The Untold Truth Of Sam’s Club

The Untold Truth Of Sam’s Club

If you’re a fan of buying things in bulk,
you’re probably familiar with Sam’s Club. The Walmart-owned store boasts savings for
its members and includes some pretty great perks. But is this club and its membership fee really
worth joining? Here’s a look at the untold truth of Sam’s
Club. Deal or no deal? Most people go to Sam’s Club to save money. But whether or not you actually save money
depends on what you’re buying — and how you buy it. According to the finance website Go Banking
Rates, for instance, meat and fresh produce are usually available at a cheaper rate from
your local grocery store. A bigger issue is those gigantic bulk deals. Sure, you theoretically save money, but only
if you actually manage to use all that food before it goes bad. Shopping analyst Benjamin Glaser told Fox
Business, the “the average family of four wastes about $1,800 a year throwing away food,
including groceries that spoil before you eat them.” Plus, according to Brian Wansink, professor
of consumer behavior at Cornell University, once you pay that membership fee, you’re likely
to buy more stuff in order to justify it. If you’ve ever gone in to Sam’s Club looking
for toilet paper and come out with a new Fitbit instead because it was on sale, that’s “justification
mentality” at work — and this psychological phenomenon is what Sam’s Club counts on in
order to make money. So even though Sam’s Club prices are 33 percent
lower than most supermarket chains, you still may end up spending more money there if you’re
not careful. Breaking the code Believe it or not, the price tags at Sam’s
Club allegedly contain secret codes that can help you determine whether or not to buy something. According to Kyle James of,
a price ending in 1 means it’s a sale price, but it’s the letter on the top right of the
shelf tag that you really need to pay attention to. If it’s an A or an N, that means it’s something
they always carry and always try to have in stock. An S means it’s a seasonal item and might
only be there for a short time, while a C means it’s a canceled item they’re going to
get rid of, so it might go on clearance. But it’s the O you really need to watch out
for. That means it’s a one-time buy, so once it’s
gone, it’s gone. Stock up on this one if you find something
you like, because it’s not coming back. Union busters Walmart and Sam’s Club have typically been
against worker’s unions and reportedly actively discourage employees from forming them. Leaked training materials show the tactics
the company uses to squash any thoughts of unionizing. For example, when the meat department at a
Texas Walmart unionized in 2000, Walmart responded by eliminating butchers entirely from 180
stores. And they have reason to worry that disgruntled
employees might unionize. According to investment site The Motley Fool,
Sam’s Club provides worse benefits and lower pay than their biggest rival. In fact, Costco has cut down on the products
they offer in order to keep their workers happy while Sam’s Club has cut corners by
laying off employees. “Tonight, a state agency is trying to help
Sam’s Club employees who were laid off over the weekend – more than 11,000 workers from
across the country were let go.” Member’s Mark In 2016, Sam’s Club gave their private brand,
Member’s Mark, a complete makeover. Previously, the store had 21 separate private
brands, which they combined into one in an attempt to standardize the line. They also announced plans to release hundreds
of new products, while updating hundreds more, including regional offerings, such as Member’s
Mark All Natural Pulled Pork, made with guidance from the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Perhaps their most popular offering, however,
is their Member’s Mark wine, which costs only $7 a bottle but is reportedly pretty good. It’s proven popular enough that Sam’s Club
announced plans to add other wines to their lineup, including Cabernet, prosecco, and
champagne. Membership has its privileges Besides being able to buy 50 gallons of ketchup
at once, there are other perks to being a Sam’s Club member you may not be aware of. For instance, small business owners can get
legal advice and help with payroll services, and even purchase insurance through Sam’s
Club for their employees. Individual members can also get help with
their taxes, and accounting services are available for both individuals and small businesses. If you’re not a member, though, there are
still things you can do at Sam’s Club. Both the liquor section and the pharmacy are
open to non-members, as is the food court. So if you’re looking for a swinging place
for a romantic night out, what better place than inside your local discount warehouse? The Sensory Lab If you’re wondering how Sam’s decides which
foods to sell, it turns out they have a group of up to 100 people who sample and rate different
foods every single day. Called the Sensory Lab, this group of experts
evaluated nearly 1700 items in 2012. According to The Recipe Girl, foods are rated
on a 9-point scale for things like taste and texture, and if the food doesn’t score at
least a 7, it doesn’t make it onto the shelves. Samazon You don’t even have to get off the couch to
get some seriously good deals from Sam’s Club, since they actually have their own online
auction site. All you need to do is bid from the comfort
of your own home, and cross your fingers that you win that pack of scented shower gel. Good luck! Big in China Sam’s Club is pretty popular in China. The country has several Sam’s Club locations,
including one of the company’s top-selling locations, which is in Shenzhen. The store has become so influential that it’s
changed how its members shop. Instead of shopping for fresh food daily,
as many people in China typically do, members are now stocking up in bulk and visiting the
store less than once a week. Más Club Opened in Houston in 2009 as a test run, the
Más Club’s main difference from other Sam’s Club locations was that it carried more items
targeted at the area’s Latino community. But by 2014, the company realized the community
would be better served by simply expanding product offerings in their traditional Sam’s
Club locations, and Más Club was closed for good. Trend followers If you’ve noticed a difference in the food
options you’re seeing at Sam’s Club, you’re not imagining it. According to Fortune, in 2016, Sam’s Club
went after Costco by taking aim at another portion of the market: higher-income customers
who generally head to the competition. They did this by starting to carry trendier
foods, by installing teams of regional buyers to select local, gourmet, organic, and natural
foods, and opening more stores in more affluent areas. Look out, Trader Joe’s…you’re next! Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and out one right now the sam' s in Texarkana Texas is complete bullshit osha violations almost everyday in my work area and the bosses won't do shit they've been notified by me multiple times pallets that are tiered (put up in the steal) inside the freezers are being cut open and loose boxes are 4 feet above my head and one even fell on my head not long ago (as of posting this) and the STORE MANAGER said "I don't see how that could happen" i have over 30 pics ready to show his boss and osha

  2. Sam's Club just closed all the locations on the East Coast! Your kind of missing that big part!

  3. And don't ever gift something from Sam's Club trying to return it is one big headache and talk about disrespect to the people who are trying to return it

  4. That's not true. I was a same club member for couple years. You have to be a member to buy alcohol there. And groceries.

  5. The first one is only true to people who buy too much. Hardly Sams clubs fault. Also any shit you buy you can return for full refund any food. ANYTHING. I know I worked there for a time people could bring in moldy produce that was dated back 2 months ago for a full refund or for a new one just because they negelcted to use or eat it.

  6. I save more on gas than my membership. Also it's the cheapest lunch you'll find outside your own home.

  7. I've never worked for a company that gives less of a damn for it's associates than Sam's Club. Only apply if you're desperate. It's honestly been the most frustrating job I've had, but the pay is okay. I'm not going to say what store I work at, but I am a member service attendant for the parking lot, I'm 19, and do full time college at the same time. They are not school-flexible, and they will not order new equipment when it breaks. They force you to do it by hand.

  8. I save my entire membership cost just off getting gas at sams… For example gas today was 3.17 but 2.77 at sams. Costco same thing. Wish i could go to costco but there isnt one near me 🙁

  9. I have a Sams membership that I only use for gas. In my area, members gas is often around 10 cents a gallon cheaper than anywhere else. I make back my membership cost in like 6 weeks.

  10. Shopping at Sam’s club saves you money and all their stuff are new and fresh. I love ❤️ to shop there always my favorite place to shop 👍👍👍👍👍

  11. I paid off my card then I called and cancelled my account. 2 yrs later they sent me a bill four the menbership of 45.00. I called 3 times and wass told it was cancelled. This bill is now on my credit report. I refused to pay it.

  12. Let's see- We spend around $500 a month at Sam's. I'm sure that saves us at least the $35 annual membership fee in one month, meaning the other 11 months are free. As for the unions, don't even start. One other benefit- 4 packages of butter instead of 1. Never run out of butter again.

  13. I worked at a Sams Club and one of the training videos you watch has to do with unionizing and how its bad and how they are a good place. Basically, its saying they DO NOT want a bad image

  14. "Cracked the code"? LOL. GTFO. I told people on a regular basis how the lettering system worked when I worked there. It's not a damn secret.

  15. You fail mention that samsclub laid off all those workers when Walmart was remodeling a lot of stores, adding more SELF CHECK OUTS, and increasing wages for Walmart workers. So ya samsclub is all evil considering it’s WALMART OWNED. Ketchup is also bought in 3 packs not just 50 gallons about only true info you actually have in your video is about meat in produce. You put blame on samsclub but fail mention that it’s WALMART

  16. I love both Sam’s Club and Walmart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I was in a Wal-Mart once and thought about buying a caseof oil then remembered I was going to be by my Sams club later and could get it there. Imagine my surprise when I found the. same oil at Sams club priced higher than it was at Wal-Mart. I dropped my membership and never went back

  18. I only use my SAMs club card to buy Ozarka 1L 15pack water. Its only $5 where that same amount costs me $30 at the gas station. I "save" $25 with every visit and therefore pay for my membership after just 2 packs of water.

  19. Least Sam's club knows it is for the poor man's costco..though usually affluent means uppity and/or basic white people..because then said at end "watch out trader joes" and I'm like Nevermind DEFINITELY mean the basic white people..i come from money and pastey af even though I'm half italian but I ain't basic like most my brethren 👌

  20. Walmart throws out 1000s of lbs of food. They won’t give it to the food bank, they won’t give to a homeless shelter employee can’t touch it or sals it cheaper. I saw 50 shopping carts full of all kinds meat can goods that were still good. This company is ridiculous and extremely selfish 🖕🏻Walmart

  21. Sam's club is more for small business owners and Costco is just for people that have extra cash to spend.

  22. No one needs food in such obese quantity in the US, you're not 500lb wieldebeasts even if you may eat like them. Gluttony is of the most disgusting traits I have witnessed in a human, right next to greed….the one that lets the shopper & CEO crush the spine of the labourer for minuscule benefits

  23. We all know what a whole seller is. Why is this even discussed? Everything is sold in bulk. We know!!! Next..

  24. I get the LISTERINE 3pk, Degree, Dial 22pk Members Mark sleep aid, Cooks champagne, simply lemonade, Tide, Airwick oil, & gas.

  25. Sams clubs in my area don’t check for your membership card at the entrance, the cashiers don’t care if you don’t own the card you’re using when you check out… hell, you could just use someone else’s card and use the self checkout if you’re paranoid about it because they’re definitely not checking your card there either. There are always a bunch of bums just walking around eating free samples and then leaving again without buying anything. So if you ask me whether a membership is “worth it”, it’s not… they aren’t exclusive to members. just borrow someone’s card if you need something in there lol

  26. Do not buy freight items from the website. I used to work for the online member service department. You will not get the product intact, and you will never get your money back.

  27. A friend of mine once worked at a Walmart store but after bringing in a grocery bag of empty pop bottles to recycle on break time, the store manager took him into the office, asked where he got those bottles and when after explaining that he brought them in from home and was going to recycle them on his break time, the store manager didn't believe him calling him a thief and without checking security camera to verify my friends actions the store manager fired him for steeling but never called the police to arrest him nor prosecuted him.
    And WHY? The dick head for a store manager clearly didn't have all his facts and just simply created an excuse to fire him.

    And if Karma couldn't have been anymore sweeter I heard that the very same store manager got fired himself after getting caught having sexual miscunduct in his office. Unfortunately that still didn't clear my friend from what he was accussed of.

  28. I bought a mattress 9 months ago from Sam's with a $400 rebate and a membership renewal and never got it, they said wait 90 days . No communication whatsoever.
    I have reported them to the BBB they still have not responded.
    I have called a minimum of 15 times with no results

  29. Sam’s club pizza is amazing in store, but not as good if you buy the “bake at home” version. I’m not sure why.

  30. People, please. Sams does their employees shitty (your benefits are a 3,000 dollar deductible and YOU pay the first 3,000). I worked there. The old guy Larry who's a door greeter said "this is cuthtroat". People, stop shopping at Sams so those sacks of shit managers/ceos on top don't get that yaght.

  31. I worked in the fresh foods department and I can say it was tough. Moving between different areas staying up late at work and coming back five in the morning I don’t miss that. Luckily now I work in the optical center in Sam’s and it is the best job I have ever had.

  32. I love my Sam's club! I get my meds there and they have been FANTASTIC! I was out of state and my meds were lost….they went above and beyond for me! I'm post transplant. So my meds are vital! I don't care what people say. Our butchets are happy. We but steaks ever Fri.

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