Tire Repair & Fixing a Flat : Wheel Weights & Balancing Tires

Tire Repair & Fixing a Flat : Wheel Weights & Balancing Tires

O.k. my, my next topic is the wheel weights
on the rim itself; what the wheel weights do, they true out the balance of the wheel.
So if you’re ever driving down the street and you feel a slight vibration you may need
to get your tires rebalanced. There are different forms of the wheel weights and they come with
different ounce values; this right here is a 25 ounce weight, a point 2 5 ounce and you
have one point 2 5 ounces; they come in different sizes. So depending on how round the tire
is; this is something that like you can’t really do at home because you have to have
a actual wheel balance machine, so what they do is they roll it on the machine to true
the wheel out and you place the weights as needed in different positions depending on
what the machine says. If a wheel is completely round and the tire has the perfect amount
of material to it, you can get away with sometimes it does balance out to zero and you don’t
have to put any weights on it. So if you do see this on your car and you don’t feel a
vibration then there’s no problem. But like you have the clip on weights and then you
have sticker weights; and these weights are more, more expensive cars; like if you have
a custom wheel or what not they put them in and so it doesn’t look so whatever around
the edge of the tire. So if one of these fell off while you were driving you would definitely
feel that there was a vibration in the vehicle. So if that happens you just need to go to
your local auto repair shop and get then to rebalance your wheels and you should be following
that matter. So that concludes the balancing the wheels and the wheel weights.

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  1. this is shit! um um do you really know what your talking about? do u work in a shop… umumumum duh duh ok show us how you balance a tire/wheel combo pal. "this is a 25 oz,,, oh wait i mean a .25, get the shit right man.

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