They Expected A Ride, We Gave Them New Phones, But They Had To… – Carpool Challenge

They Expected A Ride, We Gave Them New Phones, But They Had To… – Carpool Challenge

– All right, so we are on our way to pick up our friend Mary. She thinks she’s gonna be
helping us with a shoot today. – What she doesn’t know is
what we’re actually shooting is gonna be a little game with
her, right here, in the car. (upbeat techno music) – Right here. Hello, we are waiting outside. Alright, awesome. See you in a second, cool. Here we go. – Here we go. Our first contestant, our
first participant ever. – I’m gonna try and make like
some small conversation first. – Yeah, just casually, you know, there are cameras everywhere. – There is casually
cameras everywhere, yeah. Hello. – Hello. Welcome. – Hi. – So, you know how I said I needed you to help us with a shoot? – Yes. – Well what I didn’t tell
you, is that actually, we’re shooting right now. – [David] We’re shooting
right here right now. – You’re in the episode right now. – [Mary] Well, hello. – You wanna move over to the middle seat? – Hi, everyone. – Hello. So, what we’re actually
shooting is a game, where you can win prizes. We’re gonna ask you questions. – No. – Is he coming? – Yes. All right guys, we’ve got Levi, finally. – We got him, dude. He doesn’t know what’s
happening, he’s very confused. Hey there buddy, come on in, my friend! – Come on in! – We are filming an episode
of our video right now! (triumphant music) I think you can tell by the cameras. – Well, yeah, I saw the
mic, and I saw this camera, I saw that camera, so I was like, it’s Cash Cab! – [Fin] That’s actually
exactly what we’re doing. That’s exactly what we’re doing. – Wait, really? – We have a bunch of
questions for you, right? – We have five questions for you. – We have five questions,
and if every time you get a question right, you win a prize. We have five prizes and every prize doubles in value. – Wait, no. – [Fin] Yeah, so you have the chance– – [David] And it’s accumulative. – Yeah, it’s accumulative,
so you can win everything. And every prize goes up in value. – [Levi] Or I could win nothing. – Or if anytime you get it wrong, right? You get absolutely nothing. – [Fin] Right?
– Oh my god. (laughter) – [Fin] If you get a question right, then you get the prize, and the chance to move onto the next one. The next one is roughly
doubled in value every time. And it’s all or nothing every time. So, if you get one wrong, lose everything. – [Mary] No! – I’m gonna start off
with the very first prize, are you ready? ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ – Boom. It’s a No Bounds Bluetooth speaker. – Marley brand, Bluetooth speaker. – [Fin] Looks pretty nice.
– [Mary] I low key need a new speaker. – [Fin] There you go,
this will be sweet, yeah. – I was just about to get one. – [Fin] We tried to pick things we thought were dope. It’s water resistant, it’s
actually buoyant, it floats. So, some cool stuff. This is the first thing we have, okay. So we’re gonna ask you a question. – All right then. – [Fin] You get a question
right, then you get this. Are you ready?
– Yeah – Question number one. What giant internet
company owns Instagram? – (laughs) – What do you think owns Instagram? – [Fin] What is the name of
Elon Musk’s flamethrower? – Oh, geez. – Do you know what we’re talking about? – Do you know about Elon
Musk’s flamethrower? – Do you know what we’re talking about? – It’s like something boring something– like The Boring Company
or something like that. – Well, The Boring Company
is the name of the– Boring Company. – Yeah, The Boring Company is the name of the company that makes it. – It’s the Boring Company Flamethrower or something like that.
– And he makes a flamethrower. But what is the name of the flamethrower? It’s kind of, like, a funny name. – Aw, what the heck? So, if I get the first one wrong do I not get to ask anymore questions? – Yeah, if you get the
first one wrong it’s over. – No, really? What the heck? – Everything single
question is all or nothing. – I’m not a nerd. – All right, so we are
at the Hyatt in Anaheim. We’ve switched locations. – Switched locations. One of my friends is on his way right now out of the hotel. Oh, there he is, hey. Hop in the back. – Hello, how’s it going.
– You good? – So, what do you know? What has Fin told you? – Yes. – I don’t know anything. – [Fin] Okay, so. We’re doing a little game show, here in the car. You’re on our show right now. – Okay.
– [Fin] Okay? Question number one, to win a Bluetooth speaker, all right? The prizes double in value every time. So, what company was the first to reuse an orbital level rocket? – Oh no. – Do you know this? Do you know the answer to this question? If so, you could win this speaker, and a chance to move on to the next prize. What do you think owns Instagram? Do you know what owns Instagram? You use Instagram a lot. – I do use Instagram a lot. – [Fin] Do you know what company owns it? They used to be independent. Instagram used to be it’s own app, right? Like, it’s own company. But, they were bought out. – And then someone bought it.
– Someone bought it. Who bought it? – Someone bought it
for $1 billion dollars. – So, like, are we talking, like, someone like, Facebook bought it? Or someone like, yeah. Facebook bought it. (laughter) – [Fin] Yeah, yeah, like
someone like Facebook? Yeah, it was Facebook. Yeah, congratulations, it was Facebook. – Woo-hoo! – [Fin] There you go. You get this prize. – Okay, so now you have the opportunity to take that and go. You could just be done. – No, let’s do it. Or you get with the next question. – Let’s go. – They had to come up with this name because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to ship it internationally. They had to make something very clear. – Not A Flamethrower. – [Fin] That’s correct. – I remember that now,
I remember that now. Yes, yes. Okay, okay, okay. – [Fin] That’s it, it’s literally called– – Not A Flamethrower.
– [Fin] Not A Flamethrower. – Oh my god – That’s what it was. It was something stupid like that Boring Company? It’s not a boring company, like, it’s super sarcastic. I totally remember that now. – Not A Flamethrower. – Yes, you got it.
– Nicely done. – Okay, so, you are now
the owner of this speaker. – Unless I want to go
for another question, which I will probably get wrong. – Uh, let’s say… SpaceX. – Final answer, SpaceX? – Yeah. – That is correct!
– You got it! – Wow. – That is now your Bluetooth speaker, and you have the chance to move
on to the next question. – But first, you should
check out the next prize. – First, you see what the next item is. – Okay, yeah. ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ – It is an original Polaroid camera. – Yes. – Okay, it takes full
size Polaroids, dude. – I actually want this so bad. We’re gonna ask you another question. – So cool, so awesome, dude. Like I was not expecting
this at all, so cool. – I’m so glad you’re
excited about it, dude. – I was asking Mary, I was like, “Oh, so what were you guys
filming?”, she was like, “Uh, it’s really hard
to explain.” I was like, “B-roll?” And she was like, “Yeah, B-roll!” (laughter) – We were trying to keep the surprise. – We were trying to keep it a secret. – That’s awesome, that’s so cool. – So, I’m gonna put this right here. Are you ready for question number two? – Yes. – [Fin] In a standard QWERTY keyboard, like you find on any
normal computer or laptop, what is to the left of the letter “Y”? – Oh no. – (laughs) Oh, I love this questions. – It’s a great question. – I love this question. – A standard QWERTY keyboard. – You want to move on to the next question to get this one? – All right, sound good. Moving on. Question number two, Which brand holds the
record for the best-selling gaming console of all time… PlayStation or Xbox? – The best selling gaming console– – Console of all time.
– Console of all time? – Which company holds the record? Is it PlayStation or Xbox? – I’m worried because if
you didn’t give me options, I would have said Nintendo. – No, it’s either– – Nintendo are up there. – Oh man. – This is tough, eh? What do you use? Have you used either of them in the past? Do you have a PlayStation, or Xbox? – I have both. – You, have both? – [Fin] What do you think sold more? Has the best selling. (quirky music) – Well to be honest with you, the reason why I’ve always been had Xboxes and primarily playing on those is because that’s what my friends were on. And so it’s kinda like a group thing, like everything has Xbox. – Next question is, all right. Amazon is the world’s
largest internet retailer, but when they first started,
what products did they sell? – Amazon? – Amazon, yeah.
– Yes. – Like you go to a, like, Best Buy to get technology, you know? You go to Amazon to get
a certain kind of thing. Didn’t used to be everything. You see, one certain kind of thing. – Okay. Shoot, why aren’t I buying
more stuff off Amazon. – Yeah. You probably never bought
this thing off Amazon. – Probably. – That is true. – I can’t say I ever have. I have never bought, the
original thing Amazon sold, I have never bought on Amazon. My mom used to do all the time. – I buy this type of things all the time. – Okay, okay. – From Amazon. – Really? (laughs) – I thought this question would be easier than it is apparently,
I thought it was like, a known fact, you know? – See, I don’t order
a lot of stuff online. You’ve never ordered it. – I’ve never ordered it. That is technically a hint, I guess, yeah. – I’m gonna say PlayStation. – Final answer, PlayStation?
– PlayStation, final answer? – Yeah. – That is correct!
– That is correct! – The PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 was the best selling gaming console of all time. So
– So Now you have, the chance to move on to the third question,
and spin the prize wheel. ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ There is a bunch of different
things on this prize wheel. There’s five different AirPods. Instagram, you just get
an Instagram shout-out. And in the final biggest prize here, is an iPhone. – Oh. – So, if you want to
answer this next question, you get a chance to spin the prize wheel. – All right. – Do you want to continue or do you want to keep with all the prizes you have gotten so far. – Yeah, let’s continue. – Continue on, awesome. – [Fin] What is to the
left of the letter “Y”? – You don’t get any hints on this one. (laughs) – Is it an “R”? – Think about it before your final answer. – What is the letter
next to the letter “Y”? – Yeah. – Aw, I wish keyboards were alphabetical. (laughter) – Well, it wouldn’t be much of a question if it was alphabetical, would it? – I feel so dumb. – [Fin] It’s a hard one. It’s a hard one. – I’m not gonna get anything. – Do you know what a– – Yeah. – On a QWERTY keyboard, what is to the left of the “Y”? It isn’t like a trick question, is it? It’s not like uh– What is left to the letter “Y”? It’s some trick question. – I’m gonna read the
question one last time. – One last time. Here we go. In a standard QWERTY keyboard, okay? Like you find on a computer, what is to the left of the letter “Y”? – Does it have to do with the fact that it’s called, QWERTY
keyboard, and “Y” is the last letter in the word– Oh! T. – [Fin] Yeah! Oh my god. (laughter) Duh! – Dude, we had to practically
give that one away. I feel a little bad, but we gave it away. – Well, I get it now. God, why is it called a QWERTY keyboard. (laughter) I– I kinda knew that, but I was also like, didn’t, you know. – [Fin] Yup, yup. – All right, so now you’ve won, the Polaroid camera and the speaker. – Yes, he’s now won the
Polaroid camera and the speaker. You can cash out now, or you could go for the chance to spin– Boom. Our prize wheel. You have to get the question right in order to spin the wheel. And so, if you get the question wrong, you lose the two prizes you already have. But, if you get the question right, not only do you get to spin
the wheel, but you also get the chance to go
into the next question which is another prize. – Oh my god. I’m so bad at this. – [Fin] And the prize is
doubled in value every time. – I’m so bad at this. This is so cool. – [Fin] Yup. – Like, if I got the Apple AirPods, I want those so bad. – Right, and there’s five
Apple AirPods on there. – Here’s the thing. It’s not only that you win the AirPods, or the potato, or whatever. You also win the chance to win at something that’s
probably double in value. And then again. – I have to. – You have to ‘cuz you won. – It’s like– I walked to this vehicle thinking I wasn’t gonna get any of this at all. – Exactly
– Yes. – So, like, I may as well
go for the big stuff. – Exactly.
– Might as well go for it. Heck yes. – I feel like it’s– Okay, this is wild. Oh, man. – [Fin] Oh boy. Is it beauty products? – Is that your final answer? Is that your guess? – Yeah. – Final answer beauty products? – Incorrect! (buzzer) – No! – [Fin] It was books. – No way! – [Fin] It was a book store. – That actually makes so much sense. Holy crumb. – [David] I don’t buy beauty products all the time. – [Fin] Yeah, exactly. (laughter) – [Fin] He buys all the time from Amazon. – That’s a good point. – That’s unfortunate. – I guess this one stays with us. – I guess we get to keep it. – Yeah, well, you guys get both. – Aww, it’s so sad. – That makes so much sense though. – Yup. – I’ve looked up
books on Amazon so much. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah, yeah. – Let’s go, okay. Which game has more monthly users today… Minecraft or Fortnite? – Minecraft. – Final answer, Minecraft? – Yes. – He’s confident. With 91 million monthly users, Minecraft is the correct answer. – Hell yeah. – [Fin] Nicely done. Awesome – Now you get to spin the wheel. – Should it be facing me or the other way? – Good question, should
we spin the camera? Let’s face to the camera so
they can see what’s going on. Boom. – I like how you’re thinking
about this, you know? (laughter) All right, sounds good. Give it a spin, and whatever
it lands on you get. Go for it. All right, let’s see it. (drum roll) And… AirPods! – AirPods! – AirPods. You get a brand new pair of AirPods. There you go. Brand new pair of AirPods. – You just have a pair of AirPods on hand? – Just like that you get an extra pair of- Do you have AirPods? – No, I don’t. – There you go. – Now you do. – So, if you get this question right, you get to spin the wheel. If you get it wrong, you lose the two prizes
that you have right now. You ready? – The question is… What year was the first
YouTube video uploaded? – Oh my god. – [Fin] The very first YouTube video. What year was it uploaded? It’s all down to this question, dude. If you get this question right, you get to spin the wheel. If you get it wrong– – I wanna say like… I wanna say… ‘Kay can I get like– only one guess, eh? – One guess.
– One guess. – Dang, I’m gonna lose all my stuff. What was the first
YouTube video I remember? – When were you born, by the way? – I was born in 2001. – 2001, okay. – And I feel like YouTube came out just a bit after I was born. I almost want to say 2005, but like… Is that too late? (whimsical music) I have no idea. 2005, let me go 2005. – All right, final answer? 2005, do you think? – Yes! – Really!? (excited cheering) No way, no way! – [Fin] That is actually correct. – No way. – You got it! It is 2005. (laughing) – I actually didn’t know
that until David said it– – (laughs) – I thought it was 2004, I’ll be honest. – No, it’s 2005. – Wow. – Was it 2005? – [Fin] I think so? Should we double-check? – [David] Double-check just in case? – Oh my gosh. I really hope it’s 2005. – [Fin] All right, I’m
gonna ask google, ready? (dramatic music) – You guys are making me sweat, man… Now I think I have it,
now I don’t know if I– (groans) – When was the first
YouTube video uploaded? – [Google] According to Quora, it was uploaded at 8:27 PM on Saturday, April 23rd, 2005. – [Fin] 2005!
– Yes! Yes! – [Fin] All right dude,
spin this wheel, dude. Give it a spin. I’m gonna hold it this way. Give it a good spin. Here we go. The wheel is spinning. Oh my god. (excited noises) – What did I get? – Are you ready to see what you got dude? – If it’s the potato I’m gonna– – Ready? – Yup. (dramatic music) – A brand new copy of “Space Jam” on DVD! (laughter) – Oh my god. Oh, I’m right next to the AirPods! I’m right next to the AirPods! – There was actually five
chances on here to win AirPods. – Ah, I want AirPods so bad… It’s the whole reason I went for this one. Just basically for the AirPods. – That’s heartbreaking. – It landed on the DVD. – But, here’s the thing. You get to keep that. – I get to keep both of these. – The best part is you
get to keep everything now because you got it. Including, your DVD copy of “Space Jam”. – I’m gonna watch the hell out of that. – It’s a good movie, dude. – So now you’ve got a lot of things. Now you have a Bluetooth speaker, you have a Polaroid camera, you have a pair of AirPods. Okay, so. Next up, okay? If you answer the next question properly. You will get… A Pixel 3a. ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ – Oh, wow. – So, we’re moving up in
value here to a Pixel 3a. Do you want to continue and
try to get this Pixel 3a, or do you want to keep all
those prizes you have so far? – Oh, man. I mean, these are pretty good prizes. – [Fin] They are pretty good. But then again, the Pixel 3a… It’s probably more expensive
then all of those combined. – You’re right. Okay. – [Fin] A lot higher value here. What do you think? Think you’ll get the next question right? You’ve been doing this pretty good so far. You’ve been breezing it. You seem like you’ve known
all the answers easily. – All right, let’s keep going. – You want to keep going? All right. – All right, I am starving. – I say we take a break,
get some fast food. And it’s a good time to
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30-days, check it out.! And keep yourself save out there, on the web. Cheers, to a job well done. The question is, now,
after winning all that– – Oh, boy. – You didn’t get the AirPods,
but now you did win the chance to win our next prize, which is– Are you ready? Wait for it… The Google Pixel 3a, the
brand new phone from Google. The Pixel 3a. Would you like to have a chance at winning the Google Pixel 3a, or keep all the prizes
that you have currently. – This one, if you had asked
me like, literally a month ago, I would of totally went for it. But I literally have a Pixel 3 now. (laughs) – It’s not a Pixel 3a! – [Fin] He already has a Pixel. – But, I have a Pixel 3. – [Fin] Well, what’s actually
funny is that Pixel 3 is actually better than the Pixel 3a. – Oh. Well then, yeah no. (laughs) – You could always just sell it. – Here’s the thing, you
could always just sell it. Not only that, but also
winning this gives you a chance at the next prize. So, you could literally give this away and get a chance at the next prize. There are five prizes.
– Five prizes. – One more prize after this. – I have a phone already. – Yes. – I already told myself
that I’m not gonna go any farther past the wheel. – [Fin] Right. – Because, I was just like– – [Fin] You just wanted
those AirPods on the wheel. – I really want to keep
this thing. (laughs) – [Fin] Dude, right? I’m glad. It’s a great looking product, dude. – This is waterproof, and I’m always like, Oh, what if I lose my speaker, or I didn’t bring it, it’s
in my car or over here. – These are both great products. No judgment if you want to cash out now. No judgment. – I’m gonna have to cash out. – You’re gonna cash out, all right! (triumphant music) Well, thank you so much for playing. Congratulations. – That was so much fun. Oh, it’s so stressful.
– [Finn) You won the Bluetooth speaker, the Polaroid camera, and don’t forget the
DVD copy of “Space Jam”. – Yeah, that’s gonna be fun. – Does it have a headphone jack? – [Daniel] Yes.
– [David] Now– – Final answer, you think
Pixel 3a has a headphone jack? – That was fast. – Yes. – What makes you think
that do you know it has it or are you just guessing. – I believe the Pixel 3 does not, but the Pixel 3a, they
came out with it later and they put a headphone jack on it. – Wow!
– Okay. The Pixel 3 does, in fact,
not have headphone jack. But, the Pixel 3a does, in
fact, have a headphone jack. Correct. – You just won a phone. – [Fin] You just won
a Pixel 3a, along with all the other stuff. Congratulations, look at you go. You have all of these items now. – You just blazed through
at least four questions. – Look at all the stuff you have. So, do you want to cash out with all the prizes you have so far, Pixel 3a, a Bluetooth
speaker, all that stuff. Or do you want to risk
it all, for an iPhone. ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la, la, la. ♪ ♪ Ooo, la, la. ♪ – I mean, I’ve never used two phones at the same time before. (laughter) – What phone do you have right now? – I have a Pixel 2. – Ah, so would you rather
upgrade to a Pixel 3, or would you rather go for the iPhone. – I’m not gonna lie, I’m team Android. – You know, maybe if I,
like, had a significant other to give the iPhone to, or something. Like, it’s just me, I’m rolling solo. – Yeah, no, that’s fair. – That’s fair. – You have all that right now. You can cash out and go walk away with all the products right now. – I think I need to cash out. – Sounds good, all right! – Sure, there we go! – You did absolutely amazing– – You did amazing. You won a pair of AirPods, a Pixel phone, a speaker, and a Polaroid camera. – Nicely done. – Look at all that! Give us a thumbnail, just
carry all your prizes. – [Fin] Yeah, hold all the stuff, yeah. – There you go. There is so many prizes. – There’s so much I can’t even hold it. – You can’t even hold it. Oh, my god. – [Fin] That’s all the stuff. – [David] There you go, you did it. – I’m happy for you. – Thank you, I feel good, man. – Awesome, thank you so much, yeah. – So, unfortunately now you
have to get out here, so. – Yes, now we have to kick you out, yes. (laughter) – I don’t know where I am. I’m gonna be lost. – Yeah. – No, it’s fine, it’s fine. – Thanks guys. – All right, cool, you
have a good one, enjoy. Thanks so much. See you later, dude. – [Daniel] See you guys. – All right, there you go. We got a winner of a phone, finally. – That was amazing, dude. – I totally understand them
cashing out at that point. Even though the iPhone is worth more than all those other things. – It really is. And he got an upgrade too. He had a Pixel 2, now he has a Pixel 3a. – Yeah. – So, that’s awesome. – That was so much fun though. – Yup. – And I kinda want to do it again. – I know, this is a great game. It’s so much fun. I also love doing it with our friends, it’s really fun because
they don’t expect it, and also, they’ve been helping us a bunch with all these videos. It’s really cool to give
them a chance to get some cool tech prizes. And, yeah, it’s a really fun game. Let us know in the comments
if you enjoyed this game, and if you wanna see maybe us do it again. Also, let us know how well
you did, and if you had gotten all the questions
right, in the comments below. How far you would have gotten, maybe when you would of cashed out. If you were playing the game,
what would you have done? – Give this video a thumbs-up,
subscribe to the channel, hit the bell, all the good stuff. And we’ll see you on the next one. – Peace. (upbeat music)

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