The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build Part 2

The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build Part 2

[Music] so today’s the day we try to figure out how to get this engine in the Barbie car time to engine swap the old Wrangler I’m gonna go from this here battery to 450 CCS of four-stroke goodness [Music] oh it looks good in there and honestly fits better than I thought it would well there’s a lot that’s not there yet largely the car trader mm-hmm which is gonna need to sit right there this is the entire wiring harness for the whole engine I love how small and simple it is oh these were these smallest knobby tires we could find the treads are pretty thick too like that’s deep that’s deep treads that’s gonna rip up the snow got the ratchet strap out trying to get a little tighter on the edges so we can get it to catch and coming in clutch we just got a hint to break clean left what [Applause] hey guys this video is sponsored by Vikings war of clans we’re super excited for their help on this project it’s based on the old 90s RTS games like my favorite is commanding conquer generals Ethan’s favorite was Age of Empires oh yeah I know you guys played these games and what makes the Vikings world so cool and addictive is there’s more than 20 million players that are constantly changing the way the game of vaults by never-ending fighting over resources forging new allies and competing and live events help support our channel by downloading Vikings for free only from our links down in the description box and also get a bonus of 200 gold coins and a protective shield and don’t forget to look me up under my clan name u so you guys have seen the wheels and tires already but we got the cheapest rear mountain bike shocks on Amazon and then everything else we just got a big box from BMI karts [Music] exciting part right here oh yeah look in the steering wheel oh yeah which gives us more leg room than the Barbie car steering wheel yeah which is nicely great for where the plan is to add hand controls for a lot of stuff so like maybe a thumb throttle and hand clutch and brake maybe [Music] [Music] first step what we’re gonna do is figure out how long we want the wheelbase to be and then we’re gonna chop this thing in half and see how we’re gonna make it look good so we are gonna chop the princess Jeep right here that way that we can scoot everything back and it’ll be covered up by the flare here so we think that’s the best place to kind of chopper yeah I mean obviously there’ll be two sides of the seam and one side will be visible but at least at least one edge of it will be covered up by that [Music] [Applause] weight reduction so we decided we’re turning it into a four-door that’s our excuse for making it longer right who wants to party in a Jeep if you can’t party with your friends [Music] next is notches are the tubing on sir really makes this a lot more precision oh yeah and I know this doesn’t look like much yet but this is the start of something awesome and that is frame for Cinderella the princess Jeep so once I got a few pieces tacked together it’ll work a lot more promising [Music] I think something like that because probably a reasonable height like it might be a little lower but to account for suspension travel mm-hmm you but least somewhere around that height and then as long as the steering wheels you know fairly far up which that’s totally reasonable right there so Cinderella obviously has to have suspension we got four of these mountain bike shocks off of Amazon they’re about the cheapest we could find and they only have about an inch of travel but the way I’m going to mount the suspension we’ll get more than that a lot more so the shock we mounted somewhere in about like that as close into the center as I can get it and then for the front suspension I’m going to do twin I beam suspension so the swing arm for this side rather than like an a arm where it would mount there and the pivot point would be somewhere in there I’m gonna have it go across to the other side and the pivot point will be over there which makes for a longer radius and less hammering on the wheel when the suspension travels and it’s just simple and really strong so they’ll go up you know it’ll move like this and because the shock is so far inboard from the end point that one inch of travel here will translate to a lot more travel out here this is just gonna be really simple it’ll be just a swing arm the shock on either side so if you imagine this as the swing arm you know it’ll just pivot the point will be somewhere on there so let’s go up and down like that [Music] [Applause] [Music] got the shock totally zip tied shut yeah I just pulled the spring off so this way I can get the mounts figured out where they need to be with it the fully compressed setting I could also mock it up fully extended but then if the travel is more or less than I expected that it might not fit right or they might hit the fenders [Music] getting ready for the first test with the spring in the shock so stiff it is or oh that’s nice yeah that’s actually not stiff at all yeah the good news is we have preload adjustment but you know so we can we can make it stiff yeah but that’s I was really hoping for that yes like that’s gonna be a comfortable ride yeah [Music] so this is one of the ends for the heim joints well bond thing but I couldn’t find him this bit the size of tubing that we’d outside grind out the end with a die grinder and make it fit but it means it’s a nice tight fit hammer it in there [Music] front suspensions coming along really nice initially I was worried that I wasn’t gonna be able to get much travel in the front because I was thinking I’d have to put the shocks essentially like here which I mean that’s where it is but I was thinking I’d have to put it like for this swing arm I’d have to put it here which is so far down the arm that it wouldn’t get much travel but then I came up with this idea of putting it putting the shock on the same side of the vehicle as the pivot point and laying it down at an angle like that which has in fact given me more travel in the rear we’ve got about six inches of travel at the wheels everything that’s amazing so there’s about four in the back and about six in the front and also that means with that far over it should be fairly soft the suspension which is ideal that’s what we want [Music] all right since what’s gonna look like right here yes it’s perfect oh good nobody [Music] this Bend is to make instead of both the front wheels are the same distance from the center of the vehicle front to back there’s two arms have to pass each other in the front like this which means that they end you know this one’s farther back this one’s farther forward so I have to make the arm Bend make a little jog in the arm so that it ends up in the same place [Music] thank you guys for being patient for this video we’re gonna start posting our regular build videos every Friday again we just took a little time off for the holidays we ran up a link in the description will take you to our website and it’ll have list by list every part we used in this build so far if you guys are trying to build something similar you’ll know what we’re using thanks for watching guys I can’t wait to rip on this Jeep it’s gonna be so much fun

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  1. Shirts and stickers are in stock and shipping now!
    Thank you all for being so patient on this build. Next episode will be out in the next couple weeks!

  2. neat to see you actually cad something up for this and not actually just measure and guess. I know its asked a lot but what is your background? engineering??

  3. I am trying to find pieces to build my own go kart but I don’t have no motor or have the screws and metal no world or can you send me a motor please

  4. I just watched this princess Jeep build…now I am a subscriber. I wish I had a shop to do what you guys doing….I had a few build projects in the past and always wanted take a power wheel to the next level.

  5. My son is  trying to build a power wheels Silverado.. can you tell me what rims and tires you used and provide a link to them? they look really awesome!!

  6. I really doubt the authenticity of that ad lmao, but I couldn’t care less because sponsor money means project money 👌🏻Here’s hoping others reach out to you. Keep up the rad work fellas!

  7. Awsome build guys! 😀 Was looking at the parts list and did not se the rims there. can i ask where you bought them ? 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Best regards from Norway

  8. How much would u guys want for the blue prints for the frame and suspension I want to build one of these

  9. Dude I totally want to do this I've got one of these in my back porch that's been sitting there for years, wish you guys had like a schematic to the build so I can mimic it for reals this is sick

  10. I wouldn't know where to start from what it looks like to me this isn't your first build as I can see the pink Stang lol but I really want to do this seriously, I love it hahahahahahaha I can already see myself zooming down the street

  11. You should get better shocks and you’ll be blown away. Mtb shocks are beyond bang for buck. Been mtb for 24 years.

  12. Sorry if you have said it a million ties but what brand is that pipe bender? I checked your website but it didn't have it. Great builds!

  13. I’m going back to the beginning, it’s fascinating to see the development. You are too modest, give yourself more credit. Love your home, it’s my wife and my dream location.

  14. If you dislike this video, you are obviously on youtube purley to find someone or something to hate on. The ingenuity and creativity in this video is amazing! You guys are awesome!

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