Tire & Wheel (hubcap) Cleaning and Dressing

Tire & Wheel (hubcap) Cleaning and Dressing

Hey guys, so in this video I’m going to show
you how to clean the wheels and tires but obviously these are hubcaps so I just wanted
to shoot a quick videos on these. This is actually my little detailing van.
It’s a 2009 HHR Panel. But I just wanted to give you a quick example it’s going to be
the same method as I showed you in the last video, but I want to show you just because
it’s a different type of wheel. Some people would take these off the actual
hubcap and clean the backside. I’m totally not going to do that. I’m just going to clean
the fenders, tires, and the front of the hubcaps. Just so you can see a different way to clean
a different type of wheel and tires. Let’s get to it. So, just to show you the fenders are actually
pretty dirty. It’s been raining a bit here in Houston and the tires and of course the
wheels itself are dirty. Again, not to bad but I just wanted to shoot
a quick video. If you’re going to worry about the tools and products that I have, I do have
another video and I’ll link it up in the annotation. But first, I don’t like to use a lot of water,
so I’ll just go ahead and spray the fenders first and not even worry about water. Because
the wheels and tires aren’t that bad, I’m going to go ahead and spray everything down. Because it’s really not that bad, so it doesn’t
need that much work. For the most part I’m going to use this long fender brush, I use
it for pretty much every party what I’m about to clean. Like I said, it’s really not that bad. Just
mild dirtiness that we have going on. And again, if you want to finish your tires and
wheels much faster, if you take a while and you’ve been looking to speed it up and you’ve
been looking at different products and tools that you need to buy. Honestly, just speed
yourself up. You can buy a tool here and there to help you, but if you just move a lot faster
then what you typically do, you’ll save a lot of time. So just make sure you get all the way in in
the back, you go in here. There actually a little lip right here between the fender and
the paint, so I’m going to grab a smaller brush. Which I don’t have at the time so I’m just
going to get it with this, I’ll come back to that. It did get a little dirtier than
what I expected so I’m going to rinse this off a little bit but just the brush itself
and not the actual fender yet. I’m just going to scrub it down, hopefully
I don’t get in the way of the camera. I’m definitely not a left handy so that was difficult. It’s not that bad, so I’m not going to go
after it to bad. You can see all the splatter and that’s why it’s so important to start
off with the wheels and tires first for this exact reason. If I had washed the car first and then did
the wheels and tires, the car would have got dirty again and would have to go over it again
with a mitt and dry it off again. Always start with the wheels and tires. So
like I said, hubcaps are super easy, I’m not to worried about there being dirt in the brush
because this is just plastic and it’s not going to damage anything by any means. Unless
you do something really crazy and just bang on it. But other than that, nothing is going to happen.
There, that’s pretty much it, let me rinse this off, I’m going to use the Metro SideBlaster,
SideKick, I’m sorry Sidekick to blow all the standing water and them I’m going to dress
the tires. Before that, I’m going to give it one full
rinse. I don’t like to use to much water so I try my very best not to. Quick inspection,
everything looks good again, it wasn’t dirty I’m going to dry everything off with the SideKick
so let’s get that started. Okay so this is the Metro SideKick. Again,
just because I have this little fancy tool doesn’t mean you absolutely need to get it
to dry off your tires and wheels. When you’re starting off and you don’t want to spend that
much money or for whatever the reason, you could just use a towel and work your way like
that. Working the fenders, drying off the fenders, drying off the actual wheel itself. Of course, once you start driving, you will
have a few drips here and there because the towel won’t get every single part of the water
that stuck in the crevices and such. But again, if you don’t want to spend that
much money, this is a great way to do it as well. You can dry off the wheel like this, it might
take a little longer, might not get as great results, but again, just because you see people
or myself with the fancy little tools does not mean you absolutely need to get this tool
to get great results. So let me just drive this off. Alright, there we go, it’s dry for the most
part. If the video catches this, there’s a bunch of white lint which is from the towel
that I just used. Microfiber probably wouldn’t do that, you know this is terry cloth. Again,
you just come back and wipe off what you need to wipe off any residual water that may have
come off from blowing it out. There we go, let me just dress the tire and
we’ll be on our way. So this is Megiur’s Hyper Dressing, I have it in a sixteen ounce bottle.
You can dilute it, there’s a bunch of dilution ratios that it gives you. One-to-one, four-to-one,
ten-to-one, a bunch of different dilution ratios. I just use it straight out the bottle, I don’t
dilute. So I just spray it onto the applicator pad and work it in. For the most part, you’re
going to get some of it on the wheel, just because you can’t get it perfectly, so you’ll
have to wipe it off afterwards any residual tire dressing that got on the wheel or in
this case, the hubcap. Depending on the wheel and tire that you have,
sometimes if it’s a big tire, or pretty much a lot of cars, you won’t be able to get this
bottom section, so just roll your car forward or backwards and obviously that side will
not be on the bottom so you’ll be able to reach it much easier. You can let that sit for a few minutes just
to really let it soak in or you can use a towel to pat some of it off if it’s to thick
or you put to much on. And then you want to look around and see if
you got any on the wheel so you don’t have any smears or anything like that. You don’t want to oversaturate it and dry
off like this because it’s going to sling off the tire when you start driving and you’re
going to have it all on the fenders and all that. This is a short video, nothing to biggie,
just wanted to show you just how I do it since it’s a hubcap. Again, you’ll have a different
method and that’s completely fine. I’ll see you in the next video, bye-bye.

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  1. just started to see your videos I myself am a detailer I just purchased a HHR panel any videos on your set up in there? thanks in advance

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