– Holy shit. (beep) You guys are absolutely vicious. (dog barks) – If you guys haven’t checked out our previous video of wheel history, we talk about XXRs, their history, what they’re made out of. And today, we’re gonna be
talking about the godsend. The best wheel in the history of wheels. The ultimate wheel that God would put on his Chevy Caprice WORK Wheels. (lively music) So, WORK Wheels is
already a step up on XXR because they, at least,
have a Wikipedia page. And you’re gonna see all the sources that we list here today in the description in case you think we’re wrong or that we’re mispronouncing
or mis-saying something, so you guys can yell at us in the comments just like you did last week, except most of you were wrong. So in March 8, 1977, WORK Wheels officially launched in Japan. China? Japan? China? – [Trump] Wrong.
– [Alex] China, Japan? – [Trump] Wrong. – [Alex] Japan? Japan? Japan? Japan. – [Trump] Wrong. – [Alex] WORK began making
wheels under one line first called the Equip line. And that’s actually a line of wheels that still continues to this day, and is considered one
of the longest lasting wheel lines in the history
of after market wheels. You guys have probably
heard of the Equip line, but here’s a couple others in case you need a refresher course. (banging) – [Man] Get that education Bro. Hell yeah. – [Alex] WORK began
operating multi-piece wheels back in the early or late 70’s and continued in the 80’s and 90’s. So this isn’t something
that’s new to them. And, in fact, they achieved
their ISO 9001 back in 2003. – What? – It’s an optional standardization
for performance. (beep) International Standardid (beep) International Organization
for Standardization. – The main winding was of the
normal lotus-o-deltoid type placed in panendermic
semi-boloid slots at the stator. – [Alex] So, WORK Wheels currently has four factories in Japan. One in Okayama, one in
Sakai and one in Shiki. And because I don’t want to mess this up, because I know you you
guys are gonna crucify me. That’s a bad term. I know that you guys are gonna mess me up. Wait, that’s even worse. Since I know you guys are gonna try and criticize us for what we know, I’m reading off my cheat sheet right here. Again, source is in the description. Nikkei Siam Co and Heiwa Kinzoku Company are the major metal suppliers. According to ALCONIX Corporation, Heiwa Kinzoku is a subsidiary which also produces metal items like, aircraftS, motorcycles, automobiles, air conditioners, lead
frames, and aluminum cans. So let’s talk about
their monoblock designs. They’re actually pretty killer. You can probably pick up a
set for around $1,400, $1,500. I actually have a set that I bought here. (groans) Jesus. It’s pretty cool. The is a WORK one piece RSZ EWING. 18 by 8, or so. This is actually a pretty cool wheel. It’s an old school wheel. But just so you guys know, we are in fact not just XXR owners. We own some other cool stuff. So this is actually something that’s going on one of my cars
once it’s restored. (live music) So, 1,400 bucks doesn’t
seem like a big deal, right? Well, that’s their monoblock. Once you start getting into
their two and three piece, that’s where that price point really starts to go up. Their two pieces are generally made using a low cast pressure
system for the center disc and then a sponge forged barrel. This generally makes the wheel lighter and a little more durable than
your one piece counterparts. But, that’s debatable. Now, let’s talk about the godsend. The best thing that you
can get WORK wheels for. We’re gonna talk about
the three piece wheels. And we’re gonna talk about the
three piece wheel behind me. Which is huge. So, we’re gonna have a plug
out to Michael Frederick for letting us borrow
one of his WORK wheels. It’s a three piece wheel
that he’s actually building his Mitsubishi EVO on. If that’s your kind of thing, it’s gonna be a stanced out monster. So if that’s what you like, we’ll drop the IG below. So a three piece wheel is probably the best thing that you can do if you’re looking for a multi-piece wheel. Just because the amount of
variety that you can get with it. The ability to adjust the offset, to change diameter, to mess
with your barrel lengths, and all that sort of stuff; allow you to get a very
customized wheel for your car. Like the one that we see behind us. Something to remember though is like a WORK Meister 3P is gonna cost ya around $3,400 before you get
into the actual customization if you’re looking for anything special. (gagging) So, starting off in the
beginning of the process, there is multiple ways that you can actually develop a three piece wheel depending on if you do
the sandwich method, or an inner outer barrel. All that sort of stuff. But we’re gonna talk about on in specific. We’re gonna start off with just a barrel, which can be aluminum
cast or actually spun. It can be forged, which is what most
people are gonna go with just because it has a stronger durability. Inner and outer rims
are either CNC machined, spun, forged, or cast
aluminum depending on the years that WORK was
making them and then what you’re looking at getting now. So with a WORK wheel, you have and inner lip and an out lip, and then you have your face. And then those two come together. They smoosh together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And then you put your torque screws in and that’s how you actually get your wheel. Due to the general
consistency of WORK wheels being on an aggressive set-up or for a demanding track purpose, WORK understood the
need to having something built to sustain on the outer rim, Instead of having a hollow design, like a lot of your pokey
wheels are gonna have, this actually features what they call a full material rim edge which is not hollow like a lot
of your competition wheels. It’s gonna feature a much stronger design. Especially if they’re forged. Just allows you to bang
’em up a little bit more. And that’s where you get the tendency to where they bend and don’t actually crack. So that’s actually where you’re gonna get a lot of that dependability, reliability. That’s where you’re gonna
get that sustainability. That’s why a lot of
people love these wheels. It’s just because
they’re so damn reliable. And they just tend to not break. – Yes. – So when they do, it’s expensive. (chimes) One thing you really
have to consider though, from the fundamental, basic point of view, is the price point. You’re spending $3,200 on a
set of three piece wheels. They look great, very customizable, but you are waiting a long time for that. Generally speaking, WORK
Wheels from start to port, usually take anywhere
from two to three months. However, horror stories
aren’t uncommon of them lasting more than five to
six months to get to you. If there’s any sort of
inconsistencies or problems with your actual wheel order. On top of that, is when you
start customizing a wheel, especially something as
specific as your torque screws and all that sort of stuff. Or torque, bolts. There’s going to be a lot of chance that you’re gonna mess it up. So, sometimes people
spend four or five months waiting for their WORK Wheel. The WORK Wheel gets
delivered to their doorstep, and it’s the wrong diameter. Or its the wrong offset by millimeter. Because that’s how you
can adjust these wheels. So you have to be very careful
on when you’re ordering a set of WORK wheels. Or any multi-piece wheels that
has a lot of customization. That you know what you’re doing. You are spending a pretty
good amount of time just researching if it’s
gonna fit for your wheel. And if it does, if it’s gonna clear your turns, and your bumps, and all
that sort of fun stuff. Ask Michael Frederick how it’s working out for him right now. He’ll tell ya that he probably wants to burn his whole car to the ground. So, are WORK Wheels great? Absolutely. They’re awesome multi-piece wheels. Their monoblocks are great. But you are paying for that quality. Especially with the multi-piece, you’re gonna see right in the middle. There are some multi-piece
that are a little bit cheaper. There are some multi-piece that are a little bit more, like
AG which will get into in later episodes of the series. But you are getting what you pay for, and you do have to be patient
with what you’re buying. Sometimes it’s not always gonna
be the way that you want it. And sometimes you just
have to put up with it. If you’re willing to pay the money, and you’re willing to
actually use these wheels for their intended purpose, then go out and pick up a set. There are plenty of
WORK dealers out there. We’re actually not one of them. So you can stop saying
it’s a fucking (beep) sales pitch, ’cause it’s not. We’re here to educate you
guys on these wheel companies, and we hope that you
guys enjoy these series. But since this isn’t a sales pitch, I want you to add your car to the gallery. It’s Please. Thank You. WORK Wheels. We don’t sell, but
they’re really cool wheels as long as you’re willing
to pay the money for it. My name is Alex. This is Fitment Inc. Hopefully you don’t hate me anymore. We’ll see ya next week
for another episode. Which one’s my left hand? Peace. (lively music)

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  1. This is nice, I mean we could talk wheels all day and not even get tired which is why I am probably gonna watch all your vids. Not gonna lie but YouTube probably just started promoting this vid seeing all the recent comments and seeing how I got here. Might be a bit late to say this but don't bow to the comment section people live to spit hate and criticize you because they are lacking as an individual. Just rehearse your lines or get a bigger board to put your script so it's easily readable.

  2. CR Kai Emotions are my second favorite wheel of all time. Bought a set for my Evo 9. Sold that car like 3 years ago, still have the wheels.
    Have a set of TE37s as well. God I've wasted a lot of money on thing for other things I don't even own anymore.

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    And also wanted to add that I had a rare set of Work MCO Racing wheels fixed/restored and haven't had an issue at all, which I'm grateful for! That video is here if interested!


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  9. I'm sure XXR, Miro, VSR, etc are good but they are nowhere near the quality of Volk, Advan, BBS, OZ, etc. For $2k, I'd take a used set of the latter than new XXRs or Miros.

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    Rotiform? WatercooledInd VIP Modular? BBS? Leon Hardiritt? Way more manufacturers, but a lot more money than a Work wheel for the most part.

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