Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data

Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data

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  1. speaking of simple but incredibly useful ideas, can you please let me know your thoughts on CleanApp?

  2. You are mistaken the ARPANET was the worlds first internet.

    The World Wide Web is something different entirely.

  3. nice to see that he trying so hard to fix the web – his bastardization of Ted Nelsons idea!

    but it is same as for Bill Gates by Douglas Adams:

    “The idea that Bill Gates has appeared like a knight in shining armor to lead all customers out of a mire of technological chaos neatly ignores the fact that it was he who, by peddling second-rate technology, led them into it in the first place.”

    same goes for T. B. Lee. He was one who made this mess from global network peddling second-rated tech.!

  4. he is trying to enforce RDF for more that 15 years…

    search on Google e.g. "isko02.pdf"

    and after 15 years Google will be one that will ENFORCE implementations of RDF (by levering his monopoly position in web search).


  5. With abundant data, you also have abundant information, with abundant information, you also have abundant education, and with abundant education, you also have abundant learning, and with all those things, the threat of fear over love, falls away. People altruistically sharing everything with each other, is an immortal force, if something goes wrong, it repairs itself and improves automatically; not the case for closed systems & people's egos, which die as soon as they become deprecated.

  6. If you are a developer building a website, you can use semantic and linked data formats, or provide it via an API in a JSON or XML formats. If you are an end-user creating content, the best services to do this automatically for you are Substance.io and Document Cloud which are amazing, and much better than the traditional closed Microsoft Word and Apple Pages software, or the semi-closed semi-open Google Documents web app.

  7. I see now why his boss didn't believe in world wide web in 80s – Tim is so excited he has some problems explaining clearly what he wants. If someone tells me – ok, lets now connect everything to everything, I would not support the idea)

  8. I'm supposed to look at databases for my annotated bibliography. Seven databases to be exact, and I have my research question updated for something that can actually give me results. Now, where's my coffee?

  9. yes yes, put everything about your life on a database and make it available to the world, privacy is so last century

  10. Great idea! There will be many business opportunities using linked data.
    After buiding an open web, and then what will be the next web???

  11. web 5.0 will be telepathic in which you just think of the question and know it instantly or open website by thought, web 6.0 will be embedded to your nervous system, in which you get to experience website or videos in a virtual reality, web 7.0 is probably life creation with matter energy manipulation to acheive any effect etc, web 8.0 true omnipotent powers, able to reshape reality itself etc..

  12. I think Tim haven't explained it as good as it should've been. LD is a great concept, but it needs more examples. E.g., we've heard the talk about interconnected web-sites, databases, but how it actually works, how to use it, how we can combine data from one site/db with another? From what I've heard that Google thingy that converts currency does this through LD, which I bet lots of people would like to do, but how it can be done? Is it available through some kind of API available from some "cloud", or you can do that on your own, with JavaScript?

  13. I've already been hearing a lot about JSON-LD. If used with DBPedia just like Sir Tim said, it would be the ultimate solution. JSON-LD just became a W3C standard for Linked Data.

  14. I think linked data and intelligent algorithms to synthesize the massive quantity of information on the web are great and revolutionary ideas that are actually achievable today. Yet it seems the Internet is content with being a static and "dead" space which requires work by the user to gain information; its more like a cooler of soda than the automated vending machine it could easily be with modern algorithms.

  15. Yes the World Wide Web should be free & so should everything else. Think food, shelter, clothing, etc. It's not because of USA Capitalism, which is "force every person to buy & sell something or starve." So billions starve. Capitalists think "we can't have equal wealth because no one would work & all humans will die" which is the "we need slavery" argument that's always existed. Truth is there should not be any unequal wealth on earth, but USA doesn't think wage slavery is slavery, they really don't. Truth is all people WW should own all things WW, so everything is free AND so all people can work part-time building only 100-story Tower cities connected to maglev Trains, which is the only way to get people to stop doing things that destroy the earth. EX: No one will be tempted by money to poach an endangered elephant, shark, etc, to sell to a rich person, then every person would be able to help stop poaching, stop cutting down rain forests WW, stop making weapons & wars, stop making cars, trucks, buses, tobacco, drugs, ETC, which is headed by the USA. There are many forms of slavery, which should be taught IN & BY the USA WW to end slavery: Prostitution, making weapons, military, all work, buying & selling, having children, marriage, needing food, shelter, clothing, etc. Slavery means "controlled by someone or something," so living is slavery, but we can teach people to all work part-time, rather than having some people work 40-100 hours a week while billions can't ever get any work. USA nor any nation ever really ended slavery, because of ignorance about what slavery really is. Only T&T will save the Earth!

  16. Gerry Spence also says we're all slaves, in "Give Me Liberty." Others are Gerrard Winstanley, Mother Mary Jones, Karl Marx, George Bernard Shaw, Helen Keller, Upton Sinclair ("The Jungle"), & probably anyone who ever wanted Socialism/Communism. Corporations are slave plantations whose employees are slaves (even college educated, because colleges teach slavery), but corporations enslave every person, even if they don't work for a corporation. See MNC's who can't hire every person so everyone gets an income. All people should own all corporations, obviously, just like Karl Marx said. USA forced every attempt at Socialism & Communism to fail by starting 50+ wars, assassinations/attempts, teaching torture, & many things listed in "Rogue State…" by William Blum. Also "Third World Traveler." When a few hundred or thousand rich & super-rich people own everything & say "If you want MY food you have to BUY it" but billions can't ever get an income to BUY food, etc. When all people own all things, everything will be free, as it should be. Then all people can work part-time. The world needs equal wealth to save the earth.

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  18. Frustration as a key to innovation. Raw data now! Not just for transparency but because it is useful to our lives

  19. So Wikipedia with required References….. I had to watch it twice to make sure i understand. but yeah…. Wikipedia with required References…..

  20. Without him there wouldn't be a web -> No Google, no Facebook no Amazon. He brought a new level of communication and economy. Superb genius!

  21. Is this like a news-feed? I got the feeling content providers didn't like them because you didn't have to go to their websites. I have a feed reader and it gives me all their data that is provided and it's like a search engine but customized just to what I want.

  22. the internett is generally very hard to understand for a lot of people but thats not so weird when the people who do understand it uses so goddamn many abbreviations on everything!!!!!! http, html, url, nypd,

    not sure if my comment seem dumb now…

  23. I understand about sql php and another scripting language especially web.
    I agree him about that dbpedia. But, I'm not really agree this guy when he say that we need to use data to connect people. It's kinda primitive doesn't it?
    There's is a cookie, nobodys need to connect a thing with damn database.

  24. If everybody can add data to everything how can we be sure it's even reliable? This is a very romantic idea but I don't know how anything that comes from linked data can be trusted.

  25. Evolution of The Web Each level seems to distance the user from the material and technical contingencies, to bring transparency in the exchanges and to open on new functionalities. And since the function creates the organ, it profoundly changes the whole of society. #webevolution https://bit.ly/2MNMyfG

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  27. He didn't invent the web. It was invented by Ted Nelson who started project Xanadu, but the project was too ambitious at the time. All the concepts behind it were borrowed by companies like Apple's hypercard and the world wide web.

  28. This could be a great way to circumvent the newly approved European Union policy to tax links. But in practice, for a datum to be linkable to any other one it would need a descriptor. It takes knowledge to make information from data. I'm struggling to see how this can be possible. Perhaps the best tactic for its approximation would be to unleash a robot to do it, naturally open-sourced and customizable. I wonder how it could work. But yeah, give us the raw data! We're treated like lab rats by some of the main social networks, like Facebook. Searches could be much more powerful. Yet the trend is towards the reverse. A search for cannabis this morning on there produced 0 results even though I've mentioned it myself quite a few times. Same goes for Gmail. A semantic web could be a great defence against central control. Thanks, everyone for your previous comments, I'll be sure to check out the links and get up to speed. Be seeing you! <3

  29. Now when people learn what he did see what happens……….a 10 to 20 years later…

    I will surely come again to check this mark my words today-date 17 nov 2018

  30. Ai não gostei ,colocar minha altura,meu pais,meu tipo sanguineo….só com o http liked datas,ainda bem que a internet não evoluiu pra isso.A gente já se expoe tanto assim ia ficar muito Muito escancarado,é melhor ser mais discreto.Fora que se por exemplo o individuo tem alguma infração,ou sei lá atraso de conta não sei fica muito mais fácil de o governo perseguir,isso ai só tiraria a liberdade das pessoas e daria o controle do governo sobre as massas de vigília

  31. sometimes is difficult to rationalize what is proper improper, i feel that what is missing is critical thinking. and the lot needs some input so they achieve critical thinking, otherwise as technology evolves unexpected reactions can take place and reasoning is overcome by emotions. better have a magna carta for the web. …..since is the new medium of communication.

  32. Data is gold and gold has a price :). Raw data is the most precious asset right now and everyone is asking for a price for it.

  33. 15:28 To put a finer point on that power thing, that's the power of efficiency, the power to use less energy to accomplish information processing. So it's about sustainability, it's about being lean, and lean is about evolution… For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it. In this light it could be said that impeding access to data is impeding evolution.

  34. EVERYBODY, this "next web" project exists now. It is called InterPlanetary FileSystem, aka IPFS. It promises a less-centralized, censorship-free, always-encrypted internet, free for all.

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