Tire Service Kit  | How To | 2020 Fiat Spider

Tire Service Kit | How To | 2020 Fiat Spider

[music playing] Here’s hoping you’ll never have to use
it, but if you do get a flat tire, your Tire Service Kit can get you back on the road quickly
and safely. If you get a flat, pull over to a safe location
and turn on your hazard lights. You’ll find the Tire Service Kit in a storage
bag inside your trunk. Position the damaged tire so that the valve
stem is near the ground. Shift into Park for automatic transmissions
or Reverse for manual, then turn off the ignition and set the parking brake. Place the compressor on the ground beside
the flat tire. Shake the sealant bottle to mix the contents, then extend the injection hose and connect the air compressor hose to the injection valve of the bottle. Next, remove the valve cap from the valve
of the flat tire, and connect the injection hose to the tire valve. Turn the sleeve to the right to tighten. Push the bottle upside-down into the air compressor
until the left and right tabs are securely engaged. Make sure the compressor is off, then connect
the plug to the accessory socket deep on the upper left side of the passenger’s foot
well. Set the ignition to ACC. Turn the compressor on. The compressor will inject sealant into the
tire. After the sealant is fully injected, wait
until the tire inflates to the specified pressure, indicated by the label on the driver door
frame. Inflation pressure may temporarily increase
to about 43.5 psi or 3 bar. Inflation pressure decreases gradually and
should reach actual inflation pressure after about 30 seconds. Once the correct pressure is reached, turn
the compressor off, unscrew the injection hose, and detach it from the tire valve. Remove the sealant bottle from the left and
right tabs on the compressor. Detach the compressor from the sealant bottle. Connect the injection hose to the injection
valve of the bottle to keep leftover sealant from leaking out. Replace the valve stem cap, put the kit back
into its storage location and drive immediately to spread the sealant inside the tire. Drive carefully at 50 mph (80 km/h) or less. After about 10 minutes or 3 miles (5 km),
connect the compressor to the tire and use the air compressor gauge to check tire pressure. If the tire pressure is lower than the specified
tire inflation pressure, turn the compressor on until the correct pressure is reached. When tire pressure does not decrease, the
repair has been successful. Replace with a new tire immediately. Drive carefully to the nearest Fiat Dealership
and have the tire replaced. If the tire is to be repaired or reused, consult
an Authorized Dealer. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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