Tips for Buying Tires : How Long Does a Tire Last?

Tips for Buying Tires : How Long Does a Tire Last?

RICK GEISSLER: Hi, I’m Rick Geissler,,
coming to you from A & R Tire, talking about how to buy tires. Buying tires, as far as
how often you should do that, that really depends on how many miles you drive per year
and what kind of driving conditions you are doing. Typically, a tire today is going to
run–last you about 50,000 to 60,000 miles is probably a good average. Other conditions
is the casing; it deteriorates after about five years. So we always recommend that the
date coat on the tire, the last four digits, are five years old. We always recommend replacing
that for safety issues. The tires, basically, has seen its useful life, and it’s more likely
in our Southern California market that tire will probably and more likely will [SOUNDS
LIKE] dry rot. So we always recommend five years, but we also look at the tread. If it’s
2/32 or less, it is time to replace that tire. On most of your vehicles today, on your light-truck
tires, as far as the spare goes, on your light-truck tires, it’s usually a full-size tire, the
same tire that came with the other set of four. So yeah, those tires are good for 40,000,
50,000, 60,000 miles. You should also do a five-tire rotations, keep a fresh spare under
there at all times, and you’ll get a little bit more wear. You’re going to get another
20-30% of life out of your set of tires. When you, of course, when you have a space saver,
that tire is going to run, get you about, providing the vehicle’s properly aligned and
you drive it 50 miles an hour, that vehicle–that tire is going to get you approximately 5,000

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  1. Not much useful information much like all your vids. Your just selling and upselling smh also your sloppy looking shirt not tucked right gig line not set with belt. Are you sure your not a used car salesman

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