The Truth About American Force Wheels

The Truth About American Force Wheels

(“We Will Rock You” by Queen) (record scratch) (mellow hip hop beat) – How’s it going guys? Junior here from Custom Offsets. Today we’re bringing
you a new video series we’ve got going on called
Reinventing the Wheel. Let’s go check this bad boy out. So the reason you’re probably
checking out this video is because you’ve heard of the holy grail of all wheels out there
for the truck industry, the American Force. If you’ve ever been on the gram, if you’ve ever been on the internet, if you’ve ever been to a local truck meet, car meet, Walmart meet,
you’ve probably seen these rocking on some of the trucks out there. 22s, 24s, 26s, these
are the hottest style, the hottest wheel unarguably. Inarguably. I don’t (beep) know. These are probably the
hottest wheel out there in the truck world right now. The American Force. Before you ask, this is a 22
by 12 American Force Trax. In the polish finish,
that means yes, polish, no finish over it, no black, no nothing. It’s aluminum, a-lu-minium,
whatever you wanna call it. It is an American Force wheel. You might be wondering
why is it so popular, or why they cost so much more
than normal motor metals. Well, watch episode uno
of Reinventing the Wheel as we go over the force known
as American Force wheels. Was that too cheesy? I got nothing else. – Send it. – American Force was founded in 1955 by Ray Shrad, Shred-A-Van? Shad-ra, shred it man! Ray Shadravan. He primarily sold in Miami,
focusing on sports cars and trucks, selling locally. In 2003 Ray saw the marketing opportunity in jumping to truck wheels. His main thing was
bolt-on wheels for Dually. American Force’s biggest
thing was designing and actually making Dually wheels that didn’t require any
suspension mods to work. – Wow. – Sizes range from 19, 19 and a half, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28 inch Dually wheels. If you didn’t already know, American Force prides themselves on leading the industry in forged wheels. They pride themselves
in leading the inventory and actually hold no stock of the wheels. All orders are custom made, custom built, custom designed, custom engineered to whatever the (beep) you wanna buy. You can pick up a new set
of American Force wheels in about a 20 by 12 for around $2,800. Which actually sits pretty decent for the forged wheel industry. You can’t just sit there and stare at me. – [Man] Do the magic wave. – Lots of people run
American Forces because of all the unique designs they offer. You can tell an American Force wheel is an American Force wheel
just by looking at it. Why can you tell that it is? It’s all in the way they’re
actually designed and made. Forged aluminum wheels
stars a big chunk of 66 (speech fast forwarding) (explosion) Forged wheels start as
actually taking a huge puck of 6061 T6 aluminum that
is heated and pressed into shape under lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and
lots, and lots of stress. This actually changes the
structure of the wheels and makes them a lot stronger than the original build that they came from. From there, the puck is taken to machining and that’s where it all goes down. American Force is actually really good with their designs,
concepts, and engineering. After they create a style and test the structural integrity, that billet puck is then actually taken
to their CNC machines. (blabbering) Here they mill the wheels
and cut out the design. Lathe turning creates the width, diameter, and offset for each custom order. Custom aspects are
taken into consideration including lip etching,
rivets, extra milling, and basically anything you could want. They can even add extra
spokes to your style if that’s the look you’re going for. After they’re done being cut, a super secret wheel
washing machine kills Mario. Mario, you’re gonna die. After they’re done being cut, a super secret wheel washing machine cleans them and (explosion) They’re free of all shavings, ready to go to polishing. If you go on Instagram or truck show, or your local car meet, you’re gonna see a bunch of
homies rockin’ these forces. They’re undoubtedly a super popular name and presence in the truck community. Everyone thinks though,
that with this quality comes a high price tag. Well, you’re sorta right. So it does come with a higher price tag, but American Force wheels
are a different class. A different price point than
your normal cask wheels. Instead of like your normal cask wheel being poured into a mold and created, these bad boys are- I’m not gonna repeat myself. Go watch the last couple minutes and learn how these
(beep) things are made. But that’s where a lot
of wrath on the name, American Force, comes from. So whether you love forces or you think that your 16 inch bullet
holes are the (beep) you’re gonna be seeing them at the local trucks, car shows,
Walmart meets, whatever. Because they are undoubtedly one of the most popular wheels in the game right now. American Force does offer a
limited lifetime warranty, which is awesome but don’t
think your rock crawling is gonna be covered under their warranty. – [Man] Oh God, dang it. – American Force wheels are of course made in the good old U.S.A. ‘Merica. And they’re truly directional so you won’t have one side of your truck
digging and one side swooping. They’re both gonna be
going in the same direction as you drive down the road. The rumor on the gram right now is that Wheel Pros has actually bought
out American Force wheels for a hefty chunk of change. Wheel Pros is located in Denver, Colorado and actually owns the companies XD Series, Moto Metal, and the
classic American Racing. XD Series owns the Rockstar series wheels so, who knows? Maybe there will be a forged Rockstar coming in the near future. All right guys, that’s
all I have for this week on Reinventing the Wheel. Leave a comment. Let us know if you like Forces,
if you hate them, hate me. Leave a comment, we’ll fight with you. Remember, like, share,
subscribe on YouTube. Peace. (“Frolic” by Luciano Michelin) – Can you shut that door
when you go too, please? – [Man] (beep) you. – Let’s go check ’em out. (beep) (multiple beeps) (multiple beeps)

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  1. Literally the best vid ever. Do yourself a favor and give this kid more airtime. He could make you a lot of money 💰 💰💰💰💰

  2. I mean they're cool and all but the more I get into offroading the more I really don't care about AF since they're mainly a "show wheel". YEESSS I know they're strong and all that but c'mon you're not gonna see anyone hitting Moab with 22" wheels. But if you are than at least you'll be stunnin!

  3. I wish someone would reinvent my pocket so I could afford these.
    Junior looks like Justin Timberlake on a SNL skit. good job JR.

  4. Glad i got my forces before the buy out. I can see that going south and souring the name. But hope not.

    Weld racing did good buying CCW. Hopefully it goes like that.

    Great video!

  5. What ever happened to having some side wall on the tire? All I see are lifted pickups driving around on rubberbands that are useless. Guess I'm just old and grouchy. Rant over

  6. Let's see more of junior, he has a sweet truck and is my favourite to watch… sorry Shawn. And no I'm not being biased about his truck because I have a 04 Silverado crew cab 1500 z71 4×4 🙂

  7. Not really a fan of American forces I do respect all builds of any kind but to me forces are just not that great I prefer a solid fuel or moto metal rim and yes forces are expensive but that’s not why I don’t like them they are just not that appealing to me

  8. without a doubt Junior is the man, well Junior and whoever does the editing for his videos. The big guy knows his shit but is to nervous and it shows in the video, the main guy is okay, better than alot on you tube but comes across as to cool for school with the whole true religion and affliction t-shirt wearing Las Vegas look from 10yrs ago and enough with the hundred dollar bill measurements…that dosen't make you look rich it makes it look like you charge us to much. Then you have Junior the young gun who just spits it how he lives it, does what Junior does and dosen't give a fuck! Men respect him and women want him…he's the real reason SOTA had to change their name because he's the Bad Mother Fucker!

  9. Would love to rock some 24×16 big offset on some 40s-42s on my pickup with 8.5 inch full throttle lift kit .. hell maybe a 6 would do .. could I fit 24x16s of 24x14s wigh big offset on a 6 inch lift ?

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  11. when ordering thru custom offsets, how does one go about getting forces customized the way u want? and is there additional fees?

  12. I'm looking for the lightest and strongest wheel on the market. Are American force it? And do they make these in chrome?

  13. Pass. Cant compete with my custom forged fuel 22s on my 2018 f450.. best of all no adaptors… americsn forces are like spinners back in the day… crap

  14. If these would be custom forged, they wouldn't make u buy adsptors so ya, if your telling me i have to buy adsptord that weight 100lbs each to install the wheels, id tell you you take a hike… wait i already did tell that to a few people.

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