The Truth About Chinese Wheel Factories

The Truth About Chinese Wheel Factories

(fast forwarded tape) – One two three go ♪ My
baby don’t m– (laughs) Song has been stuck in
my head all day. Oh boy. Hey yeah When it comes down to
buying stuff over seas people have a tendency
to give it a lot of flack especially when you’re buying something that’s made in China. China’s like this super bad super angry super bad, communist-lookin’, you just you buy America, you be American,
that’s just what you do. But we still go to Walmart, we buy things that are made in
China, especially because it’s sometimes a lot more affordable. You do it, I do it, we do it, if you only buy stuff made in America, you’re either extremely loaded, or
you’re lying to yourself because that’s just not how
the world works anymore. We decided to see if
that actually played true when it came to making wheels overseas. So we actually decided to go
visit a Chinese wheel factory. Now don’t be fooled, the
Chinese wheel factory we went not really a whole lot we went and spent two days there and we decided to learn
a little bit about it because it’s something
that we wanted to do because why else would
I, we, wanna fly 17 hours to a country that we
really didn’t wanna visit to go to a factory that
we ideally really didn’t actually wanna spend a whole lotta time in a country that is like walking through an exhaust muffler
without being able to see five feet in front of
you ’cause it’s so bad when it comes down to quality of air. We decided to risk our lives, ours. This life right here, these lives in this very quaint, very small place so that you could learn more about what Chinese wheel
factories are actually like. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. And we’re just gonna jump right into it. So one of the first things that we noticed when we actually got there is that the wheel factory,
a lot of times we assume is gonna be this dark and dingy and angry and hot and dirty, messy thing. And it really wasn’t, it was only hot. Otherwise, for the most part
it was actually pretty clean. The factories are kept up,
the one that we went to was a little bit more than we anticipated. And we really didn’t know what to expect because we’ve talked to a
lot of the individuals there but none of them really knew English. The only two people that knew English were the owner and his son, who were the only two that were
really able to help us through the entire
process of understanding the actual wheel manufacturing process. But they were extremely nice people. The factory itself was actually kept up probably better than most
people’s college dorms. When we go into actually
how they made the wheels they explained it from the
same exact point of view except we were there watching it. They took the aluminum
sort of barrels of stuff that they had, they
poured some stuff in there poured some mixtures of things to make the actual aluminum stronger. And they essentially started
making the molten metal. They started pouring it,
they did low pressure casts they did rotary forging,
they did all that sorta stuff depending on what certain
wheel companies wanted. Now something that was really interesting was that the wheel
factory wasn’t super large and for the size that it was
it was pretty well-kept-up. There were certain sections that were meant for the x-ray stuff to make sure that there was no micro-cracks
or anything like that. And that was kept in an
entire different area but the area for going through the process of making a wheel was
relatively pretty clean. The scariest thing about
the entire thing was how, well, not necessarily reckless but how nonchalant they were about taking barrels of molten hot metal and just, flying with different forklifts across aisles to get into the next area to start making wheels
or to take the wheels and start flying them
across the other way. Like it was dangerous,
like it was a war zone and we weren’t ready for
it and we didn’t know what was going on because it
was in a different language we didn’t know, it was a scary
time, but we did it for you! And then one of the other things is what about the quality-control, right? We assume that a lot
of stuff over in China is made very poorly or
that it’s super cheap so that that’s why you can afford it and that no other real
expensive wheel company makes stuff in China
because that’s not where that X brand makes wheels,
well that’s completely fake. When it really comes down to it we saw wheel companies, we saw their logos on all sorts of different brands on all sorts of different designs sitting right next to each other. So you would be surprised at
what brand we would have seen sitting here and what brand we saw sitting not even two feet away literally in the same exact factory getting made the same exact way except one was three times more expensive because of the brand
label that it had on it. The Chinese wheel factories,
when we got down to it– Really, are you gonna do that,
you really gonna do that? – [Man] I was literally
walking up the whole time. – [Alex] And a lot of the brands and a lot of the things that we saw when it came down to after
they actually made the wheels was pretty much universal from
what we’ve said in the past. There wasn’t a whole lot
of hiding behind the scenes double-tap the bookshelf, open up a door go down learn the secrets
of how they made wheels. They were actually pretty open about it. They made the wheels, they cut the wheels they trimmed the wheels,
they checked for blemishes they x-rayed them, they cleaned them up they x-rayed ’em again, they
did some impact radial testing they did some QC testing,
and then they painted it put the wrap on it, put the cover on it put her in the box, close
the box, tape the box up and put it in a crate. It was not something that
if you were in the factory and there were no windows,
it’d be very hard for you to tell that you were in
China when it came down to it. Now a lot of times
people are gonna bring up the quality of metal
that comes out of China and depending on what
brand you’re looking at you may have a better or
less porous molten metal which is very true, there
are certain companies that pride themselves on where
they get their metal from and how porous or non-porous it is. In fact, in Japan there’s
a lot of companies especially wheel companies
that take a lot of pride in making sure that their
metal is not very porous. So that is something that
you could definitely argue and we’re not scientists,
we’re auto-enthusiasts. So I’m not gonna talk about porous levels and things like that
because that sounds boring and at the end of the
day (slow voice repeats) when it comes down to audience retention you don’t want this to be science class. I can promise you that. Here’s one of the things
that we did find different is the overall quality of
how the whole thing operated. Now around here we have people like Jasper scooting around, we have people like Mario losing in ping-pong,
we have people like Dom trying to grow his hair back and we have people like me
that are trying to make jokes about facial hair when
I know sure as (bleep) it’s never gonna grow in
no matter how old I get. But over there things are very serious. Things are not fun, things cannot be fun. You do your job, you do it right and you’re gonna have a good day at work but if you do not have a good day you can bet your (bleep)
that that guy with the cap and the suit without the suit top you know what I’m talkin’ about that one guy that’s the floor manager is going to down to rip somebody up because they did something wrong or they’re not moving fast enough. So that was something that we found was a little bit weird,
was that they weren’t a fan of whatever that one guy was doing I don’t know what that guy was doing but he obviously wasn’t doing it right and everybody knew it
because there’s molten metal flying down on these forklifts and then you have all of this
noise happening everywhere and we still, they were
loud enough to hear this guy rip this guy a new orifice,
it was a terrible thing to deal with, but, it was
something exciting to see because we talk so much
about how wheels are made and if they’re good or
bad or things like that. If you’re breaking it down into the level of what sort of
aluminum that you’re getting into there are differences in the wheels that you’re gonna receive,
but the production and styling and rotary
forging and things like that you’d actually be pretty
astonished to say that they’re really not that different. A lot of the things that
we’ve said in the past is that there are companies and wheels that you’d be shocked to see
right next to each other. And when we walked through those doors and got to see wheels and truck brands that were literally sitting
right next to each other that are in direct competition in real life in the
United States of America it was kind of a weird smile
that we had on our face because it was something that we’ve known but then it became something
we saw and confirmed. Now, we’re not gonna
spoil the biscuits there because that would ruin all the fun but here’s one last
thing that we absolutely thought was a little bit overrated maybe something that wasn’t as good as we thought it was gonna
be, that was the food. It was standard, I could probably go to Festival Foods and get some sushi it probably would have
been (tongue clicks). But (tongue clicks) I don’t
know, that was just my opinion. Final thing though, Fuller
was on the 23rd floor of his hotel room and
he still couldn’t see out the window because
the smog is that bad. I urge you to never go
to where we went in China because the smog is so bad you can’t see it’s like fog all the time, except the fog never goes away, and it smells. It smells weird, it doesn’t
smell like Appleton. It does not smell like
Appleton, Wisconsin. That is something that
we’ve come to realize is that this factory really wasn’t as bad as we thought but
it was definitely something a little bit different to understand. Meeting the owner and meeting his son the only two people that knew English to be able to introduce
us to what was going on and then watching somebody
else get yelled at as people are flying up and down the rows at a thousand miles an hour with not a whole lot of care to safety which was another thing that we thought was a little bit weird, there weren’t a whole lot of safety
glasses, not a whole lot of the ol’ belt straps,
no seat belts or harnesses to keep you from falling in a giant pot of molten metal like
it’s Terminator from 1982 or whatever it is, Steve’s
probably gonna correct me because it was actually
a really good movie and it’s probably iconic and cult classic I’m just gonna mess it up. Let us know what you guys think about what we talked about today on if you think all Chinese
wheel factories are bad or all wheels that come overseas are bad or if you are a made in America built in America, built not bought kinda guy, because we enjoy
those kinda people too. It’s okay to be proud of your
country, I’m not gonna judge. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and if you need wheels tire suspension, don’t forget to check out,
we got as low as 0% financing for up to 12 months, that’s a sales pitch. I know, you know, we know,
but at the end of the day (slow voice repeats “at
the end of the day”) if you want wheels, hit us up. We’ll see you later. Peace.

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  2. I've worked with Chinese manufacturers for years, and experienced the same thing when I visited the southern industrial area of Guangzou China. Sure, there are plenty of sketchy factories, but the government is very strict with larger manufacturers. Remember that since China has a stereotype of making cheap products, the government puts a lot of pressure on companies to change this perception. The strictness of the workplaces there is a cultural thing, where they view a workplace as just that, and only that. They leave fun and comradery at the door, and even then it is held to a level of honor and respect.

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