Tire Pressure System Needs Service Tesla

Tire Pressure System Needs Service Tesla

All right just wanted to do a quick video and show you guys if you’ve been watching my videos you for sure have seen it When I when I put my winter tires on I did not put tire pressure sensors in them and drove for two days no problems nothing and then all of a sudden I Got a message that said this Tire pressure system that’s switching back because my car’s cold it says tire pressure system need service contact Tesla and every time I start the car that blinks and makes noise and says something’s wrong, but I just know that it’s searching for a pressure and There’s no sensor there so that is the message you will get when? You’re cheap like me you don’t want to spend three dollars on pressure sensors for your winter tires, so yeah, just a quick note on That’s what happens if you don’t put them in

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  1. I put a different set of tesla wheels on my car and it also took about 2 days before I got this error. I think there is an issue with one of the sensors in my new set but just wanted to add that I observed the same timescale.

  2. I ran for a week with a spare tire that had no pressure sensor and I got that message but when I fitted the original wheel back (it had a puncture repaired) the message would go away (eventually) when I re-calibrated but soon enough the 'Tire Pressure System Needs Service' message returned even though I am now using the original wheels with original tire pressure sensors. Not happy.

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