Tire Flip Challenge: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

Tire Flip Challenge: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRIAN: You guys want to
train out in the cul-de-sac? Yeah, this is great, man. So here is where you
keep all the real toys. Which tires you want
to get out, buddy? Well, that’s a 600, so
let’s pull that one out. I did it. Well, thanks for
your help, Eddie. I did it. No problem, man. Big assist there, brother. LADY: Dylan wants to do a race. BRIAN: So how many
flips is a race? Is that what you’re saying? Five flips? BRIAN: Father versus son. Nick, what’s this weigh? Nine. 900 pounds? What’s yours weigh, Dylan? DYLAN: 600. BRIAN: 600 pounds. Has this race ever
happened before? No. DYLAN: He’s too scared. Wow. NICK: He’s 18, so he’s
coming into his own. And he’s feeling his
manhood a little bit, and he likes to talk
a little bit smack. DYLAN: Don’t let those
gray hairs slow you down. BRIAN: All right, so hands off. Ready? Set? Go. Even, one to one. Two. Nick’s on three.
Go. Come on, Dylan. Come on. Good. Up. Come on. Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. Good.
Get your knee in it. There you go. It was really fun putting it
to Dylan a little bit when he started getting a little lippy. It’s good to keep
him in line and keep him respecting his father. BRIAN: That’s it.
That’s it. Good. Come on, Dylan. [GRUNTING] Hoo. BRIAN: And. Hey, mine hit first. BRIAN: No. Mine hit first. NICK: Same time. No, mine hit first. I think he might have
got you on the fall. I kind of let him win. I want him to feel
good about himself. Woo. Good stuff. LADY: Aw, aren’t you guys cute. I love you, buddy. Love you, too. That’s a good
training session. Yeah. Oh look, Nick,
here’s some tires. NICK: Yeah. Do you remember
when your son beat you at a tire flipping challenge? Wrecked by a child. Guys, he didn’t beat me. I was toying with him. I was way ahead of him. Well, I bet I can beat
you at tire flipping. You think you can beat me? Yeah. All right, so
here’s what we’ve got. Two roughly 800-pound
tires, five flips. First one to finish wins. Yeah. All right. And make sure, when
you do the fifth flip, you wait for Nick to catch
up before you flip it over. Yeah? And just let it
fall down real easy. MAN: Yeah. Yeah, well. Brian is probably ranked second
or third, maybe even first in the world at tire flipping. He is ungodly good at it. So if I can beat him or just
even get close to beating him, it’s a major win for me. All right, let’s get it done. MAN: Here we go, boys. Come on. Come on. You ready? Set? Go? To flip a tire, you have to
drive your hands underneath it, slam your chest and shoulders
into it, drive with your legs, and then lift a little
bit, and it will pop the tire right off the ground. MAN: There we go. There we go. NICK: It is a whole
body exercise. And the thing takes a toll. It can punish you pretty good. MAN: Uh-huh. Come on, Brian. That’s it! Yes! Excellent. Come on. Yes. [LAUGHING] BRIAN: Oh, man. I definitely got you, Nick. – No, I think I tied.
– I know. It was close. It looked good, like,
was really close. But Nick beat you. I think Brian’s tire settled
a fraction before Nick’s. MAN: No, I think he got you. It definitely hit
right before yours. Then let’s line them up,
and I’ll beat you again. Well, let’s do it. BRIAN: OK. NICK: Me, personally, with that
first race ending in a tie, I’m absolutely taking a
moral victory out of it. EDDIE: You two ready? Yup. EDDIE: Marks, get set, go! One. One. Two. Three. Four. Last one. Five. MAN: Let’s do it. And one for the champ,
just in case I miscounted. I think. All right, you got me. OK, OK. I just wanted to
hear those words. I obviously didn’t
take the first race as seriously as I should have. So the second race, I made
sure that I got all of my flips plus an extra flip to kind
of put the cherry on top. And that is the end of that. Bravo, Brian. All right. Good job, brother. I’ll take that win. I was impressed with Nick. I feel as though
he held his own. He was right behind Brian. And I’ve got to respect that. That’s pretty impressive. All right, guys. You want to put
these tires back, and we’ll go get some food?
– Yeah, go for it. Yeah, I want to
get some food, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I’m hungry. Thanks for the challenge, buddy. But the loser cleans up. Thanks for the help, guys. Got you.

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  1. For how strong Nick is he has tiny legs lol eddy,Brian, and Rob have calfs but not Nick hahaha but I've always had tree trunks as I've loved leg days

  2. Do they just revere Brian as like a god cuz everytime I watch this is always saying brains on top and it would be great to beat him

  3. I've figured out that by watching your videos i wanna workout as well so when i don't want i just come here. You guys are awesome you should do this forever. Keep it up.

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