Tire repair

hello everybody today we’re gonna change a tire for Toyota Corolla 2014 first of all we’re gonna do this we put our car on the on the brake which is located over here what that way you like fix the car and car is not moving anywhere and after that we’re gonna do we’re gonna lift it actually our car and it’s called a jack it’s a little thing maybe you have a different little different but we haven’t even really simple what it comes with the car and you like you see we fixed over here we use this tool with over here and we use it like your lid when you lift the car and you see a tire then you use another tool with you unscrew the space and then on a tire if you see anything any nails or some sharp things we’re just deciding attire actually which you can pull it and you see a hallway trying to fix it like in our case we don’t find any any sharp things wear these inside entire so we’re just gonna use it water and if you use the water you can actually see it’s where the air it came out like for example some bubbling for something like you spray the tie over the world tie over the water and if you don’t see any bubbles what is coming out of you you have to use actually as so after that if the water doesn’t help [Music] [Music] all right wait fine ho finally we’ll find you over here you can see what it’s air is coming out it’s like all the time you see it like it’s become more and more so like augers on any or even at Walmart like it’s very very simple like a sharp thing would you use it to make when you when you’re trying to fix it you you use this thing to make it a little of bigger haul actually when you see widows the air come on you just stick it in sight and just is really really really hard now we use the other tool which we’ve got we go [Music] [Music] okay okay now we’re gonna put this much as we can and then right now we’re just left over we’re gonna cut it off which way you have it we have a knife so easy and nice and it’s gonna be like this [Music] I’ll retire back in the car [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] air compressor we’re gonna use it to [Music] actually slide your go but you connect it over here this is actually the thing and the car have to be little on put the cars on right you can use that forward to pump thing this thing you can buy it in the store [Music]

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