Tire Rotation – Why? How Often? How to? | Discount Tire

Tire Rotation – Why? How Often? How to? | Discount Tire

While it may not sound all that important,
tire rotations actually play a big role in tire safety and vehicle maintenance. Consistently rotating your tires can help
prevent uneven treadwear and in the process, can help extend the life of your tires. For optimal treadwear and treadlife, it’s
recommended that you rotate your tires every 6-8,000 miles. Are you tires ready to be rotated? Just head
over to discounttire.com or call your local DISCOUNT TIRE store and schedule an appointment. Want more information about proper rotation
patterns for your vehicle? Check out our other videos.

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  1. Can you explain why regularly rotating tires will supposedly make the tires last longer? I'm afraid I can't figure out this kind of math.

    My current thinking is: with a front wheel drive, the front tires wear faster than the rear. You should always keep the better gripping tires on the rear so, replace tires 2 at a time and put them on the rear, moving the previous rear tires to the front. This is as much rotation that you need. With a rear wheel drive it's a little more complicated. But, generally, tires should be rotated only if you see them wearing unevenly in order to spread that wear out over all the tires. But, if you see uneven wear, you should address why it is happening and hopefully put an end to it. And, if you rotate them often (like every 6000 miles) then spotting and/or keeping track of uneven wear is more difficult, especially if you swap side to side as part of the routine.

    If I have all my tire work done at Discount, will they keep track of uneven wear (somehow logging each tire's specs and where it is mounted) or is that up to me?

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