Tips for Buying Tires : Tire Speed Rating Tips

RICK GEISSLER: Hi, I’m Rick Geissler,,
coming to you from A&R Tire, talking about how to buy tires. Your speed rate of tires
will indicate after–in the middle of the size or after the end of the size will give
you a speed rating of H, V or Z. The new speed rating that’s still in the Z category is a
W. Speed rating, you start at about 180 miles an hour and go up to 149 plus. So when you’re
looking at a tire, it’s always important to keep–make sure that the speed rating is like
the original equipment speed rating and only increase that speed rating, never decrease
it. This is more of your speed-rated tires. This is a Bridgestone Turanza, a premium Product.
This is their new Serenity line. We’re you’re looking at speed ratings, what you’re going
to go to is the tire size. Load rating is your 97NNV. Your V speed rating is 149. So
when you’re looking at speed ratings, that’s why you’re going to indicate your speed ratings.
Also it’s important when you have a good speed-rated tire that you’ve got good traction. This tire
happens to be a AA in your traction category. It doesn’t do you any good to have a great
speed rating and a C traction. That tire is not going to give you the performance that
you actually need.

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