The Truth About SPECIALTY FORGED Wheels

The Truth About SPECIALTY FORGED Wheels

– Junior here, back again
with Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. I’m excited. We’ve got another … (explosion) episode of Reinventing
Da Wheel for you guys. This time it’s one you
guys have been asking about for months. Lots of mystery and history behind this very young
and popular wheel company. Find out the truth about
Specialty Forged Wheels and their origin on this episode
of Reinventing The Wheel. Boom (rap music) So as you all probably know, Specialty Forged is a huge player in the lifted truck industry. ♪ You so (bleep) precious
when you smile. ♪ Selling huge polished wheels for your rig. They have forged wheels,
anywhere from a 20 x 9 all the way up to a 28 x 16. Forged wheels, if you don’t know, start as a huge tube of 60 61 T6 aluminum, which is then cut into pucks
and brought in and pressed and cut into the shape
and design you want, and then polished. And tada, you’ve got the
wheel of your dreams. (fantasy music) ♪ Salagadoola mechicka
boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. ♪ Forged wheels are so strong, just because of the fact of the high quality aluminum they use and the amount of pressure that it takes to make these wheels that the quality and structural
integrity of these wheels is second to none. Specialty Forged has a goal. to manufacture the highest quality wheels for lifted trucks and SUVs. What exactly is their strategy? Quality over quantity. They spent lots of time focusing on the quality and look of their wheels, and less time just mass producing. Specialty Forge focuses on
allowing their customers to build their dream wheels with the styling and
finishes that they want. That’s definitely something
that customers have noticed. – Yeah! That was legitness. – Yeah, it was huh. – Compared to the other forged
companies in the market, it just seems that Specialty Forged has a higher quality finish on their products. It almost seems like they have
a ceramic coat on the wheels or something that just
keeps them looking amazing for months, with very,
very little maintenance. That’s always an issue with
fully polished aluminum wheels. They cloud up, basically
just looking at them. And it appears that Specialty
Forge has found a way to keep their finish looking amazing, which is expected
considering the price point that these bad boys come at. A set of four 24 x 14 negative
76 Specialty Forged wheels come in at $5041 for a set of all four in fully polished finish. Add 600 bucks for the black
and milled painted ones. That’s a full grand more
than American Forces in the same size, styling, and finish. Now you may be confused to
think that Specialty Forge and American Force are the same
company or somehow related. Well, they’re not. – What? What the (bleep)? – We’ve seen a lot of
confusion between the two. But they’re in no way related, other than the fact they’re both the top of the forged
game for wheels out there. So how does a company
of ten total employees have the reputation of
being the highest quality, most desired wheel
company in the industry? Their focus on the quality
gave them the reputation of being the most perfectest
wheels on the market. And their photos of brand
new trucks of 20 inches of lift and 26 x 16s all over the ‘Gram, definitely have people
wanting a set of Specialties on their vehicle to look like that. Their slogan is Crafted for
enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. And this shows the Specialty Forged team is actually in the scene. Driving premier show builds and having a passion for modifying trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Something that still blows my mind is the Specialty Forged Facebook page only has 12,000 likes with eight reviews. It’s clear that they
definitely took advantage of the truck show scene on Instagram and heavily pushed their market towards that social media outlet. Seeing as they have
around 175,000 followers on Instagram right now. Now here comes the most impressive part. The Specialty Forged Company
is only four years old. – What? – And the craziest part? The owner of Specialty Forged… (dramatic music) came from American Force themselves. (cheering and rap music) ♪ Snoop Dogg ♪ Now wait, it’s not what you’re thinking, Carlos Gongalas, owner
of Specialty Forged, didn’t leave American Force
just to go to Specialty Forged. After differences between Carlos and American Force’s
owner, Ray Shadravan, arose Carlos split to to his own thing. For a year, he ran his own diesel shop. All the while, obsessed with
custom wheels and trucks. During his time at the diesel shop, Justin, the then-engineer
for American Force, was let go and got in
contact through Carlos, as they’ve been friends
throughout the last couple years. – Ring, ring, ring, that’s the tone. ♪ It’s your best friend calling you, ♪ ♪ You better pick up the phone. ♪ – They started to talk and
develop a game plan in 2014 completely discrete and unknown. Lonestar Throwdown 2015 is when
they decided to release it, and that’s when it all happened. Specialty Forged came out of no where, and they came out swinging. The huge sizes, sexy
designs, and beautiful builds featuring these wheels created the buzz that has kids saving
up a half year’s salary just to buy the wheels of their dreams. Is part of the reason that these wheels are so highly desired because of the fact that they cost so much and
those that can’t afford them will just sit and dream about them? Probably. I think part of it, too,
is that Specialty Forged is hitting a market that
didn’t really previously exist in the show truck scene at all. In the car world, buying a
set of $5000 wheels for shows happens all the time. These wheels are extremely
intricate and top of the line. Until recently, spending
$1500 on a set of 20 x 12s was the norm for trucks in the show scene. And it was just expected for your local truck showing up at shows. ♪ If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Eye Joe ♪ ♪ I’d been married ♪ Introducing a new elite
class of wheels has Specialty Forged and American Force in the level of their own,
sitting at the top of the game. Rumor has it that Specialty
Forged may even be reaching into the exotic car market and who knows? Maybe they’ll try to
convince Shawn to run a set of Specialities on the Aventador. That’s another episode
of Reinventing the Wheel. (truck engine) That was the Z06 starting
up for the first time. That’s another episode of Reinventing the Wheel for you guys. What do you think about Specialty Forged? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below. That’s all I got for you. This is Junior, with Custom
Offsets TV on the YouTube. Peace. Oh, I was supposed to say subscribe. Subscribe, Peace. (beep) – Ehhh. If you let it. – Ehhh. – [Junior] Junior here,
back with Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. – This is a big script. – I interrupted the shot, I’m sorry. – [Junior] Oh you’re following him. I was about to start talking again. Let’s just lock all the doors. No one’s allowed in. – In your face. – [Female Voice] Stop
sitting on the floor . – Adios! – [Female] Okay (bleep) – There’s another, another? – Yeah another. – And there’s another one. Another one.

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  1. I own a set of American forces,24×12 I bought from y’all,.. The wheels are nice but exactly what you said they cloud up immediately you can have them polished and within 10 days they’re back to almost the same way they were..I got a set of Tis wheels and there much better quality it seems which don’t make any sense I’ve had them for 3 months no issues.. We have a buddy with specialty forged and there much nicer and very high quality… would not recommend the polished American forces to much work

  2. Bought a set for my new 18 powerstroke, 24×16 -100 offset. Being made now or in the process anyways, said I should habe them by the end of June or first week of july.

  3. I think anything that's bigger then a 20 is to big and that rubber band tire also looks like shit I like there to be some rubber

  4. I got me a set of 24×16 on my obs Chevy stepside on a durmax frame wrapped in some 40s I'm the only one in my whole area that has a set

  5. The specialty forged factory is like 2 miles from where I live. Always see Carlos Gonzalez’s truck Big Blue rolling around, it’s badass

  6. I wasn't going to go broke just to try to flex for the gram, so I went with Hostiles. Not disappointed at all

  7. I have a set of 22×14 specialty forged wheels and I agree with what he said. The finish is insane and they hold their polish super well. I also like the exclusivity that the wheel brand provides because its much more rare to see them. Also something that wasn't mentioned. The back of my wheels are polished. The inside lip is polished to the finish of the outside lip and even the inside of the wheel where the tire covers up is polished. Just goes to show their focus on quality.

  8. Why the fuck would you want to spend 5000$ on a set of wheels? Theyre gonna get scratched and fucked up at some point. Somebody like me gon get drunk and scratch your wheels 😂😂😂😂

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