 911. It takes firefighters over 40 minutes to extract
Louis from the hole. They eventually climb down, hook him up to
a harness, and safely lift him out. They suspect that the hole was originally
an old abandoned well. McDonalds accepts that the sinkhole was on
their property, but they have yet to accept actual responsibility. Before the accident, they had simply filled
it up with some mulch. Now it’s properly covered with a huge steel
grate. 10. This harrowing footage comes from the city
of Shenzhen [“Shen-zen”], which is just outside of Hong Kong. A 25-year-old security guard named Yang Jiabin
[“Zhee-a-bin”] is on patrol when suddenly the city streets suddenly open underneath
him. There is no time to get out of the way; he
plummets 50 feet below. Call me morbid, but I can’t help but wonder
what exactly goes through Yang’s mind as the world devours him whole. One moment he is ensuring the safety of those
around him, and the next, he himself is completely helpless. Bricks and a bus stop land on top of his unconscious
body. The crowd is absolutely stunned. Brave bystanders now work together to save
him. They’re willing to risk their own lives
as they descend the pit and claw away at the wreckage. They finally manage to free Yang from his
tomb, but by the time paramedics arrive, it’s too late. Despite their best attempts, the young security
guard has already perished. City officials believe that heavy rains may
have caused the pipes to burst and wash away the soil. Either way, the footage left behind shows
that sinkholes can happen at a moment’s notice, and even in cities that are seemingly
well-developed. So the next time a 16-by-50-foot pit opens
up in front of you out of nowhere, don’t say that Yang and I didn’t give you a fair
warning first. It does happen, and you could be next. 9. Deputy Dora Linda is driving across a barren
stretch of road in Bexar [“Bex-er”] County, Texas when the asphalt suddenly rips open
beneath her tires. She has driven onto a weakened part of the
road and now she’s falling at a high rate of speed into darkness. Her car flips completely upside as it plummets
20 feet into the murky waters below. The dark waters may have broken her fall,
but now it’s pouring into the interior of her car. To make matters worse, this is no ordinary
ground water. To her horror, the poor deputy now finds herself
totally submerged in raw sewage. The fetid fluid washes all around her and
invades her mouth and nose. Her vehicle is still completely overturned,
which means that there is no way to escape as the overwhelming stench takes over her
senses. She struggles to take one last gasp for breath
and receives a lungful of toxic waste instead. It’s a horrible way to go. While her tragedy unfolds, another man is
finding salvation. He was driving in the other lane when the
sinkhole formed, and he, too, landed in the putrid pile. However, when another civilian sees the accident
and rushes in to help, he manages to live another day. Dora, meanwhile, tragically expires. As usual, a broken pipe is to blame. The 54-inch pipe burst one day and washed
away the soil beneath the road. As sad as it may be, the accident was just
waiting to happen eventually. It really makes you wonder how many other
patches of road are out there right now going through the same thing. Drive safely. 8. A 20-inch pipe caused well over 24 hours of
problems for residents in Baltimore County, Maryland, many of whom were left without running
water for an extended period of time. On June 20th of 2016, sometime past midnight,
a massive underground waterpipe burst open. This waterpipe happened to be underneath a
major roadway, and the gushing flood of water that ensued was enough to displace the soil,
causing a gigantic sinkhole to form. By the time the road had finished collapsing,
the sinkhole was over one full car lane wide. Baltimore County officials were now left with
a midnight crisis to deal with. Aside having from a ton of infrastructural
damage to the roads, the surrounding communities were now left without water as well. The pipe supplied water to two major water
towers, both of which were now rapidly depleting. Crews from The Department of Public Works
scrambled to refill the towers with water from nearby Towson reservoirs. In the meantime, Baltimore County officials
went door-to-door to deliver water to impacted areas. They also opened the Baltimore County Fire
Department Station 17 to the general public so that they could fill up their own containers
with as much water as needed. Finally, officials brought bottled water to
nearby retirement home residents to help those who were unable to help themselves. As for the roads, the extensive damage took
more than one full week to repair. Overall, everyone considered themselves lucky
that the collapse had happened in the middle of the night. Had the roads given away during peak hours,
countless lives would have undoubtedly been lost in the wreckage below. 7. Looking at the photos and footage of this
massive sinkhole in Harbor, Oregon [“Or-reh-gen”], it’s hard to imagine how something so large
could have started out so small. Truth be told, however, this dangerous pit
originally was no wider than the size of a volleyball, and it was only 7 feet deep, too. When Kyle Rice learned that a huge sinkhole
had opened up nearby, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to get some aerial footage with
his drone. As he piloted the camera high into the sky,
he was amazed to discover just how large the hole was. Its 60 foot diameter made it the biggest sinkhole
that the state had seen since 1996, and it was still growing. Two months earlier, heavy rains had caused
a buildup of water underground. The saturated soil soon gave way to a small
sinkhole that would silently spread without notice. When another rainstorm struck in February,
it triggered a landslide that would take out almost four lanes of highway. The damage took weeks for the city of Harbor
repair. No one was hurt, but the next time a monster
sinkhole crops up in Oregon – and believe me, there will be a next time – not everyone
is guaranteed to be so safe. 6. In the summer of 2016, downtown Ottawa was
almost completely restructured – and not by a government-approved program, but rather
a gigantic sinkhole instead. It was about ten-thirty in the morning when
the sinkhole first appeared at a light rail construction site. The hole was only in its infant stages, yet
large enough to swallow a family van without problem. The hole soon grew larger and larger until
it stretched across 4 highway lanes and threatened to collapse all nearby buildings, including
a major shopping center. The entire tourist district was at stake. The area was effectively shut down as city
workers frantically pumped concrete into the sinkhole to protect the foundation of the
surrounding buildings. Meanwhile, all nearby businesses were evacuated,
and everyone was strongly advised to completely stay away from the downtown area in case more
sinkholes unexpectedly popped up. What truly separates this sinkhole from the
rest, however, is that this time, getting blown up was as likely as going down. The chaotic scene was soon punctuated by a
bitter odor and a high-pitched whistling noise. The sinkhole had severed a major gas line. To Ottawa’s credit, the city’s quick emergency
response is what kept this from easily turning into one of Canada’s worst national tragedies. No one was harmed. Massive property damage aside, this could
have been far worse. 5. On November 8th, 2016, a devastating sinkhole
rocked the Japanese city of Fukuoka [“Fuh-ku-ach-ka”] at 5 in the morning. Residents heard a huge crash and looked out
their window to see traffic lights, powerlines, and large chunks of street and sidewalk all
falling into an endless black abyss. The sinkhole was 50 feet deep and about 100
feet wide. It stopped at the edge of large buildings,
which could topple below at any moment. As the world crumbled around them, businesses
and homes were left with no power or working phone lines for days. Gas leaks filled the air with dangerous toxins
and posed an additional explosive threat. Fortunately, since the accident happened in
the early morning, no one was hurt. Nonetheless, almost 5 lanes of highway were
lost. Japanese emergency crews aggressively went
to work to repair the extensive damage. Amazingly, the massive project took only 2
days to fully repair. They would have reopened the roads on the
third day, but safety inspections delayed them for another 4. Two thousand trucks, each loaded with a special
soil that was mixed with quick-drying cement, quickly filled up the hole. Looking at the side-by-side comparison pictures,
you’d never notice that anything was wrong. In fact, the city’s mayor says that they
rebuilt the infrastructure better than ever – 30 times stronger, according to him. “We’re very sorry for causing great trouble,”
the mayor politely added. 4. This sinkhole is what’s left of an old ore
mine in Solikamsk [“Soul-lick-kampsk”], Russia. What exactly caused it to form in 1995 depends
on who you ask. Many of the residents say that the mine simply
collapsed, but the official explanation from the mining company is that an earthquake caused
the mine to flood. Either way, there is now a humongous sinkhole
on the edge of town – and guess what? It’s growing larger by the day. As of November 2014, the sinkhole was only
60 feet wide and 100 feet deep. One year later, however, the sinkhole had
increased to a depth and width of more than 400 feet. At this rate, it’s logical to think that
the sinkhole could be pushing a thousand feet by now. Let’s just put it this way: it’s so big,
you can literally see this sinkhole from space. You can probably guess that the nearby locals
are pretty scared at this point, and for good reason, too. There’s a second mine that is still connected
to the one that collapsed. Russian authorities have assured the town
that everything will be okay, but the locals are fairly sure that they’ve all been bribed
by the mining company. As such, they are just waiting for the day
that the second mine collapses and ends them all. What a happy existence. 3. On August 11, 2015, an underground tunnel
in Dongguan [“Dong-gwon”], China slowly started to collapse from heavy rains. Not many people noticed the problem until
the next day when a giant hole threatened to kill them all. The tunnel was already under construction
when things went awry. Huge sections of the street soon started to
break away, exposing the foundation of buildings as pipes shattered and sprayed gas and water
into the wreckage. Countless pedestrians were near the construction
site when the collapse happened. They all managed to get out of the way except
for one construction worker who was sadly busy working underground. A car also fell into the sinkhole, but no
one was inside. To make matters worse, this is far from the
first time that Dongguan has experienced such an event. In fact, the very same road has collapsed
no less than 4 times in the past 3 years, each time worse than the last. This time the sinkhole managed to reach more
than 3 thousand feet before being feebly filled with cement. It’s hard to say exactly how much longer
it will be before the next disaster strikes, but based on the road’s track record, it
seems likely to happen at least one more time. 2. Here’s an example of what can happen when
a city doesn’t properly maintain its sewer systems. In 2007, a small impoverished neighborhood
in Guatemala [“Gwat-tay-mah-la”] City became the site of a rather repulsive underground
catastrophe. The disgusting disaster struck just before
dawn, and while it definitely classifies as a massive sinkhole, perhaps a “stinkhole”
more aptly describes it. For about a month leading up to the event,
the local slums had been rocked by tremors and loud noises underfoot. Nobody was sure what was happening at the
time, but early one morning, their answer revealed itself in the form of a 330-foot
deep sinkhole leading all the way down to the sewers. It was essentially a gigantic open sewer line,
and the rotten smell that poured forth was sickening. The giant sewer pit was large enough to swallow
12 houses whole – along with at least three people, who fell roughly 30 stories to their
horrible deaths, where they were lost among a rushing stream of sewage and putrid debris. Police, meanwhile, set up a 500-foot perimeter
around the sinkhole and evacuated over a thousand people from their homes. A simple clogged pipe is to blame. It eventually burst open and displaced the
surrounding soil with a river of rushing sewage, causing an empty cavity to form beneath the
city, which soon collapsed. Even though Guatemalan officials knew about
the problem well in advance, they failed to act quickly enough. Now you’d think that they would learn their
lesson from all of this, but three years later, history would repeat itself in the same general
neighborhood – and this time, things would turn out much, much worse. In 2010, a volcanic eruption released an abundance
of ash into the air, and much of this ash ended up in the sewer drainage system, where
it clogged the pipes and raised the water pressure to dangerous levels. This, combined with a massive tropical storm
that struck roughly around the same time, created the perfect conditions for yet another
burst pipe – and, of course, another sinkhole shortly thereafter. This time, the sinkhole was 60-feet wide and
swallowed a large clothing factory. Dozens of people are suspected to have fallen
300 feet to their doom, though the exact numbers are obscured. You see, this was during a time of terrible
weather and mass evacuations – over 125 thousand Guatemalans were displaced, and over
one hundred more are thought to have been killed in landslides throughout the country. In all of the ensuing chaos, keeping an exact
tally was difficult for city officials to do, as they were simply too busy trying to
survive at the moment. 1. In 2013, Jeremy Bush returned to his Florida
home after a long day’s work. He shared the house with his brother, and
the two normally worked a second job together. Jeremy’s manager, however, had told him
that he didn’t have to come in today. He relayed the news to his brother and then
went into his own room for the night. It was the last exchange they would ever share. A short while later, Jeremy heard his brother
screaming from the bedroom. Jeremy leaped to his feet and rushed into
his brother’s room to see what was wrong. There was nothing left of his brother’s
room except for a mattress sticking halfway out of newly created hole that had already
filled itself with dirt. Thinking fast, Jeremy jumped into the hole
with a shovel and started frantically digging the dirt away. To this day he swears he could hear his brother
crying for help. Jeremy dug and dug for an eternity, not even
thinking twice about his own safety. He wouldn’t stop digging even after the
police came to remove him from the home, which could collapse at any minute. He still holds himself personally responsible
for not rescuing his brother to this day. A rescue team soon arrived. They tried to use thermal technology to detect
a heat signature in the rubble to better locate his brother. When they couldn’t find one, they knew that
the worst had happened. Jeremy’s brother was no more. To make matters worse, not even a full team
of city contractors could recover the body. The best they could do was load up a crane
with offerings from friends and family and slowly lower the items into the sinkhole that
had cut his life short. The home was demolished, along with a few
other surrounding houses that had been declared unsafe. Two years later, another sinkhole opened up
on the exact same property that Jeremy and his brother used to live on. Fortunately, the government had bought the
land and fenced it off just for this very purpose. Still, the new sinkhole opened terrible memories
that Jeremy wish could have simply been left buried for good.

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