The XJ Breaker—Dirt Every Day Preview Episode 90

The XJ Breaker—Dirt Every Day Preview Episode 90

(car engine revving) (metal clanking) (energetic rock music) – [Eric] Is this the rock trail? – [Dave] Yep, this is the
deal breaker right here. – [Fred] The XJ Breaker? – [Dave] Yeah. – [Eric] That looks mean. – [Dave] I’m going first. – All right, we’ll follow you. – I’ll push you. – Cheap, Jeep Challenge! (grunting) (dramatic music) (energetic rock music) – [Dave] All right Fred,
are we hitting the hard line on everything, or are we going around? – We don’t go around until
we have to go around. – Copy that. Give it the means. (energetic rock music) – [Fred] All right so
Dave is trying to take the hardest line on this
first little obstacle, and his bumper is
bottoming out on the rocks. So now he’s going to move
over a little bit, to, oop, now he’s backing into that rock. Good thing he has all those bumpers on. (energetic rock music) – [Fred] You got it! (car revving) – [Fred] Yeah! (energetic rock music) Get it! – [Dave] Smooth! – [Fred] You’re doing good! – [Fred] You’re looking good Dave! – [Fred] Hey Dave your engine’s on fire. – Can you bring that
fire extinguisher Eric? – [Fred] Hey Eric, can we
grab the fire extinguisher, I think Dave’s Jeep’s
catching on fire already. – I didn’t expect to be
the first one on fire. – Well Dave, you can carry this now. – Dave you want, yeah– You want this trophy? You earned it. You got off the obstacle,
you earned a trophy. Yay for Dave! (clapping) – Thank you guys, it means a lot to me. (energetic rock music) – [Dave] Come on big tires, do somethin’ Yeah, get it! That’ll get it. (energetic rock music) Those spider gears hate you. – They gave me the goods there. They look really really good though. – This ledge here is
sort of like pro line. You kind of need lockers
and you kind of need big tires. You can see he’s only
spinning two out of four right there, so it’s
kind of hard to get up some of this stuff. Once you get like the perfect angle. (energetic rock music) (car revving) – [Dave] Yeah there it is! (Fred laughing) – [Dave] Good job! (energetic rock music) – You’re up,
can you do some magic? – [Eric] Come on makers. – [Dave] Oh geez. Gosh! (Dave laughing) (car revving) (energetic rock music) – If you put all three
of our jeeps together– – It’d be a really good one? – Hopefully, hopefully a good one. – [Eric] See that’s how it’s done. – [Dave] Yeah you showed us. – [Fred] You really showed us. – [Dave] Looks so cool,
the stuff of those tires. I’ll get your bumper. – [Eric] All right now Dave is coming up on the second obstacle. This is called Dave’s Denier. – [Radio Voice] There’s
no quittin’ that guy. – [Fred] There you go. – [Dave] My jeep really just wants to burn to the ground, I think. (laughing) – [Dave] Burn rubber. (energetic rock music) – Don’t catch on fire
before you get to the top. (energetic rhythmic music) (car revving) – [Dave] Why don’t you
just go around like I did. Nobody likes a quitter Fred. (car revving) – [Dave] Ohh! – Uh oh! (rhythmic music ending)

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  1. Dear Fred, destroying XJ's for the sport is well not "cool"! We all know that they need some help. Just saying…

  2. These are the reason I didn't think jeeps were good for off roading when I was growing up. I live in a landcruiser country.

  3. Is there a way i could watch just this episode for free? i heard the "free trial" basically just delays the payment 15 days so its not free at all

  4. I'm waiting for DED to cut the budget and well see them out there driving mud mowers. That actually would be cool to see. 3 mowers $1k budget lol

  5. Yall making XJs look bad. They are the best cheap platform to start a build with, perfect wheel base length to crawl with if you weld in frame stiffeners, put 1 ton on em w lockers, 35's to 40's, electric fan override switch and fan clutch from a WJ…. you know, built. YJs and TJs can be too short sometimes, and I can't afford a JK and then afford to build it out to hit my local trails. And by local trails, I mean fordyce. Also I daily drive an XJ, and I like it better than my last 14 forester xt.

  6. I can't stand how phony Fred is. Everything is so contrived about his essence as a human being. Hey Motortrend you went to a pay for play set up. I won't pay but I'll still be watching. Make Dirt Every Day great again and I'll pay up.

  7. Now if you had some guys that knew how to drive xjs….. This was sad. Who just lets their buddy cram a fender straight into a rock.

  8. Why go to town to buy a "Nice" XJ? You already have a nice one, it's just split up over 3 vehicles….

  9. This is the episode I decided I really liked Fred. He’s all about having fun and reminding us this. I took the doors off my Bronco after this and put them up for sale. I quit being a perfectionist with my build and I’m having a lot more fun now.

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