Top 10 Budget Mountain Bike Upgrades

Top 10 Budget Mountain Bike Upgrades

– [Neil] Upgrading your mountain bike
can be expensive. – [Host 2] But you don’t necessarily
need to spend loads of money, breaking the bank, trying to get the
upgrades you need for your mountain bike. – So these are our top ten
upgrades on a budget: – First off, a new set of grips.
It doesn’t matter how old your bike is, you put on a new set of grips on
and it will instantly feel better. These have a lock on system, so they’ll
never slip around even in bad weather. – Tyres, having the right set of tyres on
can transform your bike. The wrong set of tyres will
make the bike un-rideable. So, find the right tyre for the type of
terrain you ride and the type of ride you like to do. They start from about 20 or 30
pounds, and they can go up to a lot of money. But, the right tyre
will make a big difference. – Make the jump to a tubeless setup.
You’ve got your new tyres, you want to save a little bit of weight.
Get rid of those tubes, set your bike up tubeless. You can
run lower pressure which means more grip and you’re less likely
to get a puncture. Win-win. – Next one, wider bars.
A lot of bikes still come with quite narrow bars that can make
it more difficult to handle especially in downhill situations. So, you can get
yourself a sort of riser if you like, wide alloy bars, transform the bike. – New pedals, whether you ride clips
or flats, having a fresh new set of pedals on your bike is exactly what you need. These Crank Brothers 5050s have got loads
of grip, which will inspire confidence when riding and you’ll have
a lot more control. – Get yourself a new saddle. There’s loads of saddles out on the market, different
shapes, different sizes ranging from very expensive down to very cheap. This ladies
specific saddle can make a massive difference to your comfort on a ride
so find the right saddle. – New cables, I hear you say
that’s not an upgrade… – That’s not an upgrade. – …it’s a maintenance tip. Yes, Neil. Well, this Neil, is a polymer
coated Dura-Ace cable. It’s actually quite expensive, but is
there anything better than having super smooth gears when you are
out on a ride? So why not invest? – A narrow/wide, or thick/thin chainring,
you can then dump your chain device from that shifter, take a bit of weight,
and the system on here stops your chain from coming off.
So, great little upgrade. – And that will be perfect to give
you enough ratio for your 1 by 10 or 1 by 11 setup. – What about 1 by 12? – It’s not here yet. It will be. Next upgrade, a Hope bottom bracket.
What do you reckon, Neil? – 90 pounds? That’s not
a budget upgrade! – I knew you were going to say this,
and perhaps it’s not a budget upgrade. But, it’s an economical upgrade. You invest your 90 pounds, you’ve got a
fancy bottom bracket that’s not going to let you down. But then you replace the
bearings, which are relatively cheap. So you have the same bottom bracket for
your whole life, or the life of your bike. – Until they change the standard. – Yes, but again you are
reading too deep into it. Anyway, change the bearings,
bottom bracket is as good as new. – A GMBN ass saver.
– Yes, this simple little device clips under your seat, and
protects your bum from getting wet. – Available soon. You know, when you go out for a long
bike ride you get a bit thirsty. – Thirsty as a lizard.
– Well, this is what you need, a GMBN water bottle.
– Right, how does it work? – You just take the top off,
and then have a drink. Available soon.
– Nifty, I like it! So that’s it for our top 10 budget
upgrades. If you disagree, or have a good idea that you think we’ve missed, then
leave them in the comments down below. And probably want to watch
some more videos here on GMBN. – I’ve got a good idea. If you click up there you can see how to
convert to tubeless, so you can fit your new stuff, your latex in there.
– And if you’ve got this, and this, and you want to know how to fit your gear cable, you click down there.
That’ll show you how to do it. And you can follow on from there, and do
all of our maintenance videos. – Yeah, there’s How to Fit
Handlebars, How to Fit Grips. – Change your Pedals. – Loads of other good stuff,
so check out… – Oh! Seat, Adjusting your Seat,
there’s that. What else? – I don’t know.
– Winterize your Bike, put your mudguards on,
and while you’re there one last little job. Click on me and Neil
to subscribe to the channel. – Or a thumb-up like, also that. – Oh, it’s just pouring.
– That’s good news. – Windy, it’s a windy shed.
– This is a ladies specific one. Make your bums happy ladies. No.

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  2. Any chance the mouthpiece of the bottle could come with a protective cap so that when I am as thirsty as a lizard I am not sampling the excretory outputs of many sheep, cows or horses? Or am I not tough enough to ride a mountain bike?

  3. firstly, almost none of that stuff you can buy for under $10 and it was basically just a sales pitch for your new products. am i right?

  4. Hi.. im from the Philippines. I always wish that someday i could have a downhill mountain bike.. just like yours. The sad thing is.. i cant afford it. Its too expenses here in the Philippines. I just love bikes.. i hope i have one of your mtb that possible? Good luck guys. God bless!

  5. I have been thinking of buying the carrera vendetta but I got stuck for choice when I seen the marlin 5 2019 I’m a beginner rider and don’t know a lot anyone help me

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