The Ultimate Barbie Jeep Build Part 1

The Ultimate Barbie Jeep Build Part 1

[Music] so we saw some people dressed up on the side of the road realized it’s Halloween called this guy on Craigslist he doesn’t have an address but he lives on Sleepy Hollow Lane so that’s where we are feeding random guy without address on Craigslist on Sleepy Hollow Lane on Halloween yeah sounds like the beginning of that or picking up an old Odyssey right we were leaving the property with no address with a new toy we’re pretty stoked about anything not that scary oh boy that wrote our bill a cell was sharpening a chainsaw though around here that’s not really a fire [Music] [Music] that’ll make everything so much easier having all the controls you know on the handle mark foot controls in the Barbie car is not a good idea this is way better what is it it’s not that it doesn’t rotate too far so you still like you have control of everything well the mailman came and brought us this beauty look how stoked this kid is he’s just riding shotgun – he’s not even driving he’s just happy to be in that Jeep that’s that Ethan’s gonna look like when you’re bobbing it on so this video is sponsored by RetailMeNot and I actually use their Chrome extension and site to find the best deal on the whole internet for that one right there so what I did was download the RetailMeNot genie browser extension and it’s free and available for Chrome Firefox and Safari and then I would go to sites that carried the Barbie Jeep and it would automatically update my cart with my savings so we ended up saving $10 on this Barbie car which helps us out a lot because any more money we save we get to make the bill better so we have a link in the description for the RetailMeNot genie if you guys download it and comment below what you’re excited to save on you can win $100 Visa gift card [Music] my initial thoughts on the Barbie Jeep are it’s awesome it’s even more girly than the Mustang which is exactly what I wanted hood latches I didn’t realize you had those real working hood latches super cool we’ll put something big under the hood pretty soon here classic Jeep grille gotta have that the fenders are actually separate from the body which is really cool opening doors everything’s better than the Barbie car except for it’s smaller than the Barbie car we’re gonna take it as is for a timed lap around the rally course down the big hill and everything and it might survive it’s gonna be a good time the Barbie Jeep is way way way smaller yeah [Music] and it with that dope soundtrack that’s what we need all right ready set go [Applause] [Music] here’s another little hill [Applause] Ethan’s come into the last corner four minutes and 23 seconds picking up speed 437 438 done for 40 2.30 the longest most exhausting track time on the whole rally car 1 2 3 go [Applause] [Music] man you’re right that thing is heavy weight reduction and four minutes 33 seconds huh barely but I want it yes grind hard crew this is gonna be by far the most challenging project we’ve done yet because we want to one-up ourselves with the Barbie car a lot and our friend Steve who is in the drift trike video he’s a guy who built the drift trike the links in the description if you guys want to check that out but he’s building a Power Wheels toy with a 450 so we kind of had to do the same because we want to be competitive we want to go back to Oregon and race him so we picked up this beauty on Craigslist and the bike actually got thrown he like hit a pole or something the bike got thrown out of the back of his truck you can see a lot of damage here the exhaust pipes dented and cracked there this radiator you can’t see it from here this radiator is all smashed in although I don’t think it leaks so we you know might be able to use it for now at least and then we got big crack here anyway basically everything’s just loose cracked and very very unmaintained yeah it’s been ridden hard and not but it’s perfect for us because it was the cheapest bike on Craigslist that had a big enough engine for us yeah and all he really needs the engine anyway so we might just make it so we could put the engine back in and rip around on it or depending on how murder scooter number one goes we might need a second one and so we can one-up it with full race suspension and a better chassis and bigger engine next year so rough plan is this time we’re gonna build an entirely custom frame really try to fit the body better do suspension still engine in the front you know what other ideas do he have yeah I mean we thought about using suspension from something else but this thing is just way too small so we’re gonna have to build the suspension from scratch probably mountain bike shocks first time to run with the 450 F 34 not bad now it’s time to take apart the engine see how bad it is and figure out where we’re gonna put it in Jeep [Music] apparently if you just want the engine out on one of these things you gotta want it shakin the whole bike apart there’s not really a lot of room in any way whatsoever so close you can’t get any closer oh yes yes yeah there you have it that’s the that’s dude nothing does not weigh much it’s the end of this one guys thanks for watching and it’s about to get rowdy so make sure you subscribe [Music] now as far as the Odyssey what we’re gonna do with that is put it on the back burner for now just put it away we had a lot of other projects to work on we got to consolidate and finish things but it will end up being a drag racer Dune Racer will restore the chassis and then put a big old snowmobile engine in it and just make it rip that’s the plan for now [Music]

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  2. So should use the bigger pink jeep they have at Walmart I know it dont have the stickers and thinks like u would what but u could order your own

  3. Ahh man you guys should fix up the Honda adassy. I had one when I was about 13, long time ago. You don't see them anymore.

  4. Never have I gotten the nervous giggles from any video before. Dont get me wrong, I nearly died at the denatured/renatured snow bike scooter thing, but this is really something else.

  5. I’m excited on saving on buying my mom a new pellet gun on the inter webs so I can save money on the puller project

  6. Just found your channel the other day. Love the builds and dirt bikes! As soon as I get my garage up I'm doing a rebuild on my ktm 525

  7. El muy pendejo lo escribió en español 😒😒😒😒😒y no entiendo nada😖😫 hahah or maybe if I speak two languages 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Are you guys Kootnai County or Bonners ferry? I used to live in Kootnai and the background just looks so familiar to me, I'm back in the spokane area now but I miss the scenery of ID plus the killer riding.

  9. What can I say.. But you guy are number 1 ….im getting a learning expirience with my son …hope you make it to a million… I think you will..???☺

  10. For real tho… retailmenot has saved me tons of money. Every time I'm buying something online from a major retailer i always check to see if i can save some. Most I've saved was like 100$ at one time buying a 1080ti from newegg.

  11. Wait, did Ethan just take that curve at such a high rate of velocity 5:38 the he just spun out?? Awesome!! breathtaking!!

  12. I had a Jeep just like that wen I was a kid but it started off red and faded to pink from years of siting in the sun under my deck

  13. so you made something Barbi-ish… fit around something that already existed……… that isn't Barbie……………… yeah ok. You didn't do shit but make a look-alike. It isn't the original chassis, and therefore …. you simply just labeled a mock up design as a big brand name and ran with it.

    oh my god. If you gonna do something to modify something, at least stick with ORIGINAL stuff… don't cop out and build your own idea and then label it as "Such n Such" and advertise it as original modified to be a monster

    go fuck off

  14. I’m using a dirt bike engine for a go kart as well and I feel so guilty about a dirt bike frame laying around the garage 😂

  15. I used to put a car battery in my kids electric toys when they were younger and it go like a bat outta hell and only charge it once a week…I would cut a hole in the hood and it would stick out like a tunnel ram… kids used to be the cool the kids on the block…

  16. You guy are so awesome make a full run of them vehicles .them rides are real dope.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. you guys are amazing man and I love your modification and where you from and I love your videos is very nice bro I love it well done ok guys by by

  18. Su pendejada ni siquiera rifa al principio, se la mamaron con su voltereta, lol, xD que bien queda al final, quiero 1 porfavor, gracias.

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