Tips for Buying Tires : Tire Brands to Avoid

Tips for Buying Tires : Tire Brands to Avoid

RICK GEISSLER: Hi, I’m Rick Geissler,,
coming to you from A&R Tire, talking about how to buy tires. Some of the least popular
tires that we see, in our opinion, is your low-cost, entry-level stuff coming in as imports
out of China. Some of those tires don’t have your belt stiffeners, your bead wedges, your
nylon cap plies. And the customer really doesn’t–from what they see is “Geez, I can get four for
$99,” or “I can get, you know, I can afford these today.” But what they’re not finding
out is that there’s a lot of safety features built into those higher-end products that
are–they put a lot of research and development in their products. So we try to stay away
from a lot of your low-end imports. We don’t think it satisfies the customers’ needs long
term. And most of the time, you can look at those brand names on the side and you’ll realize
just by reading that name that that’s something that’s been imported, or it says maybe “Taiwan
or China.” Belt stiffener, again, bead wedges, nylon cap plies, to reduce those costs, they
have to take out those features, and those are performance and safety features.

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  1. hes 100% correct bought me some korean ( nexen ) sold at this popular tire shop 1 tire sidewall is now torn like some one slashed it , its only 18 mos old all 4 i bought new .

  2. @joannindy funny all of the food in america is kind of killing us and the us let this stuff in.. tires are no different.. they let alot of thing go at the cost and safety of the citizens..

  3. We tested FEDERAL 'made in China' street tires for racing and they held up pretty well actually, even in 4-hour enduro racing with changing tires that I personally drove. They cost around 30-40% cheaper than Yokohama or brand tires. I'm not saying to buy cheap tires – I believe tires are the most important safety component – any racer will tell you that. But you cannot generalize that all made in China low-cost tires are sub-standard.

    I do agree 4 for $99 is fishy

  4. Federal Safety Standards do not apply to Chinese made products due to many reasons (politics) and obstacles. My advice is you can buy your TVs from China, but never risk your lives with things like food or tires from China

  5. AVOID any tire that doesn't print the recommended tire pressure on the outside of the tire. If the are so stupid to leave off the obvious, they are too much of a dumbass to trust buying tires from.

  6. bought Chinese tires for my challenger rt for $460…they lasted 1 year of fast take offs, sliding around corners…they're ok if you're not trying to drive normal in the snow.

  7. How about on work trucks they dont get driven half as much as ur personal car so in that situation most like has no difference but a tire that'll last a Lil less

  8. Well… that was about the most worthless video I have ever seen… Maybe useful for someone that owns a tire shop, but for a consumer… zero information… little bit of tire jargon, and no more knowledge than I came with…. dumb.

  9. He is full of poo poo, back in the 90s used to buy nitto tires cheap( $28 per tire) because everyone was afraid to buy foreign tires. Now they are considered as performance tires. This guy just wants your hard earned cash

  10. Ha ha bull shit. Many tires made in Korea, China are part of larger companies who partner with "name brand" tires to make each other's tires. I found some of the less known brands (NOT Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Goodrich. Bridgestone) to be well made of high quality. I don't know what brand of China made tire HE IS TALKING ABOUT, but do your research. SOME Korean and China made tires are every bit as good as name brand tires (and may even be made in same factory or be a partner of name brand tire company). These tire dealers don't have the markup with low priced tires. Therefore tire stores don't carry them, because they are dealers of other higher priced brands.

  11. A set of Michelin Defenders for my car is $550. A set of Doral SDL 55A cost about $200. I have had both. The Michelin are slightly better. Is it worth an extra $350? Not to me. Tires are made all over the world, USA being one of the larger producers, followed by (in somewhat of an order): Korea, Mexico, Thailand, China, Russia, Chile, Germany, Malaysia, England, Portugal, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Italy, Spain….

  12. This is just another scuzzy sales guy who will give inaccurate information about budget brands to drive up ticket cost and improve his commission

  13. Does he not know that if tires didn't meet or exceed US road safety test requirements they would be able to be imported here?? And another thing, Title says Tire brands to avoid, And NOwhere in this video does he mention any tire brands… That faulse advertisement… All in all vid sucks…. Hell I could make a better video on tires And I know more about engines than tires… I'll bet he was reading a script….

  14. Your video was completely unin formative not once did you mention one tire brand all you said was don't buy squat from China or Taiwan pretty much which I'm pretty sure every God-fearing American knows already thanks a lot for wasting both of our time

  15. 99% of all tires come from China!! WTF! And they're sold in major outlets/garages/auto shops. There's no way a retailer could legally sell unsafe tires which do no meet legal, transportation standards set by US and Canadian governments. This video is way off the mark.

    Lastly, my own mechanic drives a sports car on Zenna tires (Chinese brand made specifically for western markets). You'd think he'd risk his safety on so-called "cheap" tires to save a few bucks?!
    Come on man!!

  16. I sell 600+ tires a week. I see Chinese tire last as long or even outlast U.S. made tires (unfortunately) everyday. Dextero and Nexen are 2 of the most trustworthy tires on the market. General is probably the most complained about tire and Goodyear the most common with manufacturer warranty defects. There are some terrible Chinese tires out there but not every tire they produce. They do offer quality products… and they all have to meet the same safety standards if they are imported to the U.S.

  17. Typical C$cksuckr salesman can't say exactly which brands to avoid and why those are bad, just throws around vague BS and tells you to spend more cuz it's always best to line his pocket along with the good ol boys

  18. What about the new Atlas Tires made in Thailand? Atlas used to be American, but moved their factory to Thailand.

    Any thoughts?

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