Tire Review: Nitto Neo Gen

(calm music) – Hey it’s Andrew with Fitment Industries. Welcome back to a quick
episode of Tire Talk. Behind me today I have the Nitto Neogen; it’s an absolutely killer tire. It’s an all season, ultra
high performance tire. I just ordered these for my car; I’m extremely pumped to get ’em in and get ’em tossed on my car. We had a customer order
a set, so we wanna do a quick video for you
guys, talk about ’em here. So, not only is this a great tire in dry and wet conditions, which
is cool ’cause a lot of the issues that you
run into once you run summer tires, everybody
knows, it rains outside, you get poor traction,
you start hydroplaning, things like that; so Nitto has developed an awesome tire where
they have little 3D sipes that are gonna go all the way through the tire here, from left to right. Those are gonna increase your traction for dry and wet conditions
and still maintain a comfortable ride for this tire. Now if you look at the
center of the grip here, you’re also gonna see
these big, thick two ridges that go all the way down these big sipes; they’re gonna help evacuate the water and not only is this a
great performing tire but, aesthetically, it’s
pretty cool looking too, so once you’re doing those close
up tire shots and what not. Now, the other great
thing about this thing is for you lowered car guys, which is why I purchased these tires,
is I had some issues with the Nankang ns20s last year and I was running about
-3 degrees of camber and it just chewed up the inside. Now, the Nitto Neogen is
gonna offer a thicker, one-piece, continuous shoulder
block on the inside here. It’s a little bit
thicker, it’s a little bit larger contact patch and for you guys that are running that negative camber, it’s gonna offer a lot
better lifespan on this tire; so, they specifically
designed it for that, which is pretty cool, so if
you guys have a lowered car, definitely check out the
Neogen for your vehicle. Now, what else is cool about this one, the outside patch on this one, once again, it’s also a little bit
thicker contact patch. You’re gonna see these big, thick sipes through here, once again
for water evacuation, to get that stuff right out of there for great increased performance
when turning as well because you have a little
bit thicker outside patch on this tire too, so absolutely bada**. Now, the other killer thing about this, it’s in all the popular sizes so you have 15 through 22 inch
applications on this one; and, the price point on
this one I would call probably about a moderate price point. So, to get a killer all
season tire for a moderate price point, you definitely
can’t go wrong with that. So, let us know what you guys think of this one, we’ll catch you next week. This is the Nitto Neogen, peace out. (upbeat electronic music) Hey, if you guys haven’t heard we have our own line of Fitment
Industries car care products. Anything from quick detailer to wax all the way down to matte tire finish, it’s a killer product; don’t be that guy at the car shows this summer rocking dirty sidewalls on your tires. Simply spray right on to the tire or onto a microfiber or a tire cleaner, rub that on the sidewalls, you guys will be ready to rock and roll. It leaves a nice finish,
it’s nice and shiny. You’re not gonna have that thick goop splattering all over
the side of your tire. I’ve done it before, it’s no good. So cruise out to our site, check it out. ‘Preciate you guys watching, peace.

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