– You remember being on the playground and you’d, like, you’d go up there and they had the bag, and
they put the bag on the ground and had the football and the soccer ball and all that sort of stuff and all the kids ran to it
’cause they wanted to get the soccer ball and the
football and the kickball? Mostly the kickball, the
kickball was the best one. And everybody ran and
they got the kickball and then you were always the slowest and you didn’t want to
push anybody out of the way ’cause that was rude and your
dad taught you not to be rude. – What would you do if there was a child
right in front of you? (“Hard in da Paint”) – And, um…
(crickets) I don’t know where I’m going with this. The world of wheels has some
serious history behind it. If you look back at some of our series, we talk about the rich history of BDS. We talk about the controversial
history of Art in Motion and if you really want
some cringe-worthy moments, we also talk about XXR in
our first wheel history. Well, you guys asked for it the most, so today, we decided we’re
gonna talk about Advan wheels. So Advan is owned by Yokohama and Advan is their primary flagship brand for the Yokohama Tire and now, Yokohama was founded in
1917 between a joint venture between BFGoodrich and,
well, you guessed it, Yokohama. And they just decided we’re gonna get into rubber manufacturing and over time, Yokohama was like, “Wait a minute. We can make wheels and tires.” And then there’s an engineer
that was like, “Yeah, we can.” And then there you go, that
was the story of Advan. They just decided that they
were gonna start making wheels because Yokohama had
such a pinpoint market in the Japanese community
in terms of racing and motor sport and things like that, that it just made sense for
them to start developing wheels. Now, this is where it really
starts to get complicated because the Advan Wheel name
has a ton of history behind it, it stands for Advanced. That’s it. So Advan truly began to
launch their wheel brand in 1974 and with Yokohama behind them, they had access to absolutely
everything they needed to become an established wheel company in little to no time at all. Advan continued to just go in and make pretty much anything
and everything they could that partnered with the Yokohama
Tire as well as it could. So Yokohama had racing teams out there, they had different partnerships and they had different accounts that they could really just be
like, “Hey, by the way, we now offer wheels.
You’re contracted with us, why don’t you pick up our Advans as well?” And because of the way
that the entire was set up through Yokohama and
Advan, it just worked. So Advan became making everything from just your standard low-pressure cast to your spin foraging
to your fully foraged to your race spec track wheels. Then because Yokohama
had so many connections, Advan just followed suit
and is pretty much like being the rich kid on the block because you could just get
everything handed to you. Now, that’s not to say that
Advan isn’t a good brand, it’s just to say that
they jumped to the top in really no time at all. Advan is known as Advan, but if you go overseas to where Advan is actually probably way more popular, such as Japan, it’s called Yokohama Wheel, it’s not anything to do with Advan and in fact, Advan has a tire brand that’s associated with it,
not just a wheel brand. So what ended up happening
is that even though Advan began to go into markets outside of Japan, they really didn’t have
a huge focus overseas, especially in America, just Advan didn’t need to do anything. Their focus was with
Yokohama’s partnerships and a lot of their strong motor sport partnerships were in Japan. And because they focus
on lightweight wheels like the RG and the RS, some of ’em didn’t even
break 15 pounds of wheel, it was like, it was incredible. And although they did a good job, Advan never tried to
get into the limelight. Because they were partnered with Yokohama, they just had the way to get involved in pretty much anything they wanted to, so they never had to work too hard at getting partnerships and contracts and publicity because
it was with Yokohama. If Yokohama wasn’t there, Advan was there, especially in the early days because it just worked well
for everybody involved. And when the company
really started to get going and get moving in motor sports, Advan just decided to do
whatever they really wanted to, it was like the little
brother at that point where they could do anything
and not get in trouble because Yokohama was behind them. So Advan really started to
develop a different style than a lot of other companies usually do. You see, in motor sport
and things like that, you develop a one-style wheel, something that really
works for the community and really especially in racing. Advan, they had a lot
more creativity in mind in their wheel. And maybe it was Google Translate
or maybe it’s Maybelline, but they decided that in their slogan of wonderful company
words that they were going to make the lightweight
wheels that still had all of its cool personality. Now, with most wheel
companies like I said, you just had the wheels that made money and you never deviated from it, Advan was like, “No, dude, we’re gonna do whatever the hell we want.” And they did just that, Advan continued to just get involved in making
cool and different wheels, and a lot of the wheels
that they came out with in the early days and continue to this day are pretty darn cool,
but a lot of companies, when you get into how they
develop and make their wheels are usually pretty hush-hush. You can’t go out onto a website and learn where they make their wheels or if their multi-piece wheels come from the same two companies because they don’t want you to know that. And Advan is just like, “Yeah (stammers) (bleep) it, here you go.” Advan is a company that
a lot of people respect because of the way that they were formed and they have lightweight wheels and they just kind of look cool. But the coolest thing about Advan is how much respect they
put into their wheels, which reminds me a lot of work and other companies that come from Japan, is that they have a lot of
pride in how they do things, especially when it comes down to even their low-pressure cast wheels. Advan has a lot of technology
that reminds me a lot of Rays. Now, if you remember,
Rays has a forging machine that is the biggest in the world and I believe it’s around
10,000 tons of pressure for their forging wheels. Advan isn’t close behind,
they have an 8,000 ton pressure machine that allows them to make their fully forged wheels as well. And as much as I would like to talk about all the techniques that they use, you’d probably fall asleep in 24 seconds, but what you do need to know is the reason that Advan wheels are expensive and that they have the
heritage that they do is because they take every
step to make their wheels good. That’s just who they are. Oh, I gotta burp again. (sighs) there we go. And then also uses a cooling process with argon gas to make sure that any sort of structural
integrity issues brought up before anything hits the road. But here’s the coolest thing about Advan and this is why I think the brand carries such a huge prestige: if you go out and you want to buy Advans and you look and you’re
watching WRC or DTCC or something like that or just anything that has
to do with motorsports and you see the Yokohama Tire and you see Advan wheels and you’re like, “I want a set of those, but those are probably
super duper expensive and there’s no possible
way I could afford ’em.” Advan doesn’t do that. Any wheel that you see on
any of their sponsored cars is an actual wheel
product that you can buy same as is on the vehicle
that you’re watching on TV for your car in real life. They don’t actually promote
any sort of difference between the two wheels, the wheels that you see are
the wheels that you can buy, they do a couple different things to kind of increase it if they need to, but if you’re looking
to pick up a set of RSes because you saw ’em on, let’s say, a World Rally Championship car, that’s an actual, normal, Advan Wheel that are going through those trails and just busting (bleep)
just like everything else. And that’s what makes Advan so cool is that they take a lot
of pride in their wheels and they’re not afraid to tell a company that they’re not going to make them wheels if they’re not willing
to keep the same spec, weight, and everything and techniques as what they would do for commercial use. And they refuse to let that statement go, they will not ever falter from the fact that they want their wheels to be used across the board, regardless
on if it’s with race, track, street, or if you’re just gonna make it a car show car. And that’s everything that
has to do with Advan Wheel, so we hope you guys enjoyed. Let us know what you’d
like us to talk about next, drop a comment of what you like to see, but leave a like and check
out if your interested, we have wheels, tires, suspension airlift. But I’m Alex from Fitment
Industries, we’ll see you later. Peace.

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