Time for Ice!—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 89

Time for Ice!—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 89

(engine revving) (metallic clanking) (gentle guitar music) – All right, it’s Sunday morning. We are back out at
Georgetown to go ice racing. Today is bare rubber, and
because it’s bare rubber, there’s lots of other
people out here to race. There’s no spikes, there’s no studs, there’s just tons of Subarus, there’s some Porsches, lots of Jeeps. – It’s going to be rad. Our new tires are going to work. Our traction is awesome,
our paint is sparkling. – And we have a toboggan! – So, what could go wrong? – All right, Dave, you’re up first. (intense music) It turns out our good friend and nemesis, Clifton, has come out to race us. – He’s going down! – He’s going down, that big slowpoke! – It’s going down, dirt heads!
– No way! – He brought a canoe on his Jeep, but we brought a toboggan. Toboggan, that’s the real, winning recipe. – Yeah. What do they race in the Iditarod? Not canoes! We going to do this. – All right, we’re going racing! (intense music) Look over there, get around that one, and then come back through this one. Get it, Dave! (engine revving)
(intense music) Yeah, yeah, you caught him! (engine revving) Hey, go through those two cones! And back there, that way! (laughing)
(engine revving) There you go! You’re doing a good job! (growling) – [Dave] Uh oh. (intense music) (laughing) Nowhere, huh? – [Fred] Around! Yeah, right through those. (laughing) You got him, you got him! He’s nowhere near you! – [Dave] It’s equally slick! (laughing) – [Fred] Around that one, to the right! (engine revving)
(laughing) Back it up, back it up. Good job! – [Dave] Thanks! – Yes. – [Dave] This is the finish line? – [Fred] This is the finish line! (both cheering) (cheering)
(laughing) (engine revving)

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