Tire Puncture Repair Kit Instruction

Today I’m gonna show how to plug a
tire that’s got a nail in it or a screw or whatever. The tools you need to repair a tire a
punctured tire are the tire plugs, some rubber cement, a pair of pliers to pull out the offending nail, a ream and a plug insertion tool. The first thing you do is find the nail just
by inspection usually. Sometimes the head will be worn off of the nail and all you see is just a
little stub, If it’s especially if it’s in the tread but if
it’s between the tread the head might still be there. Leave the nail in there until you’re
ready to plug. These are tire plugs. You can buy
them at Walmart or any part store and they’re just a string with the rubber – they’re like a rubber impregnated
string and they’re sticky and gooey. So get one of those. It’s like a stick of licorice or something. And you’ll insert that in the plug insertion tool like so. See how it’s got like a eye of a needle and you just put it right in there pull it down in there okay about halfway down the plug you wanna
have this inserted. okay so the idea is once I pull this out
air’s gonna be escaping. I want to use this ream to ream out the
hole really good and then I’m just gonna jam this in
there and pull the tool back out. The tool will leave the plug in there. This tool will just slide right off the plug
and the plug will stay in there and then I’ll trim it flush. Before you
install the plug wanna put some rubber cement on it
usually an eighth flat repair kit it comes with plugs and with rubber
cement this access a live work and and as a blue and you just now set real good with
reverse a net where a to go so we’ll pull the nail out
with the freemen the whole this is a fairly small hole so it’s hard
to get three men there you’re going down into steel belts see can kinda feeling separate men get
Hathaway should go of think you can see the value in buying heavy-duty plug
installation kit they make little wimpy once that fall part handles usually come off so we
wanna still up in the air this regime until it gets easy of much because we’re gonna have to put
the plug in and pull out the plug tool so we need enough room to do that and the dream
will ensure that the whole is big enough for the plug okay feels like we have a good ol here so you can leave they remain there to
kind plug it so air to escape may go ahead and put a little bit more
rubber cement on their has it dried while I was doing all that
remain put this little bit more on their of slow against up the floor really fast illegal and you can see I
left a little bit %uh the plug on site cool the two lower so the plug is inside
and its expanding the on the whole and in the glue is
helping blew it shot and seal it then you could just M trend that abuses here craft night for whatever you can just
ran out of plush or when it’s that low use leave it if
there was a lot of things now hytrin but that aware of as the tire

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