This made me cry! Pay it forward Gary Coxe #1269

Hi, I’m Gary Coxe and I really love any time
that I get to fly. But I wanted to tell you about a special kind of flight that I get
to do from time to time. And I want to share with you how you could be a part of it as
well. The mission of Angel Flight Southeast, is to arrange free flights so children and
adults can have access to doctors and medical facilities that are far from their home. Now
Angel Flight Southeast has more than 650 volunteer pilots like myself, who use their own aircraft,
fuel and time to provide transportation for those in need. We also coordinate missions
to fly organ transplant candidates, chemo therapy patients, victims of abuse who are
relocating, families working with Ronald Mc Donald House, Shriners hospital or even help
disabled or sick children get to special summer camps. Now Angel Flight Southeast coordinates
an average of 3,000 missions per year with its crew of all volunteer pilots. Now anytime
I’m flying to an event like I’m doing right now, I readily have open at least one or two
seats. And I work with Angel Flight South East to pick up anyone in need along the way.
That means when you hire me for an engagement your part of this special mission too. Gary

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