Tire Pressure Sensor – What to Do When the TPMS Light Goes on with Rick & Scout

Tire Pressure Sensor – What to Do When the TPMS Light Goes on with Rick & Scout

(DOG WHIMPERS) What’s up boy? Scout has this amazing talent. He can actually sense when my tires are low. But, you don’t need Scout, many cars now come with TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System. (MUSIC) TPMS with it’s little symbol is a big deal, so much so that it’s been required on every
new car since 2008. Just consider at any given moment there are
53 million tires rolling down the road. If a tiny percentage of those tires are over
inflated or under inflated, there is big potential for problems. What you need to know is what to do
when this light comes on your dash. First, it’s probably NOT an emergency. So when it’s safe, check your tire pressure. Hey, thanks buddy. Thanks a lot. Here is how TPMS works: The most common type is this little device, a wireless, battery operated sensor located
inside each tire. They usually last about 10 years. It measures tire pressure and sends a signal
to your dash when a single tire is over or under inflated, usually by 25% or more. A few things to know about tire pressure: Tire pressure will often rise and fall when
outside temperatures change drastically, more often related to cold weather. If your TPMS light comes on and you know your
tires are properly inflated, visit your mechanic. Tires naturally lose pressure over time. Some TPMS versions show each tire and it’s
current inflation. It looks like the left front tire is low. Hey, thanks buddy. Every year, 11,000 crashes are caused by problems
with tires. You can’t tell by looking if a tire is under
inflated until it’s 50-percent low. Wow, waiting can be dangerous. TPMS, tire pressure monitoring system. Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it either. TPMS can help prevent flat tires, but proper tire inflation also improves handling,
gas mileage and even extend the life of your tires. Remember, for quick tire information, check
your owner’s manual or the inside of the driver’s door. YOU are your car’s best safety feature. Know More, Drive Safer, visit My Car Does
What Dot Org. Lots of great, easy to use information. So check
it out. Hey… Oh yes, besides being able to sense tire pressure, Scout has this not-so-extraordinary talent
of being able to know exactly what’s in my pocket. You are a good boy.

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  1. Tire pressure monitoring systems are super useful. Besides safety issues, they help me save on gas mileage as I make sure to maintain an optimal tire pressure.

  2. When I recently purchased a new car, I didn't recognize the dashboard symbol alerting me that my tires were underinflated. Easy fix. Now, I'm all about tire pressure, saving gas and money.

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