– What’s going guys? My name is Alex from Fitment Inc. And today we’re gonna talk to you about the truth about xxrs. (suspense music) So I know the first thing
that you guys were thinking when you clicked on this
video is, are xxrs good? Do they break? Are they reps? Are they junk? Or are they any good? – I can’t call it. – And I want you guys to
actually watch the entire video which can be a little difficult, (laughs)
(crashes) because we’re gonna talk about all of that in today’s first episode of wheel history. (upbeat music) So, I know a lot of guys run xxrs and it’s probably the
most controversial wheel in the actual automotive industry. – True that! – You can’t go onto a
forum and talk about xxrs without somebody either blasting or praising the wheel company. So we thought we start it off simple by just talking about the history of xxrs and where they came from. So a lot of people don’t know this, but xxrs was actually
incorporated in 1976, and two short years later, they
actually began making wheels in their original wheel factory. By 1983, they’re already
producing wheels for Japan. (cheering and clapping) Now, xxr is actually founded
and based and they sell and generate most of
their wheels in Taiwan, where 60% of their sales
actually go to Japan, 20% to United States, and 20% to the remaining
countries of the world. So honestly by the early 2000s, xxr was already producing wheels for the United States of America. So that’s where almost all of your xxrs are gonna be seen in Japan. Apparently, they love ’em
over there. I guess that’s, (melancholy music) that’s cool. That’s nice. So xxrs are actually
known for their low cost, I mean, you guys know
this as well as we do. You can actually go on our website and pick up a set of
xxr 527s for like, $430, which is absolutely insane. Buying a wheel for a hundred bucks, it’s crazy and it’s almost unheard of. And that’s where a lot of the speculation for xxr comes from, is
because of their price point. Now, if you typed in
xxr right now on google, the first thing that you’re gonna see in the first 10 threads is, are xxrs good or bad? And honestly xxrs are
what they say they are. They’re just affordable
aluminium alloy wheels. They get a lot of their designs from, the Wedsport TC105N, the BBS LM Advan RS. The only thing that you have
to consider with the xxr design is that they’re a fraction of the cost for a lot of the wheels
that they look like. And they’re not necessarily replicas, and that’s another miscommunication. So, at a fraction of the
cost, it’s a damn good wheel. How are xxrs made? That’s a pretty good question. Xxr use something called squeeze casting to make their wheels. For those that aren’t familiar, squeeze casting is when you
pour everything in there, then you take a thing and you
put it in the other thing, and it gets pressurized and
then the metal goes everywhere, and then, you let it cool down and then you take the wheel out, and there it is. So then you do your small design changes and all that sort of stuff,
like your drilling and all that. Squeeze casting is not just
like pouring and gravity-fed, it’s actually a little bit
different so it helps remove the impurities or having
oxygen inside your wheel. But that’s generally considered
why people having issue with xxrs because they
use squeeze casting, instead of something that’s
more like billet-machining or actually forging the wheel, which is probably the nicest way that you can do a one piece wheel. However, them doing the
squeeze casting is the reason that their wheels are only
a hundred dollars a wheel. So if you wanna get something that’s a little bit higher price, maybe that’s a little bit more lightweight because they’re using forging as their way of getting the wheel, then xxr is not the wheel for you. But, if you’re looking for something that’s gonna get you a daily
driving car that looks nice, that has a ton of finishes and styles, and the dimensions, and
doesn’t weigh a crap ton, xxrs aren’t a terrible wheel. They’re used for autocross, they’re used for drifting, they’re used for pretty much everything. And you’d be able to find a set of xxrs on practically any
vehicle on the road today. So I have here a number
of tests that xxr does. So, they do things called like
the Finite element analysis, raw aluminum test,
metal spectrum analysis, coordinating measuring, wheel impact test, wheel bending test, wheel radio fatigue test, air leak test, x-ray test, and vibration test. High speed rotation test,
corrosion resistance test, chemical resistance test,
accelerated weather test, I don’t even know what that means. Paint adhesion test, Finestone resistance test? What does that mean? So they check the wheel, that’s
all I’m gathering from that. And that was taken
right off their website. Really, with our conclusion,
xxrs are a great wheel. If you’re looking to
daily driving vehicle, that you’re looking to have
something nice on your car that isn’t gonna break the bank, that gets the job done. So, that’s our wheel history on the xxr. We hope you guys enjoyed. If we miss something or there’s something you wanna talk about. If you disagree with us, let
us know, we love to argue. Otherwise, drop a comment on what you would like to see next. I’m gonna finish my coffee. My name is Alex and we’ll see you later. (upbeat music)

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  1. another thing is originally XXR was once called SportMax, BRS AutoDesign (when it was still around) used their wheels on their cars.

  2. It seems like a lot of people have this idea that they need $400-800 a piece wheels with racing pedigree and every certification on the planet but if you aren't actually putting your wheels through the incredible stress of racing/drifting/autocross/etc and the car is basically just a daily driver or a weekend canyon cruiser, you really don't need to spend a crazy amount of money on wheels. Obviously if you just want to, then have fun, but you really dont need to break the bank on super mega high performance wheels.

    I've never owned any XXR's but I certainly wouldn't have any reservations about putting some on a daily driver just to make it look a little nicer. Id probably run them without that black and red xxr center cap they use because I think that looks a bit shitty but otherwise they have some great looking designs and a ton of options.

  3. I had a set of xxr's on a previous car, and never had an issue. People always get on the bandwagon about the cheaper brands.

  4. Really been considering getting some xxrs, I couldn’t justify getting high cost wheels for a daily. Thanks for clearing it up for me!

  5. my 89 supra has XXRs from 2005 and its still strong as ever. i havent experienced any warp, bent, etc. if you take care of your items it takes care of you.

  6. The intro is hey guys it's whatever his name was from "Fitment Inc." Inc is short for incorporated but there name is fitment industries…

  7. Hey man what offset would be good for my 04 g35 coupe +20?Nd it's low looking to buy some xxrs on your site

  8. Bruh…..😑 rocking xxr is like getting head from a drag queen…..might feel good till you look down & realize your gay……

  9. Love mine. No problems in 2 years of hitting potholes and having a lowered car. Getting another set soon. Check them out on ig. NICH_PAVELOW

  10. Have 2 sets of 16 x 8.25 XXR 527 Zero Offset for my Stanced Turbo EG Civic Sedan

    Absolutely perfect wheels for it (hence why i have 2 sets) at the right price and have never had a problem with either

  11. Flying stone test!!! Lmbo. My mind quickly when to to someone throwing a rock at the wheel and saying "tire checks out"

  12. XXRs used to be called Sportmax. didn't see any history on the name change or if it had any importance with the company. I've owned a few sets even before they were called XXR and they have always been an affordable wheel.

  13. got xxr 969 for my daily driving on summer season (canada) and been using it for 4 years now and its still great 👍

  14. i have XXR 535 on my R33skyline, and they are best looking, non rep flat black, five star, concave design, i and anyone has ever seen, great fitment, have not exploded….and now rare, cause they don't offer it anymore!
    i have forged BBS Impuls, on my Cedric, look meh, no issues, but look way better than all other BBS, xcept CH
    XXR 527 is forged and inexpensive

  15. Good info. I just bought some XXR 556's and it's good to know that they aren't too bad of a wheel.

  16. It are only the 12 year old kids on the internet who talk shit about cheap wheels, in real life no one will judge you for having cheap wheels.

  17. Just because theyre inexpensive doesnt always mean theyre cheap. The civic is inexpensive but its a great car when its NOT riced out. I would almost be willing to bet that the people hating on cheaply priced wheels are the same ones that have a mommy and daddy bank account. Not all of us are rich brats, some of us have to actually work for what we have…

  18. This video makes me feel safe and motivated to buy a set of XXR 560’s for my G35. Doesn’t seem like a bad first wheel tbh.

  19. Hey dude, can you do a vid on Alzor wheels.Preferably the 084 19×9.5 Square set for the Audi /VW guys. Much appreciated.

  20. How about a vid about knock off wheels and which ones to stay away from because of faulty build quality, guys on limited budgets especially ones new to the car scene keep getting duped into buying them because their on store shelves and their automatically thinking their good wheels when their not,would really help out the younger enthusiast and keep up the great vids some of the best on YouTube for car guys– funny and informative

  21. I’m glad to know these wheels were designed by Engineers.

    I just picked up a set of XXR 531 18×9.5 F and 18×11 R for my Mk3 Supra Turbo.

  22. Saturn SC2 Turbo Charged With Deep Dish XXR Wheels An Slight Negative Camber In The Rears 😍💯 All About Standing Out An Building A Cheap Fast Functional Car With Style Your Happy With.

  23. This editing style is funny af, I don't get why people would hate on it. Whoever's working in you guys' basement tell him to keep doing the things.

    Fine stone could be pebbles, or rock chip flakes or sand. Granular stuff, microabrasvives, etc (i'm just guessing from the cavernous depths of my posterior cavity)

  24. I didn't even know xxr's had a stigma until I saw this video. Prolly the reason theres alot of them on the road today, because there cheap, look nice, and most people don't know shit about wheels.

  25. Is there a rotary forged, or even a full monoblock wheel that looks like the XXR 557, comes in anywhere from a 17×8 to an 18×9, AND has the black and bronze finish using a 5×100 bolt pattern? If so, I think I'm in love. Lay it on me, brother, how much am I spending on these unicorns?

  26. It's not that people hate xxr's because they are cheap it's because they are reps, the quality of them is good but not the best, very respected brand in Japan back then tho, just like enkei, should you buy xxr's ? Obviously not, get the real, buy cheap coils and you get cheap coils, buy cheap wheels, get cheap wheels and not as many benefits as REAL wheels, don't cheap out on wheels my fellow car people just buy that damn expensive set trust me you'll thank me later! Look into ccw, expensive but their wheels are absolutely amazing and worth the money, but i do respect xxr they are the only brand I'd actually cop and im actually looking into a set of their raijin rep they have because my 3000gt needs new wheels rn lmao and i don't have the money to afford expensive ass wheels but later on im going all out and buying either VS-KF's or cosmis

  27. I have a set of XXR 527s I bought in 2011. Been through a few Ohio winters and "spirited" driving and the only thing wrong with them so far is the curb rash (my fault). They're great rims!!

  28. People that hate xxr’s have never bought and owned xxr’s because they think it’s like buying sketchers because they are cheap. People that have bought them they love them. I have xxr’s on my 240 and it’s nice knowing if I smack a wheel on a curb or something I can get another wheel for like 100-150.

  29. Just because it cheap doesn't mearn its crap I pick up a set of bbs wheels and xxr lasted longer vs cracked bbs now which one is garbage

  30. i just bought xxr 550 18×9.75 for my evo x im stuck on what tires to buy my budget is around $650 and im looking for 245/40 for alittle bit of stretch what tires should i go with?

  31. Great just saw them online, never heard of them, really want to get a set for my 08 civic. Appreciate the quick response. You guys are the best at what you do. Keep it up. Thanks jaye

  32. I just bought some xxrs from their website for my Audi s4 they look great they fit perfectly and they are not to excessive or “hot boy” like absolutely love them

  33. Where can i buy a better build wheel but i want it to look exactly like my xxr wheel, cause i want better strength, (forged) but the xxr look, help me

  34. I've used a set of 530's with my winter tires for 4 years now. No mechanical issues and I don't feel like killing myself when I find snow covered curbs and medians 👍🏽

  35. I have xxr 521's on my supra never had any problems with them (touch wood) yes they are cheep but they have taken a beating with no bother and still look fresh 3 years on and I do drive its no garage queen. I think people that have problems are probably hitting curbs and potholes then blaming the wheel tbh

  36. 'squeeze casting'? You mean pressurized casting? cant even repeat how poorly you discribed that simple proces. But let me at it;
    Casting a liquid into a mould under pressure causes molecules to be closer together, meaning you can get more material in the same amount of space for when you dont use pressure. Resulting in more mass and higher strength of the product being casted. (same works for polymers (plastics) in this proces). Obvious right? 😀

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