Tire Review: Toyo Proxes R888R

Tire Review: Toyo Proxes R888R

(musical notes with heavy bass and beat) – What’s going on, guys? Andrew here with a quick
episode of Tire Talk for you. So, we finally have a
autocross tire for you guys. We’re gonna take a look
at the Toyo Proxes, R888R. Now, these are actually
gonna go on Alex’s Porsche. He did a lot of research,
looked into a lot of tires, and this is what he landed on. Of course, this is a
extremely popular tire and if you’ve probably seen it before but you may not be familiar with it, it’s a tire that can
block, always runs on a lot of his vehicles, so the Focus, the Fiesta, the Mustang, all of
his crazy Hoonigan cars are running this tire. So, we got a chance to see this
one actually back at Cimas, saw a lot of cool Toyo videos and things, and the more we really looked
into this, we thought, man, this is an absolutely killer tire we have to share with you guys. So, once Alex actually
gets this on his vehicle and rips around a track, we’ll
try to do a follow-up video, so you can actually see
how this thing performs on a track which is exactly what it’s for. So, what Toyo did in mind
here was to try to make a tire for the autocross individaul
or track enthusiast to be able to slap ’em on your vehicle, drive right to the track
and not have to worry about swapping tires and messing
around with that headache. Now, we’re looking at a
absolutely massive 305/30/19, so these are the rears for Alex’s Porsche, so once again we’ll follow up with that. But to jump into the tire right away, you can get this in an
13-20 inch application so there’s a bunch of different sizes. We’ll rattle ’em off across the bottom of the screen here so you guys can see. There’s a ton to choose
from, so depending on what kind of vehicle you have, or what kind of wheel setup you have, there’s and absolutely ton to choose from. Now, this is a semi-slick
tire, so you’re not gonna see a lot of really aggressive
tread designs going on. It’s not like your really
aggressive aesthetic tire like you see with the
Toyo Proxes 4 or the T1R where you have all sorts of
crazy V-shaped things going on. There’s just a larger contact patch, these really massive sipes here. Of course, water evacuation
to get through there, a massive shoulder block on this thing. Now, the R888R is gonna have a lots differ side low on this one. This is not a tire that you’re gonna want to stretch and do the whole stands thing. This is a tire that’s absolutely made to be ran at the proper
size for that wheel. Like I said, it’s for the track. You don’t want to be doing a lot of crazy stretch stuff for this one. Softer compound on this guy,
so it’s extremely grippy, and this is one of those tires
of course that I wouldn’t really recommend it as an
absolute daily driver tire. It can be used as that,
but it’s typically aimed at sports cars, so if
you’re pulling it out, you want to drive it to work, hit the track after, I mean that’s exactly what this thing is designed for. So, the tire itself is
gonna have to heat up. It’s not a tire where
it’s like an all-season where you just jump out there. It’s a colder temperature,
you can rip around. You’re gonna have to let
this bad boy heat up. So, from what I’ve seen in
a lot of people’s videos, I went out to kind of watch
a lot of other reviews to see what people were saying, because I’ve never
personally drove this tire, but I’m extremely exited to see what Alex thinks of this one after he’s ripping around on a track in the Porsche. So, after about half a lap is
kind of what the conclusion I’m seeing, about half a
lap time ripping around these things will heat up
to the optimum temperature, to the optimum grip you’re gonna need to tear around that track. Now, dry traction and
wet traction once again, kind of a controversial topic. Toyo, on their website,
has a dry traction listed as a 4.5, which I think is
actually pretty awesome. And then, once you jump
in to the wet traction, they have it listed as a four. So, on a 5-scale, I would
say it’s about 50/50. Wet traction on this one
is still pretty solid. So, what do you have to
pay for a set of these? It’s a little bit higher
price point for this tire, but of course, who would
want to hit the track, or use an autocross tire
that was inexpensive? So, you’re gonna pay a little bit more for a set of these bad boys. They are on the website,
so if you want to see what sizes that they do come in, and if the application is
available for your car, cruise out to fitmentindustries.com, and we will hook you up on a set of these. Now, speed rating for these guys, it’s a V speed rating,
so 149 miles an hour, which is more than enough to get you going where you need to go. You guys have any additional questions, drop ’em in the comment box below. Let us know what you
guys think of this tire, if you are running them, and of course, we will try to do a
follow-up video for you guys on this thing rippin’ around the track, and see how it actually
performs in person. Catch you guys next week, peace. (echoing music with fast beats)

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  1. that road noise tho……. good luck having a nice convo on the way to the track with out losing ur voice.

  2. Is Alex planning on doing some track days? I know the Milwaukee Track Day guys do track day at least once a month on a Thursday. With the Milwaukee Mile at risk of closing down, it'd be a good idea to run the track at least once before they finalize on what they want to do with the track in June.

  3. This is not for autocross, OR DRIFTING. This is purely a track tire. Ken block is just rich and doesnt care

  4. Pretty sure that's a Y rating tire and not a V rating tire. High horsepower cars can easily hit 150mph on a long straight.

  5. I'm sorry but you CANNOT review a tire that you've never driven… that doesn't make any fkn sense!? Come on guys; step your game up. smh

  6. Toyo Proxes are a win every time! Keep up the great reviews on tires and wheels. Giving away this "free" content builds a more knowledgable user base which enables your future/perspective buyers the chance to make more informed choices off the rapport you built with them here. You guys are killing it! Let's hear about the BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 tires soon! I also would recommend a "top 5 affordable tires for drifting" video.

  7. I like this channel but please guys get someone to fact check the finished edits before uploading. You still get a 👍from me tho. Keep on keepin on fellas.

  8. Unlike anything you've used, you simply cannot review a tire you've not used lol. I like the channel and the content but these tire reviews are far from being an actual review.

  9. I have these tires on my e92 M3. I track them and daily drive them and absolutely love these tires. Usually only ran with michelin pilot super sport and 4s but I like these better. There is a little road noise but nothing I can really hear over my exhaust lol. Highly recommend these tires not to mention they look badass.

  10. Ken Block runs these on ALL his cars? Well that's not entirely accurate is it, he does now that he got sponsored by Toyo. The original Hoonicorn ran custom made Pirelli Trofeo R embossed with his name.

  11. What size fronts did Alex run with the 305/30/19 on the rear? I see they have the 245/35/19 available for R888 but this combination leaves .5" difference in diameter. Were there any codes that were thrown? Abs, TC, etc…?

  12. Sick video, Really appreciate you guys giving it so much detail. Can't wait to start my Youtube channel and kick off my r33 GTR build with a new set of ce28's with these wrapped around them. Cheers

  13. its good that a guy that can not win races created a sport for himself and get people to know him :D(talking about mister block

  14. Running these with a stage 1 stretch on my rocket bunny Miata. 225/50/15 on 15×10.5 in the rear and 195/50/15 on a 15×9 in the front. Daily these things and love them!

  15. You kinda expect a semi-slick to be great on the track, and it is … in the dry. I ran these on my 370Z on a damp day and almost killed me. I'd advise the Pilot Sport 4's for a daily or the Cup 2 for track. Both will get you home safely (ran the Pilot sport 4's in snow BTW)

  16. Planning to do these on my C7 Z06 rears only matched with Toyo T1R or T1 Sports on fronts. I am hoping having quieter fronts helps noise but the tires are for maximum straight line performance on daily driver.

  17. Anything that takes a half a lap to warm up wouldn’t be a good AutoX car. By the time they’re warmed up you’d be done with your run.

  18. I dont have lots of XP with other tire models, however I used to drive on R888's(the predecessor) on track and the grip is fenomenal. They were pretty durable on my 1000kg Civic. I could feel the tire warm up for about 1 and a half minutes and after the 2nd minute I was all out on the track. At the same time, the tires were not fading too quickly and I hardly felt them overheat. They helped me get on the podium few times. Great tire, 100% would recommend.

  19. Lol I’m putting some of these in a 265/35/18 on my 10.5 ssr Agle Strusse , 225/40/18 on 9.5 front.. also have a lot of suspension mods , motor swap , etc in my 240 we will see how 400+ all motor for now feels on these bad boys!

  20. What the f*** you talking about it's not a v speed rated Tire and you wrote 305 30 r19 those are ZR rated Tires so it's 305 30 zr19 it's printed right on the side of the f**** tire a ZR-rated tire and is as high as you can go this is what happens when you have a dumbass trying to do a job that only a professional should be talking to you about

  21. Just put these on my 2011 gt500. What a difference over the stock Goodyear’s! Sticky AF and a much nicer ride.

  22. The most over rated tire out there every tire I have used gave me better times from Federal rsrr to nankang ar1 to pirelli trofeo to super cup 2. To Firestone Indy 500 tires all out performed that r888

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