Tips for Buying Tires : Misconceptions about Tires

Tips for Buying Tires : Misconceptions about Tires

RICK GEISSLER: Hi, I’m Rick Geissler,,
coming to you from A&R Tire, talking about how to buy tires. Common mistakes we see when
people are purchasing tires is they just think–everybody thinks they’re black and round and really
don’t have any benefits and they’re all the same. So they believe when they’re out shopping
for tires that Joe’s Tire down the street might have a set of tires for $89 and we’re
trying to sell them a set for $289. And what’s going on is, again, the nylon cap plies, the
belt wedges, the bead stiffeners, UNI-T tire technology, spiral wrap, depending on the
manufacturer. Those things aren’t in–the only way to get those prices down on those
tires is take out those benefits. So we think we have to really educate the customer on
letting them know what they’re buying for their money. The other thing we look at when
we’re trying to sell a set of tires to a customer is the customer wants–his real concern, maybe
it’s $400 for the mid range and it’s $500 for the premium. What they really need to
do is we go through it. We really need to look at the price per mile. How many miles
is that tire going to get you? Divide it up, and usually, the premium price can give you
a smoother ride, more comfort, better stability, better handling, and it’s going to be a cheaper
price per mile.

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  1. @d1GODsent Each tire is different, each car is different, each driver…you have to know how to match the tire with the right application with your budget. Normally, you wanna stick to brand tires like Bridgestone, Yokohama, Pirelli etc. and follow the factory recommendations for your particular car.

    I find factory tires are not the best tires in terms of performance.

    The subject is too complex to explain in one sitting. Tires are very important and you should study them more.

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