Three best enduro tires.

Three best enduro tires.

Good to see you guys! Today we are going
to talk about tyres. So there’s a huge amount of tires on the
market these days basicly all the manufacturers are making good tires for
all the riding situations and riding terrains.
Choosing the right tire for your need can be a bit confusing and hard at first
There’s tires that are that are 30 euros and there’s tires that are 150 euros so
it’s a big big difference in between those two. I want to give you a starting
point based on my own experiences and own own opinions so here’s my top three
favorites The number three is a Mitas Ef-07 Yellow
Stripe. I’ve used couple of these during the last year and especially the rear tyre
has been very long lasting and durable Gripwise it wasn’t that amazing but
you will get a lot of riding hours out So it’s a great choice for
training or practising. Okay, so the number two on my list is the
same same tyre as the third one but it’s only a softer compound
so it’s called the Mitas EF-07 super light green stripe, one stripe
only and there’s also a version with two green stripes two green stripes it’s even
grippier or even softer compound. Two stripe version is good if you are
going for like a hard enduro race or something xtreme. The one stripe version
is a great great choice for hobby rider. If you’re going to ride rocky
sections or rocky terrain in rainy weather. this is a great great tyre for
that. You will be amazed how much traction you can get out of these
tires whether you are using a tube or a mousse. Actually we have had a lot of rain recently and I have one set of
Mitas superlight or Greens in my garage so let’s go and change that to my bike. and now it’s time to me everything since you told me what could be
together and now it’s time to meet you Okay so now I have a new rear tire on my
bike but I know that you’re waiting for the number one on the list. And it’s the
Metzeler Six Days Extreme I’ve used that Metzler for like three
years now. It’s a good tire for everything. It’s by far my most used tire
if I go to any races I will put on these Metzeler’s because it doesn’t matter what
kind of terrain there is on the track. It won’t let you down in any any part of
the track. It’s also a very long-lasting tyre and you will get a lot of hours out
of it. The grip is extremely good especially at first when it’s new but it
will it will also be grippy when the knobs get rounded. The rubber compound is
pretty hard so it won’t be as grippy as those Mitas tires on the
wet rocks or rocks at all but you will get many many hours more out of it so
it’s a good tire for budget it’s a good tyre for racing it’s a good tire for
practicing, training. So my number one choice. So that was my top three tires
I’ve used. Remember that these are only my personal opinions and I wasn’t paid
to say any of these. Now let’s have a how that Mitas Superlight green
works in wet terrain. I didn’t change it for nothing. So let’s have a look. That is just one of the most amazing
tyre I’ve used on wet rocks. The grip is just insane. I hope you liked this
episode. Leave a comment below what kind of tyres are you using and we will see
you on the next video. Stay awesome! you

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  1. Used Michelin Comp IV when it came with Beta. Not good.. Mitas C19 fat front + Mitas C12 rear for that wet muddy autumn we have. For summer EF07 for sure.

  2. Hyvää matskua. Ehkä vois kuvata vähän kauempaa ettei ruutu ole täynnä naamaria. Ei sillä että siinäkään mitään vikaa ois.

  3. I work with Outsiders Yamaha and they use the Metzeler Extrem also ! like almost all the enduro gp teams so….  best choice for sure !

  4. Totaly agree with top 3. Top for "six days soft". Waiting to see new super soft line. However i'm very disapointed with ef07 which i used twice. I'm running tubliss system which makes ef07 very vournable to pinch puncture since it has very soft and thin carcass. It did climb like crazy but i managed to destroy both before they runout.

  5. Ainaku katon su videoita tekee mieli men ajaa! Ai että mää nii ootan et saan 250 exc pyörän kans! Pääse kans kivikkoihi pyörimää:)

  6. I did try this year that 6 days tire, but I got bit dissapointed for the wear. It got couple enduro competition and less than 8 practices. Especially the front tyre lost the side knobs and start makin some "situations" when knobs were just falling under or even lost. Both competition were generally quite rocky. Still need to mention that the middle knobs were not that badly wear.
    After this test I decided to return back to Michelin AC-10.
    That has proven to support my driving style with EXC 450 and it can take much more hours than Metzeler. Thank you for the videos highly appreciated.

  7. I really like your new kind of videos.
    I don‘t really need this informations because i only ride motocross but i really enjoy it to watch 👌🏼
    Did you have any experience with maxxis tires? I ride this tires most of the time and the KTM EXC models are also equipped by this.

  8. Äijähän on aivan päälikkö, vuosi vuodelta videot vaan paranee! Kyllä on hienoa ja mukava katsoa kun jaksetaan panostaa videoiden laatuun joka suhteessa.
    T. Vuodesta 2013 asti seurannut.

  9. Im in southern California where its usually dry. Im running the Maxxis desert IT 120. For the dry and even wet conditions its been a very good tire.

  10. I see you've rebranded yourself my friend BUT still really enjoy watching your video's. I can get Mita's in Canada and for rears the EF-07 single/double green is on my list but in the PWN I've been running a Shinko 505 from 2ish to 8ish PSI with a IRC-IX Heavy tube and man I have to say this tire hooks up in all types of terrain and IMO is an incredibly durable long lasting tire. but I'm not racing.

    Far too many tires and not enough time or $$$$$.

    FilterX from KTMtalk and Thumper Talk 🙂

  11. I've also found the Mitas tires to be very long lasting, as long as you choose a compound that isn't race spec. I've had a couple sets of the non-srtiped C-10 (or 18, I can't remember which number it was) motocross tires and noticed they lasted about 2 times longer than any Pirellis, Bridgestones, Michelins or Metzelers that I've ridden. The major brand's tires have lasted about 5-8 hours, while the C-10's handled well over 15 hours of beating from the 450f. The grip is probably not the best in the world, but pretty damn good considering they last two times longer and cost less than the soft compound race tires.

  12. Ralli enlanti rocks. Its easy with right tools ay 😉 . Not bad riding! is that plastic kevlar under the engine? if so, does it keep up at rough or more like heavily rocky

  13. I'm using the metzeler six days extreme. After the first enduro trip I was sold. The metzelers give such good feedback and a lot of grip! Haven't used them in rocky France but in the dutch sand overhere they do very well especially in ruts and when there are a lot of roots in the single trail sections.

  14. What about front tires? I ran the c29 white 14psi in wet and rocky and was not impressed with the performance. It was like riding on marbles

  15. Do you only rid FIM tires? I ride Mitas c18 green rear and gritty 663 front. maybe not best but realy god overall and very long lasting on an Husaberg 450 11

  16. I rode the Metzeler Six Days Extreme, too. Well, it was a bit of getting used to that hard profile, but then it was just perfect. Perfect for my rocky home track.

  17. Not that pro, so I buy/use cheap tires like Mich. S12, For winter use I have stud tires, Mich AC-10.
    Since May I have used Tubliss and have only 3-6 PSI and a super grip.
    Next season I will use AC-10 without studs, have two sets of rims both with Tubliss, it works great.

  18. Hi Aleski! First of all, thank you for your help uploading this kind of videos. I have to change my rear tyre. I wolud like to test the Mitas EF-07, but I don't know if I should choose the green stripe or the yellow stipe. The terrain where I ride it's not very rocky neither rooty. The majority of the rides are over paths between the froest, and it's usually dry, only a few months it's a little wet, but no mud. I also ride in motocross tracks in summer, then, I don't know if the green stripe is valid for this use or if I should choose the yellow one. My bike is a KTM exc 250 2012 and my weight is 70kg. What do you think? Thank you very much for your help! 🙂

  19. I also switch between the mitas ef07 yellow and green 👌🏻👌🏻 green is great! And for front I use the new Michelin medium and the goldentyre fatty! Ohh and you need to buy a Rabaconda!!

  20. I really wonder how you do the filming. You do have a camera-man/filmer right? Else this could not be possible.<
    Your videos are perfectly edit. Allready liked back then the lefa25 videos.

    Keep on going Aleksi.

    PS: I dont like the metzler sixdays in standart-compount. Better go with their soft or super-soft version when riding extreme stuff or u gonna have a hard time. But totally agree with the Mitas. Some of the best tires I ever rode especially the double-green gives u super-powers. The X-Grip tires are also nice. Especially the Hulkyboy for having it in front.

  21. Muy buen video. Lastima que mitas no llega a la argentina, para poder probarlas, pero tengo un juego de metzeler six dais, para probar cuando termine con los pirelli garacross que tengo montados ahora. Saludos de Argentina 🇦🇷

  22. Thank you for suggestions,i bought bike with Mitas xt754,not good on wet rocks ,like on ice ,so will try now EF07 green.Kiitos from Croatia.

  23. Never heard of Mitas, but had great success with a Shinko Cheater 525 rear and Goldentyre Fatty front (Tubliss system 7-8 psi front and rear). Bridgestone M59 fronts are pretty awesome too if you don't like a fatty on the front. Will have to check out the Mitas if I can find them out here in the states:)

  24. Hello from Hungary I also use Mitas tires from 2018 Gas Gas Ec 300 is durable and well adhered to in terms of value to other brands. Disappointed tires. I used C10, XT 754, all good for every terrain now, I'm trying to get out of the EF07 just heard good about it. Congratulations this is a very good video to help a lot in choosing rubber for others. Keep it up

  25. I'm alternating between 3 tyres at the moment, Shiko 505, Golden tyre (GT) 333 and GT323, The 323 is similar to the 333 in compound but has more space between the knobs used for wet conditions, the 333 is a general take on any terrain great all round tyre. The shinko has softer bigger knobs than the GT's and seems to last longer but is more suited to hard rocky terrain than soft but damn does it grip on the rocks! I use Tubliss set between 3-6psi with these tyres and just swap out the tyre depending on what weather/riding terrain/ conditions we get on the day as in Australia it could be dusty 30+deg C one week or 10deg C and torrential rain the next. I use a Shinko 216 or GT 90/100 Fatty on the front 8psi. Haven't tried a real gummy tyre yet.

  26. Great advice for those who don't know, But for me:- Mitas EF07 Double green for hard enduro, single green for medium enduro or Michelin enduro mediums, Metzeler 6 Days Extreme for green laning, but each to their own I guess.

  27. I like those Mitas tires, single & double green. Trying the double green now on my CR500. My other fav is the 140/80-18 IRC M5B. Probably the best tire ever in the mud. Haven’t found another tire with such deep lugs.

  28. i have the shinko 525 cheater on the rear of my KTM 250 2 stroke and it's lasted me over 25 hours so far. I also have the shinko 216mx all around enduro tire on the front. the are both DOT approved and they both last a very long time. reasonably priced also.

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