This Small Mistake Will Cost You Thousands in Car Repairs

This Small Mistake Will Cost You Thousands in Car Repairs

rev up your engines, JJJ
do you really need to replace all four tires on all wheel drive vehicle like a
Subaru well yes you do because what happens is you’re got a four wheel drive
vehicle all the wheels have to be driving at the same speed if some tires
are different sizes than the other the computer knows with all these modern
systems and it will try to make the one that’s a different size either slow down
or speed up using parts of the transmission of the differential the
transfer case and it’ll overheat them and the wear out faster I’ve seen that
when you find out in a Subaru you need a transfer casing will cost over two three four
grand you’d wish that you bought all four tires and once that’s why I tell
people if you don’t need all-wheel drive don’t buy all-wheel drive because you
really do have to buy all four tires Jack says can I put a more
powerful battery I’ll turn out of my car well yes you can if you can fit it on if
you can buy an alternator regulator assembly that will bolt on your car and
fit the fan belt and have space for a bigger battery go right ahead
the main reason they put smaller batteries in is because it’s cheaper to
make them that way they don’t spend as much making the battery and the car
weighs a little bit less so it gets better gas ratings not all that much but
they think about a few pounds here and there and the alternator a lot
of guys put a heavier alternator especially like around here the low
riders they got those big bass speakers boom and then it put huge sometimes 200
amp alternators those things as long as you stick enough wires yes you can you
can’t put bigger stuff on with the old thin wires they might get too hot start a
fire but you put thicker wires and ground too right sure you put it if you
don’t mind spending the money Quatro says Scotty I got a basic question
could it be bad to check your oil dipstick too much no it’s not gonna hurt
anything but I mean if you’re obsessive-compulsive and you’re gonna do
it a hundred times a day yeah that would be too much checking it isn’t gonna hurt
anything you know the only thing you’d have to worry about some of these minor
cars are so freakin cheaply made that the oil dipstick has made out of plastic
and many times in an auto snap off that can happen and anyways if you do have a
car with a plastic dipstick my advice is gonna get an aftermarket
one is made out of steel and it will last forever you don’t have to worry
about the pieces breaking and falling inside which I’ve seen people do with
some cars and it’s a real pain in the butt if you got a plastic one go buy
metal one and replace it right away then you’ll never have to think about it again
seagulls 8 any tips for reading fluid levels that are hard to see
on the dipstick yeah I got a great one put a little dye in your engine oil
doesn’t take but a few drops and it’ll make it all turn whatever color you want
red green green is a good one because you can see green and then when you take
the dipstick out you’ll see the green against this won’t hurt anything there’s
all kinds of oil-based dyes you can just put a few drops in then it’ll be colored
you’ll be able to see it emmett says scotty what caused the
plastic parts on the interior of old Volvo cars like a 240 DL to cracked what
basically just made the plastic cheap any crack that’s just what they did in
Volvo’s I mean I’ve been in cars and you accidentally kicked the inside
of the door when you’re ready to get out and it cracks a piece of it off the way
plastic works it has stuff in it called plasticizers to keep them supple so
they’re flexible well obviously the Swedes don’t know
much about making good plasticizers cuz as they age especially here in Texas
where it’s hot I think that he hurts them a lot I don’t know what they’re
like and cold up north maybe up north you don’t have their problems but if you
do then they’re bad for both hot weather and cold weather the plasticizer is bad
it evaporates out then it becomes brittle and crack it’s just cheap
manufacturing Volkswagen has the same problems a lot of their stuff door
handles and break it off plastic things flying off they’re just cheaply made
plastic Danny Boy tell Scotty got an 05 Malibu 160 3,000 miles my gas cap
warning is on and a gas cap is on tight I had to camp replace didn’t fix it I
don’t know why they even have a thing that says gas cap warning light it means
there’s a leak somewhere in the evap system from my experience with those
it’ll often be a vet EVAP canister vent valve tying that and just replace it
that’s generally what goes wrong because if it’s not that then you got to pay
a guy like me with a smoke machine that’s got a meter on it we watch the
flow and we know something’s leaking if the meter shows the flow is wrong then
we gotta look all around to find where the leak is sometimes we got to drop the
gas tank it can be a royal pain in the butt I got a lot of
customers if the new cap doesn’t fix it they just drive around the car runs okay
they just say to heck with it we don’t even care, Betty Killman says Scotty can
you please recommend a good corded electric drill I’m sick and tired of
using battery up or anyone’s that the batteries always going down yeah you
know I use a Dewalt corded drill I’ve had it for ages it’s more expensive yes
but they last forever they got all kinds of power and I’m getting all then I
screw up sometimes I ran over it with a Ford f-150 and it still works perfectly
fine it messed up the court a little and shredded it and I had to solder and tape
up some of the wires go into it but it still works perfectly fine so if you can
run it over with a Ford f-150 a dewalt corded drill, I believe in corded drills
myself I got electricity all over the place there what do I care I got 200
foot long extension cords that are real thick and routed so I don’t care I like
corded tools cuz I don’t want to run out of power in the middle of a job just like
you so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. What do you guys do with your drills? That's why you get more than one battery and why they have grinders, polishers, impact wrenches, etc. I use mine a lot and never a problem. Recharge takes 12 hour at most and can last for days. Drag a cord around? Not anymore.

  3. Got tired of battery replacement costs in Snap on and Dewalt cordless drills, so a couple years ago I bought a Ridgid drill that comes with a lifetime battery replacement warranty atHome Depot. Don't do much construction work with it anymore, but use it alot with auger attachment to drill holes thru the ice up here in N. Minnesota! (like drilling a hole thru 2 ft thick with a 6 inch diameter bit). Best purchase I ever made!

  4. I have a 2007 Suzuki SX4. It has a switch that allows it to stay in 2wd and if I need Awd I can select that. Living in the south I’ve never put it in Awd. Do I still have to buy all 4 tires or can I just replace the 2 on the rear of the car since Awd is turned off on the car?

  5. I don’t think having different set of tiers will hurt anything, when you turn each wheel has different rotation rate plus people do it all the time with awd 4 runner……… that’s just my own opinion though

  6. Hey Scotty. I’ve been looking for a reliable used cars. People have been telling me and Infiniti G35 around the year 2004 and 2006. What can you tell me about Infiniti cars between 2000 and 2010?

  7. Scotty, I'm looking for a nice used car to drive and I found a 2003 Lexus LS 430 with 119,000 miles. Do you think it'd be a good buy?

  8. I had the same gas cap warning with my 2007 Malibu. Was on for two weeks. Turned out to be build-up of dirt around the filling hole so the seal wasn't working properly. Wiped the seal and the area around the filling hole and the light turned off the next day.

  9. Scotty , On a 2005 Toyota Sienna with 130 k miles , I hear a squeaky noise when starting the engine lately . Noise goes away after 15 seconds .

    Could this be a slipping belt needing belt dressing spray or a worn out belt or Pulley bearings ?


  10. Soooooo Scotty, I have a question for you! I have a 2016 Mazda 3 and I love it! However, the paint is really thin and I would like to better protect my car somehow without repainting my car. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. I'm glad I saw this video because I was thinking about buying this car with AWD but it also has VVT and port injection which is even more tech that can be expensive to fix. I think I'll stick to what I've got because I know what's been done to it and what hasn't.

  12. I find corded drills are too powerful. They torque themselves right out of your hand and strain your wrist in the process. It's a tool of last resort in my opinion.

  13. Q SCOTT Y have a serious question. Have a family member that comes in and drives a elderly woman around during the week, but family refuses to park a 2015 Toyota Sienna in the garage citing she is afraid of backing it into garage. (Sienna has camera and backup sensor system.)
    How much is that going to affect value / trade in ?…
    Location, 150 miles from Atlanta.

  14. Might be a good idea to mention if replacing the dip stick with an after market version to ensure it reads the oil level correctly, I think you have mentioned the problem in a previous video.

  15. I can tell about the old Volvos we don't have the same problem with the plastics, this will also explain why we have such a different experience in Volkswagen!

  16. 1. Replace all 4 tires for AWD cars.
    2. Put bigger alternator and battery in.
    3. Checking oil dipstick too much.
    4. Dying your engine oil.

  17. Scotty, I have a 2011 Toyota Camry LE with 129,000 miles and the tire pressure warning has just come on, although tires are relatively new and tire pressure is fine. I tried resetting the light using the button inside the glove box but it did nothing (still on). What do you advise?

  18. Please help me understand. Unless I am going perfectly straight the tires will be traveling at different speeds. How is than any different if one time is a bit larger?

  19. I want to buy a lightly used luxury SUV. What I read about Lexus GX leaves me not wanting one. Any thoughts. I want a comfortable ride, not Tahoe stiff. I have had Expeditions for years. My 04 has 300K miles and I am wanting something nice for what is likely the last car of my life. Navigator? Infinity? Escalade. Any thoughts?

  20. By buddy explained this to me today and I didn't believe him and now it's in my subscription thing because I have the bell. This is crazy!!!!!!

  21. I had a jeep customer that refused to replaced the tires in matched sets. He burned up 2 front diffs before he believed us about mis matched tires

  22. Volkswagen's were known for the plastic dipsticks breaking apart. Their glove boxes, and cup holders also broke quite a bit. The plastic door pockets on the Volvo 240 models if you just barely bumped them with your foot, over the years the plastic became brittle and they fell apart easily.

  23. Hey Scotty, I'm looking at buying a Lexus CT200H hybrid. I know they're basically the same as a Prius on the inside, but what else have you seen go bad on those cars?

  24. I had a 330 amp alternator in a car of mine. I had to carefully spread the aluminum mount. It worked and the bass kicked butt. 🎶🎵🎼👍👍

  25. Tip for checking oil without dye- hold a paper towel in your palm. Set the end of the dipstick on it, fold the paper towel over it and press down. Now you can see where the oil level is on the dipstick.

  26. My mum had a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe awd and replaced one tire and the tire shop said it would be fine, one month later the transmission blew up and caught on fire while going down the highway. Hyundai sued the tire shop over it as it states in the manufacture manual that you must replace all tires when changing any

  27. I don’t know about the alternator thing perhaps that would have worked on older cars but newer cars now adays are too electronic sensitive as I have found out with a diesel ram 4500.

  28. I want some glasses just like Scotty's. Where can I get them?

    Scotty, I smile the whole time I'm watching your vids! One million thumbs up to you!

    'Pay a guy like me with a smoke machine'….SWISHER SWEATS? LMAO!

  29. Haha, I ran over my dad's Dewalt radio years ago with his box truck .. Not fully mind you but I'll never live that one down lol still works!

  30. I checked the oil on a 2015 nissan pathfinder and the dipstick was all the way up against the radiator, so I almost couldn't even reach it. eventually I got it out and checked the oil was was fine but when I put the dip stick back in I couldn't find the hole. I was looking down in there and couldn't see anything so I just started pushing in where I pulled it out and hoped it would catch and go back in but what happened next really surprised me. so the dipstick touched something and shorted making tons of sparks and it set the oil dipstick on fire. that is just the dumbest design ever. why would there be exposed electrical components right next to the oil dipstick, and why did they make it impossible to see in there? did they want their cars to catch on fire?

  31. Never doubt what you say Scotty. LOL Red Green – He's Cool!
    ?? Looks like someone (try to) Pry door open through Rubber seals between side windows. > stayed that shape
    Any idea – besides replacing – how to reshape. heat gun? =| OK, it's old, not much give and lets water in. replace ?

  32. A big negative on the same tires! Ever hear of independent suspension? Makes up for the tiny amount of tread difference of different tires of the same size.

  33. Regarding plastics, I am no expert, so welcome more knowledgeable corrections. I believe UV light is a killer of plastics, making it brittle. I notice far more problems in the tropics than I did in the forever cloudy UK.
    I also believe the correct quality plastic matched to it's application is usually long lasting. The problem is using the incorrect grade in an application.
    But some parts should never be made of any kind of plastic, but they do, to save costs.

  34. You're right about the Dewalt corded drill! Mine is 20 years old with no problems except the power cord. It is wrapped with electrical tape from stem to stern.

  35. My neighbor found this out the hard way with his awd Ford Edge. He replaced two tires and blew out his transmission not long after. It was and expensive fix, and had to buy four new tires also.

  36. Dewalt drill is pretty good although mine likes to smoke when heavily loaded, still works and I'll continue to use it until it dies. Milwaukee is another good option, my father has used a 1/2" Milwaukee Magnum Hole Shooter for Decades, 0 issues.

  37. Buy a few used spares of your particular tire with varying degrees of tread depth. Works well with my landcruiser

  38. What about if I have only front wheel traction and my tires are different, that is gonna affect my car? It is a fiesta 2012 1.6tdi

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