The Truth About METHOD Wheels

The Truth About METHOD Wheels

– Hey guys what’s going on–
(punching sound) (tone) Hey guys, how’s it going, junior here. I’m just kidding. (tone) We back, Junior here
with another episode of Reinventing the Wheel. This week we’re getting into a company that actually is reinventing the wheel. Let’s get at it, with Method Race Wheel. (chill music) So, first of, this actually
surprised me quite a bit, Method Race Wheel’s has been around since (dramatic music) (slow motion) 2010. – He’s climbing up windows,
he’s snatching the people up. He’s tryna hug so you
need to hide ya kids, hide ya wifes. Hide ya kids, hide ya wifes,
hide ya kids, hide ya wifes! – Guess who, it’s Justin Bieber! (record scratch) – Now that is eight years
and a decent amount of time but given the name and
brand that they hold in the off road community,
I would’ve expected for them to be around longer than
they’ve actually have been. Now I’m talking off road,
I’m not talking about your pavement princesses who have touched the grass for the first time ever. I’m talking about rock crawlers, buggies, trophy trucks, ETV’s,
ATV’s, side by sides, your grandma’s buggy if it goes off road. I don’t know, anything you can think of, these guys have a wheel for them. All of these guys require
extensive quality and standards, and you’re gonna see
Method’s name everywhere. (soft music) Oh *bleep* As a company founded
around racing enthusiasts and drivers, they don’t look
at the standards at all. They look at what is demanded
by the sport they love, and they build that quality. But what exactly makes
these wheels any better than any others on the market? Well, have I got a story for you. In the early years of 1643, Germans used wooden carts to race each other, and the name Method was
somehow just scribbled on these wheels, and it
became a new, I don’t know. Method has six different
factories they do business in with top quality material used to produce all of the wheels they carry. They have one piece cast aluminum wheels, flow formed technology wheels, and one piece forge wheels
that really take a beating and need to be super high quality. Now flow formed technology
may sound new or fancy to you, but it’s the same thing
as the rotary forged, and compression forged
that we’ve talked about in previous videos that we have done. Basically it’s a cast
wheel poured into a mold that is then spun spun spun really fast and the barrel is pulled out and pushed and flow formed and compressionized. I’m just tryna use all the
words they use to call this, and pulled to become the width
of the barrel of your wheel. This gives it a higher
structural integrity than like your normal cast wheels just poured into a mold and it’s done. There’s a lot of pressure
and technology used to give it a stronger barrel and a higher structural strength for
higher intensity applications. There are varying quality
levels to this flow formed or rotary forged technology,
and especially in the car world more than the truck world you
see a lot of different brands, cheap or expensive, using
this type of technology to offer a higher quality
wheel to their customer. Now Method, I would say,
is probably on the top, as far as these different
qualities of flow formed range because the intensity these
wheels are put through and everything have a
really high quality control, and they make sure their
wheels are structurally completely capable of
anything they’re put through, before putting them out
on the market for sale. – You’re the man. – [Tape Recorder] You’re the man. – Harvey, did you say somebodies the man? – [Tape Recorder] You’re the man. – Thanks, appreciate it. Who’s the man? – [Tape Recorder] You’re the man. – You know it, what did you say? – [Tape Recorder] You’re the man. – Damn straight. – [Junior] And obviously if designing such a high intensity
wheel for off road racing is something Method got on lock, developing a street truck
wheel was super simple for them to do. And hey Method, we know a
couple guys here at the shop who would run if you’re looking
for somebody to hook up. (Always Sunny in Philadelphia Theme Music) Seriously, I drive a Jurassic Park replica Jeep – Bernardo Even designed with high load ratings for your lift or truck applications, Method basically makes
sure that the wheels that you’re gonna put on your truck are fully capable of doing anything you’re gonna put them through. What’s in the future for Method? I think they’ll be around
and still be the name in race wheels and offroading for
many many many years to come, especially since they
were created in 2010, their quality and
applications have them leading the offroad racing world,
and pushing and growing to fill the street world as well. There isn’t a reason every jeep in America shouldn’t be running a set of Methods. They’re also looking to push
and improve what they have to better their offroad race wheels, with new technology and
development for every enthusiast. So whether you drive a jeep, or a truck, or a car or trophy truck, a buggy, any offroad vehicle at all, Method’s are probably a name you’ve heard of, or if you’re not, you’re
hearing about them now in this new offroad world
that you’re coming from and your pavement princess life, it’s like, whoo, we’re
over here guys, what’s up. We have forces, we have Methods. I don’t know where I was going with that. What are your thoughts on Method? Let us know in the comments below, and let us know who you wanna see next. I’m Junior with Custom Offsets, and this was another episode
of Reinventing the Wheel. Peace. (high energy music)

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  1. Too bad the fake bead lock bolts rust out in 6 months in the NE. Plus that fake bead lock look should be over by now

  2. I had a set of NVs on my last truck and I miss them!! Currently trying to decide between some more NVs or parhaps the Con6 for my new truck 😎

  3. Ran methods on all my Yotas, absolutely love them.. purchased my set when they first came out on the market will never buy another race wheel..

  4. I have a pair of the Method Double Standards matte black in 17 x 8.5 Purchased in 2014, they've faded significantly. I did reach out to Method and asked about their paint formula and they got back to me, saying they've changed the matte black paint formula. I'm gonna give the Method 312 or 315's a try on my new 4runner

  5. 2 sets of identical gold Methods on my Tundra…one for the summer set and the other for the winters…hard core fan !!

  6. I got the methods on my Subaru Crosstrek and Im planning on switching the 22s of my Ram for the 20x12s methods

  7. Haha, Love the video and sense of humor. I love my method wheels, The matte black standard look great on my Silverado.

  8. Absolutely love methods! There perfect for what I do with my truck. I love how they have good load ratings so there perfect for towing. They also hold up great off road too, and I love the finishes they come in. They look great and there not gloss or polished or anything so when your wheeling they stay looking great longer then a gloss wheel in my opinion, And i just like the fact that I don’t have a nice shiny finish to worry about scratching & screwing up when I’m wheeling on the trails. All said, Method is my absolute favorite wheel company👌🏻😎

  9. I'm actually really happy to see this video bc I'm going to buy my first set of wheels for my bronco and I was thinking about buying methods it's good to hear that I'm actually buying quality Wheels for such a low price

  10. Have a set of bronze Method MR501s on my WRX that I got after I bent 2 wheels hitting a pot hole. These Methods definitely aren't bending any time soon. I love them more every time I look at them.

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