– So it is the beginning of September which is the grandiose,
wonderful, amazing, incredible, lovely weather time where
everything around Wisconsin just absolutely sucks (bleep). – Mother nature! – You know when you’re in the YMCA and you’re in like, the tenth grade, and you were there because
your parents made you go and you didn’t really want to be there because every single time that
you went into the locker room there was always something just really uncomfortable about it? (students chanting and slamming lockers) (students singing) So instead of talking about uncomfortable
situations at the YMCA, we decided that we’re gonna talk to you about Continental Tire which is a brand that you guys have requested in the comments. So before we get into it, don’t forget to subscribe and hopefully you don’t mind the fact that I look like I’m about to fall asleep and I probably sound a little bit nasally and that’s okay because if I blink a lot, then all the water just goes away. So founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871, Continental Tire was actually
just a stock agency company. Now, what did they do really well? You know, back in the
early 18, 19 hundreds, companies just did stuff. Now, we’ve talked about this before. Companies just do stuff and Continental was just doing stuff. In fact one of the biggest things that they really got into was like, rubber manufacturing
and paper manufacturing and just different things that
they could possibly produce. They started out with soft rubber products and like, bicycle tires
and things like that because just like every
other tire company, it doesn’t seem like
they made stuff for cars because cars weren’t
really a thing at the time and in case you were wondering what the actual name of
Continental Tire was back in 1871, it was not Continental Tires. It was Continental, Continental, Caoutchouc? Continental-Caoutchouc
und Gutta-Percha Campa, Campa, Campaconie, Camp, Cabernacle. Tabernacle. Sunday, church. Okay, moving forward. Moving into the late 1800s in 1898, they developed a pneumatic tire that has a very simple flat tread pattern because through all the
research and development that they were trying to get into, they realized that this was
just a solid way to make a tire that people would want. Now back in the day, there wasn’t a whole lot of
revolutionizing happening, besides the fact that you have tires taking a long time to being made, depending on the certain
structure that your factory had, Continental was essentially going through the same growing pains as
a lot of other companies back in the same time frame. The difference between Continental Tire and other brands though, is that Continental Tire just
wanted to get the craft down. They weren’t trying to establish a million different patents, they weren’t trying to
revolutionize the wheel, they just wanted to make a product that people legitimately just wanted and that the suppliers and all the companies out
there actually needed. In the early 1900s, they made different things
for German airships, they made certain
different you know, stuff. They made things. They made rubberized air pockets, like a Hot Pocket but
imagine the Hot Pocket was filled with air, which his still probably a
pretty accurate description of what Hot Pockets are. And then in 1904, they actually made a
little bit of headway. They were one of the first companies to create grooved tires for automobiles and a few short years after, they continued to develop and improvise and kind of innovate this
different type of design to essentially be more useful for all different types of weather. You could see it actually
getting to be formed into what became a studded
tire in the later years. Continental was trying to create products that just allowed people to
get to where they needed to go if it wasn’t just a beautiful sunny day. A lot of their earlier technology was really meant for airships and a lot of their records and a lot of things that
they take a lot of pride in actually comes down to things
that were used for airplanes. So, one of the first planes to
ever travel across you know, the English Channel was
done with a Mona plane that was covered with
Continental airplane material. Wow. Pretty much what that means is that people were flying back in
the day with Continental stuff and Continental was pretty happy about it. So much so that they didn’t
forget for about 114 years. And moving in through the 50’s and 60’s, they essentially got
involved with anything that had to do with rubber products, so they made conveyor belts, they made steel and air springs, they made everything in between
because at the same time while the tire business was going up, then going down, depending
who was at war with who, and who won what war and what cold war was going on, a lot of these companies like Continental had to find a way to essentially
mitigate all of the profit and loss over a long period of time and they did so by making products for pretty much everything to try and diversify their portfolio and put more legs underneath their stool. In fact, until the 1960s, Continental finally
introduced a belted tire which is now probably a
pretty standard thing, but back in the 60s, it was pretty iconic, and it revolutionized
the name of Continental into becoming one of the
major players for the game, but it wasn’t until they
got into the Americas in around 1987, that
Continental truly began to grow, and they began to grow because of their essential acquisition
of another tire company that you may have heard of: General Tires. So Continental was coming into the game, they were behind Michelin,
they were behind Goodyear, they were behind all these other companies that were already in the United States, but Continental had one
thing going for them, it was the fact that they were already pretty well established in
the international market. Unlike a lot of other
companies that were growing and then shrinking and then
growing and then shrinking, Continental just continued
to kind of gradually grow and acquire as much as they possibly could including General Tire which put them on the
map in the United States. And in the 1990’s, Continental Tire was one of
the first brands to come up with an environmentally
friendly tire that is a tire. I mean, 1990’s. There wasn’t a whole environmental
thing happen in the 70s and happen again in the 90s and it’s happening I think now, depending on if you’re on Tumblr or not, but Continental Tire was trying to get involved in more
innovation, more technology, more things that they could
do to be ahead of the pack and just like everything
else with Continental, they decided to develop in
1995 an automotive division dedicated to all sorts
of automotive pieces and equipment and things like that, that would just help them
establish another line of product that they could sell to OE suppliers at a fraction of what other
people were charging them. And today, Continental
ranks among the top five automotive suppliers worldwide. They supply break systems, systems and components for
powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment
solutions vehicles, electronics, tires, and
technical information. That’s so boring, but they
do it really, really well. They do it so well that they
have OE partners like Audi, like BMW, like Jaguar, they have all these
different companies out there that are wholly just
kind of in bed with them and it works really well and Continental Tire is not really one of the companies
to be in the limelight, but they are doing very
well for themselves. So, does that mean that
they make a good tire? Yes. Because of all the different
little legs that they have in the automotive division, it allows the R and D to
kind of pick and choose what they need to know
for different departments and different divisions to
make their products better. So the stuff that they learn from their infotainment solutions is the same stuff that they’re gonna use to determine how much they
need to go into R and D for drivetrains and things like that, depending on how people
drive and where they go and then from there, they develop a lot of their tire solutions and how do they drive and the research and
development behind that and then that gets fed to the OE suppliers and the OE suppliers will help
make their wheels and tires and cars and things like that because of the information
that Continental can provide. And Continental is a company that pretty much has it on lock when it comes down to that sort of system. From pretty much the late 80s, Continental has been a
brand that’s been all about just establishing growth
all across the board and even though they got really close to kind of biting off more
than they could chew in 2007 when they acquired quite a big chunk of a healthy division of another company, they still tend to do relatively
well in today’s market. Now, they’re not the biggest, and they’re probably not the most active. Continental does have a
motor sport you know, phase. Kind of like when you were
16 and it was just a phase and then it ended in a couple of years, but Continental does play a
pretty huge part in motor sports especially considering where you look, but that’s not the huge facet of what Continental is really known for. A lot of their tires are great from their high-end competitive line to their all-season to their
passenger car, to their truck. A lot of their semis and a lot
of their commercial vehicles are really where
Continental actually shines. So why is Continental Tires such a brand that a lot of people know but never really think about when they’re buying in
today’s marketplace. Well, if you didn’t know, a
lot of the younger generation, the people like you, the people like me, even though I don’t have
facial hair I am not 16, I’m a little bit older than that. You’re gonna see that
a lot of tire companies are organizing their focus
towards us in a cool way. Cool way, like Nitto, Toyo, companies like that. They rock the market when it
comes down to stuff like that. Besides their extreme contacts, there’s not a whole lot out there that a lot of people praise Continental for. Now again, that doesn’t
mean they’re a bad tire, it just means that it’s something that may be worth looking
at to see what’s going on and if they are doing something cool, why don’t we know about it. So it’d be interesting to see what Continental comes
out with in the next, I would say few months,
especially with Sema coming up, they should be releasing
something pretty cool. So what do you guys think
about Continental Tires? Do you like them, not like them? Do you just wish that I
would stop talking so fast and stop drinking Red Bull at
four o’clock in the afternoon, let me know in the comments section below. And of course, check out
Fitment Industries dot com for wheels, tire suspension, airlift, all that good stuff. We even have tan on the site now, but we wanted to let you guys know that we are so thankful for all the support we’ve
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absolutely tremendous. We love talking to you
guys in the comments, we love talking to you
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to see us talk about next, and of course, if you’re interested, we have a lot of viewers
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help that we could get. We’re trying to get to 100,000 subscribers as fast as humanly possible. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Thanks again for watching,
and we’ll see you later. Peace.

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  1. im just going to troll @Fitmentindustries until they see the light and do an episode on a major, or minor, brake manufacturer…as i have said before…brakes are just as important as quality tires and way more so than wheels! just saying…

  2. Yeah,
    Great stuff as always, tremendous job/info
    If Alex could speak 10% slower, it would be GREATLY appreciated 😬
    Holler Jasper

  3. Hey awesome video! About the translation stuff i could help with it, i'm french and i speak english and spanish(90%) fluently so hit me up!

  4. Had a set of Continental Extreme Winter Contacts on my BRZ for 3 Canadian winters. Never slipped or slid (except when I wanted to), and I drove with traction control and VSC off for 99% of the time.
    Have a set of Continental Extreme Contact Sports on my AP1 (stock 16" since I couldn't get Michelin Pilot Super Sports for the S2000 in 16") and Honda Fit Sport (15" RPF1s), and they've been extremely (no pun intended) solid performers. The availability in sizes below 17" is great.

  5. Didn't really know continental made anything good until my car came stock with continental sportcontact 6. Some amazing grip.

  6. One thing that never failed to amaze me about Continental tires that I installed on my customers cars back in the late 1970's, the 1980's, and the early 1990's was how "in balance" Continental tires were upon installation. Line up the orange or red dot on the sidewall of the tire with the valve stem on the alloy wheel and 9 out 10 didn't need any balance weights when put on the wheel balancing machine! The first few times I saw that I broke the tire down and slid the "dot" to opposite the valve stem and sure enough it need some weight to be brought into balance; but only like 1/4 to 1/2 oz. Where the Goodyear, Firestone, and all others needed a couple of oz minimum to be "in balance". And the few Continentals that might have needed a weight, it was always just one; never multiple weights at multiple positions on the inside and outside of the wheel to achieve balance. And in those years Continental was about all I ever sold, as long as my customer could afford a top level tire. And I did try the first few China made tire brands that made it to the USA in the early 80's to try to satisfy my few customers who wanted cheap rubber, but it wasn't worth the aggravation of dissatisfied customers and time expended "hammering on" 3 or 4 wheel weights and then a month later having the car return with a shake because the tires I had just installed went out of balance in the first 1000 miles after installation. Hey, the tire sales were a small part of my Asian-manufacturer specialty automotive repair shop, a couple of cars a month for 4 new tires and that's about it. And I installed them myself, having started out "spinning wrenches and busting tires" (and pumping gas in the pre- self-serv days) in a real service station; experience that few automotive technicians ever obtained. And no, I never hired any one that worked for a Goodyear, a Firestone, or a Sears store as I was biased against kids who started out in that type of operation; too many bad habits to try to fix, Ionly hired ex-dealer or techs from other independent shops, or right out of tech school (Lincoln Tech mostly).

    And other than my two 4×4's which got Goodyears, all I ever installed on my own cars were Continental tires. But I couldn't make them last on my AE86, that 4A-GE burned thru rear tires in 12,000 miles due to breaking the rear tires loose at 7500 rpm when I would got into 2nd gear. LOL But on my '84 Cressida I got over 100,000 miles on a set of Continentals; open differential, automatic transmission, and not enough power to break them loose in the dry.

  7. IMO The Extremecontact Sports are one of the best bang for your buck tires. Not too soft to where it hurts to daily them, not too pricy, and they're almost as good as their competitor (Pilot Sports) with price taken into consideration.

  8. Hold up, at 01:50 do I see them good ol' boys running Enkei RSV's? Call the press folks, seems we spotted some time travelers in action. 😀

  9. Attack One Attack 2 and attack 3 motorcycle tires they're the best nothing competes against them a hundred and thirty-two in the rain and I never lost traction once going pretty fast continental's are expensive a worth the money if I could barely afford to motorcycle tires I'd sure as hell can't afford for car tires

  10. Been using Continental tires for years. I have DW tires on my Porsche 911 and DWS-06 on my Chevrolet SS. They offer great traction, excellent life within the categories you are looking at and fair pricing. An excellent alternative to Michelin and Pirelli.

  11. I'm running continental extreme contact on my Lexus when I was looking for tires I found continental had the best warranty, drive and look of tread for the price

  12. Continental also makes the interior for many manufacturers like Ford, Chrysler, Honda, bmw, Tesla and others. They also make pool liners, vinyl material for seats at places like McDonald's, vinyl flooring, vinyl windows for boats and convertibles, medical blood bags, and a ton more. I work in research and development for their films division.

  13. Really appreciate you guys and your hard work of bring knowledge to people these videos have been so helpful and informational!

  14. I got some pure contacts and they are amazing on my Kia Forte koup. They use a DWS print on the tire that tells you when a tire isn’t ideal for driving in certain conditions. I think the reason why they aren’t as big as say nitto is because they don’t have the sexy advertising like they do. To me it’s more word of mouth that drives continental.

  15. Cosmis S1 Hyper Bronze since they want you guys to run their wheels , but if you guys decide to get something else after that , I'd recommend the Rotiform LHR 2pcs , a modern take on one of the classic BBS wheels that came on the stock BMW.

  16. They should invest in condoms as a side hustle. Sure they'd be popular. Continental Condoms,made for extreme play. 😂✌

  17. Clearly the DWS06 is the most popular Continental, is it a good tire for stretching?

    I watched the spotlight video you guys did on it and you showed the sidewall flex… Looked kinda thin TBH lol

  18. I just enjoy watching your YouTube videos. Like sometimes I know a bit about the products but your YouTube videos are just so good that I watch it anyway. The amount of facts and information in the videos is truly amazing.

  19. Continental Tire is not nitto FUCK NITTO , Continental Tire is #1!!!!
    (Y) = 185 MPH+++
    As they're designed for high speed performance!!!!
    who won LeMans this year WHAT TIRE DID THEY RUN LOL
    Unlike most of the DUMB ASS
    🇻🇦🏁✝️ just read the resume of companies that ONLY USE THEIR TIRES ON THEIR VEHICLES:
    AMG Mercedes Benz
    BMW Alpina
    Porsche motor car
    And the list goes on and on and on
    Continental✝️ often imitated never duplicated from Trucking to Track to daily

  20. I rocked at least 8 sets of Contiextremecontact DW and DWS over the years. Feel amazing in the rain, and grip hard in the bends. I loved those tires as much in January as I did in July. Currently rocking a set of DWS 255/50/18 on Fifteen52 Formula GTs on my girls Allroad (got that meaty strance). They even stretch well, I ran 235/35/19 on 19×10’s on my Avant. Great go to tire

  21. Continental & General Tire are the value for dollar kings. No other lines of tire give you more per dollar spent. The ultimate in return on investment, if you spend more on different tires it's diminishing returns. Each dollar more you spend represents less added value. Thats what continental and by extension General does thats "cool". As a consistent customer I'd just assume that people continue to not pay attention to them so that their prices stay right in that sweet spot.

  22. Been thinking of getting a set of their ECS model tires,waiting to see if they come out with something else before the end of the year.

  23. Been running dws06 for about 3years now on my summer wheels and they are great even in heavy rain. I find them shit in the snow up here in the great white north. Oh! And i have conti winters and boy can they cut snow.

  24. Well, in Europe at least Continental is considered THE tire. We here do not take anything outside of Continental, Good Year/Dunlop, Michelin, and Pirelli to be a premium tire. Yokohama? Mediocre. Toyo? Terrible results when tested, usually doesn't make it past the safety test for wet breaking. A budget solution for the euro scene as well. And oh boy, Nankang… It is a fun perspective, to observe the daily struggles of the US car community I must say. Is it possible that you might have missed as well, one of THE wheel companies – Borbet?

  25. Thanks bro for that complete coverage!! I work for Conti in the Andean Region and you just gave me a very interesting hint to make our tires more cool for our and next generations!! 🐎

  26. Great job. Lots and lots of cool info. Just bought a set of continental extreme contact dws06 tires and I'm very impressed with performance, especially in the wet.

  27. I swear Continental tires are the best kept secret out there. Substance over flash. Please keep it that way! You will have a life long customer and promoter in return.

  28. So, I have a mk7 golf r. I plan on installing the 034 Motorsport lowering springs soon with some new wheels and tires for summer. My question is what tire? I’m lookin at the continental contact sports or the Michelin pilot sport 4S’s. There’s about a 200 dollar difference for my size of 235/35/19. I will hardly ever go to a track, drag strip sometimes but mostly city and highway driving………

  29. I selected Contitruecontact for my mom's Honda CRV because they were the longest lasting tire on sale at the time. They are rated as 90,000 mile tires. I can't say anything bad about them. I'm not sure if Contitruecontacts grip very well or run very quietly, because Dunlop ST30 tires were what the car originally had, and those were the typical cheap crap that many new cars get. I think some tires might be quieter and stickier than the Contitruecontact.

    I heard that Continental bought Goodyear's Gatorback rubber belt division a few years ago.
    7:01 I saw massive increases in the number of cars built with Continental tires over the past 15 years, but I didn't realize it was because Continental was building so many other auto parts for those companies. Maybe Denso should build tires since so much of their stuff is found in Honda and Toyota cars.

  30. All my rubber comes from Continental. I use DWS06 on my Trans Am, U use their engine belts and even my shoes use continental rubber. They're much bigger than I originally thought!

  31. My car is at Mavis Tire right now to be fitted with 245/45/18 Pure Contact LS tires on my 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 HTrac. Had Michelin MXV4 and they were okay but not great. Even Consumer Reports lists this or par or even better than Michelin Premier A/S.

  32. I'm looking to run a 255/35/18 tire for my WRX and am having trouble choosing between Continental Extremem Contact DWS06 or Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. Fitment Industries, do you have an opinion or advice? I run the car as my daily and don't race at all of that helps. I just want a really good tire.

  33. Riding my old bike "calzado" with Continental Race King 26" 2.0 ,good compound ,light as a feather ,I guess 400 gr.Good grip on any surface ,with the adecuate pressure. Good job on you making the video and the same for them ,with the quality they provide.

  34. planning on putting these on my 99 Firebird. Was thinking 255/45ZR17 front and 295/35ZR18 rear. Was wondering how those would look on a Firebird

  35. Tire Rack suggested 255/45RZ17 and 275/40RZ18. They know more than I do, but you sound like you know more than them lol. I’d like 295s in the rear but I don’t want some big dumb suv looking tire

  36. Here is the secret of worlds tyre makers, except tyres on Your Tesla car. Barum (Otrokovice city in Czech Republic). Barum means BA=Baťa (shoe maker), RU= Rubena (bicycle tyres, I recomend!) and M=Mitas (city where Rubena Mitas come from). So forget all the brands, and remember, Barum is cars, Rubena Mitas is bicycles. You dont need spend money for name, You have pay for quality and what You get.

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