Ton Ruk Rim Rua – Episode 8 Full – [Eng Sub]

Ton Ruk Rim Rua – Episode 8 Full – [Eng Sub]

Excuse me,Khun Bau. Thank you. Arnuka, let the both of us get marry now. I’m happy that I will get to spend my couple life with you. I’m also happy. If you are free today, I will like to take you to go see my condo. But if you don’t like, I will buy a new house. Our wedding home. Thank You Khun Tin, for agreeing with me on everything. I want you to be happy Khun Bau, is this one good? Too formal. Not suitable for non-sense guy, like Kob. This one. Look comfortable. Good for Kob. Up to you. Beautiful. Nice. 1 2 3. Thank You. Send to your friends. The view is nice. Thank you for booking for us. Yes. Come. It’s alright. I will handle it. Thank You very much. Thank You. – What should we eat?
– Please Please. Khun Charuth. Go ahead & order. You order. If I order, you might think I want to eat expensive item because you are paying. Goodness. I told you many times… Think positive. Look. So many beautiful things. Always look at thing negatively. Are you bored of bad things? Eh? I’m unhappy when you and your son move back next door. Okay, fine. I will move somewhere else. Eh? Where will you move to? I will move to your house. So, I will get to see Khun Charuth 24/7. Sawatdee. Sawatdee. Sawatdee uncle. What are you laughing at? Your sound reach downstairs. Dad, did you joke with uncle again? Eh? Joke? You use good words. That’s my son. Stirring anger both father & son. Let’s go home. Khun Charuth, calm down. Khun Puth. Keep teasing him. The party may crush. Come on, baby. I will stop. Alright, I can be serious then. Uncle, Bau is not here yet? Why is she this late? You are being this serious? You want be this serious? Here I come. Kob! Sawatdee ka. Sawatdee ka/krub. Happy birthday, Kob Thank you Tin Have a seat. Thank you. Sit down. Thank you. Sit down. Come, Kob. Birthday boy. Order. Give it to the guest. – Thank you
– Order it. Getting hungry. Fully. She likes to eat veggie. Especially, cessar salad. Yes, I will remember this. Thank you. Thank you. Eat a lot. Khun Tin said you like to eat fish. Bau, get some fish for him. You will be spending your life together. You need to take care of each other. Yes. Here, Khun Tin. Thank you. That’s alright. I will tell you what Bau likes to eat. So you will know Bau more. – Yes.
– Mom. If he know what I like, he will feed me more. I will be fat, then. Fat or not. It’s alright. I will marry you anyway. – Here
– Thank you. – Would you like some more?
– Yes. Kob, You want some salad? I can order it myself. Some veggie? Thank you. What? TangKwa threat you to quit. And she messed your face with cake? Right. I wanted to slap her. But I can’t No need to slap her. Steal Khun Kob quick. That’s a better revenge. Talking about P’Kob. I’m worried. He won’t take my bait. Is his sex drive gone? What? Sex drive gone at this young age? Or maybe he’s gay. Otherwise, he won’t broke up with TangKwa and divorced his wife. Divorce his wife. And he still doesn’t look at you. Jane, I will gamble with you. He’s gay for sure. What’s this? Want him as husband. But he’s looking for a husband himself. What are you going to do next? I will continue to lure him. In case, I get lucky. During this time, I will search for new target. I already have one. Who? He announced it to other animals. That they should protect… Why are you laughing? It’s not funny. Laughing at you. Our son slept long ago. But you keep reading. He slept. Why not tell me? Just let me keep reading. Stop laughing. Get to bed already. Let’s go. Hey… Did you make a decision? Where should we go for our anniversary? Hmm… I didn’t think of it yet. Where should we go? Right. How about the restaurant that we had our first dinner? – Same thinking as me.
-Then, you can make the book. Ok? – Okay.
– Let’s go to bed. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, son. Make a wish, Kob. – Be very happy.
– Thank you. Hey, son.
– Yes, dad. Be happy. Be happy, Kob. Be happy, Kob. Let’s cut the cake. Cut the cake. Bau! Don’t Bau. In my last birthday, before you leave for USA, you did that to me too. Already grown up. You are still revengeful. – Hmm.
– Fine. – What?
– Come here. – Kob. I’m not playing.
– Hey, you wo. Stop, Kob. – No.
– Kob, don’t Hey, Kob. You did it to me. But you won’t let me do it. I won’t let you take advantage. No. Wait. Put it on my face. I will take the blame for her. Nice. My future son in law. You want that? I won’t go easy on you now. Come. Don’t, Kob. I prank you. Do it to me. Don’t do it to him. Come. Go ahead. I give up. – Come
– Kob Do it to me? It’s dirty. Difficult to wash off. Eh? – Do it to me better.
– Do it to me Enough. Not playing anymore. Everybody want to get dirty. Not fun at all. Come. Eat cake. Enough. All dirty. Wipe it. You are being childish. Happy Birthday. I thought you forgot my birthday gift. So full. I might have gained weight. Once in a while. Aunty/uncle. Thank you for treating my family and invite Khun Tin. That’s alright. We invite Tin because… We want more gift. Here. Bau. Do you have to go back to get the car from the office? No need. I drove the car here. So Khun Tin doesn’t need to drive me back to the office. Come. Let’s go home. Continue talking tomorrow. See you again, Kob. Okay… Thank you Tin. Drive carefully. Khun Bau. Can I talk with you on the phone until you reach home? I’m worried about you. Sure. I parked at the same level with dad. Shall we separate here? Sure. Sawatdee krub. Sawatdee. Sawatdee krub. – Bye
– Bye He’s obedient. Look like, he is more obedient than someone else. Good. Bau can be happy. – Come. Let’s go home.
– Yes, dad Let’s go. Let’s go home. Yes. No need to press for elevator myself. Happy. Hey, you. Bau. Does Tin know it will be your birthday tomorrow? – Nope.
– Why not tell him? Telling everybody about my birthday. They might misunderstand that I want their gift. Look. See? Khun Charuth, did you see that? Bau is starting to be pessimistic. It’s not pessimistic. It’s called considerate. You don’t it. Being considerate adds worthiness to good person. I know. I’m considerate too. Because I’m a good person too. Keep meddling in other people’s business. A good person? You don’t know yourself? – #@$#@%
– Don’t talk back. Enough. – Hehe, don’t know yourself.
– If my wife didn’t stop me. I won’t give in easily. Accusing me for not being a good person. Darn! I’m in my room now. Thank you for talking to me until I get home. I have to thank you. For talking to me. So I don’t get lonely. Because of you, I’m not lonely either. Take a rest. See you tomorrow. Good night. Yes. Good night. I didn’t give the gift to Kob yet. Are you tired? Tired what? I just went for a birthday cerebration. Not just come back from work. I’m not tired. Not meaning tired from work. But are you tired to pretend happy? when you see Bau with Tin. I’m not pretending. I’m really happy. You can lie with your mouth. But… You eyes can’t lie. I saw it. When Bau & Tin were taking care of each other… Your eyes look so sad… Down to you feet. Too much. Alright. I admit it. I feel sad. Don’t worry. I can handle it. Good if you can handle it. Everything will be fine. Here. I have something to cheer you up. So you can stop being sad. What is this? This is registra for this house. Our present to you. Bonus… Get a house, with car as bonus. Wow… That’s too much. I can’t accept it. Come on. You are my only son. Soon or later, this house will be yours. Just take it. Don’t fuzz. Here. -Happy Birthday,son. -Have a lot of happiness. In this world, no one loves me as much as you guys. Thank You. Thank You. It’s not much. grandma Today is my birthday. Please bless me for my birthday. Bau have someone to take care of her now. My duty is done. What is it, Bau? kob What is it,Bau? happy birthday I thought you forgot about my birthday. How can I forget about my best friend’s birthday? -I wish… -Wait,wait,stop,stop!! Don’t wish anything for me yet. I want to know what you brought for me on my birthday. I will open it now. Okay. Open it. Drawing Pen & Pencil. -Do you like it? -I like it a lot,Bau. Since we were young until now… Every gift you gave me, It’s just what I need. You’re good at selecting gift. I don’t choice good things. But I think before I buy. Can I give to a wish now? I wish you meet good things that come into your life. And I wish that whatever you think for you get it. And wish you fulfill your love. The good things in my life are my mom,dad,and you. Getting what i want, I will probably get it… But fulfilling my love. That’s difficult. Kob, Tang-Kwa love you to death. If you try to love her. It won’t be difficult to fulfill your love. Trying to love someone who you don’t love is tiring, Bau. I will not try to love someone tiredly like how I had for Tang-kwa. If that so, wait then. Maybe you will meet a girl of your dream. And fulfill your love with her. I don’t have a dream woman. I only have the woman who I love. So picky. Then, I wish that you fulfill your love with the woman that you love. I’m going to sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday too you happy birthday, happy birthday happy birthday too you I won’t be able to fulfill my love. Because the woman that I love. She is about to get marry with the man of her dream. I’m working alone on 3 projects? You are talented. So I trust you to take over many projects. Good morning, everybody. – Happy birthday Bau
– Thank you. Be very happy. Thank you. And I wish you’ll soon realize your heart Oops
-Realize my heart? Err…What I meant was…after you get married you’ll realize how many kids you want to have… Girls or boys, something like that Oh right You were saying as if… Knowing own heart & one can make it as they like. Useless wish. You don’t like it? Fine, I will change it. I wish your father. Change from presmistic into optimistic. Living with happy people… You will be happier. Hey… Bau is just like me. She’s unhappy when you and your son move here. – What me and my son has anything to do with it?
– Khun Puth. Sneeze!!! Sneezing since early morning, it must mean someone is talking behind my back Is anyone here talking behind my back? I don’t need to talk behind your back I can scold you right in your face? Wanna try? No, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll just wait for the monk to give blessing Calm down… Bua.
-Today, I have a surprise for you. What!? What surprise? Look at my hand. Tadada!! Tin.
-Surprise! Sawatdee krub/ka Sawatdee Tin. -Khun Tin. Please let me feed the monk with you. Of course. Btw, how did you know today is my birthday? Kon told me last night Well…I thought you want to feed the monk on your birthday (local tradition) with your…boyfriend So I get it done for you Happy birthday Khun Bau Thank you so much Right, What’s up? I have been spying on Jane for a while. She’s been lurking around as if she’s waiting for someone I think that someone is you I already asked Khun Anuka. I’ll definitely see you tonight It’s Montri He just wanted to confirm that I’m going to the class reunion If he’s so worried that I won’t let you go, should I not let you go? Awww Khun Anuka… Montri is taking care of the location so he just wanted to know who’s coming or not Don’t get mad at him I’ll go get coffee downstairs Why do you have to go down? Why not get Saikaew to buy you one? It’s too confined in the room. I just wanna have a change of atmosphere Khun Anuka… If I don’t come up with good ideas, you’ll criticize my department for not performing well Please let me go yea? Just one hour Fine.
Thank you. Half an hour Yes. Almost office hour, why isn’t he here yet? Oops, I’m so sorry. So sorry. Oh, Khun Jane Sawatdee ka Wow, the owner of the building comes to work this early I didn’t actually want to come this early but this building is so big So many problems…so I need to come fix them Please let me treat you a coffee It’s okay
-Please let me What would you like? Then…I’ll have iced latte Nong, if Khun Jane ever comes here to get coffee again, just credit it on my account Iced latte for her and I’ll have the usual Err…that’s okay Khun Pran Please let me do something for someone so nice like you Thank you so much Then…please have a seat. I’ll bring the coffee over
-I’ll do it… Please go have a seat Thank you Here
-Thank you Is your work busy? My boss happens to start work late so i’m not really busy this morning Right, I’m a secretary That’s good news Tis morning i’m not busy either. Why don’t you drink the coffee with me here? Sure. Err…which company do you work for? KSD Architect Planner I actually don’t know. There are so many tenants in this building I can’t remember all of them I understand. There are hundreds of companies in this building I wouldn’t be able to remember them too if I were you What are you doing after work today? I’m going home. My mom is sick and my siblings are still very young I’m very worried about them so I have to go back to take care of them Is that so? I want to treat you to a meal since you picked up my wallet But you have to rush home to take care of your Mom and your siblings What should I do?? How about…I pick up your Mom and your siblings to come with us? So I can have you come with me
-Oh no need to…I feel bad bothering you I won’t go with you Please let me give you a thank you treat. Please. Err…
-Please… Since you beg me like this…how can I say no to you? So you’ll come with me? Yes. Then see you here after work? Yes. I’ll excuse myself first Bua. Bua is here!!
-Bua… Khun Bua, let me help you Where did your handsome Angel Mr.Tin go that he lets you carry all this stuff by yourself? He has a meeting with a client Right…
-P’Rin! Bua.
-yes? Happy Birthday wow, thanks so much Be very happy Happy Birthday Bua
-Thank you so much P’Rin I love you I love you too Hey, where is Khun Tin’s present? What did he give you? He hasn’t given me yet There you go. Such a useless guy. Doesn’t give her birthday gift. Is Khun Tin loving Khun Bau for real? How about your gift?
– On the way. You know Khun Tin is not here. Talking behind his back. How about this? When Khun Tin come back, I will ask him. Sarath wants to know does he love Bau for real? P’Rin. Don’t tell him that. Or I will get fired. P’Rin had a bigger box. – Mine is more expansive
– Seniority. More expansive.
– Khun Nalin. Khun Arnuka wants to see you. I’m doing 3 project all by myself? You are talented. So I can trust you with many projects. Can you handle it? Yes, I can handle it. Good. Saikeaw will send you all the projects. Yes. – You can go back to work.
– Yes. Khun Tin go out every day. Making Khun Bau work a lot. They are both busy. No time for each other. They will break up. I hope so. If you can order love. Teach me. So I can order my own love Sawatdee Khap, P’Pope. Do you want some coffee? But I’m hungry. But I don’t have any money to buy coffee. I will treat you. -Thank You so much. -P’Eddy, whenever you want to eat something,you’ll always have P’Pope treat you. Are you worried that P’Pope won’t have enough money to spend? Hey. You don’t know this. P’Pope family is a rich rubber garden owner. Each month, he receives almost 1 million from his shares. Wow! He has so much money. He can treat anybody if he wants to. Is that right? Do anyone want something? Eddy will go buy it all at once. No. It’s alright. Thank You. Then, I will excuse myself to go buy some coffee. Kha. -Sawatdee Khap Hia, will you like a cup of coffee? -It’s alright. That’s good. Good Morning everyone. I wish everyone work happily. Because if you’re working happily, your work will come out good. When work work is good. Our company will grow. Year-end bonus will be huge, right?
– Correct. Let’s go back to work. -P’Kob, coffee. -Thank You. P’Kob. Something stuck on your face. You eyelash. I will take it out. What are you doing? Eyelash stuck on my face. Jane’s helping me to remove it. I will take it out. There is no eyelash on Kob ‘s face. It may have fell off. But I don’t think there was any eyelash on his face to begin with. You told him that because you want to put your hands on him. You’re going too far, Tang-kwa. Jane, go to work. Go. Have you decide yet if you’re going to go to Bau’s birthday or dinner with me? I’m going with you. Khun Tang-kwa, that kid is willingly to have dinner with me. I knew it already that no matter what, she will accept it. When? Tonight. So quick. You know that with these kinds of thing, I win. No more worry about Jane. Because you have another thing you should be more worry about. What? Khun Arnuka is giving a lot of work to Tin and Bau. Those two won’t have time to be together. So they can break up. Even if P’Nuka tries to separate them with work. They will get married anyway. Because the whole company know that these two slept together. Also, Khun Tin is a gentleman. No matter what, he will be responsible for Bau. -Which mean, you are confidence Khun Tin and Khun Bau will not break up. -That’s right. That’s right. Thank You so much for helping with the plan to make everyone believe they both slept together. Otherwise, Kob will never stop messing with Bau. I have helped you a lot. Don’t forgive to help me. Whenever there’s a good opportunity, I will help you. P’Lin, P’Lin,P’Lin. Did you heard the same thing as I did? Khun Pran and Khun Tang-Kwa were the ones who came up with the plan to make everyone misunderstood them both. We have to help each other. To make everyone know that Bau and Khun Tin are innocent. What are we going to do? – You stunned me.
– I was stunned too. Coming so close. Want to possess me? I want to know what you are doing? Keep smiling It’s my business, don’t meddle. Where are you going? My business. If you don’t want a pay cut. Don’t meddle. Using salary as threat? That’s right! Sawatdee Khap.I don’t dare to interfere anymore. Work! Khun Bau, do you know where PLin and P’Min disappear to? P’Rin and Mint went out for business. But they didn’t say where to. I want to call them to ask about your birthday cerebration today. But I called those two and they won’t answer the phone. But it’s good if the both of them aren’t here. We can go eat out, one on one. Is that good? If Bau go for lunch with you alone, she won’t be able to eat. Goodness. Your body is not here yet. Your mouth reach here first. You are calling me as a dog?
Goodness. I didn’t say the word “dog” yet. You misunderstand me.Khun Kob. Can you stop the argument? Just thinking about my work, I already have a headache. Kob, you come to see me, is there something? I’m going to tell you that this evening I’m not free. So, I can’t go eat out at your house. It’s alright. So, I came to invite you and Tin to go eat lunch to celebrate for your birthday. But Khun Tin isn’t here. Khun Tin have a meeting with a customer. It’s alright. We can go just the two of us. How can you both go together? Khun Bau, you promise me you will go eat out with me one on one? Us three go together then. But wait for me first. Let me clear up my work. Darn! Going with this guy. -Open mouth. Eat,eat,eat. -Hey! Kob! Can you stop giving me the food I don’t like to eat for me to eat? No. If I don’t tease you, who am I going to tease. -Open your mouth. Hurry,Hurry. -No! Let me handle this. Khun Bau. Hey,give it here. Hey! Put all the stuff that Khun Bau dislike on my plate. I will finish it for her. Thank You Sarath. Yes. If Khun Tin was here, he will eat it in replace of me like Sarath is doing. Do you agree? Yes. You miss Tin? umm. Hearing you talk about missing someone else, it hurts me. Sarath, you should stop loving me and go love someone else then. So you stop getting hurt. Bau, you’re funny. Last night, you told me to go back and love Tang-kwa. Today, you tell Sarath to stop loving you. You act like we can take control of love. What? Ever since I was born, I just heard you said something good today. Super,friend. Super. -Enough,enough. -Super. Khun Bau. Love can’t be controlled.. But I believe if we try, we will be able to control everything in this world. Bau. Whenever you can control love, please come and teach me. So, I can finally control love for myself. I will absolutely teach you. So you’ll finally be happy with love. Hurry, Min. -P’Lin, slowly. Wait. -Hurry! Slow down a little. How can I be quick? You speed at 180. Steering left & right. I’m so dizzy. I want to vomit. If you can’t handle it, sit first. We will go together. Hold my hands. Okay.
– Sawatdee ka. Sawatdee ka. The day before, we stay here. And something happened. So I would like to see the security camera. Security camera. We only capture our customer. It’s a secret. We cannot permit you to see it. But we need those picture to help our friend. Can I see it please? I will ask the manager. This way please. – Slowly.
– Alright, move faster. Looks like you are in a hurry. Do you miss home? A while ago, my mom called and said she’s not feeling well. I want to hurry back and take care of my mom. Anyway, please excuse me. Sawatdee Kha. Your mom isn’t doing well again. Sawatdee Kha. -Sawatdee Kha, P’Kob. -Sawatdee Khap. Can we go yet, Kob? Okay. I will pack up. After dinner, can we go listen to music? Khun Nuka. Thank you for allowing me to go to reunion party tonight. I’m not stress with Tin anymore. So I let you go. I will hurry back. Are you leaving now? Not yet. I have to finish up work first. Okay. Why is he not here yet? Will he make me wait for nothing? Khun Jane. Sorry, I just finish my meeting. That’s alright. I was occupied with reading. I didn’t even notice that you were late. What would you like to eat? Up to you. How about continue discussion in the car? What we want to eat? – Yes.
– Please I’m back. Sawatdee ka, dad, uncle, mom. I will take shower first. You are in a hurry to dress up nicely for Tin, right? I can read your mind. Just a little. So Khun Tin can feel refreshing seeing me. I will get going. Since Bau date Tin. She seem to be very happy. Newly date. It’s always refreshing & excited. Wait and see. To see if Bau is truly happy. Are you envying that Bau is happier to be with Tin than being with Kob? Cursing her to be unhappy. You are too much. Hey… Where are you going? Come back and explain to me. When did I curse Bau? Khun Charuth. No need. I know. Don’t stir his anger. It’s Bau’s birthday. Bau is back. But Kob is not back yet. Maybe he come out after Bau left. I will call him. Accusing me of cursing? Yes, mom. Kob, aren’t you coming for Bau ‘s birthday dinner? Coincidently, I have to come… Have dinner with me. Be my guest. Your mom raised her voice at me. Maybe she’s unhappy that you cannot join her favorite in-law birthday. Because I went to Bau’s birthday every year. – Except when I was in USA
– With me. Therefore, if you are missing this year. Bau won’t feel anything. Because she only wants Khun Tin to go. Not you. I’m coming to tell you. I’m busy this evening. So I can’t have dinner at your house. That’s alright. Power shouldn’t go off. Now, the machine is freezing. Darn. Right. Good thing, it can be fixed. Through, we need to wait until tomorrow. Darn. That’s okay. I forgot to tell Papope that I have to stay here overnight. Oi… Hello, Papope. Where are you now? Now, I have a urgent matter at Pranburi. And I need to stay overnight here. Tonight, can you have dinner alone? Tomorrow, when I’m back. We can cerebrate again. Sorry. Yes. I left Nong Jung at your mom’s house. How about me, picking him up tomorrow? As I already told your mother that. Yes. Your decision. Would you like anything? No thanks. I heard you said cerebration. What cerebration? Wedding Anniversary. Wedding Anniversary!?! When? Today? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you come here? Is he mad? Call him. Is he upset? Hey… Papope really loves me. He will please me with anything. He always give in to me. He will never be upset at me. Really? Wow… Can I ask for one too? Please… Make Duke loves me, pleases me and gives in to me. As much as P’Pope loves P’Rin. Blessing. Love me. Love me. I’m telling you. Under my control. Wow. I envy you. Come Foie Gras Please. Goose liver Yes. This restaurant is delicious. Try it. Thank you. This restaurant looks very nice. It must be expensive. I won’t be able to come again. If you would like to come again, tell me. I will bring you. I won’t dare to bother you again. Does this mean it will be first and last time to treat you? I don’t want to bother you. Since you only limit me to treat you only today. After dinner, can we go listen to music? I can’t. I’m worried about mom. I guarantee. I will take you home quickly. It won’t be late. Please. Please. This man is my husband. Stay away. I will ask P’Nuka to ask for Khun Bau’s hand. Tin, don’t be too rush. Date and study each other a while longer. See if you can get along. From what I have known Khun Bau, I’m confident that we can get along well. Knowing a person as co-work or a girlfriend. It’s not the same. I think it’s better to date a little longer before you make a decision. Hey… My daughter has bad rumor with Tin. They will need to get married to keep reputation. There is no time to study each other. – But I say…
– I’m free every weekend. When you are ready, let me know. Yes. Thank you. Sawatdee ka, Khun Tin. Sawatdee, Khun Bau. When did you come here? A while now. Excuse me. Khun Bau. Happy birthday. Thank you. Thank you. If it was Kob. He will put my dislike items on my plate. Hey… Getting bored that nobody is teasing you? I’m not bored. I’m so happy. I don’t have to fight with Kob. And being annoyed. I hope you will continue to take care of Bau like this forever. I promise. I will take good care of her. For the rest of her life. Thank you. – Hey… unfair.
– What’s unfair? When Kob promised, you threat him. If he break his promise, you will kill him. Tin make the same promise. You didn’t say a word. And you thanks him. I have more confident in Tin .. rather than your slippery son. Ah… Correct your understanding. My son is no slippery. He’s just playful. Because of this… Kob doesn’t know that he has bad behaviour. Separate it… Slippery vs… Fine. Don’t make Khun Charuth upset. It’s Bau’s birthday. Okay. Eat, eat. Stirring the mood. – Would you like some veggie?
– Yes, please. Here. Food doesn’t taste good? It’s good. But I don’t feel like eatting. Or you want to eat with Bau? If I say “Yes”… Will you be mad? I won’t be mad. But I’m satisfying. If you satisfy enough, hurry & eat. So we can go home. Why in a hurry? Now that Bau is with Khun Tin. And she’s happy. She won’t be thinking of you. I’m sleepy. I want to go back to bed. What would you like to drink? Champagne? No, thanks. Can I have orange juice? What is this? Coming to hang out & you drink orange juice. How about a cocktail? I don’t drink alcohol. I will get drunk. Just a little bit. You won’t be drunk. Just a glass, okay? Excuse me. I need to go to the washroom. Yes. Ouch! You only drank half a cup. Drunk already? Maybe, I rarely drink. Sit down. Do you feel dizzy? No. Jane, Do you know you are a cute woman? Thank You. And I lose to cute woman. Will it be too fast if I tell you that I like you? We have same thinking. Bitch. Khun Arnuka. This man here is my husband. Don’t interfere! Stop. Go back home! How did you get here? You never go to coffee shop. Today, you want to go. I suspect and followed you. So I found out you didn’t have reunion party with friend. But you come with her. Go home. Khun Arnuka,Khun Arnuka. Jane. What happened? Khun Arnuka, Khun Arnuka. Use my money. Stay at my house. Drive my car. And you dare to cheat on me? Not too loud. Why not? No shame on cheating on me. But feel ashame when I scold at you? I didn’t mean to cheat on you. That girl seduces me. So I gave in. Give in? Then, pack your cloth and go live with her. I can’t live with anyone else, because I love you. Why did you come with her? It’s my fault. I couldn’t resist her persistent I’m sorry. I won’t go off track again. If you go off track again, I will divorce you. Never again. Rin told me that Khun Arnuka is very jealous. I never thought… She would be this jealous to get physical. If I know that you are coming out with Khun Pran. I won’t let you. I didn’t want to come. But Khun Pran insist that he want to treat me to thanks me. I feel bad. So I came. Are you hurt? It hurt a lot. But I can handle it. Are you going home now? I will drop you off. Can I rest here a little? Before I go home. By the way, who did you come with? Alone. They says… Lone drinker usually has some stress. Are you stressful? Just a little. How about? Drink some. To relieve your stress. Here. Kob. Kob & Bau, we know each other since we were born. And his family stay here. His grandma is so kind. She will take me to play at her house everyday. If grandma buy any toy for Kob, she will buy one for me too. She take care of me, as if I’m her real grandchild. Just listening to you. I already know that you really Kob’s grandma. I love her a lot. Just like she’s my own grandma. Eh! Kob! Kob! Yahoo. You are back? Hey… If I’m not back, will you see me here? – Just got here & you’re stirring anger already.
– Otherwise, it won’t be Kob. Do you believe me, Khun Tin? Kob always make me upset from younger day until now. I believe you now. Kob, Khun Bau just told me your childhood story. Bau, when you were young, you told grandma… Now that you’d grown up, you tell your boyfriend. Saying that I stir anger from younger days till now… You also likes to tell other people from younger day till now. I was enjoying my conversation with Khun Tin. Don’t make me upset. If you want to go into your house, go quick. Cheww! Fine. I don’t want to be a third wheel either. – Go ahead.
– Good. Bye bye. See? He likes to stir anger from younger days until now. But I think it’s good. To have a close firend next door. Really? It’s such a headache. We have to argue all the time. – Hmm
– When I was younger, I want a friend like this too. Really? Sometime, it’s very tired to argue. But it’s kind of fun. How about you? Do you have any close neighbor? None at all. Most of the time, I stay with P’Nuka. Drinking this much. You’re not a little stress out as you told me a while ago. My face looks that stress. Yes. What are you stress out about? Though, I can’t help you. Telling someone about help, you might feel better. I’m back. What’s wrong? The customer ask for adjustment so many times. They are still unsatisfied. If they are so picky. Withdraw from the job. So you don’t have to be stressed from your work anymore. I already accepted the job. I need to be responsible. Ask me fore advice. But you won’t do it. Next time, don’t bother asking for advice. Yes. That’s alright. I can refill it myself. Ops. I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to. I’m sorry. It’s alright. I think I better go back. Check bill please. P’Pope. Should you sit here a bit longer until you feel better? Then, go home later. I can accompany you. Until you feel better, okay? Is this guy the building owner, who is richer than Khun Kob? No. Where is the building owner? He’s the building owner. That building belongs to his wife. And his wife came to slap me at the pub and already dragged him home. Mom! – Why did you let go? So heavy.
– Only carry rich guy. Not rich. No carrying. If he’s not rich. I won’t waste my energy. He works with me. He’s the son of rubber farm owner. He has over 10 millions. 10 million? Yes, yes… So much energy to carry now. You are so lucky to ditch a guy who depend on his wife. And get a son of rubber farm owner. Tonight, you will get a rich guy as your husband. So heavy. Gentle. Jane, where are you? He calls for you. He seem to be interested in me since at the pub. But he seem scared of his wife. So he wants to hurry home. I know it. So I buy time until I can take him here. Mom, you should go out now. If he become sober. Our plan will fail. Need help stripping? Jane, where are you going? I’m here. Go,mom. I’m here. Jane Today, you’re very pretty. Done. Tomorrow, I will be rich. Because I have a rich son in law. Tin went back home? Hold this. Take it. Kob,Kob, don’t climb. -Don’t climb.
You might fall. At my level, i won’t fall off the fence. Kob! At my level, I won’t fall of the fence. If I didn’t caught you, you would have fall and split your head. I only lost my balance a little. Even if you didn’t caught me, I won’t fall. So that so? Here. Happy Birthday to you! Thank You. Bau! -Where are you going? -I’m going inside the house. Wait, open it first, I want to know if you’ll like it. So demanding. What is this? Musical box. Listen to it when you are stressful. Music helps relieve stress. But now, I won’t need this musical box. Because now I’m not stress, and I’m about to be very happy. That’s right. Now you’re about to be very happy. You’re going to get marry with your dream man. Why would you be stressful? Yeah, I bought it at wrong moment, wrong time. So crazy! Right. Buying thing without considering my feeling at all. Anyway, Thank you very much. I got the gift. Can I go home now? Just go wherever you want. I asked you nicely, can’t you answered back nicely. Please go. -Go!
– Fine. I’m going. -Good Night.
-Good Night. (Hope you like this gift/ Tin) Latest model. Now, I can work faster. (Don’t be too stress with work. Get some rest / HBD Kob) Kob’s gift is non-sense, just like Kob. Kob! Why are you so careless? Thinking about it make me mad. I was hoping to get some pictures in front of Khun Tin’s room. So we can see TangKwa and Khun Pran. Those picture was lost. Too bad. Those 2 are too smart. They won’t allow any picture as evidence. We are lucky to get the pictures when Bau got drugged and went unconcious. I want a magic door to reach the office now. So everybody can see that Bau & Khun Tin are innocent. No need for a magic door. We can be there fast. Look. I will speed faster than when we came
Wait, just make moderate. – Hurry
– Coming here, I almost vomit. If you are not worried about yourself, think of me. Jane! Last time, we were at the pub, right? After that… I can’t remember anything at all. Tell me how this happened. Last night, you was very drunk. I didn’t know where your house is at,so I took you here. I was planning to let you sleep in my room. Then I’ll go sleep with my mother but when I was about to go out. You.. you.. You.. Jane, I’m sorry. -Jane, are you awake yet? -Mom! Mom! Jane! Wake up before you go to work late. Mom! Jane! If mom know, she will punish me to death. What should I do? Jane! Wake up, it’s late. Mom. You brought a man to come sleep at home. Why did you do this? Jane, why did you do this? Why? -Why? -Don’t. Don’t. It’s my fault. Everything is my fault. What do you mean? Whao – Attack me since early morning.
– I want to feel refresh. Like tress, getting water. Want some? Enough, enough. No need to water me. I’m always refresh. Looking for Bau since you came out. You miss those olden days when you go to work together every morning, right? Dad, people going to work together for months. Of course, I miss something. Kob, I know you are heart broken. But I’m glad. You try to stay happy. So you can get over it soon. I tell you dad. I can take it. No need to worry. I will go open the gate now. Where ever you want to go,go. Usually, when I go to work, you’re never done with getting dress. Today, why are you in the hurry to go? Last night, I couldn’t go to sleep,so I woke up early. Okay. See you in the building. – Bau, wait
– We are driving separately anyway. i want to go at the same time together. Ok,ok? Then, hurry. Today, I have many work to go do. Ok. Ouch! Kob! Kob! Are you alright? Are you alright? Why are you so careless? Come. Put on medication. I don’t believe that you were drunk and lost control. You can’t control yourself. You have to be responsible to my child. Mom, P’Pong can’t be responsible for me. P’Pong have a wife and child already. You already have a wife and child! How can you bully us? What do you see us like? You see us as poor people. So you bully us. I know. If I report to police, a rich guy like you will do anything to get away. How about me and my daughter? We have to live in shame for the rest of our life. – Ohhh
– Mom – Mom
– Let go of me. No need to worry about me. You are an unfaithful child. You should worry about yourself. Worrying for other people won’t help. Mom. I’m sorry. That I don’t know how to concern for myself as you taught me. Now I know, concerning for others more than myself. It can hurt me this much. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You lost the most important thing. In a woman’s life. From now on, you will live with stained life. Mom, I will hang in there. I will hang in there.Mom, don’t be worried. Mom. Let me go, where ever you want to go,go! Where ever you want to go,go! I will be responsible. Which means, you will break up with your wife and get marry with Jane. I can’t hurt my family. how are you going to be responsible,then? I will take care of Jane like how I take care of Lin. Now Jane is my wife like Lin is. That’s good. Thank you for your kindness to us. It’s alright. In my last life, what did I do? This life, I have to become a mistress. I’m sorry. Jane. I’m sorry to destroy your life. Let’s try to solve the problem. Then, I’m going to go home because if Khun Lin get home and she don’t see me, it will be a big problem. Yes. Do it, mom. -Jane. -Yes,Mom. -Take me to go sleep.. to go sleep. I can’t take it. Mom, slowly. Mom! – Mom! – What is wrong with your mom? Maybe mom got too stress with me. Her heart problem might re-occur – I have to take mom to hospital
– I will call taxi. No,no,no. I won’t go to the hospital. -Go, mom. -Jane Going to hospital. Doctor will tell me to stay there. I don’t have money. You don’t have money. Where will we have money to pay them? It’s alright,mom. I will go find money. Just let me die. – No, mom
– Take it from me. That’s fine. I will look for it myself. Mom, let’s go to the hospital. Mom, hang on. My heart hurts. Take your mom to the hospital. Thank you but it’s alright. I will find money to heal my own mom. Right, mom? take it and take your mom to the hospital. Thank you very much. -Thank You. -Mom. -Mom, you’re alright,now. Let’s go to the hospital Thank you very much. Mom, you’re alright now. It’s swollen. Luckily, it’s only a swollen. If the gate hits harder, your bone might shatter. Why aren’t you careful at all? I was in a hurry. If I was slow, you might not wait. We are driving separately anyway. Why ask me to wait? I told you… I want to go together. If you didn’t want to wait,why did you wait? I don’t want to listen to people complaining that I didn’t wait. I waited for you. And you still find me at fault. Here. Serve you right! Done. When Bau saw Kob was injury, she came out in a hurry from her car to apply medication on him immediately. She’s this worry for Kob, when will nong Bau realize that.. she love Kob and not Tin. It’s time that will make Nong Bau know her own heart. I wish she know her own heart before she get marry with Khun Tin. You are such a bragger. 17, 18, 19, 20… 20k. 20k. It’s a big spender. Giving 20k. Easy to talk. Easy to convince. This is so good. No need to drag him to police station. P’Pope is kind. I will get much more from him than the old rich guy. -Jane,Jane.
-What? My share. For you. -What,mom?
– Why only 5000? Why not half half? -Huh? -Mom. Mom, I come up with the plan. I took him here. I put in more energy. I should get more. Jane, I use energy too. I was acting sick. I cried. My heart hurt. I’m tired too. Give me half. 10k. – Give me. 10k
– 5,000. Last price. If you don’t take it, I will keep it. – 1 2
– Fine. 5,000, it is. See? So fair. Khun! I thought you went to work. I will meet customer off-site. So I can leave late. Where is your car? I didn’t see it. The car broke down It’s at the garage. I will take taxi to the garage before going to meet the customer. Okay. I need to get change. I need to hurry to the office. Please. Khun Nuka. What?! May I go to the restroom? Don’t let me know if you have another one. I give you 10 minutes. If you are late by 1 second, I will divorce you. Yes. What? You can’t finish her up? Khun Arnuka caught me first. P’Nuka must have embarrassed her in front of the crowd. From now on, she won’t dare to mess with you. She will come up with a plan to caught Kob again. Come on. I will come up with another plan. Got caught red-handed. She won’t mess with you agaon. And P’Nuka will has her eyes on you. By the time, you can move. She will already get Kob. You bragged that you are a womanizer. What a bragger. Right on time. I want to let you know. I love you. And I’m obedient to you. Don’t try to talk nice. If you love me. You won’t cheat on me, like last night. I told you. Why I did it? Please forgive me. Please. Come in. Khun Arnuka. Khun Darin asks to see you. Tell her to come in. I’m inviting Khun Arnuka and Khun Pran to meeting room. Why? Explaining won’t give correct feeling. Please see it with your own eyes. Here. This room. Come. Khun Mint. What’s up? You can tell me first. Wait for everybody first. – What is it?
– Wait for everybody first. There, they come. Tell me first. I’m curious. In here, we only have Pathara’s staff. What Khun Rin want to show us? It’s must be internal affair. Why are you here? I don’t know. Ask Mint. She dragged me here. What’s up? Alright, everybody is here. Now, we will know. Why I & P’Rin call you here? P’Rin. I’m ready. I’m ready too. Come. – Move a little.
– Yes. Now, please pay attention at the monitor. Yes, Khun Bau really got drugged & went unconcious. Khun Bau didn’t lie. From security camera, every should know now. Some people with bad intention, arranged the scene. They didn’t go together intentionally. Like we thought earlier. The truth come out. So the gossiper can stop talking bad about Khun Tin and Bau. Right? Too bad. We didn’t have a picture in front of Khun Tin’s room. Otherwise, we will know. Who come up with this evil plan? Right? Tin. Since you don’t have anything with Nalin. Therefore, you don’t have to be responsible to get marry with Nalin. Yes, P’Arnuka. I won’t get marry with Khun Bau out of responsibility. But I will marry her because of love. Hey… What are you two doing here? I love you. -Quit?
– You understand me, right? Where are you going, sis? You want me to be presenter for the commercial? Good morning, Khun Bau. I won’t let uncle & Khun Bau be emberassed. Mr. Kasidith will marry Ms. Yoshita within 2 months.

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