– You know when you have a friend, and you’re in school, and
you can just tell that whatever it is that he’s going to do, he’s going to do a lot better than you. You’re there like, sniffing
glue in high school or whatever, and he’s actually understanding why the mitochondria is the
powerhouse of the cell. That is what Motegi is
with the Wheel Pros name and pretty much every other wheel company when you compare it to. On this episode of Wheel History, we’re gonna talk none
other than the racing– We’re gonna be talking about the guys that you’ve probably
heard of 10 years ago, then forgot about, then realized that they’re still doing stuff. We’re gonna talk to you about none other than the infamous Motegi Racing wheel. Motegi Racing is a wheel company, that’s pretty difficult to understand, especially when you consider the fact that Wheel Pros is a giant umbrella that also envelopes the
Motegi Racing wheel. Motegi’s name is founded
in the Japanese prefecture of Tochigi, which is home
of the Twin Ring Motegi, which was founded by Honda Motorsport, and pretty much introduces people to everything automotive related. So is that where Motegi
gets their name from? Can’t call it because we don’t know, but I would assume that if you’re gonna be talking about Motegi Racing wheels, then the only other definition
in the world right now, is that exact location,
and the fact they have an automotive history related motor sport, I’d say that our guess is pretty good. Motegi’s racing history is convoluted, and continues to be until probably, I’d say the last 10 years or so, because what they were made for, and where they came
from is relatively new. Motegi is a brand that
was built and created for enthusiasts of a different pedigree. They weren’t really meant
for people like Joe Shmo to put their wheels on. It was meant for the high
end racing enthusiasts. Which is a little weird considering what we really remember Motegi for, which I would probably say, is more like the “Fast and
the Furious” racing scene, which really wasn’t a racing scene at all. Motegi’s under the racing
wheel line of Wheel Pros, and Wheel Pros is a conglomerate
of different companies, and if you didn’t know that,
well, the more you know. Wheel Pros has a lot of
different brands under their umbrella, and they pretty
much started by just hustling, and know they own like, 10
different wheel companies. So in short, Wheel Pros was kind of like the rich mother and father, whereas Motegi racing
was like the smart kid that just wanted to hustle
and make things work, but he also had rich parents behind him, so he could kind of do whatever he wanted, and Motegi did just that. You see, the Motegi racing name is kind of divided into two sub groups. You have the people that you bring up, like your normal mom and pop, they’re gonna be like, “yeah,
‘Fast and the Furious’.” And, you bring it up to
an avid racing driver, and they’re going to be like, “yes, Motegi Racing. Those guys are the bomb dot com.” Motegi racing doesn’t
have an “About Us”, why? Because they’re too busy making the space for their racing information. Because that’s all they give a damn about, because that’s all that Motegi racing wants to give a damn about. I would yell, but then people
are gonna say we’re like Donut Media and I just
can’t yell like he can, I don’t even have the same
facial hair as that man, that guy’s got something going on. 24 hour Le Mans, IMSA, FIA
World Endurance Championship, Pirelli World Challenge,
Porsche Cup Series, pretty much everything
you can possibly imagine that has to do with motor
sport, they are involved in, and they do it damn well. Let me just give you, just a general gist, of how good they are at what they do. Formula racing, they sponsor
one team and one team only. That’s the Papadakis racing team. Now, you may be wondering
why that matters. Well, Papadakis is probably one of the biggest reasons that the original “Fast and the
Furious” series was a thing. Not only that, but when you
look into the Ferrari teams that Motegi has partnered with,
they’re one of two companies to actually be partnered
officially with Ferrari. Which means that nearly every single Ferrari race car that is out there, out doing things that are way better than I could possibly do on a race track, they’re equipped with Motegi wheels. The only other company
that’s actually involved with Ferrari as an official partner, beside Motegi Racing, is Shell. If you wanna put that in perspective, they seem to be doing something right. These wheels are on everything. Now, you might be wondering
why is the racing scene so important versus the
entry level cast thing? That is, well, a pretty good question. But, just like how we would rather enjoy doing stuff like this than
being stuck in a cubicle, Motegi Racing enjoys being
a part of what they think is the most crucial and just fun part of, you know, selling wheels, and that’s being involved
in the people that really, really use their wheels. You can’t get any more pure than a high performance driving event, or any sort of professional racing event. That’s what Motegi focuses on. That’s what makes Motegi
very good at what they do. It’s probably the reason
why they’re so involved in so many motor sports. There’s a lot of stuff
that Motegi Racing does with their R&D that allows
them to produce wheels for like people, like you and me. That’s what Motegi has been
all about since the beginning. They just wanted to make
wheels that could handle hard cornering, that could
handle the high heat, that could handle everything
that you could possibly throw at it during a
racing event, and survive. The difference between Advan, and Rays, and those sort of companies overseas, is that not a lot of people
know that Motegi is involved at the level that they are. I think that has a lot
to do with the fact that, well, when it comes down
to marketing Motegi wheels, they just really choose
not to get involved in, and that’s just something that
some companies choose to do and some companies don’t. Here’s the thing, with Wheel Pros and the different companies
that have acquired, and passed on, and this,
that, and the other thing, if you really get into the
whole paperwork reveal of it, any time a company gets
acquired by another company, usually the company
brand almost loses faith, it loses brand, either
people figure it out, or people don’t like the
fact that it was bought out, or something in between,
and a lot of times, the brand itself kind of
just dissolves and dies. Companies just don’t
survive a lot of times with acquisitions and a lot of times that tech gets passed
on to other companies. With Motegi and their
involvement with Wheel Pros, you never have to worry about that, because Motegi just kind
of does their own thing. Because of the fact that
they’re involved as they are, they just continue to just
take pride in what they do, which is making high end
performance racing wheels for any sort of motor sport
you can possibly imagine. And, Motegi’s going to continue
to be one of those brands that you’re probably not really gonna hear a whole lot about, especially if you’re on the side of the fence where
you just want some wheels for daily driving, or maybe
tossin’ around a track, but when it comes down to the
professional racing scene, when it comes down to the
stuff that they actually dial in to a T, where they spend
99 percent of their time, Motegi is doing extremely well. You’ll likely really not
hear about them a whole lot in our eyes because Motegi
is just a brand that is, well, a solid brand,
but when it comes down to you wanting something
that’s gonna be a high end application for something
you’re running around the track, Motegi’s definitely one of
those brands that I don’t think is gonna go away any time soon. You’re probably gonna
see them come up with a few more wheels at the end of the year, because they’re trying to get
back into the big brand thing. Motegi’s been kind of sitting
on the sidelines a little bit, from what we’ve heard, not to
say that we have connections, but we have connections,
is that they are going to be coming out with some
new stuff for everybody, because they want to get back into getting a little bit more limelight, while still playing a
part in the racing scene. Hopefully we see more of
the Motegi Racing line. We definitely want to see more, and we’ll see what happens with the brand. Now that we’re done with all of that, it’s time for a giveaway. We are– I already picked it up, I already got it right here. The man, the myth, the legend, the winner of this last week’s
video, Michael Midgett. Michael said that, “Dom is the bomb.” And, he said that Alex thinks that– He thinks that I can’t talk certain humor and that’s the reason
that I’m holding back. I will have you know that
you are 125 percent correct. Congratulations, you won a
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out Fitment Industries dot com. We also have wheels, tires,
suspension, all of that stuff. I’m Alex, we’ll see you later. Peace.

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