(popping sounds) – Jesus, alright already. – This is ridiculous. – In the beginning we covered XXR because that’s what you guys
wanted us to talk about. Then we covered Work and
everything was going really great. We talked about a cool company, Work. It had a bunch of history,
it had stuff, it had wheels, it had heritage. Then we went into Rotiform, we talked about being
the bros and the hipsters and having all the cool wheels. Then we started to talk about a whole bunch of different brands and they all had history
and it was all exciting and which pretty much
covered every single brand except JNC and Varrstoen. It’s not because we didn’t want to. It’s because the internet would not supply the information needed to make a video that actually had some substance to it. That’s the best that I got. Because now, we finally have a little
bit of information on JNC. So we thought we would
finally indulge you guys on the one wheel brand
you have been asking for since the dawn of time. For the amount of effort that we put into making this goddam script you better subscribe or so help me God, I will go through this camera and I will find you. Also, stay with us to the end of the video we’re actually doing a giveaway and it’s a pretty decent giveaway. ‘Cause we like giving away stuff. Right. Right. JNC Wheels. Let’s just do it. JNC Wheels was founded in 1998
by a person, of some kind, we don’t really know who he
is, but it was founded in 1998. JNC Wheels has a pretty
interesting history. It was founded in California,
it was founded in 1998 and it was founded for one
or two very simple purposes. To sell wheels and, and, to, to, – To, to, to, today Junior! – To do that online. That was pretty much it. With the booming of e-commerce and the way that the
whole internet was booming back in 1998. You guys remember, RoomScape, old school, even the beta version was just coming out. You’re young, you’re a
young buck and you’re like, I wanna go play video
games on the computer. But you couldn’t, because
your mom was on the phone. And if your mom was on the phone and then you picked up the phone to make sure you could get on the internet and then they’re talking to Auntie Susan about how you’re a disappointment. And then it was just a really tough time when you were a child and
then you had to grow up. And you had to realize that
you didn’t have the confidence that you thought you did. So then you just start
making videos on YouTube to talk to strangers that can’t talk back. Because that’s the only way that you can get self affirmation. Wow! So anyway, like I was saying, back in 1998 the e-commerce was really booming. Ebay and all those sorta
companies were really taking off. And there was companies
that were getting involved that were like, how can we
make this about automobiles? And so, essentially, somebody
came along, was like, well, how ’bout we do that for wheels? And JNC Wheels was founded. Now, JNC Wheels was founded in 1998 and because of the
booming of the e-commerce and online retailing, is
really why JNC got so big. It didn’t take very long for JNC Wheels to start making a name for themselves. In fact, they’ve had monumental growth in the last 20 years that they’ve existed. Now, JNC Wheels is a company that, in terms of heritage, and
history and stuff like that, there’s really not a lot to them. They have a few different warehouses. They employ about 30 employees, depending on which warehouse
you do business in. They do business across the world. They do a lot of business in
the United States, in Mexico, in Japan, Oh Canada, up
North there, dontcha know? And they do business in
other countries as well. But JNC Wheels, isn’t a company that is very similar to
a company like Advan, or something like that. Where it was bred for a specific purpose. JNC was more like, let’s just do it and see if we can make some
money and JNC did just that. They’re really never stopped. In fact, they’ve had like a
20% growth, year over year, ever since they were founded. They really have no plans of
slowing down any time soon. JNC Wheels is founded under
aluminum alloy wheels. So there, one piece cast wheels. They’re gravity cast. I think they’re gonna plan on going into low pressure casts in time, but for the most part, a lot of what JNC prides itself on is just having wheels available in a bunch of different sizes
and finishes that you like. For a price point that
is extremely entry level and ready to roll. For pretty much anyone looking
to get into the wheel scene. Now, we’re not gonna get into the designs because it’s just, we’re not gonna do it. We’re gonna maintain a neutral opinion on this wheel history. But, JNC Wheels makes a
bunch of, one-piece wheels and the make a bunch
of designs that are… (clears throat) Right. So, what you can expect from JNC Wheels is the fact that they do have
pretty good customer service, they do have a lot of wheels out there, they do have a lot of finishes and styles. But for the price point,
it’s just so hard to beat. You can get a satellite
15 by 6 1/2 for $400. You can even go up to 19 by 10 1/2, so you can get some 047’s. You can get pretty much
anything that you want. That’s what JNC tries to do. Now, JNC isn’t a brand that really crazy into
motorsports and drifting, anything like that. More then they’re just involved for people that are looking to get their hands on their first set of wheels when
they get out of hight school. For that, JNC takes no aim. It doesn’t really care. That that’s the way they do things and that’s completely cool. JNC Wheels is who they are and
who they want to be because, the fact of the matter is, they’re doing pretty well for themselves. A few short years after
they were even founded they’re making millions of dollars. So, in terms of having
a good business idea, I’d say that they got first place. Unsually with companies,
especially the entry level ones, you expect them to have
some sort of parent company JNC does not have that and
that’s probably another reason that you see them stick
to what they’re good at. That one piece alloy is an
easy, rooted market to get into. As long as you get yourself established with the overseas factories, which is where a lot
of JNC wheels are made. You’re gonna actually do
fairly well for yourself. Now, JNC doesn’t have any
really big plans to get into the multi-piece wheel game
or anything like that. When you look at other companies like ESR, 3STM or 1552
and stuff like that. They do want to get into more heritage, Japanese, original style
wheels in the coming future because that’s what they told me ane we’re telling you because
that’s what they said. If they choose to do that,
that’s entirely up to them. We know how much money it
costs to make new molds. We know how difficult that can be. If there as successful
as they say they are, they are probably going to need to, in the next coming years, because a lot of the wheel
companies are evolving. You’ve seen a lot of different companies come out with new designs,
new material, new technology. Pretty much to set the bar as to what makes their brands special. If JNC chooses to do that, so that they can hit the
market in their own way, it’s gonna be up to them. In terms of design and styling
and all hat sort of stuff. I’m not going to get into it because I haven’t had
enough coffee or Redbull and I haven’t been talking fast enough to express my thing with it. We’re not gonna do that, just, I feel like Jasper. We’re not gonna do that. And that’s fine. You guys can have your own
opinion’s on wheel design. You can have your own opinion on the price and things like that,
it’s entirely up to you. I’m sure you’re already in
the comments section writing what we should know about the brand even though we know the brand
because we sell them to you if that’s what you want. If you don’t want that, we
can help you with other stuff. We’re just ere to give
you information, okay? Don’t kill the messenger. JNC is a brand that just doesn’t stick it’s head out too often. They’re really not in the
limelight all that often. Especially, when you talk about
brands that are entry level, or rep wheels, or fake
wheels, or counterfeit wheels, or not counterfeit wheels. That whole conversation, a lot of times, seems to almost forget about
other entry level wheels. JNC Wheels is one of those
brands where, in terms of, when you see people arguing
or talking about it, you never see the brand brought up. That’s because JNC, I don’t think, really wants to have any limelight. They’re just doing what they
know that they’re good at. And what they’re good at is just making alloy wheels in
a bunch of different sizes and colors and bolt patterns and things like that at
an entry level price. At the end of the day, it’s really not anything that
you have to be upset about. They’re just doing what
they’re supposed to do. In terms of JNC as a brand,
what do you guys think? You can drop a comment
below and let us know. Now, in terms of the giveaway,
if you guys remember, it’s actually pretty simple. We wanna get you guys over
onto our Instagram page. All you have to do is
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Valsem Pack here for ya. We’ve got Valsem little
after market wheels. You be sure to pick some up. Otherwise, I’m Alex
from Fitment Industries. We hope to see you next time and if your interested
in picking up some wheels check out
we have, like, all of them. JNC, Advan, Work, Gram Light,
all that sorta good stuff. Just let us know what you want, we’ll be sure to help you out. And finally, be nice to
Claire, she’s learning. She doesn’t talk as fast as me, she’s not as enthusiastic
as me and that’s okay, because, you wanna know why? You’re gonna see a
whole bunch of new faces on the Fitment Industries channel. That’s just how we like to mix things up. I’m looking at you guys in
the comment section, be nice. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries
and we will see you later. Peace.

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