This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. People really like to shit on others from what they percieve from an 18 min video. Oh and also none of you seem woke or “understanding”. Y’all just seem sexist.

  2. This is in incredible piece of art love it 😍
    Second floor is my favourite cuz you can experience the rain pouring on glass and stars and moon and in winter sunlight through the glass above I wish to have one like this applause for both of you who designed this tiny beautiful home 🏠
    From Pakistan 🇵🇰

  3. I Really wanna know how he got that bloody mark in the side of his head….. B4 we proceed with the tiny golddigger he got on his arm😂

  4. Oof. This comment section is brutal. But I wouldn't hold anything against this dude if he just got up and left her without saying a word.

  5. It seemed like a business relationship, Her dream, the advertisement of his work which is very impressive to me. The way he utilized the space was remarkable. I live in a large home and never thought I could do this but this one has me thinking about it.

  6. This is a great idea if you have a few acres of land, and you have kids who want to move back home, or you want to get into the BNB biz. You could build little houses on your land, and it would be like they're living separately. But remember, do not give them the key to the main house. LOL

  7. Can i get a hold of the person that built this tiny house cause I LOVE IT ❤. This would be perfect for us wow. Buy land and put this in it and no more rent or morgage…..freedom!!!!! $80,000 is a remarkable budget to get out of the rent/morgage matrix. This is a beautiful living space. The bathroom sold me and the 2 level bedrooms too. I wouldn't mind this at all! I would put a small pool outside, a small studio for my music, a sauna and a steam room then fence my yard with a 12 foot brick/cement fence with electric coiled wires on top. Done!!!!!

  8. i love the wood floor , the way you did that as it meets the tile is spectacular .. I definitely want to do the same!!!!! .. Nice place

  9. i saw the comments about his mood. my great uncle and aunt are like this in public. they look just so uncomfortable but they really love each other. they have 8 kids and have been married over 50 years. inside their home they are completely different. first time i stayed i found out that my uncle was funny. i had never heard him tell a joke at family functions and he barely laughed. you just never know about people.

  10. you would definitely need to do some work if children were to come in this house.. with the stairs … if you guys were to start a family this place would need to be made safe for them

  11. This is an awesome house with plenty storage space, beautiful kitchen and bathroom. Love the living room with the lighting and what a great idea for the two cats to be able to still move around without being lost in the gorgeous grounds of the land. Excellent!

  12. A lot of comments make the guy out to be a victim, but idk, she was really upfront about what she wanted, he knew exactly what to expect going in. It would suck for her too, if he realized too late that he committed to a life he never wanted and she lost her home. He seems really resentful, and passive aggressive. It’s often hard to judge which is the villain from outside the relationship. Like, for example, abused women are often made to look like they are the crazy demanding ones, when really their partners jumped at the chance to give them something they could later use against them. The most likely scenario is that neither of them is a villain, and they’ve both contributed to the tension we see in the video. I can be hella salty about my partner at times, and still love him deeply. I agree with the comments asking for an update XD

  13. This is the most beautiful and realistic space I have ever seen in a tiny home, I want one just like this🤗🤗🤗🤗

  14. Hypergamy happened here( look it up) this guy is probably a genius and pretty well off. Definitely married down. 90% of men do.

  15. I'm so in love with the black interior . The contrast black and white super cute. This house is totally a 2 bedroom condo in tiny form awesome . Many Blessings 🙏❣️💞 for Matt and Lisa and cats for many years to come!!

  16. Какой ультра модерн?Страшненький, напоминает старый лондонский автобус.

  17. This beautiful couple has designed a remarkable tiny house. Well thought out. Good flow from one area to another.
    I like the height. It makes the inside look spacious. I like the use of the outside space. The deck matches the design
    of the house. The catwalk is original.

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