The WORLDS FiRST Fully 3D Printed Radio Control 1/12th scale TRACKED DUMP TRUCK! Spyker KAT

The WORLDS FiRST Fully 3D Printed Radio Control 1/12th scale TRACKED DUMP TRUCK! Spyker KAT

– [RCSparks / Aaron] Alright! Finally
in the shop, I’ve got this giant, big box and I have to
tell you I am super stoked. I know you guys have already
seen the video preview picture. You’ve already seen the video title. You know what this video is about, but I have not unboxed this machine yet. What do I have here on top? Well I’m gonna get to that. This box was sent to me by my friend Ryan at Spyker Workshops. Now, Ryan is about 28 years old, and for the last several
years he’s actually been getting into 3D
printing very hardcore. Now, he has a passion for design and for the radio control hobby. Mix that with some 3D printing and one of the first
things we had ever seen from this guy was this completely 3D printed and assembled snowblower. Now this is a huge unit,
you guys have seen this in past videos if you follow
along with RC Adventures and I gotta tell you,
for being 3D printed, Ryan is a simple genius. A big rod going through the middle, keeping all these, ah, the auger in place. As well as a slipper clutch on the inside in case a branch or
something gets stuck in here. Now, this whole assembly
was actually built just to fit right on the front
of a Kyosho Blizzard and, in fact, they’re working on Ryan’s working on a way to
try to hook one of these up to a 1/10th scale trail truck. Because we would all love to be able to be clearing snow from our driveways from the warmth of inside the house. Now, forget all this, even
though this is beautiful. Because we came to see what
was inside the box today. I just wanted you to
remember who Ryan Spyker was, because for being one
dude running a company, doing all this design
work plus the printing, I think it should be shouted out. Now, without further ado,
let’s cut into the box. Here we go! Woo, a box in a box, with styrofoam. That’s one great way to ship it. (whistles) Oh my gosh! This is amazing! The radio, a Turnigy 9X,
2.4 gigahertz, nine channel. Oh, this is the back bed for it. Oh my goodness, I think
it’s all assembled. Wow, way to pack it, man! Oh I gotta be careful, I see why! It’s like a magic trick, all
of it just keeps coming out! Oh wow! Look at this! It’s huge! Wow, okay, I’m gonna
put you off to the side. Wow, okay, all the parts he used. This is for the full
package that he offers. 1060 brushed electronic speed controller. 1060 brushed, all three of them are brushed electronic speed
controllers at 60 amps. And there it is my friends,
in all of its glory. It’s like a piece of
artwork, not just an RC. It’s really difficult to
explain how large this is. The track size is the standard
Kyosho Blizzard track. In fact, these are all newly
designed tracks by Spyker. Check it out. Now, to answer your question, for those that are Kyosho Blizzard Owners, do these tracks fit on a Kyosho Blizzard, and the answer is yes. (laughs) Apparently you can get these tracks for for your Kyosho Blizzard from Ryan, but look at how much
depth these treads have. This is almost like a cat style of tread. On the inside, man, I, see,
you guys are learning with me. I haven’t seen this at all. You’re learning right along as I see it. Oh my goodness, I see
something special in the back, but first, a flip-down
ladder, the door opens. On the inside, a complete control board. Oh my goodness, I can see that the dashboard has been printed as well. He’s got little notes for
me all over the truck. Here is where the snow blower will actually be controlled,
the lift up an down, but one of the things we want to make sure to point out in this video is that this is not just a snowcat. This can be used at all
different times of the year. I am so excited to see what’s going on. You can easily remove the
blower option, of course. This is the bar that raises
and lowers the blower in case you’re over bumpy terrain and you need to, you know, help it float. Mirrors on here, he even stuck
reflective material on there. The other side. Oh, I’m gonna have to learn. I think it’s taped shut, that’s why, but this whole thing
lifts up, that’s cool. Can my finger nails slice through, it can. Look at that, oh neat. I know, guys, I’m like,
I should just shut up, ’cause I’m just like “Oh,
look at this, look at that” but this is just something else in person. The amount of time it would take to print something like this, and as I was talking to
Ryan he was explaining how he actually has larger
nozzles on his printer, but still, to print off
this whole machine itself, just this alone for his mega printers takes about 150 hours, one five oh, but he does sell the
plans, like I was saying, if you want to print your own, of course, different print
times for different machines, different nozzles and all
that kind of technology. Okay, I gotta figure out how
to get the batteries in there. To open the body, turn the slide clips. Slide clips are right under there, though we can’t quite see
them well with the camera. Obviously the other side. Oh wow, I can remove the back box. I notice there’s a servo right there. That means this whole
box actually empties out. Okay, on the inside, the electronics, LiPo, LiPo, he asked what
ends I wanted for my batteries I asked him for the old Traxxas plugs. Here is the receiver. I’m assuming this is a
BEC. I may be wrong there. Ah, it’s not a BEC. It’s actually
the switch for the bucket. This is actually where it plugs in. Okay, here we go, there’s the ESCs there, and now to lift the front. Wow, big 540 can size
motors on the inside here. Huge on either side, check this
out, completely belt-driven. People are were gonna be wondering “Is this just gonna be
another Kyosho Blizzard” but it’s been completely redesigned. I don’t see anything similar whatsoever. He’s got a cooling fan here and a cooling fan here for the motors and then, of course, the
servo for the front arm like I was talking about for the blower, but what I did notice,
no servo on the back. It just looks like the opportunity to have a blower there with the arm and that’s how it’s been stuck,
or, possibly, even a blade. I even see lights installed in the back. That means that we got
lights up front as well. This is just one of the coolest machines I’ve ever had in this shop, holy cow. I know, I’m trying not to say the word wow because I’ve already said it
too many times in this video, but I really am kind of awestruck
at what I’m seeing here. The 3D printing world is
basically changing our world. I think we’re still in
the baby stages of it, even with these kind of advancements. This is just showing potential for what we can see in the future and, let really the imagination run wild ’cause if this is now
being printed, what’s next? These tires, all these here, are actually hard plastic on the outside. It’s not rubber, but it looks like each one has been assembled very well and turns so smooth, I was noticing. As I was speaking to Ryan this morning on the phone about this product, he was letting me know that there is about 40 ball bearings inside this unit itself, and, actually, the tub chassis
is all screwed together. He said there’s very very
little glue that’s in here. So he’s made it very rigid. Look at the thickness
of the chassis walls. Like, that is something. It looks like it can take some abuse. Some of the packages, like, over here. Check it out, there’s the new
snow blower that goes with it. I’m excited to hook that up to it. It’s got the new chute on it. It’s got the new ice pick so you can get in there if anything gets jammed. Oh yeah, check it out, here is the Torque-Tuned motor from Tamiya or Tamiya or Tamiya or
wherever you are in the world and how you want to pronounce it. It’s a 540 can size. Here, when I was talking
originally about the slipper clutch here’s where you can actually
tighten up the clutch in case something gets stuck in there or if you’re getting a little
bit too much resistance, but really, what I’m here for, these back pieces, alright, here’s blank toppers
used for custom projects. If you guys wanna build your
own bodies for it you can, and then, of course, these
plastic basher bodies and I said, well, what is
that? What do I do with these? He said “Here, open it up, have
a look these basher bodies, “if you don’t want to
have the back dump bed “or if you didn’t want
to have this cab or both “you just wanted it to look like a robot, “you can actually install these
back plates and go to town” Like, if you were in mud
and you wanna, you know, give it a go and start splashing around, you’re gonna be able to protect all these, chassis, or pardon me, all the internal electronics
with these back plates. So, again, very very cool, and thinking about how to engineer it so somebody that’s in the hobby that has different types of hobby needs like they’re in construction,
they want a dump truck, or if you’re a basher you wanna go out and have some fun in the dirt and mud, you have the ways to protect and to build this Spyker
cat the way you want to. Now, I think that is
actually very very cool. We’ll fire up the radio. (laughs) super neat. I am thoroughly intrigued by
this whole latching system for the body and this
slide clasp right there. Look at that, no body
pins to lose, nothing, no cold fingers, well
cold fingers on cold days, but that looks like
it’s pretty easy to use. As I was putting in my driver, check it out, it’s also
engraved on the back window. Here’s something else I noticed. Check out the clearance
underneath this rig. That’s gonna be good for any
kind of construction site if I want to pull out my excavator and actually have some serious payload now I’ve got that option. I wonder how much dirt this
thing can actually hold, but yeah, that clearance
is quite high up there. I’m glad to see it. So I’m using a 2-cell 5800. Here is my other 2-cell 5800. So it runs on a total of four S. Okay with the batteries plugged
in everything’s ready to go. Control panel, on off switch. Wow There are so many lights on it. On the side here, up front. I noticed now, the cab is so much higher so the driver can see
over the snow blower. Listen to those cooling
fans humming along in there. Switch up. Oh nice. I wonder what the lift
mechanism is made out of. Oh, right on, it’s a screw drive with a servo consistently turning, turning a shaft that is just one thread, for those that don’t know what it is, and this is what causes the lifting power. So this, look at this on the inside chassis rails
they’re aluminum angles. An all 3D printed lifting
mechanism, amazing and the bottom channels as well. Let’s lower it down. I’m using this switch on my radio. Up, stop, down. Wow What an incredible engineering design. Super cool, okay so. Oh man, here’s how I lower and raise the plow arm, right there. So well done. And this must be for
forward and backwards. Alright, I’ve moved it down to the ground so we can see those tracks in motion and give it a good listen to. Look how high it is in the
middle, tons of clearance. Now, I’m only at like 1/8 throttle. Let’s turn it around, have
a look at it, so smooth. There we go, let’s add a
little bit of power to it. Here we go. Not bad, that was basically full. I had it at around 80%. You knew I couldn’t keep it indoors and I was gonna take it
outside for you guys. I want to give it a quick
run to see what it can do and really see how it
handles on this terrain. Not a lot of snow left, just big piles of hard, crusty ice snow, but I think it’s a perfect time to try it out and give the
Spyker KAT a good test. Getting steeper Getting steeper Here we go, right at
the top, low throttle, oh, there we go, no problemo. Aw heck, let’s go to the track. Here we go through some
of the deeper stuff. (laughs) No problemo (laughs)
right on, plenty of power. Alrighty my friends, there you go. I know it’s a little
bit of a longer video, but I really wanted to
showcase what’s been done here. Truly magnificent, glad to see that there’s some new options out there in the construction zone area plus also a tracked radio control vehicle. I gotta say, this wow factor in person is definitely five out of five stars. Guys, thank you so much
for tuning in today. I hope you’re a subscriber
so you can keep up to these unique and exciting
RCs that we’re able to find. A big shout out to Ryan Spyker
for really doing his job to move the radio control hobby forward. Now everybody go check out his channel. I linked it in the video description box. Make sure to subscribe to his channel and become part of his notification squad. Until next time, guys, stay safe, and get outside and have
fun with a RC, bye bye. Oh yeah. Straight up and over! Wow, super cool and stable
coming down on an angle. Just incredible.

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