Ton Ruk Rim Rua – Episode 9 Full – [Eng Sub]

Ton Ruk Rim Rua – Episode 9 Full – [Eng Sub]

Well…I don’t know when didn’t know the flowers began to blossom Maybe just walking past by But one day it just looks surprisingly beautiful Thank you, P’Rin and Mint, for bringing the video and announce to everyone that Khun Tin and I didn’t do degraded thing. Consider it a penalty payment that I misunderstood you and Khun Tin It’s ok Bua
-hmm? I’m sorry I reprimanded you It’s ok As for you…I’m sorry I was violent with you You did it cuz you misunderstood, I don’t mind Bua. I’m also sorry that i didn’t trust you So Sorry… It’s oki. I understand. But I’ll excuse myself from apologizing Because I always believe and have always been confident that Khun Bua and Khun Tin definitely didn’t plan to do such dishonorable thing Nobody can surpass you when it comes to taking credits (literally “taking face” in Thai) Isn’t your face big enough? I’m sorry Mint and P’Rin What were you thinking that you went all the way to the resort to get the CCTV record? Lucky they didn’t get the photos that you and I went into Khun Tin’s room If they got it, you and I would have been in jail by now Even if they have a picture of us they won’t be able to put us in jail cuz your dad and Khun Anuka will have to help us Not going to jail but still got to be reprehended by the whole copany but now we’re still living just fine. No one reprimanding us Plus, Khun Bua is getting married to khun Tin Whether they slept together or not, Khun Bua is not going back to khun Kob And that photo has nothing to do with you…what are you getting mad for? I hate people who are reckless with work cuz it would bring about disaster You did such poor job that’s why you can’t get anywhere and has to be here for P’Nuka to lash on you like this The reason I’m not going anywhere is because I love khun Anuka not because I’m good for nothing I told you since that day that it was Tangkwa’s plan but no one believed me That Tangkwa is really amazing how she managed to get Khun Pran on her side P’Nuka asked Khun Tangkwa’s dad for business support I think…the reason why Khun Pran is submitting to Khun Tangkwa like this is because he wants to makes Khun Tangkwa’s dad happy I’m sorry Khun Bua Sorry? For what? Well Khun Tangkwa asked me to help breaking you and Kob up But I didn’t join force with her When we were at the beach, I already knew that she has plans to bully you but I wasn’t careful enough So she succeeded in picking on you It’s ok It’s not your fault at all The person at fault…over there!
-Huh??! Tangkwa is doing all these miserable things because she wants Kob back She loves you so much that she was able to do all this I think you should make up with Tangkwa so no other woman would have to get into trouble b/c of you I said “don’t love her”…”don’t love her” Still keep making me go make up with her Tin, swing it at her (hit her) for me once How dare you say something like that? If anyone wants to touch Khun Bua, that person has to go over my dead body Sure. Come!
Hold on! Don’t argue now! Let’s help each other think about what to do with khun Tangkwa and Khun Pran The only evidence that we have is your and P’Rin’s words I don’t think we can do anything to them But I shouldn’t let the criminals on the loose We have to do something so those would receive some karma If we revenge, they’ll be mad. And they’ll try to find ways to mess with Bua again I think we should stay away from them and be more careful from now on Bua? You are the victim, what do you say? I’m tired of fighting with Tangkwa I think I will choose as Khun Tin said Jane Sawatdeeka You took your mom to the hospital? Yes. The doctor gave us some medicine and let her go rest at home I dropped her off and rushed to work here This is the change from taking her to the hospital 14,380… I bring it to return to you You keep it But… Keep it. Just in case your Mom gets sick again you can take her to the hospital Thank you so much Ah!! What are you two gossipping about here? Sawatdee ka Sawatdee ja Nong Jane Sawatdee Krub P’Pop I was asking her something about work Work… Let’s get to wrok Get to work…today soo ready. Jane are you ready today? I’m always ready Why do you give it to me? I see you came in late today so I thought you probably haven’t eaten anything so I made it for you I just want to do the duty of… Not here I’m sorry You got sandwich for p’Pope!!! I got one for you too. I’ll go get it for you Sweet words, very caring, very generous If you get her as a wife you’ll live well for the rest of your life Right? Resign?! Did Tangkwa bother you again? No it’s not that. But.. I don’t to work and have to watch my back for Khun Tangkwa I’m not happy at all Working 5 days a week Letting yourself dreadful all 5 days like this You probably won’t live long You understand me right? I undesrstand Then…I’ll have Noi pay you 3-month advancement as compensation so you have some money to spend while you look for a new job That’s okay Don’t refuse it Thank you so much, P;Kob Wait, don’t take your eyes off it yet. Still a lot more How is it? You wat a lot too so you have the energy to talk to the clients Thank you so much. Bye. Yes. Thank you. Walking back with a smirky face… Let’s take this away Mint, what are you doing? You still eating? Of course. I’m so hungry. If I don’t eat I’ll faint You were talking to Khun Tin on the phone smiling here and there. Thought your heart will be full down to your stomach I’m not like you who talks to the kiddy bf and gets full in the stomach Not because she’s full after the call. She doesn’t eat after the call because she needs to save for the phone bill. Intl calls are expensive.
-You actually know well. Why don’t I hear Sarat’s voice at all? Is he here? Did he come with us? Sarat! I’m here. Why are you shouting? It’s embarassing. I don’t want to say a lot. When I see khun Bua in love with someone else…I feel sad. Khun Tin call give me a wish that the client will like my work this afternoon Please, I hope the client will like my work. Announcement Everybody! Oom, where’s Noi? Noi…her kid is sick. That’s oki. I was gona say, everybody please have lunch together today Yay!! You’re having #1 birthday treat right? Not my birthday. I want to have farewell treat for Jane. Jane resigned? Yes. Jane, if you don’t like me bugging you I can stop it. Please don’t resign. Please. P’Eddy… P’Eddy. It’s not because of you Then…who is it? Kob. There it is. You resigned because of Khun Tangkwa… What? I stop messing with you already. How can you claim to resign because of me? Tangkwa. You threaten and abuse her like this, she wouldn’t dare stay in the same building as you Let’s go everybody. Let’s go eat. Where are you going? Eat. You can only go with me. But I have to bid farewell to Jane. Let’s go later. Let’s go.
-Kob. Kob. Let’s go everybody. Definitely hungry. Let’s have everything. Wait. Talk to me first. Why didn’t you tell me you are resigning? I was afraid that if i told you you wouldn’t let me I resigned because of you Me? yes I’m yours already When I see you, I can’t help it to want to take care of you I’m afraid that some day people here will find out about our relationship So I made an excuse that I’m scared of Khun Tangkwa so I have to resign But you have to suffer finding a new job It’s better than letting people here know and have you troubled Thank you so much for making the sacrifice for me I think I should go now or other people might get suspicious Where are you going, sis? Kob! Your friend? Where are you going girl? Oh my my my. I want to faint. I want a presenter not a presentress. Yes. There’s still one more. Khun Kanya, there’s more. There’s more. Hey girl, what’s up? I wanna faint. I’ll…I’ll find new ones immediately Thank you very much I like the concept, hitting on girls the old-school way and all but none of the model would do I’ll do more casting right away Do it ASAP…cuz I want to film this commercial ASAP Yes I have more document for you but I left it in the car Then, I’ll have Nalin follow you downstairs to pick it up In any case, I must thank you Khun Kanya very much for trusting Patara and let us do the advertising for you Better not disappoint me…so we’ll be long-term business partners Khun Anuka, then I’ll go downstairs to pick up the document at Khun Kanya’s car Hey girl, where are you going? (cheesy way) I’m with my client, can you not fool around now? Sawatdee Krub, Ms. Client You can’t play with your friend for 3 sec when you’re with your client?
-No. What’s up? Where are you going girl? (cheesy sound) Kob. Watch your manner! He’s you’r friend? Yes. You want me to be the presenter of the ad? Look, Khun Kanya said of all the candidates she’s seen you fit the concept the most Nah that’s not it. Believe it or not. She didn’t pick me because I fit the concept. She picked me because…I’m handsome So full of yourself. So, you agree to be my presenter? Nah, Bua. I want to have a peaceful life. I don’t wanna be popular. Look Kob, just being a presenter for one ad won’t make you popular or complicate your life But Bua, I’m…I’m shy. I can’t face the camera Gosh, Kob. If you don’t help me, Khun Kanya would say I’m not a professional and she might change to another company This time, doesn’t matter how shy you are you have to be the presenter for me No. Kob. The Handsome Kob. The very kind Kob. Please help me. I beg you. Please be the presenter for me. I beg you. I’m wai-ing (act of paying respect by putting hands together and bow down) you. Good manner and words soothing my ears like this, more deserving of my help So…you agree to be my presenter right? Aww you’re the cutest. You want more food? My treat! P'(less formally addressing someone older) ka Have you found out Bua’s model?
-What about it? P’Nuka, I don’t want Kob to be close to Bua again. I’ll take on this project myself But the client likes Nalin’s work, and she praises her for persuading Kob to be the presenter If I hand this project to you, the client will definitely not let it You’re saying you’re not going help me? God, Tangkwa, I’ve always been helping you You also know that Now, Nalin is Tin’s gf. Doesn’t matter how close she gets to Kob… there’s no way she’ll think of him more than a friend Don’t consider this as intrusion but you knew that you can easily hand this project to Tangkwa Why didn’t you do it? Khun Kanya is a new client I want this job to be in the hands of the person I trust the most And more importantly, I want her to be impressed so she’d become a regular of our company Hello? Calling me? Yes. I was gona ask if you’re done with the meeting with the client. I want to ask you to go have dinner at my place. I’ve been meeting with the client all day. Haven’t settled my office work. I’ll have to excuse myself for a day today Sure, no problem at all. Then, I’ll go home now. Don’t want to go home late cuz my parents will wait for me to have dinn I’ll give you a call once i’m done with work?
-Sure. Nong Jung~~ Mom! How are you? Did you have fun staying at grandma’s place?
Yep. But less fun than staying with Mom and Dad Awww…already sweet talk at this age my son. I’ll go change and we’ll have dinner yea?
-Yes! Khun (you), let’s the table. I’m hungry already. Why did you bring it to me?
I was thinking you came in late today so I thought you probably haven’t eaten anything so I made it for you I have become yours. I cannot help it but to take care of you when I see you Khun, I told you to set the table, why did you come upstairs? I have something to give to you 7th anniversary gift Wow It’s huge. Must be very expensive Next time don’t buy it. Waste of money. We’ve been together for so long Here’s the change from my mom’s hospital bill. 14,380 (baht), I’m giving it back to you You keep it.
-But I probably… Keep it. In case your mom gets sick again you can take her to the hospital Thank you so much Khun, my friend called to have a dinner. I’ll go eat with him ok? Go ahead. People’s life, there’s work, family & friends. Go have some fun with friends, so your life will be balanced Cheese! Aha! Here it comes! Oh one more. Been eating over at that house for a week, let’s change the atmosphere and eat at this house insetad Right. So Khun Chalat will stop criticizing me for troubling the other house You’re saying i’m troubling your house coming here? Fine. Khun Nun, let’s go home. Wait wait wait. That’s not what I meant. Don’t pick a fight…
-I’m back! Sawatdee krub I’m right behind! Sawatdee ka Dad. Sawatdee ka. What about Tin? He’s still at work so he can’t make it to dinner with us.
-What a shame? Now there’s no one with essence to talk to. I can have essence to. Let me do it for you. Do it. I’ll look forward to it. Let’s eat! Today Bua wasted a lot of energy pleading me. Well, let’s eat. Eat a lot. I’m always at my best. It’s you who should it a lot.
no need to tell me that, I’m always at my best when eating Fried chicken. Fried fish. Wow. Here’s dad’s… For me, two lumpy scoops…so hungry Bua, why are you like that? No. No. No. Kob has to be a model for me so he has to look after his shape until the shooting day Wait wait wait. When you beg me to be your model, you didn’t say a word about going on diet Huh. If I say it then I’d have to listen to your complaints. Why would I say it? Mom, I’m hungry. Awww…here eat some veggie for survival…so your handsomeness Mom…you’re not helping me. Dad. Hold it. Born a human, one needs to know perserverence. But if you can’t perserrvere…take Dad’s rice. No cannot uncle. No carb. So much essence, backing up ur son. I pity my son, what’s wrong with that? Bua. Let Kob have some rice. Just a little bit.
No can do. Kob must eat only meat and veggie. Meat…fine fried chicken is still doable.
Nooo! must be either steamed or boiled. Fried won’t do. Bua! Just being a model why does it have to complicate life this much? You’re always at best in eating. Then eat lots of this veggie. So much nutrients. Here, dip… Yum…eat it quickly Kob. Which way are you going? P’Nuka Tin Done with work already? Not yet but i don’t want to stay here til late won’t be able to drive if i’m too sleepy so i’m taking my work back to my condo This period, there’s a lot of work. Would be quite tiresome. No problem at all P’Nuka Are you free this Saturday? I’m free. Can you ask for Khun Bau’s hand for me? Sure. You can make appointment. Thank You. See you tomorrow. You don’t want Khun Bau as your sister in law. Why are you going to ask for her hands for Khun Tin, easily? I don’t want Tin to feel. That I don’t want him to marry Nalin. Another thing, I fear that Tin will notice that I make him work hard… Because I don’t want them both to be close to each other. Eat some fish. Why are you smiling? Why aren’t you eating? I’d never thought. Having dinner with you will give me so much comfort. Just like me, I’d never thought. Being with you, it’s so warmth. What was you thinking to come take me out to eat? I miss you. Thank for your kindness. Let’s eat. If you are not eating, I will feed you. I will eat. Kha. Dad, I’m here at the restaurant. Where are you? I give you another 10 minutes. If you’re still not here yet, I’m leaving. Jane! How can she afford to eat here? I don’t believe. That you came to eat alone. Jane, I think we should go back. You really came with a man. Let me please go see how he looks like. I’m sorry,I’m sorry. I was going to come ask you if you will order. I’m not ordering. Move aside. How about… I will take you home. P’Pope. I don’t want to go back. P’Pope can you stay longer with me. I miss you. Are you not in the hurry to go take care of your mother at home? I already called my mother. She said she ate medicine and she’s about to go to sleep. Don’t be worry. Can you be with me a bit longer? I really miss you. Sure. Thank You. So I didn’t find out. Who did she come with? Sit! Wait here. What, Bau? Forcing me to take shower. And forcing me to wait here. What are you going to do with me? Kob! I tell you to wait then wait. Can you not ask too much? Darn! Bau. You are dating Tin openly. No need to hide flowers from aunty. I wanted to take it out. But you tie so tightly. You told me to tie it tightly. Now, you want it out. What do you want? I will take it out for you. KOB! What way are you going? Choose a way. Please! Kob! Take it out with care. When I come out, if I saw any pieces of flower. Punishment. Understand? Alright. P’Pope. What is it? I want to tell you I love you love? I’ve heard.. When a girl belong to a man. She will love that man. At first, I didn’t believe. Now, I believe with all my heart. What about you? Do you love me a little? Hmm I.. in your heart.. there’s only Khun Lin. How are you going to love me? I shouldn’t of have asked a stupid question. Jane, even though, now.. Not loving you as much as Khun Rin. But… I’m very happy when I’m with you. If you are happy, come and stay with me like this again. I won’t ask for too much of your time. Just.. One day a week .. It’s enough. Though, his flower dried up. It’s still so beautiful. Hey… Can you tell me yet, why you make me wait here for? -I’m going to have you sleep here. -Huh! Why do I have to sleep here? Because… When late at night, you will secretly go to eat food. Bau!!! I filled my stomach with veggies and grasses. I’m not hungry anymore. I don’t know. But I have to watch you closely. Ok. If you order me… I… can’t do anything other than.. sleep here. Kob! No,not in this room. If not in this room, where are you going to have me sleep at? Sooner or later, I’m going to get marry with Khun Tin, Therefore, if we sleep in the room. It will look like we’re not giving Khun Tin any respect. Yeah right. I forget that everything change. How about this? You will sleep on the sofa, and I will sleep here. It must be like that from the start. Kob. Khun Tin called. I will talk with him. You go to sleep first. Sawatdee Kha. I haven’t sleep yet but I was about to go to sleep. Good morning, Khun Bau. Thank you Kob It’s late. Bau hurry and go take a rest. Khap. Sweet dream. Kob, I have talk with Khun Tin for so long.Why haven’t you sleep yet? I can’t sleep. I’m hungry. You said you are full from eating veggie & grasses. If I didn’t bring you to sleep you. You probably sneak out to eat rice. Eat fried chicken. Right? Bau, I’m hungry. Why talk about rice & fried chicken? Make me more hungry. Will I get to sleep? Drink a lot of water and go to sleep. Tomorrow, I will let you eat in the morning. Bau, drinking water isn’t going to make you not hungry. Up to you. If you want your model to look awful because he can’t sleep. Just leave me hungry all night. Eat, and hurry go to sleep. You want me to peel it myself? Fine. I can peel it myself. But if I cut myself. Bleeding. Infection. And I can’t go shooting. It’s not my problem. If I’m unable to go shooting. Not my problem. Fine. I will peel it myself. Kob, are you alright? are you alright? Kob! I’m alright. I’m just crying for the apple. Hey… You scared me. – I will peel it for you
– Thank you. We won’t get any sleep tonight. So sleepy. Why being so picky? -After you are done eating, hurry and go to sleep.
-Sure -Kob! Kob! Wake up! Kob! Wake up now!! Wake up!
-Bau!! Why did you wake me up? It’s still dark outside. What time is it? 5am. Quick. 5am? Wake me for… I will take you to become handsome. – Become handsome at 5am?
– Right. – Get up
– Bau If being a model, I can’t eat and wake up early. I’m not okay. I don’t want to do it anymore…. You can tell your customer. That I have gone crazy. went to hospital. Whatever. Tell them. I will continue my sleep. No more. You can’t. Wake up now. Go take shower. It’s 5am already. Wake up,wake up,wake up. Go shower, go shower. – Bau, Aw
– Complaining That way. That way. Quick. Bau. Exercising won’t give me 6-pack or big muscle. I don’t want you to have 6-pack. A firm body is enough. Wait. There will be a trainer, right? Can I have a pretty & sexy trainer. As encouragement for waking up early. Right? Sure. We have a sexy trainer. Really, who? Her name is Tang-Kwa. You want that? No, thank You. Your trainer is over there. Sawatdee Kha, Khun Tin. Sawatdee Khap. Khun Tin like to exercise. And he know how to use every machine. So I ask him to teach you. -Sawatdee Kob.
-umm. Sawatdee. -Good morning, Khun Bau.
-Thank You. Kob. -Kob.
-Huh? – Are you ready yet?
-I’m ready.
-Let’s go. -Sure.
-Come. I already set the machine for you. Hurry. The easiest. Start with walking. Are you alright? I’m fine. Only a slip. I’m relieved. You are fine. Otherwise, I have to find another model. And I might get fired because I can’t take care of you. Thought you were worried about me. But you worried about your work. Both. Dreaming of a child… That’s # 3 Twin. That’s #2. 32. To make sure. 32 and 23.
(Translate dream to lucky number) How about times 3. -You’re not going to go to work?
-I’m not. I quit. You quit your work,Jane? With husband. Why do I have to go to work early? Let him pay me. Talking like this. You must have got tons of money from your husband. Give me some. I want to gamble. I haven’t ask. Jane, did you go sleep with him for free? It’s an investment. If I ask for money often, he will notice that I want his money. I told him that I only want to meet him once a week. Not to disturb his family. But today, he wants to see me. Seem like, he’s really please with me. Hey, Jane. If Khun Papope wants to see you tomorrow again. Don’t go. Don’t make it’s too easy for him. I told me that since I was 12. I already know that. Know it. And do it. I’ve never miss it. – If you got moody, you won’t win the lotto.
– You will make me miss my number. Harder, harder. Bro, you are just a few years older than me. Just some exercise, you can’t handle it. If you re-marry again, will you be able to make baby? – About one… It’s easy, telling you.
– Telling? Kob, Kha. I found a new secretary for you. This is Khun Tawin. -Sawatdee Khap -Sawatdee Khap. You find such a beautiful assistant like this, are you not scared he might fall in love with her? I guarantee. Khun Tawin can help you, much better than Jane. Thank you for finding a new secretary for me. But this is my company. Can I hire my own employee? Hire yourself. You will get another gold digger, like Jane Tang-Kwa already quit. Stop accusing her. I’m telling the truth. Jane quit because she caught a rich guy. The other day, I went dinner with day. I saw her having dinner with a man. It may probably be her friend. Holding hands like that. It’s more than just a friend. Too bad, I wasn’t fast enough. Otherwise, I will know who is he? Just leave it. Whoever, it was. It’s her business. I will find my own employee. Sorry for wasting your time. Khun Bau, where did your friends went to? Everybody went to shooting set. I’m about to go see a customer too. I want you to make appointment with your parents first. I will ask P’Nuka to ask for your hand this Saturday. Sorry. Now, I have to prepare work with Khun Kunya. I’m so busy. Can we wait until this work is done? Before Khun Arnuka talk with my parent. Okay? – Up to you.
– Thank you very much. Oh, I need to work now. Kob sleep at Bau’s house everyday? Kob! Are you done yet? Kob!!! I’m done. I’m coming!! Go,go. Yes. Tonight, I can go sleep at home. I can eat fully. I can wake up late. I will get my life back! -Let’s go.
-Go! Kob! You sleep over at Bau’s house every night? I only take care of him. So he doesn’t eat dinner too much. And took him to exercise in the morning. Nothing more. Tang-Kwa, Bau is getting marry with Khun Tin. Stop being jealous without a reason. -Let’s go. -Go If you want me to stop being jealous. You have to go with me. No! Today, Kob have to go film an advertisement for me. Go. I will be the one who take Kob. Today, I will be your personal assistant and take care of you. Waking early. To take care of man. You are a woman, who give work hard for a man. If you want to take care of Kob. Take him. The set start at 8am. Take him there on time. – Wait,Bau!
-What? You’re going to leave me like this? I have to work today. I don’t want to argue with Tang-Kwa for bad luck. Bau. Don’t forget. 8am sharp! Let’s go Kob. I will take care of you. Let’s go. Kob. Kob. We’re here. We’re here. Yes. I drove to pick you up from home. You sleep all the way here. Didn’t even talk to me. I… I was sleepy. I’d been up early for many days. Let’s go. I’m hungry. Arrange it. To the left a little. Yea, like that. Okay. Put this here. Take the stuff there. -Sarath.
-Khun Bau. The set is so beautiful. – Thank you
– This is the only work you do well. Hmm. Is that a compliment or a complaint. -I’m complimenting.
-Complimenting, right? Just only your compliment. I feel good. It give mw encouragement to work. Courting Bau since early morning. Should I tell Tin to fired you? You are so mean. I’m not courting. Only chatting. I just heard it a bit ago. Can you stop?! Don’t start to argue to make me headache. Today, I want to work happily. Yes. Only because of Khun Bau. Because of Bau’s happiness na. I will shut up. Bau, is there anything I can eat? So hungry. There is. Over there. Tons. Take me. Have your personal assistant take you there. I have to work. Let’s go eat, Kob. Go. Please, this way to go eat. Not too dark on the eyebrow. He already have think eyebrow. And a shade on his cheek. His face looks big. Yeah, Small face. I don’t need to be on camera. And his nose too. He likes to fare his nose. Hey. Sawatdee ka, Khun Kunya. It’s alright. Here is the new cough syrup. Use this one. Kha. Thank You. Khun Arnuka is in the monitoring room. Hey Khing,Take the customer to go see Khun Arnuka. Sure. Khap. Bau, here, I’ll help. Oaky. I will look over there. Sure. Where will i put this? The director call you to the set. Sure. I will follow you. Why do it have to be me? There’s so many other people. Why not ask them? The customer bought your idea? Not yet. The customer want us to change everything. Oh, are you stressed? Singing so happily. Stress. Therefore… – Crazy ,br>- Singing to relieve stress. – Hey
– Yea. Delicious food can help. Let’s have dinner together tonight. But I have to pick up Nong Jung first, as usual. P’Pope have an appointment to eat with his friend again. um.. P’Lin. This month, you have dinner with me 3-4 times. Because P’Pope go out with his friend. Is that too frequence? Good. He’s so slow. Being with him, it make me moody. Being with Nong Jung, only 2 of us. I feel better. Talking like that. If he has another girl, you will be sorry. Who? P’Rin. I’m so pretty and yummy. My husband love me. He won’t have anybody else. Dressing up like this. You’re handsome. I’m handsome in every dress. Excuse me. Don’t be too busy, praising yourself. Can you remember the script now? I already remember it well. Good. Because Khun Arunka is here to take care of Khun Kunya. If you do anything to embarrassed me. And I get scolded by Khun Arnuka. I won’t forgive you. Ja. Begging someone to help become your model, also not talking nicely to them.. If I’m going to come help a friend like this, I won’t help. You will never have an opportunity to come help me Because I won’t accept a mean person like you to be my friend. P’Bau. We are ready. Thank You. Are you ready,Kob? READY! Please! Go on. Go. Kob,wait for me. Jane! EAT! Why are you complaining? Complaining what? I was calling you til my throat dries up. Look delicious. Yummy. What’s wrong? Are you sick? No,mom. The foods stink. What stink? I was eating. Nothing wrong. I just bought the food. I don’t know. It stink so much that I have to come vomit. Which restaurant did you buy it from? I bought it from the old vendor that you eat since childhood. My daughter. Having a rich husband, you can’t eat cheap stuff anymore? So pitiful. Or maybe I think.. Jane.. Vomiting like this. Hey. Hey Why did you swear? Work is most important for you, right? Your team workers do a very good job. I like it very much. Thank you. If you like it, please don’t forget Pathara for your next job. Let’s wait and see this work. If there is no problem, I will tight every product to your company. There will absolutely not be a problem. Cut. Move the camera. Take that one down. – Okay. Sarath, bring the product
– Yes. Where is the product? STOP! STOP! STOP! Don’t film yet. Stop filming. This is the old bottle, already on store shelf. We are filming the new bottle. New product. This morning I gave it to you. Where is it? Where is it? Look for it. So, Nalin??? This is the old bottle. Whole box is the old product. See? When I pick up the new bottles. All of them are like this. Last night, I put the new product in this box with my own hand. How can it be the old bottle. If you insist, how come it become the old bottle. We can find out later. Should we go buy the new product from the store? So we can continue working. Everybody knows that the new product is not available on the shelf. So I have to bring it here myself. Why don’t you know? Khun Kunya. Pran must be working too hard. He forgot. There is no new product at the store yet. Khun Kunya, please wait a while. I will find the new product. – Where is it? Anydbody know?
– How do you work? Useless. Where are you going,Kob? I will look at Bau. Maybe she’s crying now. No need to go. She will come here. Bau. Bau. What did Khun Kunya said? Sarath, help me find the new bottle. -Where do you want me to go look at?
-Go out,first. Where did you put my new cough medication? Not refusing like this means you took it,right? Give it back to me now,Tang-kwa! Tang-Kwa!!! Tang-kwa, this work is very important to Bau. Don’t tease her. If Kob want me tell, where I hide the cough medicine. You have to swear that you will marry me within 2 months. Using a dirty way to have Kob marry you. How are you going to be happy together? As long as I have Kob, I’ll be happy. So, what will it be,Kob? Will you promise? Promise? Or do you don’t want to help Bau? Fine. I, Mr. Kasidith Kiethyotha, swear that I will marry Ms. Yoshita Buranachai within 2 months. If I break my promise, punish me with death within 3-7 days. The things are in my car. I will go get it. Kob, you ran away from US because you don’t want to marry Tang-kwa. Why did you promise her something like that? You cannot have your work destroyed. But I can marry Tang-Kwa and divorce her later. Solving problem without thinking of consequence again. After Tang-Kwa married you, she won’t give you a divorce easily. Come on. We can solve that problem later. For now, save your work first. Isn’t work that most important thing in your life? That’s right. The new bottle for filming. Where did you put it? Why did you take the old bottle? I put it in the van. I was afraid that it will get switched with old bottle. So I put it away. Sorry, I forgot. The actor/actress are here. Khun Kunya, should we film now? Because the model may not be about to act. Need many re-takes. We need time. Talking like this. You’d never see a model, finish his job in 1 take. I will show you. Come. – New bottle right?
– Yes. – Take care of your health
– Thank you. Wait a minute. – What is your name?
– Punpresa ka. Don’t forget to drink Punpresa when you cough. Cut! Good job. – How was it?
– It’s good. But can we have another take, just in case? Didn’t you say you can do it in 1 take? Now, it’s 44 re-takes. Aren’t you tired? Water. You called me urgently to come meet you. What is it? It’s.. I’m pregnant. Pregnant! How is that possible? We only date for less than a month. She probably got the baby from the first day, you did it together. Pope, Pope, you have to divorce with Lin and marry me. I can’t do that. Are you leaving your child without father? I’m willingly to be responsible for Jane in everything. But divorcing Lin, I can’t do that. Goodness. My only daughter. Her pregnancy will show soon. If she’s not married, people will gossip. Our reputation will be destroyed. I’m sorry. I’m willing to take responsibility. But to have me do something more than that, I can’t do it. -You.. Which means..
-It’s alright,mom. It’s alright,PPope. I can live on. What is that? I understand P’Pope, If P’Pope is responsible for me and my child. I’m happy. What if people gossip? What are you going to do? We can move somewhere else. So nobody can gossip about us. P’Pope, can you please help find a house for my mom and I? sure. Thank You very much. If you keep breaking Tang-Kwa.’s heart. I will do everything. So that you cannot live in Thailand any longer. Even with so many re-take. But Kob become a first time model successfully. Let’s go home. I’m tired. No, we will eat lunch together first. Then, I will drop you off at home. Fine. Kob, when you get home, tell your parents to come to ask for my hands. This weekend my dad is only free on Saturday. Just Saturday. I will make an appointment with him. Khun Bau. How was the work today? There was a bit of a problem but everything went by nicely. You always do every job well. Thank You. Khun Bau. Khun Kunya’s work is done. Are you ready for P’Nuka to meet your parents? I’m ready. This Saturday,right? This Saturday?! Yes. Bau called. Khun Nuka will come to ask for Bau’s hand for Khun Tin. This Saturday. What should we do? Just tell Nong Bau that she don’t love Tin, she love Kob. If it’s that easy. We won’t have to wait for Bau realize her own feeling. Until now, Khun Tin send someone for a proposal. What are we going to do? Just let Bau marry Tin? Sawatdee khap. How was the advertisement filming? Fun. With frown face like this? Telling us, you had fun. The advertisement is really fun but what I’m stress about is.. I’m stress because I have to get marry with Tang-Kwa. What, Kob?! Thank You. Why didn’t you call me for advice? There might be another way to help Bau, without making that crazy promise. Khun Arnuka just called Bau back for work. I’m afraid that if there is any problem, Bau might get fired again. So I make that promise. I, thank you very much. For loving my daughter, and willing to do everything for Bau like this. I want Bau to be happy. I will excuse myself to go to sleep. My head hurts. -Good Night.
-Go take a rest.
-Good Night, Dad.
-Good Night,son.
-Sawatdee Khap. Kob is about to get marry with Tang-kwa. As for Bau, she is about to get marry with Tin. I’m starting not to believe your words,mom, that these two kids are born to be a couple. But I still believe. And there may be some way. To make Bau realize her feeling before marrying Tin. And buy time. So Kob doesn’t have to marry Tang-Kwa within 2 months. Thank You very much for trusting Tin to take care of Nalin. Thank you for understanding. And not going against it. How much do you want for dowry? Up to you. I has to be like that. Marrying to save reputation. If you want expensive dowry. It’s not suitable. Excuse me. I’m marrying because I love Bau too. Regarding Dowry, I will prepare it accordingly. I won’t let uncle & Bau be embarrassed. Thank You very much. And for the date, I will take care of it. Thank You. I’m sorry for always making Tang-kwa sad. The past I can forgive you but from now on if you make Tang-kwa sad.. I will do every way for you not to have a place to stay in Thailand. If that really do happened, I will make you stay in Thailand happily. Not only a big business, who knows powerful people. Our family with old heritage, also know lots of them too. Something like that won’t happen because from now on Kob will make me happy and not sad, right Kob? I will try. Proposal for marriage is done. I will look for the date. Let’s go home. Mother won’t stay to have lunch with us? I need to hurry to find the wedding date. So you can marry Kob within 2 months, as you forced him to make promise. Then, you can go back first. Because Kob needs to come with me after lunch. Up to you. Let’s go. Bye now. Why is it so much suffering? Now you know. how difficult it is for me to give birth to you. Your dad left me when I was only 1 month pregnant. I always remember. You didn’t get an abortion and give birth to me. Otherwise, I won’t be looking for money for you. Because you are faithful. So you got a rich husband. Hey… Why did you give in to Khun Papope easily. Don’t you embarrassed to be pregnant? A person like me will not fall into a mistress position. I will do everything for P’Pope to divorce with his wife and marry me. Not marrying yet. Kob allows me to handle everything. You are so nice. Do you like it, Khun Bau? urgh… If you’re used to living in a house more than a condo. I’m willingly to buy a new house. As our wedding home. But it’s comfortable here. I can stay here. But I think I have to do something to welcome you. Buying new furniture? Today, we’re both free at the same time. Lets go together? Okay Kob, why sleep on their bed? Get up now. Bau, if we want to buy a bed, we need to test it. To see if it’s comfy. – Don’t. That’s embarrassing. Get up.
– Lay down. – NO!
– So you can help me make a decision. Khun Bua, Khun Bua Yes? This bed seem to be comfortable. Help me look again. What do we want? I tried sleeping on it already. It’s quite comfortable. Tried sleeping on it? It was a co-incident. Khap. If you said it’s comfortable, then I’m going to buy it. Kha. Khap. Excuse me for a bit. Excuse me. – I will take this set.
– This set? We will deliver for you. Khun Bau, do you like this one? I don’t like it. Which one do you like? over there. Let’s look at that one. Which set do you like? Then, buy this one. Yes Do you like it? I like the one over there. But I took you to come buy new furniture. As a welcoming. I have to do as you please. Excuse me. I will tell the staff. This set? Right, I like this set. But I like that set. Come. Kob, that set looks too strong. This one softer. – Soft and very comfortable.
– No, I want that set. Hey, you want me to help. Why not listen to me? I want you to help. But I didn’t say, I will take whatever you choose. Then, don’t ask for my opinion. And choose the ones you like. Thank you. For letting me make the decision. Kob, should you look over here a little? Does it look pretty? Take the one you like. How about you? Which one do you like? I don’t know how to choose. You pick for me. We’re not even marry yet, and you let me handle everything. You are so nice. I wanted to find a wedding date, 3 years from now. So we have more time for Bau to realize her feeling. But the fortune teller says both Kob & Bau has to get married on the same date, which is 31st of next month. If Bau don’t get marry with Khun Tin, Kob Kob being married to Tang-Kwa. He will be unfortunate for the rest of his life. What should we do? We can’t resist anymore. Have to leave everything to fate. That means… Kob & Bau were born to be together, like Grandma Yorsang said. It’s not true. Mom, walk slowly. This is mom and Jane’s new house. Rent or buy? Mom I… The problem is… I’m worried about you. You will have more expense. Both Jane and the baby. Newly born. Plus, you have to pay rent. Costing many thousand per month. I’m worried you might be in trouble. That’s alright. I’m not in trouble. This house, I didn’t rent. I brought it as a gift for Jane and the child. You brought it for me and the child? What are you doing? I want to thank you for your kindness toward me and Jane. No matter what, Jane’s my wife. The child in her stomach is my child. It’s my duty to take care. Jane, you don’t have to thanks me. No matter what, I still have to thank you. Thank You very much I move here, no one knows me. So nobody can gossip that I got pregnant, without a father. P’Pope, what do you want to eat? Mom and I will go out and buy it for you to eat. Today is my day off. Lin and Nong Jung is at home. I have to go back home to eat with them. Kha. Jane, when you said Pope was finding a house for you to stay. I was dreaming that a rich guy like him, will buy a house with huge land for you. Look at this. It’s just a townhouse. Mom, this is good enough. A mistress’ house have to be small like this. Wait for me to be the “Mia Luang” I will have P’Pope buy me a bigger and more prettier house than this. How long will that be? In a few days. Take it easy. Hurry to get the wedding dress done. Because wedding date is almost here. Thank You. Yes. I will fix it and send it back to you this evening. Yes. Sawatdee krub. I told them to finish the dress quickly. So we can come for fitting fast. If we don’t like it, we can tell them to re-do it. – Not need for mine. I can wear anything.
– No way. Your suit have to match my dress. If I don’t like it, I will them to re-do your suit too. Fine. Up to you. Are we done? -I want to eat Italian food. Lets go eat Italian food, should we? -I’m in a hurry to go home. You want to hurry back home to have dinner with Bau. Even through, she has Khun Tin? Today my mom and auntie Da went and look for a wedding date for Bau and Tin. Also us. Mom wants me to go home to talk about wedding date. But if your interested in this, I can go eat Italian food with you. Then go eat with your mom. And when you get any information, call to tell me. Sure. Kob and Bau have the same wedding date. Hey… Since the wedding date will be the same day. How about organizing them together? No. I don’t Bau to have joint wedding with a dangerous person, like Tang-Kwa. A good luck will turn into a bad luck. Let the past be forgotten. Being a senior, but feel vengeful toward thoughtless kid. It’s not good. I want to see Tang-Kwa hurt Kob. Let’s see if you can let bygone be bygone, as you are teaching me. I can do it for sure. In 2 months, it will be the wedding. We have to hurry to prepare for the wedding. Today, Tang-Kwa already went to select the wedding dress. Today, Khun Tin and I already went to buy new furniture for Khun Tin’s condo. Good, Bau. Have the furniture be sent over here. Tin, I only have one child. I don’t want her to live far away. Though, she’s all grown up. After the wedding, both of you come to live together here. Ok? Excuse me now. How do you feel? That.. Tin will move to come live with Bau. In the house where you and Bau used to run around when you both was small. It’s.. Hurting a little. Of course, there will be some feeling. Just seeing them together sometime. You can’t even stand it. Later, they will be together everyday. Will you be able to stand it? I won’t be able to stand it. Mom and Dad. Well, you said anything if I’m going to ask permission to do some things. What are you going to do? Khun Kha, Khun Komara haven’t come out yet. I will call them. (For Sale Sign) Dad, Mom. -What?
-Come,hurry. House for sale. There’s no cars. Nobody is probably home. Khun Komara and Khun Puth are going to sale their house, why didn’t they tell us? Last holiday, their family went to look at their farmhouse. Or did something happened? If that so, I will try to call Kob. The number cannot be reached. Turn off the phone. – Try calling Aunty Kamora or uncle Puth.
– Yes. The number cannot be reached. Thy turned off their phone too. How about, I will look for Kob at the office? – How is it?
– All phone are off. Kob, Kob, Kob Wake up! -Bau!What time is it?
-Kob, why did you sale the house? Because… The farmhouse has less pollution. I want dad & mom to stay there. Also, this house will be empty. It will run down. So I want to sale. You’ve lived in US for so many years. no one lived in that house, you didn’t even bother to sale it. I don’t believe you that you’re going to sale the house just because of this reason.Kob, tell me now, why? -It’s really just that reason. -But that house, grandma was the one who built it, do you not love that house? I love. But grandma’s garden house, she also built. And grandma already said… With so many houses, if we can’t take care of them. Sale them. But I don’t want to have a new neighbor! Which means you’re scare your new neighbor won’t be as cute as me. It’s possible that he/she might be cuter than me. But if you go live in the garden house, you’ll have to waste many times,hours,driving until you get to the workplace. I will just wake up early and sleep here, like a while ago. No matter what the reason is, You’re still going to sale this house? Since the owner of this house, he wants to sale it. I can’t do anything. Ok. Bau!!! – Sawatdee
– Good morning ja. Coming so early in the morning. Working hard. Bau. What happen? Frowning since early morning. Upset at Khun Tin? I’d never get upset at Khun Tin. But I’m upset with Kob. He’s selling his house and move to farmhouse. He’s selling his house. Why are you upset at him? I don’t want to have a new neighbor. Hey Bau, having a new neighbor is better than having Tang-kwa as a neighbor. That’s right. Khun Kob is going to marry Tang-kwa. Tang-kwa will have to move to Khun Kob’s house. He knows that Tang-kwa don’t like you. So he sale the house. And move to the garden house. Problem end. It’s reasonable. (Talking about work) Nong’ Jane’s back! Sawatdee Kha P’Kob,Sawatdee Kha P’Pope, Sawatdee Kha P’Noy. -Sawatdee Kha P’Eddy. -Sawatdee ja. Come here, Nong Jane,ja. come,come. This morning, I know from bro. That you are coming back to work. I cleaned your desk for you. Sit down. I saw it with my own eyes. The house keeper did it. The end. Though, I didn’t do it. You should play along. Now, I’m heart broken… If Jane see me take care of her. She might feel pity for me and heal my broken heart. – Is that right?
– Courting girl. You need to be truthful. Not swirling words. Jane, don’t pay any attention to him. Not support. And you go against it. Darn! I have to thank you,P’Kob, a lot for letting me come back to work. Then, excuse me, I have to go to the restroom. – You can’t see girl
– No support at all. Khun Tang-kwa. Why did you come back? I can’t find a new job. I don’t have money for my mom,so I asked P’Kob to let me come back to work. Got dump by a man? So you come back to caught Kob again. I’d never thought to get P’Kob. And never thought of digging any man. You think I don’t know you well enough that you dare to lie to me. I’m not lying. But I’d never thought of seducing P’Kob. Let say… I don’t believe you. but luckily I’m in a good mood because I’m about to get marry with Kob. Alright… I will let you work here. But if I know, you try to seduce Kob again. You will get the worst than last time. I saw you vomitting. Don’t tell me that you disappeared for many weeks. You went and got pregnant with someone. Kob. Jane. Come here. It’s just like the dream. I was dreaming too. One day I can marry you. Don’t worry, I will take good care of grandma’s house. I will use it as our wedding home.

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