These Tires Will Last Forever

These Tires Will Last Forever

rev up your engines,
carol v says is it possible to make tires so they don’t wear out, well
there’s always friction the way to your car is driving and then when you stop
the tire has to get friction to hold down, tires will always wear out, but I
remember ages ago when I was a young mechanic I was reading a magazine and
they were touting they can have silicone tires now that will last 100-150
thousand miles well that never came to fruition, and I got it in my own head and
think today I thought they probably couldn’t make them but why would they
want to make them, because then they kicked themselves in their rear end, why
would a tire company start making tires that last 150,000 miles when they can
wear out in 50 to 60,000 sell you another set of tires, it probably has
something to do with I mean they’re always gonna wear out at some point in
time, but I’m sure they can make it last a lot longer than they actually do, but
they’d probably be kicking themselves in the rear end
just like a similar thing is windshield wiper blades you can actually buy
silicone wiper blades and they cost more there might be twenty five dollars a
piece, but I had ones on my old Toyota that had on for 20 years and they still
work, cleaned them every once in a while, you’ll never get that out of just plain
old rubber blades, so there’s got to be a point in that they don’t
want to make them to last too long, chaddy Audi says what’s the best used
car BMW e60 1 or Volvo v70 n well you might have used European car you’re
gonna buy a money pit with either of those, I don’t care which one you buy, on
that situation I’d have to say to BMW, because realize that Volvo has been
bought by the Chinese and they say that in the future they’re only gonna make
electric cars and hybrid cars, and so eventually you’re not gonna be able to
get parts, people aren’t gonna work on those cars, the BMW is big enough that I
don’t see them going bankrupt any time soon, people love driving their cars
around, they like spending money on their BMW, they do handle well I’ll give them
that so I’d have to say bmw on that but I would buy neither of them, plain trim Rob
so Scotty is it necessary to have a catalytic converter in a state where there
are no inspections, I believe it’s federal law in the United States you
gotta have a catalytic converter, so if you take it off
you’re breaking federal law, but the only thing the catalytic converter serves a
purpose is to burn un burned hydrocarbons that come out of your engine
and of course if you take it off the vehicle will run better that’s just the way
it goes, but it also pollutes more, so I believe
it’s against federal law to do that, but I mean if they don’t inspect your car in
your state it’s your car you know you can do whatever you want with it, as far
as I’m concerned, but I believe you’d be breaking federal law, Jamie says Scotty
does have an a/c on always make my gas mileage worse in town, on a modern car a
tiny bit but not on the highway, cuz here’s the thing I just read a study
that a guy did he had a Mustang and he rolled the windows down and went on a
400 mile trip with the a/c turned off, then he rolled the windows up and turned
the a/c on and it turns out they got about exactly the same mileage both ways
because in highway speeds rolling down the windows created more air turbulence
and the friction of the car having to go through that, that lowered the gas
mileage about exactly the same as rolling the windows up and being
aerodynamic and turning the a/c on, so modern car it doesn’t do that much
and in town maybe tiny bit more but it really doesn’t make all that much
difference, they don’t strain that much when I was a young mechanic, yeah the
GM’s had those a8 cylinder air conditioning compressors that were huge
or three pounds of freon in them and yeah they could drain your gas mileage
but not on a modern-day car, jake says I got 2013 Sonata brought in for a
recall 70,000 miles because the original engine was bad, they replaced it for nothing
and now it’s running smooth, you got lucky that they replaced it for nothing
but if I had a Toyota and the engine went bad even if they replace it I think, hmm
do I really trust this company they sold me a car with a bad engine, and a lot of
bad engines in those Hyundai they recalled a whole bunch of them cuz they
didn’t build them right and they messed up somewhere down the line when they
manufactured they get metal fragments inside them, so basically I don’t trust
the company that builds an engine that breaks that fast, it’s the way I feel
about it that’s why I tell people even Toyota’s don’t buy a new model that just
came out, especially if it’s got a new engine or transmission let it run a few
years to see how time works and how it settles out, and if it’s a good vehicle or
not, and if I had a vehicle the engine went
out at 70,000 miles, I don’t care if they put an engine for free I would not buy
another one, son Sully kid says my grandma’s owned the 2004 Taurus for
years, once in a while it slips into second gear and the transmission fluids
bubbling, well I’m surprised that a 16 year old Ford Taurus is still going down
the line, you said at your grandma’s I’m assuming she really drives like a
grandmother and if she does that’s why it lasted as long as, I had
customers those things they went out with five or six years old and that
thing is 16 years old, just basically baby the thing it’s so old even if you
change the fluid and filter now that may damage it and it might start to slip
even worse, just live with what that is and if it’s grandma’s car, and say grandma
gets old enough doesn’t drive any more, don’t take it off her hand
and start driving it fast because I had people do that into with a few months
they go out and transmissions don’t even work, if it’s been baby by
Grandma, let her just still drive it and baby it, you know as long as it runs
you don’t put any money on old thing like that
mark see says are hot air balloons reliable, well their as was reliable as
the person who’s maintaining and to make sure they’re not ripped and that your
little burners working correctly, but when you’re talking about flying it
around its reliability is dependent only upon which way the wind is blowing and
that’s not reliable, I’ve been up in hot air balloons and it’s kind
of fun I gotta say, but I mean a great place to do it is New Mexico because you
go in the middle of nowhere where there’s nothing around, so you don’t have
to worry about it and power lines are
running into something and wide-open spaces it’s really fun, or a lot of
places that do it at urban areas they’re tethered balloons so they just go up and
down on a cable and they can’t go any far that’s the safest way, I mean in
Niagara Falls they got one for tourists to see the Falls and it just goes up on
a tether and comes back down you want to try one out start that route, you can’t
use it for transportation though you never know where you end up, Manny
Pacquiao says yo Scotty are Suzuki Hayabusas a good daily driver
those are screaming motorcycles they were the first real motorcycle you could
buy stock that would go 200 miles an hour I think the rev limit is now, but they
used to go 200 miles and and they’re totally dependable vehicles
if you have a vehicle they can go 200 miles an hour and you drive the speed
limit 30 miles an hour let’s face that sucker is gonna last forever, yeah you’re
not gonna wear the thing out, but realize it’s a heavy motorcycle and if you’re
driving in town those heavy motorcycles they’re not that nimble for
doing in town traffic things you’re better off with a 600cc Suzuki then
because it’s lighter weight it’ll handle better in traffic and it’s got plenty of
power too, mr. snow monkey 32 Scotty huge fan I’m thinking about
buying a new SUV too starting between a Ford Explorer or the Highlanders
thank you, well the Highlander by far it all last that thing two or three times
they make great if you can afford the price of a Highlander if you can’t afford
the price of a new one get a used one I got a customers one original engine
the trannys got five hundred and fifty thousand miles on that sucker and it
still runs good you can’t even questions just a matter of the price, just a matter
what you’re upfront cost is gonna be, try says take your sunglasses off, well you
wouldn’t want me to because if I took my sunglasses off I wouldn’t be able to
read the questions on my computer screen I wouldn’t be able to see the camera
cause if I go like this, everything’s blurry accept this that close to my head and
even that’s blurry there so, and I got stage lights pointing back this way up
my head so you can see me, so I’m not gonna take them off, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I'm no mathematician but if a car that's a 2000 model year and we are in 2019 the car is basically 20 yrs old or is Scotty right and it's 16 yrs old and explain your answer

  3. Scotty! What's the best way to get smoke out of a used leather car interior? We shampooed the interior and ionized it overnight too. Still stinks. New charcoal cabin filter out in…charcoal bags everywhere. Still stinks. Vent cleaning? Idk…

  4. Wear isn't the only issue with tires, they also age. I've found that tires exposed to sunlight and weather constantly (those on cars that aren't garaged) develop cracks and the rubber gets hard. They're still okay for good weather, but their rain and snow handling properties go out the window. I've seldom wear out tires, since I drive less than 10,000 miles a year, but I have to replace them at 5 or 6 years because they get really squirrely in the wet weather.

  5. What do u think about a 1992 mazda b2200 it's clean and has been gone thew, air system brand new, engines basic! Engine and starter ..plugs!..ha it's a 5 speed and not worried and the paint..maco will do. We have a shop and I'm going to prep's a 92..

  6. Hi Scotty, how are you doing today? I just got a new 2018 Mustang GT and live in Connecticut. What do you think of just buying snow tires and throwing a sandbag in the trunk for winter driving? I have a Subaru STI which I hate and want to just sell it rather than keep it only for winter driving. It's a drag paying taxes, maintenance and insurance for two cars.

  7. Always enjoy and can absolutely relate. It amazes me how you tell your viewers exactly what I would say Scotty.

  8. so how in the heck do we ask him a question about our vehicle? i'd do it here, but i know it'd get shuffled to the bottom and he'd never see it. i went to his "website", but there's no place on there to post a question. i even downloaded some app (that it forces you to use if you try to go to the site on your phone….which i hate doing, btw…) but it looks the same as the site on my computer….nowhere to ask a question.

  9. Scotty, I own a 2007 Lexus ls 460 with 4 catylitic converters. I have an engine code for the front right converter needing to be replaced. Some say I need all 4 replaced and some say just replace that one. What should I do?

  10. Most of my driving has always been on the freeway. I have always gotten better gas mileage using A/C than driving with the windows down. My tests started with my first car, a Ford Custom 500 with a 351M engine and factory positrack differential. I have not seen any difference in tests with any of the many cars I have owned since.

    I even have seen the same results in my various Geo Metros. However, in a Geo Metro Convertable, I always still run the A/C with the top down, for the fun and comfort combined. The combination does drop my milage to 48MPG, from over 50 with the top up running A/C, but it is worth it.

  11. Is this jerk for real? “They” won’t make better tires because of planned obsolescence. Remove the converter “might” violate federal law. I thought he was a professional. His 15 minutes has to be up. And what’s with all the hands waving.

  12. What's he talking about? Chinese tyres last forever! Ok, they don't stop, they don't go round corners, you'll die of a heart attack in the wet…BUT they will last forever 😁

  13. Scotty is awesome! Best show on YouTube. Between his no-nonsense, no BS, straight-shooting comments and sincere honesty along with the revolving themed memes, his show is the absolute BEST on YouTube…which means they probably will "guideline strike" his channel down sooner than later.

  14. I really enjoy your videos and your humor.
    I watch every morning when I get home from work. It's a great way to wind down and have a chuckle!

  15. Scotty, you forgot to mention that tires might look good, deep holes and lots of surface but rubber silicone mixture getting old when it ages, it's not soft and good quality after five years even though it might look brand new and driven only thousand miles.

  16. i read magazines when i was younger 2 , but they had ladies with rabbit ears on there head,lol hahaha ps.. THAT WAS A CLEAN COMMENT THE WIFE TOLD ME IT WAS ,, SO THERE LOL, HAHAHAHAHA LOL


  18. Lol take your stage glasses off :)) – reminds me of Casey Neistat’s good old trick – Love your channel Scotty!

  19. Scotty can't take off his glasses because then everyone will realize he's a auto repair cyborg from the 23rd century.😵😵

  20. 1:05, OK Scotty, it's for 12 years your silicone wiper blades lasted, not 20 fricking years. No way!
    See I've ACTUALLY been paying attention to Scotty's videos (hyena teeth)!

  21. Omg!!!! I love you Scotty!!!! You are hilarious and I am a single female who has had so much trouble with cars😢…I have learned so much and my next purchase will be a Toyota Hylander…If only I could find a local honest mechanic🙏

  22. Scotty takes off his sunglasses when he doesn't want to be recognized in public usually for celebrities it's the other way around

  23. Bridgestone came out with "forever tires" in the early 80's. My uncle was the facility manager at Consumer Reports Auto Test Division. They ran these things forever, then my dad got them and put them on his Waggoneer. The side walls finally blew out and the tread was still like new.

  24. 150,000 mile tires will sell just as well, and make just as much money for the manufacturers. There might be a 'hit at first' when adopted but the bottom line is this: EVERYBODY NEEDS TIRES. You do realize that 'conventional' tires can be made to last 100K miles or more. Trouble is, that the traction would be CRAP. And you can have the BEST BEST BEST tires for traction, etc but, the TIRE LIFE will be CRAP. TIRES are a trade-off. Longevity for traction, traction for longevity.

  25. Making tires is not rocket science. It's entirely possible that if 150K tires were possible at the same wear/cost per mile as a 50K tire with the the same performance, then a business/start up would already be making them. Common Scotty.

  26. OK, looking for budget luxury sedans, which one is the best? 2011-2014 Hyundai Equus or 2008-2010 Lexus LS 600h L.

  27. I had a 1975 Grand Prix 455 cid four bbl at 75 mph across the prairie, I got 19.75 mpg with air on I got 19.5 mpg. Traveling up through the climbs in northern Ontario it was vertually identical gas mileage on or off. I went fill up to fill up on and off.

  28. I recently had a set of tires on my 2001 Impala that lasted 111,000 miles. My trick:
    I inflated to maximum pressure listed on sidewall of tire, 44 psi.

  29. Takes awhile, but you can hollow out the cat. Or cut a big hole in it then take the catalyst out and weld it closed again.

  30. I had a 1993 Taurus that lasted and lasted until I wrecked it into a train leaking chlorine gas. lol

  31. The first set of polyglass white ovals that my father bought for his 1968 Plymouth Station Wagon, had 5% wear on them at 55000 miles. Because the sidewall started to Checker a little bit, The Tire Store replace them for free. The tires that they put on the car went 215,000 miles before the car they were on was stolen and they still had quite a bit of tread left on them. They can make tires that last a very long time!

  32. MythBusters did a show where they did the same thing about rolling down the windows and turn the AC off and then they went back and drove with the AC on the windows up of course they found that use the same amount of gas in that episode

  33. Scotty I've had small motorcycles and large touring ones, and believe it or not, I would rather ride a large one in town. The big bikes are much more stable in town and don't want to fall over as fast. I know this is counter intuits, but that's what I have experienced in working at a bike shops a mechanic and my 47 years of riding.

  34. Just bought my daughter a 2009 Toyota corolla 1.8 L with 110,000…I gave 6000$ for it , Drove it six weeks and the head gasket blew a cylinder three and four just had it fixed for $1800 should I keep it or sell it….Thanks for your awesome advice and help… the mechanic said he saw some pretty good damage to the engine he said it might last a while and it might not he could not guarantee it….This car looked like a brand new car inside and out when I bought it so I am shocked

  35. hey scotty , i have a 2002 f-150 4wd with 124,000 miles . this truck was driven very easy . reverse just went . do i have to replace transmission ?

  36. My brand new 2017 Highlander lasted all of ten months and not even 9,000 miles before both cams seized in the heads, wiping out the timing components and granading the rest of the engine.

  37. I got a 2019 mazda cx-9 gt and it has 23k already I get the oil changed at 7k because it has a turbo thanks scotty.

  38. I have an 07 Hyundai Sonata with 159,000+ miles on it and it still runs like a dream. It was one of the last 6 cylinders they made. Love my car!

  39. Does he have a t-shirt that says "if you don't wanna miss another one of my car repair videos, remember to RING THAT BELL". That's become such a catch phrase. CLASSIC!

  40. My dad bought some super long life tires from sears many years ago…. The tires had no traction, that made the car hard to drive on dry roads… I was blown off the road by a strong wind. My dad slipped off a wet road and slid into a tree. The car was fixed and my dad sold the car to an old man who lost control in a turn and totaled the car. The old guy never recovered and died soon after the crash…. So yes, they might make tires that don't wear out, but without friction and the wear it causes on the tires, those tires become insanely dangerous to drive!

  41. Scotty you have a real issue with Euro cars, basically because you are across the pond and parts and servicing are expensive. I wouldn't have an American car here in the UK for the same reasons and to be honest you don't get any nice luxury cars with any panache from America, everything just looks like a budget saloon and the interiors are full of plastic.
    You said go for the BMW – I would have to disagree with you on that one, your reasons for not getting a Volvo are stupid. He is getting a used Volvo, not planning a future purchase. Volvo will be around for ever (as will BMW) and their parts inventory is rock solid, I know for a fact that parts availability in North America is fantastic. So all the Volvo parts he wants will be available and the Volvo will do more miles for less repairs. Remember you are a 1 man band repair shop in Texas. There is a whole world out there and what you see in your little spot on this globe doesn't make you a global expert on vehicles. I extend an invitation to you to come to the UK and find out about Euro cars and why the likes of Volvo, BMW, Merc, VW are some of the best made cars in the world and that their global dominance says something. You don't really get American cars here and any we do get are re-badged euro cars! Car is king in America but American cars are only princesses on the global stage.

  42. who was the dummy that asked to take the sunglasses off?. you totally wasted a question….sigh…some people

  43. If scotty was vice president for donald trump this would be the best country ever you would see celica cars being made again

  44. Lol your laugh is too good man, I wish we had more people like Scotty. I've just started my Mechanic Apprenticeship and I would've loved it Scotty coulda been the licensed tech I train under!

  45. Can someone tell me how to ask Scotty a Question please, I am in Australia but we have the same vehices . Am looking at buying a new SUV and wanted to know his thoughts . Cheers I am new here but just love the information. Dodie

  46. You CAN NOT get a more accurately honest description of the Ford Taurus, and their transmissions.

    Once when headed to Mexico with a buddy..neither of us wanted to take either our Motorcycles or our new trucks, across the border, nor leave them just across the border at a rental place, because that's too known of a practice.
    So I traded the use of one of my 2 crotch rockets (Nighthawk 750s, this guy wasn't touchin' my Gixxer) to a buddy for his Taurus for the 4 day weekend.
    He said; "perfect timing..I just gave her a full Tune-up, and her first ever complete transmission service".
    It made it 300 miles. He was an ASE Certified, Ford dealer mechanic ,btw..
    Two weeks later, another buddy's Taurus seem to slip into neutral as we backed out of his drive to head to dinner with them. I said, "OH!.. that's it bro, she's done". He said; "don't say that"..but it was too late, another Taurus bites the they ALL do, ALL of them.

  47. Last time I bought tires, they gave me four choices with how many miles they were supposed to last, and the price. I divided price by miles and bought the cheapest per mile, which happened to be the most expensive. They've been on for a few years and still look like new, but the handling completely sucks. I wish I'd gotten different ones.

  48. Scotty seems a little out of touch on Tauruses, maybe it's just in my area but there are tons of them around and they are ugly, crappy cars, but the engines seem to last forever and they're dirt cheap. It's totally cost effective to buy one, drive it til the tranny blows out, then buy another one and repeat.

  49. I purchased new a 2012 Toyota Rav4, at just under 50,000 mile the automatic transmission went totally dead. Toyota did, in fact, replace the trans for free. Based on what your saying in this video I should never buy another Toyota (which I haven't, …yet, but not for this reason).

  50. Volvo is robust and sturdy. It is going to be a better buy than BMW. Scott is wrong, Volvo is still making internal combustion engine. Their new 2019 s90 is super awesome.

  51. For the longest lasting tires get a set with a high treadwear number, keep them properly inflated and keep up with wheel alignments.

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