TIRESLAYER! Burning the tires of my Nissan GT-R!

TIRESLAYER! Burning the tires of my Nissan GT-R!

So, after 4 months of driving the GT-R, the rear tires look like slick tires (And yeah, I said 4 months) Is there a better place than a racetrack to tell them farewell? Sounds like we’re gonna burn some rubber today.. It’s pretty awesome when you have a whole racetrack just for you, thank you Autodromo di Modena! So, let’s start to put the most race setup on the GT-R , let’s turn all the electronics off to see if the GT-R is actually able to slide a little bit! I think we have already an answer! It understeers more than it should but overall I’m impressed by these tires! The rear tires are basically slick tires and they still offer an immense grip! With this AWD system, I didn’t expected to have still so much traction from these tires! You see, I just try to make it slide but every tire just tries to offer me the best grip! And it’s quite impressive to have so much traction even though the tires really need to be changed! One empty racetrack, 2 rear tires to finish.. yeah that’s my definition of fun! So guys, I quickly had to stop my track activity because it’s actually a desperate situation! The computer says that I have 0km of autonomy, 0! I’m not even sure if i’ll be able to drive up to the gas station! We’ll find out very shortly! We made it! I’m filling up the car, I was quite worried actually, I’ve never managed to have a 0km autonomy showing on the computer, I was already imagining myself pushing the car! But yeah, time to fill up the car and then back on the track because I’m not yet satisfied, I want to burn the tires a little bit more! So guys, after almost running out of fuel I’m back on the track, I wanted to do a few more laps around Modena but as I noticed the conditions of the rear tires, I realized that I cannot drive anymore so let’s burn completely the tires with some good donuts! So, I guess these are the last moments of fun with these rear tires! There is nothing left of the rear tires! That was absolutely epic! It’s not that easy to slide the GT-R even though the tires are over but as soon as you manage to slide it, it’s so fun to keep doing the oversteer and it’s so easy to handle! Oh my God, I had so much fun today with the GT-R! It’s been a carnage, to say the least! Now Godzilla rests in the paddock, after a glorius day of action. I can’t really drive back home with these tires so well, it’s time to fit new ones! At the end, I decided to keep using the Dunlop Sport MAXX GT600, they have proven me to be remarkable tires for the GT-R, thank you Euroimportpneumatici! So it’s the end of the day and, what a day! We just left the track with the new tires and I can already feel a massive improvement in terms of traction, agility and stability but I have to say that the thing that has impressed me mostly today is the thing that even though the rear tires really needed to be replaced, the amount of grip that the car was still able to offer was immense, I seriously didn’t expected that! Got my new tires from Euroimportpneumatici (my sponsor) and now I just have to make sure that this set of tires lasts a while! I hope you guys did enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

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  1. How much are a set of tires in $ for GTR? My Camero uses eagle f1 tires & are 400$ a piece uughh no burn outs for me

  2. Anyone else waiting
    3 1/2 months not 4 for this tire change lol?
    Great way to send them off.
    Silly fun yet very informative with outstanding video production as usual. You are the car guy i wish i could be. Friggin envious here of your epic fun man.

  3. Gran belle ciambellate,fai bene a divertirti,goditela fino in fondo.Se avessi avuto una trazione posteriore penso che a gomma finita l'avresti sentita la differenza di aderenza,magari la trazione integrale ti aiutava molto con la ripartizione della coppia.Più che rimanere a piedi per la benzina hai rischiato di pescare i depositi in fondo al serbatoio e provocare danni agli iniettori,meglio non lasciarla svuotare per sicurezza.Cmq bravo e continua così!!!

  4. marco che videocamera usi? usi anche un microfono esterno? mi riferisco alle riprese che fai esternamente

  5. Yeah street tires worn to slicks can provide a surprising amount of grip since the contact patch increases.

  6. Great to see the car driven PROPERLY! And great to see another automotive youtuber, who can actually drive – great video marchettino 🙂 Maybe see you next year at villa d'este again?

  7. It's simple, you have more surface when your tires are out of profile, so you get actually more grip in dry conditions.

  8. Its a great thing to see a youtuber proper driving his supercar, usually they drive like my grandma!
    Marco, im going to Italy in a 3 week time, first time in Italy, super excited.
    Greetings from Brazil!

  9. non avevi paura che nelle ultime derapate di squarciare le gomme ??? comunque ti invidio sai come divertirti

  10. i have the chance to get a gtr but i'm afraid to get it cause of the fact ill use it for daily use and i live in an area where i don't have a garage and it snows, anyone share any pointers i watched his video about maintenance cost and etc but didn't help me much cause i live in the U.S .

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  12. nice vid, i rly enjoyed it if i will have GTR i would do the same BUT in vid named "2012 Nissan GT-R" from user CNET, in 2:20, he said that when you push down the first button and hold it for 4 second the car should drive in rear wheel mode only, you should try it and make new vid if its true and drift in rear wheel mode 🙂 thx 🙂

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