Tires Unlimited – Sillicon Valley

Tires Unlimited – Sillicon Valley

Hi I’m Jeff Slavich my wife CC and I are the owners of tires unlimited Silicon Valley We’ve got
customers who have sent their children
grandchildren friends and neighbors in to us and
continue to come back we’re going to continue to take good care of you whether it’s the first second or hundredth time you’ve been in You know if you buy a black round tire from me or a black round tire from somebody
else it’s the same black round tire the differences are nobody beats our service the quality of the job that we do the care that we give to your car the
quality of the wheel alignment that we do with the top flight alignment with it in the
industry the quality of the diagnostics with you
with the finest diagnostic computer equipment in the industry are all hallmarks of why
our business is the quality business we have become (Announcer) Call today 408 418 211 or visit tire ABC dot com Tires Unlimited Silicon Valley we sell
tires we fix cars

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  1. I love Tires Unlimited! They've taken care of each of my cars over the past 15+ years and I recommend their services to everyone I know.

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