Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tool Review

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tool Review

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today, in my never-ending quest to show people
how to save money fixing their own cars, I’m going to show you how you can fix or
install a tire pressure monitoring system on your car, now most modern cars already have tire pressure monitoring systems and here’s how they work, the
valve stems that go inside the rim, have a little broadcaster with a battery that
sends the pressure to the computer, then inside the car you can read pressure,
and it’ll give you a warning if your tire pressure goes low, but these systems
have one big drawback, the sending unit that’s inside the tire, has a battery
inside, as you can see it’s not replaceable, and even if it was, you would
have to take the tire apart, replace it, put the tire back on, and re-balance it, to
make it work again, and as we all know, batteries have a limited lifespan, when
these go bad, if all four go bad, you can spend five or six hundred bucks, you
can’t take your own tire apart, it’s got to be a mechanic with the tire machine,
then he’s got to re-balance it, then he’s got to reprogram the computer to accept
the new sensors, but I found something that can bypass all that, if you don’t
have a tire pressure monitoring you can install this for a new one, or if your
old ones broken, rather than having to take all the tires apart, this just
installs on outside, and the whole kit including all the sensors and the receiving unit cost 69 bucks on Amazon, and a child can install them, take off the
valve cap, screw this on, and if you’re worried about someone stealing
them, they come with these little bass nuts, that you can put on the inside and
tighten them, so a thief can’t just take them off right away, there’s a sensor for
each tire, left front, left rear, right front, and right rear, then you just stick
the receiving unit in the cigarette lighter, and there we go there’s, the tire
pressure of all the tires, and being modern electronics, it can warn you if
one of the tire is low, or if the pressure gets too high, or if one has
developed a fast leak, and if you don’t want to use your cigarette lighter,
they also have a unit that mounts on the dash that’s solar powered,
and perhaps best of all, when these units batteries wear out, you don’t have to
throw away and buy another one, you can replace them with the cool little tool
that comes with it, the tool fits into each end, and it just unscrews it, and it
comes apart, then look inside there’s a watch battery, you can just replace the
watch battery, you don’t have to buy new sensors ever again, so if you want to fix
your tire monitoring system, or if your car doesn’t even have one, now you know
you can do it for only 69 bucks, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just
visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel, and I’ll answer them as soon as I make it out of this fallout shelter.

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  1. Hey Scotty my tire pressure light keeps coming on even though the tire pressures are not changing. Even after I reset the system, they just come back on after a short drive. Any suggestions. Btw its a 2006 Toyota Matrix

  2. Reading all the comments, I really like the convenience of the real time monitoring, especially in the change of seasons when tire inflation is most likely to be an issue. My back is bad, so the less I have to check manually the better. It also give you a warning of a new slow leak that may occur right after you check the pressure if you run over a small nail for example. Now I can get that convenience for my old truck that never had it, and for only $70, hell yeah!! ☺️

  3. mechanics will be extinct in 10 years, mark my words. I cant help but laugh when folks are broken down on the highway in their modern pieces of shite while I drive my old ford clunker. Its just how I feel , I aint holding back, modern cars are such expensive money traps. Seriously, tire pressure systems!? A tire pressure gauge cost me $2 and I check my pressure every few months or so

  4. I simply check my tire pressure once in every 3 months..They never go low for good tires..if needs to be topped up, will use an air pump connected to 12V charger port..All checking and fixing done in 5 min…basic maintenance stuff..

  5. Hey Scotty. If a new car with synthetic oil is a half a quart low on oil and is still between the two cross hatches is it still considered okay? To run safely? The damn dealership didn't fill it to the top of the cross hatch. The accord holds 5 qts of motor oil. Thanks 🙏🏼 Scotty.

  6. It is definitely cool and convenient but I don´t see how this is cheaper that a simple tire pressure gauge that costs around $5

  7. and if one of these things fail (and they will, eventually,) your car won't pass inspection. more unnecessary bullshit we're forced to waste money on.

  8. There is a much cheaper option only 2-5 dollars which warns by colour change when you put it on the existing valve stem but not real-time. Thanks Scotty for your videos..you're so energetic and highly skilled. Cars and owners love you

  9. i have a 98 jeep grand cherokee i replaced all 4 calipers bleed the brakes and now pedal goes to the floor and i'm stuck with no brakes , original problem was locked up left front brake to the point it was smoking.i have re bleed them 5 timēs any help appreciated

  10. this beats the labor out of constant checks, and gives you an idea of how high the pressure climbs as tires get hot while driving. price is reasonable. good one.

  11. Great product at a great price but if you want that annoying TPMS light off go to a Walmart auto care center they have the TPMS EZ sensors at olny $28.88 and it works with 95% of the vehicles on the road today.

  12. What can cause my car to shimmey or shake when i drive? Got new cv axel an new transmission mount! I dont know what else to do!?!? HELP SCOTTY????? THANKS IN ADVANCE! REV UP UR ENGINES!!!

  13. Garry
    2003 Dodge Dakota 3.9 4X4 crew cab No passing power or towing power. It is like a 2 cylinder.Motor idles perfect.Put new exhaust,cat, plugs and wires. It did not make a bit of difference. Thanks


  15. lmao TPMS sensors aren’t that much… 😂😂 you can get 4 sensors for less than that… and most tire shops will replace them for you for a minimal fee. 😂😂😂 no need for clunky janky ass add on crap.

  16. That's nice. But at faster speeds, the mass of the sensor affects the moment of inertia of the wheel. I like you scotty but it seems this tire sensor company has bought you.

  17. My Yokaro TPMS arrived last week and it took only a few minutes to install and get it up and running. Works like a charm! Thanks again Scotty!

  18. how you doing sir I got a question my starter will not engage to my flywheel on my 2007 to 5 Pontiac and I just wanted to know your take on what could be the problem I've replaced the starter I've replaced the battery and it's still not hitting my flywheel

  19. 10 years. Batteries last 10 years. Biggest problem are tire places themselves. They brake those sensors when dismount tires and blame it on batteries. Average price of TPM sensor is about 50 bucks.
    Scotty stuck in 60's, anything newer than 96 I bet he Googles what to do.

  20. This is stupid. I would go so far as to call it "ghetto" TPMS. Maybe I could consider it for my Cub Cadet. Nah… even my tractor is too classy for this crap.

    If you can afford a car, you can afford the $35-50 per sensor that will actually integrate with your car's computers. The "programming" process for the computer is very straightforward, and is done for FREE by every shop that I have ever seen during every tire rotation. The tire shops will all install new sensors for FREE during a tire change if you provide them, and will often rebuild your existing ones (replacing the "non replaceable" battery in the process) for a very small fee. In fact, you can buy the tool to do the pairing process for less than $100. Some older GMs can even be done with just a strong magnet, and others by adding or letting out 1-2 PSI of air pressure when prompted on a given tire, eventually completing the sequence in the order indicated.

    All I can think about this is that it's sponsored product placement nonsense. This is a step down, and Scotty should re-evaluate bringing this sort of ideas into the channel.

  21. His videos have helped me out so much, except for this one. You'll still have the warning on the dash instrument panel and universal TPMS sensors are only about $29 a piece, installed and configured to your car at almost any Wal Mart.

  22. this is why i prefer older cars w/o TPS. just check tire PSI once a month(as well as visual inspection of tire condition). how lazy can you be?

  23. Luckily, in the EU only newer vehicles are required to have TPMS (and then it needs to be the stock system, no aftermarket stuff). But since my car is from 1999, it doesn't have one and I haven't felt compelled to get one yet. Maybe when I've got too much money one day 😉

  24. My tire pressure sensor is malfunctioned or something . It says its always low. Rather than basically waste money on this I just brought an air pressure gauge for 5$ and manually check my tires every week or so.

  25. Neat idea, but I would be concerned about slow air leaks around the sensor, especially if it works loose, because the schrader valve is always open. I'm not sure if the threads on most valve stems would make an air-tight connection.

    I'd settle for just being able to replace the battery inside the pressure sensor module once you get the tire off instead of having to buy a whole new sensor.

  26. will you have to re balance the tires after you install the little system that WATCH BATTERY MIGHT HAVE ENOUGH WEIGHT TO IT ?HMM

  27. Skottie I git marself one of them Tharrr tyre presshure units only on one tar at the moment, but when I go to thatt thar Gass stayshun all them other tiyres are holdin' presshure, the singke tyre with the sender Unit on it is the one thats always a losin' presshure. its coz the goddam deeeeevice neeeeds to press a down on thatt thar valve to send a presshure anda the leekage past flattuns the Goddam tire

  28. Just buy a Mitsubishi ASX (Outlander Sport/RVR) -A friend of mine has one from around 2010 i believe and the tire sensors still work. Btw, my wife's Boss has an Audi Q7 from fall 2015 and he had his sensors replaced this (2017) summer!!

  29. Things I used in this video:
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    2. Common Sense
    3. 4k Camera: http://amzn.to/2hZ4AxX
    4. Mini Microphone: http://amzn.to/2newgV9
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  30. Hi Scotty, love your videos very informative and right to the point. Hopefully you can answer a question? 2007 Camry bad tire pressure sensors.Dont want to be robbed by dealer for @800$..would love to see the ridiculous light on dash go away. Would this tire pressure kit help with this? Please help can't afford to send these car dealerships on vacation.

  31. NO NO NO! Scotty this garbage will fail and cause catastrophic destruction as your tire’s air leaks out, the tread separates and slaps your fenderwell causing over $1000 in damage. I know this FROM EXPERIENCE. Then you’ll risk your life changing tires on the side of the freeway JUST LIKE I DID! NOBODY NEEDS TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING. You check tire pressure at the gas station when your gas is filling with a $1 stick gauge.

  32. Holy crap this was an amazing video. I am definitely buying this product, because my tpms sensors don't work. You are a life saver!!

  33. do you still have these on your car. I worried it might get stuck and won't be able to screw them off, because I bought valve stem and they kept getting stuck and I would have to use a tool to get them off. I think it got stuck when the temperature changed from hot to cold

  34. When I got tires on my 2012 Volvo XC60 the guy at Firestone told me it just has rubber valve stems. The TPMS system is read by the ABS module or something to that effect. It has no stupid batteries and should be much more reliable.

  35. HI, My car tire pressure went low on RH Rear tire, I went to mechanic shop and they inflated it. Withing 2 weeks again it went low on same tire. This happened both time in morning when i ignited the engine, not sure what is the problem. Any suggestions..Thanks

  36. Yes. But it wouldnt cut the light off on the dash. Im a fleet mechanic and i never change these. They are 60 to 80 bucks a pop and its just not worth it..just look at your dam tire

  37. Mine lasted 13 years on my Sequoia, If I have to spring for $60 each, one at a time, I will, my tires need rebalancing anyway.

  38. Wrong. New programmable TPMs sensors are $25 and you do not need to take the tire off to replace them.

    Just break the bead and do it through the side. Next.

  39. I like option #3, delete the code from your dash, check your tire pressure once a season, and do a visual inspection of your tires before you drive. Those sensors are expensive and quite frequently, they will not even trigger when needed, giving you a false sense of security.

  40. Hi Scotty. I have a issue with my TPMS. All my tires are check with proper air and no leak. Light is on even thought I reset the button. What can go wrong?

  41. Does these units remove the TPMS warning light in the dash ? Those sensors were a money pit in my F150 im so happy that my 2014 KIA doesnt have them ! We need 8 wheels here in quebec theres always a sensor not working at 50$ plus installation. Great find Scotty!

  42. I guess you can get TPMS sensors from dealership.
    but how about aftermarket TPMS sensors? who make better quality sensors?
    Autel? ITM ?

  43. So, one minor flaw in your idea Scotty… What about states that have annual inspections? You can't pass a state inspection with a tpms light on, even with this janco workaround.
    As per usual, spend money on a quality OEM part. Diagnose it properly! Fix it correctly, so the first time fixing is the final time fixing , with no money wasted.

  44. Scotty – everytime I buy new tires from my local chain tire shop says I need a new TPMS sensor. My mechanic (who doesn't work there) told me it's very common for someone to break the sensor when taking the tire off. Am I paying for the shops mistake? Is this a common scam?

  45. But when you are selling your car, the buyer wouldn’t be happy seeing your tire pressure light is on due to dead sensor battery – no matter how hard you explain. I just replaced all four tire sensors (three are found dead) by Costco for $259.56 (Prius 2013)

  46. so will this thing automatically connect to your Cars computer? how do I stop the stupid Yellow Tire Pressure Light in my Dash from keep going off after 20 minutes of driving?

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